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Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Perfect for a Friday night chill
  • At 17–21% THC let your imagination run wild
  • Diesel
  • Do you want a weed strain that’s been engineered to be one of the best on the market by an expert marijuana grower? Choose our Gold Leaf feminized seeds.  Gold Leaf feminized seed plants have high percentages of THC and CBD, a balanced indica to sativa ratio, and are straightforward to grow. To know more about Robert Bergman’s secret marijuana strain, continue reading here. Dis...Show more

    Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 650
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Do you want a weed strain that’s been engineered to be one of the best on the market by an expert marijuana grower? Choose our Gold Leaf feminized seeds.  Gold Leaf feminized seed plants have high percentages of THC and CBD, a balanced indica to sativa ratio, and are straightforward to grow. 
    To know more about Robert Bergman’s secret marijuana strain, continue reading here. Discover how to cultivate, the effects, medical uses, and answers to frequently asked questions on Gold Leaf feminized cannabis seeds. 

    What are Gold Leaf Feminized cannabis seeds?

    Gold Leaf feminized seeds are some of the best on the market because of their attractive qualities for both consuming and growing. Robert Bergman cultivated this marijuana strain, and he's kept the lineage a secret. 
    You'll fall in love with the harvests from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds with their impressive THC levels, earthy flavor, and pleasant, uplifting buzz. The harvest from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds is balanced with impressive 21% THC and 0.7% CBD levels. It's an indica dominant strain with 60% indica and 40% sativa. You'll get the best of both worlds with this cannabis strain. 
    The terpene breakdown for the plant of Gold Leaf feminized seeds is very high in limonene, moderate in humulene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and a minimal amount of linalool and caryophyllene oxide. One of the best feminized seeds are Gold Leaf because they’re easy to grow and have quality yields. There are almost no negatives to this strain, which was Bergman's intention. 

    What are the Gold Leaf Feminized seeds effects?

    When you consume the herb from Gold Leaf feminized seeds, the strain uplifts you into a happy, euphoric mood. You can take this strain on any bad day, and you'll instantly feel relaxed with a boost in your feelings. 
    The plant from Gold Leaf feminized seeds sends you into a creative world that will have you sparkling with ideas. Painting and reading will become so vibrant, and your imagination will run wild. 
    If you're in a rut with new thinking methods, consume products from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds to help. After the cerebral high sets in, next comes the physical sensations that overcome your body. Anywhere you have tensions, pains, or stress will vanish. 
    The Gold Leaf feminized seed strain will leave you less interested in getting up and moving around and more into relaxing. The strain from feminized Gold Leaf marijuana seeds is a great social strain because it will relieve any tensions in the room and have everyone giggling and happy. 
    The Gold Leaf feminized seeds' products are perfect for a Friday night chilling with friends, not so much on a Monday morning when you need to get moving. Your experience using the herb from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds will be mostly positive, although users have reported a few effects. 
    The first one, which isn't 100% negative, is that you'll likely have the munchies while stuck in your euphoric state. Others have noted that they experienced mild dry eye and cottonmouth. When consumed in excess, you could have slight paranoia, but this isn't common. 

    What does the Gold Leaf Feminized smell like?

    When the Gold Leaf feminized seed plants begin to flower, they emit a strong musky odor that's hard to keep discreet. Keep this in mind when growing indoors at a rental or outdoors where there are children in the neighborhood. 
    Even if you're growing in a legal state and following all the guidelines, some nosey neighbors or landlords might start complaining when the smell becomes distracting to others. When matured and ready to consume, the potent smell continues when dried and smoked. 
    When you smoke the herb from feminized Gold Leaf marijuana seeds, the inhale is rich and thick with hints of skunky, earthy flavors. There's also an underlying hint of sweetness, which creates a more favorable inhale. On the exhale, you'll experience smoke with a fresh piney taste that leaves your mouth with a sweet note, which is light and not overwhelming. 
    The foggy smoke will fill the room with the earthy, diesel, potent smell of herb of Gold Leaf feminized seeds. The after smoke will be hard to keep under wraps as well. Many veterans smokers enjoy the taste and smell of Gold Leaf feminized seed plants because of the strong flavor. 
    Beginners might find this cannabis strain’s flavors a little overwhelming and would rather have something milder in taste. Overall, it's true to the marijuana plant and is quite enjoyable to smoke. 

    How to germinate Gold Leaf Feminized seeds

    When you purchase Gold Leaf feminized seeds, you'll need to germinate them before planting. Germination is defined as "the development of a plant from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy." In other words, it takes the dormant seed into a state where it can cultivate into an entire plant. 
    First, make sure you have your equipment ready. You'll need:
    - Purified water- Cannabis seeds- Damp paper towels- Tweezers- Dinner plate
    Next, get the two damp paper towels and put them on the plate. Place the cannabis seeds on the moistened paper towel with an inch between each weed seed. Put the second paper towel over the marijuana seeds. Make sure there's enough moisture but no still water. 
    Put the plate with the seeds into a warm dark place and leave them there for 24 to 120 hours. The towels must be moist the whole time for proper germination. Once you can see healthy taproots, you can plant the cannabis seeds. Follow the germination guide with tips at Homegrown Cannabis Co. for the best results. 

    Gold Leaf Feminized seeds grow guide

    When Bergman designed the Gold Leaf feminized seeds, he wanted to make a powerful yet easy to grow strain, and that's precisely what he accomplished. The feminized version of the Gold Leaf strain means it only has female seeds. 
    The female crops are the ones that produce the weed you consume. This results in a bigger overall harvest as well. Gold Leaf feminized seeds like a continental sunny or Mediterranean climate to grow in. The warmth and natural sunlight will help the plants grow bigger and taller. 
    You'll also have to consider the size of your growing tent or space. You need one that will fit a Gold Leaf feminized seed plant, which can grow over 7 feet tall. This cannabis strain grows fast, so have your growing area prepared. 
    When it comes to the question, indoors or outdoors, we recommend cultivating outdoors. It allows cannabis to grow in nature and expand upward and outward without restrictions. If you choose to grow outside, make sure you have a suitable climate for cultivating marijuana. It needs to be sunny, a little humid with rain, and warm temperatures. 
    The plant from Gold Leaf feminized seeds tends to be pest and pathogen-resistant. The outdoor yield for this strain is about 28 ounces per plant. If you're more of an indoor grower, or your state doesn't allow outdoor growing, don't worry. The Gold Leaf feminized seeds do just fine indoors if you have space. Make sure you have a warm environment with plenty of artificial lights. 
    Growing indoors tends to result in a more significant yield than outdoors. The average yield tends to be 15 ½ to 23 ounces per meter squared. To help manage the size, try the growing technique of Screen of Green. Another way to manage the size is by pruning frequently. 
    With the extra space, the leaves that remain will be potent and healthy. Regardless of where it’s grown, this strain produces multiple dense cola buds, ideal for marijuana farming. 
    When it comes to the growing medium, all types work, but nourished soil is recommended. Look at the Homegrown nutrients for the best fertilizers on the market. They were created specifically for marijuana to make better yields and more robust plants.
    A characteristic of this plant is that the leaves turn a yellowish color. If you see this happening, but the rest of the plant seems healthy, it's just the crop's coloration. 

    What are the Gold Leaf Feminized strain genetics?

    Robert Bergman, the author of the Marijuana Grow Bible, created the Gold Leaf feminized seeds but never disclosed the origins. As a result, this information is only known by him. He has stated that the Gold Leaf feminized seeds are a combination of multiple strains to create a refined one. 
    His goal was to have the height of a sativa crop with the indica characteristics users adore. The name comes from the complexion of the plant when it matures. The leaves tend to have a yellowish tint, and when dried, the nugs are golden.  
    We aren't sure if Bergman will ever give the exact genetics, but the mystery of this unique, highly loved marijuana strain is one we can all appreciate. 

    Wellness and Gold Leaf Feminized

    The products from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds are not only enjoyable on a recreational level, but they also have many benefits for medicinal use. The uplifting cerebral buzz induced when consuming Gold Leaf feminized helps to relieve symptoms of depression. The calmness and positive thoughts it produces can help people get out of a dark time. 
    Sparks of creativity can help those who suffer from depression start a new hobby, bringing meaning to their lives. The appetite enhancement helps people eat more. The effects from the crop of the Gold Leaf feminized seeds help relax the body, which is favorable for those with insomnia or anxiety. 
    This strain is known to put you to sleep and helps you become comfortable. Anxiety comes in many forms, and the products from Gold Leaf feminized seeds help those who suffer from the condition to gain control of their thoughts. 
    It calms the mind and uplifts you into feeling better about whatever worries you. The herb from Gold Leaf feminized seeds is also known to assist those with ADHD. It relaxes the brain to help boost focus. One symptom of ADHD is the desire to be constantly moving or fidgeting. This strain calms the body and reduces this need to be in motion. 
    Another beneficial way to use the products of Gold Leaf feminized seeds is to relieve chronic pain from arthritis, cancer, injury, soft tissue, and nerve damage. Although the strain won't cure you, it'll make you more comfortable. 
    The characteristic of increased appetite that the Gold Leaf feminized seeds herb has is favorable for those who struggle with an eating disorder. Chronic nausea associated with medications or cancer treatments patients, and those who need to put on weight for medical reasons, have also found benefits from smoking this strain. 
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Gold Leaf Feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get free cannabis Gold Leaf Feminized seeds?

    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., look for BOGO badges (Buy One Get One) that provide special offers for Gold Leaf feminized seeds. On occasion, Gold Leaf feminized seeds will be on sale. Check our website regularly to never miss out on fantastic cheap cannabis seeds offers. 

    Can a beginner grow Gold Leaf Feminized?

    Yes, this cannabis plant is easy to grow for beginners. It tends to be resistant to pests and pathogens. The only thing to be careful of is that the plants from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds grow up to 6 to 7 feet in height. If you have the growing area to handle this large plant, we recommend it for any beginner. 

    What is the Gold Leaf Feminized flower time?

    The flowering time of the crop from Gold Leaf feminized seeds is 8 to 10 weeks. It's a photoperiod flowering type. You’ll need to change the lighting schedule once flowering starts because these aren’t autoflowering. Artificial lights will need their settings adjusted; however, outdoor sunlight will change naturally for the marijuana plants. 

    How long do Gold Leaf Feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Gold Leaf feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. will germinate in about 48 hours but could take longer, with the maximum amount of time of 5 days. Follow the germination techniques on our website to ensure strong sprouts within days. Remember, the paper towels must remain moist during the time for proper germination. 

    How long does it take Gold Leaf Feminized from seeds to harvest?

    The Gold Leaf feminized seeds tend to be a fast-growing strain. As soon as you germinate the seeds, the sprouts shoot upwards immediately. From seed to harvest should take around 13 to 15 weeks. Growing from spring to fall will give you the best results. 

    Grow medium: Gold Leaf Feminized hydro or soil?

    For best results, we recommend using a fertilized soil to grow your Gold Leaf feminized seeds. Look at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. nutrients for your soil. They’ve been designed specifically for marijuana plants with the correct balance of elements to keep your crops happy. 

    What is the average Gold Leaf Feminized height?

    The plants from Gold Leaf are considered tall for marijuana crops. They can grow to over 7 feet, with the average being around 6 feet. If you're growing indoors, make sure your growing space is large enough to handle this sized plant. When cultivating outdoors, look at any laws regarding if your crops can be visible or not because this could become a problem. 

    Where can I find pictures of Gold Leaf Feminized marijuana?

    On the Homegrown Cannabis Co. site, there are pictures of the mature Gold Leaf plant and dried buds. These can aid you during the growing process because you know what to expect. 
    Even further, there are actual customer photos of Gold Leaf feminized seeds growing, matured, and dried. Join the Homegrown Forum to get first-hand insight from marijuana home growers, just like you! 

    Where is the best place to buy Gold Leaf Feminized seeds in the USA?

    You can buy Gold Leaf feminized seeds online from Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can purchase Gold Leaf feminized marijuana seeds in packs of 4, 8, 12, or 24 units. We accept various payment methods. 

    Are there any other names for Gold Leaf Feminized?

    Yes, some users call this strain Bergman's Gold Leaf after the creator himself. Others will call it Gold Leaf OG. These all refer to the same strain, so if you see any of these, you've found the correct one. 
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Gold Leaf Feminized pics and any Gold Leaf Feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Gold Leaf Feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!
    If you want to stock buy bulk Gold Leaf Feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Gold Leaf Feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.
    We're not just an American cannabis seed company; we are an American cannabis brand.