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Grandaddy Purple Regular Cannabis Seeds

Grandaddy Purple Regular Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 8
  • Like bathing in a warm
  • Up to 21% THC brings on an avalance of mental stimulation
  • Smells like berries
  • Arguably the most popular ‘purple' cannabis in the market, Grandaddy Purple Regular is an iconic Indica cultivar. Compared to other legendary variants out there, it is fairly new, having only been introduced in 2003. It has, nonetheless, risen as one of the top variants on the west coast and the rest of the US despite its relative infancy. This speaks volumes of the desirable g...Show more

    Grandaddy Purple Regular Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Grandaddy Purple Regular Cannabis Seeds

    Arguably the most popular ‘purple' cannabis in the market, Grandaddy Purple Regular is an iconic Indica cultivar. Compared to other legendary variants out there, it is fairly new, having only been introduced in 2003. It has, nonetheless, risen as one of the top variants on the west coast and the rest of the US despite its relative infancy. This speaks volumes of the desirable growth traits of the plant and the quality of its buds.


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds give you the chance to taste a legend. Even better, you get to cultivate it in your cannabis garden at home. This epic purple indica delights with sweet aromas and calming effects. It’s a favorite among stoners looking for a potent weed treat. Growers love this colorful marijuana strain sensation. It’s available to everybody here in the Homegrown regular seeds category.


    What are Grandaddy Purple regular cannabis seeds?


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds deliver variety, fresh fragrances, and a whole lot of pleasure. They hold a VIP status among cannabis enthusiasts, and they deserve every last bit of that fame. 


    These marijuana seeds are the regular variety, producing male and female weed. They’re ideal for breeders, au naturel farmers, and rookies learning the ropes of canna cultivation. This indica-dominant hybrid features a stellar gene pool. It’s a Purple Urkle x Big Bud cross, displaying the best qualities of its celebrated parentage.


    The double-indica genetics makes plants grown from regular Grandaddy Purple seed squat, dense, and lush. Leaves turn purple as they mature. A heavy resin frosting is a guarantee. Yields are generous with this short charmer. Each flower is alive with fiery pistils and shimmering with trichomes, snug between the violet sugar leaves after eight to ten weeks of flowering.


    These gorgeous colas are a sight to behold and a joy to catch whiffs of. The buds start emanating a scent of wet earth, berries, and fresh grapes as they ripen. The aromatic bouquet deepens when smoking. It carries a spiciness to thrill connoisseurs without excluding novices. The smooth smoke translates into a balanced effect profile.


    A jolt of pure euphoria accompanies profound physical relaxation. The strain is a favorite among recreational and medical users for its avalanche of wellness-boosting mind and body effects. Don’t skip Grandaddy Purple regular seeds. You get an easy-to-grow cultivar with generous yields, enchanting flavors, and infinite healing potential. What more could you ask for?


    What are the effects of Grandaddy Purple regular seed-grown buds?


    Each Grandaddy Purple regular seed develops into a THC powerhouse of a cannabis crop. Average THC levels easily reach 22%, but under the right conditions it can shoot up to 24%. The potency is enough to take down a confident veteran. They’re soon smiling in the comfort of indica intoxication. 


    The THC punch remains gentle and balanced for newbies toking in moderation.

    Low-tolerance stoners should think of colas grown from Grandaddy Purple regular seed as one hit-quitters. The cerebral blow is immediate, reaching your head seconds after the exhale.


    The body stone is fast-acting, making it essential to take your time between puffs. Overindulgence leads to lightheadedness, paranoia, and anxiety. Avoid these by taking it low and slow and staying in a safe environment when toking. 


    Do it right, and an avalanche of enjoyable mental stimulation comes your way. Worries disappear, tension melts, and you remember all the good that life has to offer. What starts as fits of energized giggling soon melts into a softer kind of happiness. Your perception grows hazy as you lose yourself in dreamy bliss. 


    A body high joins the euphoria after several minutes of mind flight. Your limbs become heavy, and the warmth spreads from your belly to your fingertips and toes. The buzzing sensations eliminate pain and tension from muscles and joints. Before you know it, you’re one with your seat, losing yourself in physical pleasure.


    Have snacks ready before the incapacitation hits. The only sensation stronger than the desire to never move again is the food craving that comes with this indica high. As you begin sobering up, Grandaddy Purple regular flowers make sure that your night ends right.


    Deep sleepiness envelops your body and mind. The peaceful slumber to follow allows your body to soak up the good stuff and feel better than ever the next day.


    What do the Grandaddy Purple regular colas smell like?


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds grow into aromatic cannabis herbs. There’s a lot of traditional marijuana perfume in the mix, topped with fruity scents that charm the taste buds. Each eye candy cola smells of sweet berries and ripe grapes. A whiff evokes images of late summer nights and juicy treats that accompany them. 


    Cured buds hint at the more mature wood and earth base. Lemon notes add a refreshing quality to the thick, smooth cloud of smoke. Purple fruit explodes on your tongue, tickling your taste buds with a zest that follows the sweetness. Upon the exhale, rich tastes of wet earth and pine become more prominent. 


    It’s a multi-layered affair on your tongue. It leaves a saccharine and herbal aftertaste that colors each inhale, sip, and bite throughout the night. The smoking experience is light and smooth enough not to induce coughing fits. It presents a treat for newbies and sweet tooth stoners, but it’s far from simple and innocent. 


    Veteran stoners savor the fruity Grandaddy Purple regular seed-grown cannabis. Trained palates spend hours uncovering each note that makes up this complex aromatic bouquet. 


    How to germinate Grandaddy Purple regular seeds


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds need to pop before they develop into stunning weed plants. Of course, sowing directly in the soil is another option, but germination boosts your success rate. Homegrown offers a germination guarantee with each marijuana seed pack. All you need to do is follow the tried-and-tested paper towel germination method. 


    Sprouting with moisture informs the hormones beneath the seed shell that it’s time to activate. It ensures that every little seed prospers. Germination is a straightforward at-home process. Our technique doesn’t require any extra equipment, either.


    Here’s how to sprout, step by step:


    - Prepare your equipment. You’ll need paper towels, bottled water, tweezers, a plate, and your seed pack.

    - Moisten a paper towel. Make sure it isn’t soaked and dripping.

    - Place the paper towel on your plate. 

    - Gently pick up a marijuana seed with your tweezers. Lay it on the paper.

    - Repeat for each cannabis seed you want to sprout. Leave an inch of space between each.

    - Moisten another paper towel and cover your marijuana seeds.

    - Leave the plate in a warm, dark area. A drawer or cupboard is perfect.

    - Check back in after 24 hours. Using your tweezers, pick up the seeds that popped.

    - Moisten the rest and leave them for another day.

    - Repeat steps 8 and 9 until all seeds germinate.


    You’ll know the operation was successful when you see a taproot protruding from the shell. It’s a tiny white root that your new seedling will use to feed itself. 


    This sprouting method works in 24 to 120 hours. If you don’t see taproots on day one, don’t lose hope. Give your Grandaddy Purple regular seeds time, and they’ll all bud before you know it. If you need extra help, we’ve got your back. Visit our germination guide for handy visuals depicting each step. That way, you’ll be 100% certain that you’re getting everything right.


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds grow guide


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds are the best friend of novice growers. The regular photoperiod variety has a longer flowering season. It leaves you with more than enough time to fix any rookie errors you might’ve made.


    Plus, this strain is indica-dominant. There’s no tropical climate requirement like with sativa-leaning cultivars, or stretchiness that makes the branching hard to manage. Instead, you get a three-foot-tall, sturdy structure with robust lateral branches. The strain boasts various resistances, with only mold posing threats to your budding cannabis. 


    Regular Grandaddy Purple seeds develop into stunning weed plants. The foliage is almost black, at least until your crops enter flowering. This cultivar prefers continental climates, but it can take some cold. In fact, colder nights in late summer and early fall bring out the pigmentation, streaking the flowers and leaves with violet.


    You can grow indoors and out in any cultivation setup. Whichever you choose, sharp trimming scissors are your ally for achieving gardening success. Indoor weed farmers find it easy to place these cannabis plants in grow rooms with limited space. Temperatures in the 70-80 degree Fahrenheit range and 40%-50% relative humidity are ideal.


    The Sea of Green training technique does wonders for this strain. Regular trimming and pruning are essential to avoid mold and bud rot, ruining the flavor. With ample light exposure and adequate airflow, you get massive harvests from these small plants. You’ll collect up to 21 oz. of aromatic buds per square meter of your grow room. 


    Outdoor growers are free to plant soon after the last frost. Amended outdoor soil and greenhouses both make Grandaddy Purple regular seed-grown plants thrive. Choose a spot with plenty of sunshine for optimal results. Keep a watchful eye over your crops if it gets rainy outdoors. They’ll fend for themselves against other issues on their own.


    This strain is hungry for phosphorus in the flowering stage. Maintain generous feedings to see each plant yielding around 21 oz. of sticky colas. 


    What is the Grandaddy Purple regular strain genetics?


    Regular Grandaddy Purple seeds have legendary origins. This strain is the result of two renowned indica cultivars coming together to form something truly jaw-dropping. The appropriately named Big Bud stands on one end of the family tree. It blends with the sweet and stunning Purple Urkle.


    The resulting gene pool carries the best qualities of its parentage. What does this genome mean for Grandaddy Purple regular seeds? What do its parents bring to the picture?


    - Big Bud is earthy, spicy, and profoundly relaxing. Its high flower-to-leaf ratio and stable genetics make it a joy to grow.


    - Purple Urkle is another sedating nighttime strain. Its royal hues and fruity flavor profile are traits a veteran would recognize in their sleep.


    The offspring strain combines these traits into something that surpasses the sum of its elements. The harvests have the Big Bud signature all around them. They’re generous and massive, just like with its high-yielding parent. At the same time, the hues scream Purple Urkle. 


    We have the complex terpene profile blend to thank for the relaxing effects and head-to-toe healing potential of this cannabis cultivar.


    The aroma has a bit of both, too. Berries and grapes stand for the purple side of the family. The spicy depth speaks of the more traditional Big Bud. Breeders love the stable gene pool of regular Grandaddy Purple seeds. They serve as a base for many new crosses, mostly with sativa strains, to create a balanced daytime smoke.


    Wellness and Grandaddy Purple regular seeds


    Grandaddy Purple regular seed-grown plants are wellness bombs. Each cola carries endless healing potential, despite its low CBD contents. It’s no wonder they’re the sweethearts of the medical marijuana community.


    Indica genetics and a complex terpene profile lends to this strain’s long list of mind and body benefits. It soothes the symptoms of various physical and mental health conditions. The potency of this herb ensures relief soon after the initial inhale. 


    It works like a charm against stress and tension accumulated in the mind and body. Your limbs soften, your jaw unclenches, and anxious thoughts disappear from your headspace. Stress, depression, and PTSD have nothing on regular Grandaddy Purple weed treatment. It’s elevating, motivating, and calming, replacing synthetic medication. 


    The terpenes bring analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to the mix. A puff of this stuff alleviates chronic conditions like migraines, arthritis, and bowel disease. Nausea disappears as the munchies take over. People with eating disorders, chemotherapy side effects, and digestive issues experience relief and a newfound motivation to nourish their bodies.


    The sleep induced by this strain is deep and interrupted. Even those who struggle with chronic insomnia find it easy to drift off into long hours of absolute rest. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you have a question about Grandaddy Purple regular seeds? The answer is right here. If you need a piece of info we missed, feel free to reach out to us. Share your inquiry, and we’ll be sure to add it to the list. 


    What versions of Grandaddy Purple seeds are available?


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds are the best option for breeders, seed producers, and rookies who want to keep it simple. We also stock Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds that let weed farmers eliminate the risk of pollination. There’s a 99% guarantee of only female cannabis with this product. 


    Where can I get free Grandaddy Purple regular seeds?


    We’re yet to run into a person handing out free Grandaddy Purple regular seeds to strangers. That’s where our seed bank steps in. We organize ‘buy one get one free’ promotions for all our classics. You get an extra seed pack, 100% free of charge. Keep an eye on our product page. A BOGO badge is your sign to shop.


    Can a beginner grow Grandaddy Purple regular?


    Regular Grandaddy Purple seeds are a beginner-friendly cultivation challenge. Indica genetics makes this cannabis cultivar sturdy, resistant, and anything but fussy. It’s the perfect strain to teach you the basics of weed farming. Even absolute novices collect large harvests without breaking a sweat.


    What is the Grandaddy Purple regular flowering time?


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds develop into weed crops with an average flowering time. It takes between 10 and 12 weeks for these beauties to ripen. Maturation coats the foliage and colas with a shimmering layer of resin. Powerful aromas emanate from each flower as the harvest date draws near.


    How long do Grandaddy Purple regular seeds take to germinate?


    The paper towel germination method needs between 24 and 120 hours to do its magic. Some regular Grandaddy Purple seeds are ready for planting in a day. Others need a little more time. Either way, never despair if you’re not seeing taproots on day one. All it takes is dedication and patience. 


    How long does it take Grandaddy Purple regular from seeds to harvest?


    The seed-to-harvest period depends on how long you keep your weed crops vegging. Indoors, you can shorten this stage to several weeks. In that case, you collect the buds three months after sowing your Grandaddy Purple regular seeds. The outdoor growing season depends more on the environment. You plant in March or April and collect in mid-October.


    Grow medium: Grandaddy Purple regular hydro or soil?


    Regular Grandaddy Purple seeds thrive in soil and hydro. These marijuana seeds like things mellow and moderate. They aren’t fussy about any particular growing setup, though. It all depends on your preferences. If you choose hydro, be extra careful about pH levels for optimal plant health.


    What is the average Grandaddy Purple regular height?


    Grandaddy Purple regular seed-grown plants are true indica specimens. They dedicate their energy to lateral branching, rarely stretching over three feet tall. These shorties are easy to fit in restricted grow spaces. Foliage becomes lusher and the branches more prominent outdoors, but the height rarely changes. 


    Where can I find pictures of Grandaddy Purple regular marijuana?


    You’ll find high-definition pics of regular Grandaddy Purple seed-grown crops on top of this page. If you want to see more, subscribe to Grandaddy Purple Homegrown Diary. Growers share images of their experience with our marijuana seeds. Check them out to see what’s waiting after your order.


    Where is the best place to buy Grandaddy Purple regular seeds in the USA?


    We sell top-quality Grandaddy Purple regular seeds at excellent prices. Order your products with us, and you also get:


    - A germination guarantee

    - Fast and tracked shipping

    - Discreet deliveries

    - Varied, secure payment methods

    - 24/7 customer support


    Why would you look elsewhere when Homegrown’s right here? 

    Are there any other names for Grandaddy Purple regular?


    Grandaddy Purple regular seeds are a favorite. It’s no surprise that they’ve acquired many affectionate nicknames in the community. You’ll hear seasoned stoners refer to this strain as ‘Grandaddy Purps.’ Doesn’t that put a smile on your face? Many also abbreviate the name to simply ‘GDP.’


    Spelling errors


    Could the word ‘grandaddy’ fit any more of the letter D inside itself? We often see typos such as ‘buy Granddaddy Purple regular seeds’ and ‘Grand daddy Purple regular seeds.’ It’s one D, then two Ds, all in one word. Also, it’s a time-saver to include a keyword such as ‘marijuana seeds’ or ‘cannabis seeds’ in your search.


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