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God Bud Regular Cannabis Seeds

God Bud Regular Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 8
  • A religious experience in every toke
  • 24% THC delivers euphoric
  • Chocolate and wood will have you drooling
  • You don’t have to believe in God Bud regular seeds to enjoy the effects this indica-heavy cannabis cultivar has to offer. These tantalizing buds unlock a state of relaxation that’ll bring warmth and peace to your body and spirit. Regular God Bud seeds produce marijuana with up to 30% THC, making them some of the most potent regular seeds available. This classic strain owes its ...Show more

    God Bud Regular Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    God Bud Regular Cannabis Seeds

    You don’t have to believe in God Bud regular seeds to enjoy the effects this indica-heavy cannabis cultivar has to offer. These tantalizing buds unlock a state of relaxation that’ll bring warmth and peace to your body and spirit. Regular God Bud seeds produce marijuana with up to 30% THC, making them some of the most potent regular seeds available.


    This classic strain owes its heritage to three incredible parents, each passing down the very best traits. God Bud regular seeds also produce some of the largest harvests and don’t require cultivating experience to raise them correctly. Why not purchase your pack and discover how these marijuana seeds can change your life?


    What are God Bud regular cannabis seeds?


    Regular God Bud seeds produce legendary cannabis plants that defy belief in every aspect imaginable. This indica-dominant hybrid can knock you out regardless of your tolerance. Its 30% THC also leads you through a deep mental high with the possibility of hallucinations.


    God Bud regular flowers first seduce your senses with their irresistible chocolate and herbal fragrance. Its flavors enhance as you consume its rich smoke, revealing other berry, citrus, and lavender notes. There’s no mistaking God Bud regular cannabis with others. It has tightly packed purple and green nugs, along with bright red hairs. These big buds are then coated in silver trichomes like sweet, sugary treats from heaven.


    God Bud regular seeds have become a popular option for medical patients seeking alternative forms of treatment. This cannabis cultivar can assist patients with reducing pain, stress, poor appetite, and insomnia.


    Regular God Bud seeds come from combining Purple Skunk, Hawaiian, and a strain known only as God. It’s one of the most illustrious strains to come out of Canada and won the 2004 High Times Indica Cup. 


    You can grow God Bud regular seeds at home with ease no matter how experienced you are at cultivating cannabis. After seven months, these marijuana seeds bestow a massive yield in any environment. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your decadent buds in the evening and allow them to work their magic.


    What are the effects of God Bud cannabis?


    It doesn’t take long before you feel the effects of God Bud regular weed. Like a single wave, a powerful force hits your mind and body, sending you into euphoric bliss. Your mood improves almost immediately, and your brain becomes stimulated, leading to minor hallucinations.


    The trippy sensation isn’t crippling in the slightest, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful melody or artwork. Many users claim that God Bud regular cannabis makes music sound better. This marijuana strain will have you rolling on the floor laughing or intrigued by a deep conversation. It’s because of these qualities it’s also a brilliant social lubricant.


    As time passes, God Bud regular weed unveils its true capabilities. Your body soon becomes weightless and filled with a sense of calm. You can still walk around and complete simple tasks, but you’ll find a comfortable couch is a far better option.


    You should also gather a few healthy snacks before your session as God Bud regular marijuana can trigger a ravenous hunger.  After you’ve had your fill of food, all that’s left is to close your eyes and drift off to sleep.


    Overindulging in this heavenly herb can cause paranoia, anxiety, and headaches, especially in users with low tolerances. Some adverse side effects from consuming God Bud regular weed include dizziness, red eyes, and cottonmouth. You can avoid these discomforts by staying hydrated throughout your session and using OTC eye drops.


    What does God Bud weed smell like?


    Expect an assortment of natural scents when you inhale the gorgeous fragrance of God Bud regular weed. These dense nugs emit an uncanny chocolate and wood aroma that will have you drooling within seconds.


    The more you break open God Bud regular cannabis, the more the fragrance increases in intensity. You can also discern a slight fruit and lavender scent lingering in the background, giving this cultivar some serious depth.


    God Bud regular weed owes its assortment of flavors to its unique collection of aromatic terpenes. Myrcene dominates these fragrant chemicals as it does in most cannabis cultivars, as well as lemongrass, mangos, and thyme. Studies suggest this terpene can also help calm the senses, adding to God Bud’s famous relaxing qualities.


    How to germinate God Bud regular seeds


    Germinating your regular God Bud seeds is an essential step if you hope to see luscious crops and succulent nugs. A few options are available for you to complete this process, each with its pros and cons. Some techniques say you can get results in 24 hours, but they often risk the health of your God Bud regular seeds.

    Alternatively, you can plant your cannabis seeds directly into the ground. Many consider this option safe, although you need to wait up to ten days to see results. We recommend using the paper towel method to sprout your regular God Bud seeds in up to five days. If you’re not familiar with this method, you can check out our germination guide for a full breakdown of every step involved.


    The best part about our technique is that it’s straightforward to complete and only requires a few everyday household items. These are:


    - A pair of clean tweezers

    - A ceramic dinner plate

    - A bottle of purified water

    - A roll of paper towel

    - Cannabis seeds


    To make germinating your God Bud regular seeds even easier for you, we’ve summarised this method into easy-to-follow steps.


    - Take two sheets of paper towel and pour water over them, ensuring the entire piece becomes wet.


    - Gently twist or compress the sheets to remove excess water, leaving both pieces moist and untorn.


    - Lay one damp paper towel sheet flat on your plate, and then spread out your marijuana seeds using clean tweezers. Avoid using your hands to move your cannabis seeds, as the oil on your fingers can slow down the process.


    - Take the second moist paper towel sheet and cover your marijuana seeds completely.


    - Apply some pressure to the top piece to ensure your cannabis seeds remain snug and allow excess water to drain off the plate.


    - Put your marijuana seeds in a dark cupboard, and leave them there for up to five days.


    - Routinely check on your cannabis seeds during this period and keep both sheets moist, but never soaking. If the paper towel pieces start to dry out, spray or pour extra water over the top layer.


    - When your cannabis seeds display a white taproot measuring a quarter inch in length, you can begin moving them to pots.


    - Make a hole about half an inch deep in your growing medium and use tweezers to transplant your marijuana seeds.


    Grow guide for God Bud regular seeds


    Cultivating God Bud regular seeds is a straightforward process that doesn’t require vast years of experience. Even a beginner can raise this iconic cultivar at home. You can grow these marijuana seeds outside or indoors without a fuss. These plants also resist common diseases and harmful bugs, so there’s no need for any pesticides.


    No matter where you decide to plant your regular God Bud seeds, you need to prune its foliage routinely. Trimming older leaves will encourage growth in new areas. It also helps to prevent moisture issues from occurring, like mold and mildew.


    Indoor growing allows you to raise God Bud regular seeds all year round as you can manipulate and control the conditions. If you opt for an indoor grow room, you need to install an odor filter to deal with this strain’s potent smell. You can also choose between using a soil or hydroponic growing medium for your cannabis seeds.


    Nutrient-rich soil is perfect if you want to enhance the flavor and fragrance of this cultivar. In comparison, hydroponics speeds up the vegging phase for faster harvests. The optimal temperature for regular God Bud seeds is between 64–79°F. You also need to keep the humidity between 40–50%. Remember to remove any male plants from your garden during the vegging stage to stop cross-pollination.


    The Sea of Green (SOG) method works well alongside these marijuana seeds, bolstering yields and maximizing space in confined areas. God Bud regular plants have a flowering time of eight to ten weeks. You can then harvest up to 21 oz./m² indoors. You need to expose your crops to colder temperatures at night during the last weeks of flowering. This technique helps to draw out the bud’s vivid purple colors.


    If you prefer to grow your cannabis seeds outdoors, a temperate or Mediterranean climate suits them best. Plant your regular God Bud seeds in April in a spot that’ll provide your crops with loads of sunlight. You can then begin harvesting your plants in October, netting a jaw-dropping yield of 35 ounces per plant.


    What are the genetics of the regular God Bud strain?


    God Bud regular seeds first appeared in Canada and are partly responsible for putting the Great White North on the 420 map. This incredibly potent cultivar owes its creation to three different marijuana strains, each passing down its unique traits. Breeders combined Purple Skunk, a Hawaiian landrace, and a mysterious indica heavy cannabis cultivar called God.


    Two of God Bud regular weed’s parent strains are sativa-dominant, which is why it induces a powerful cerebral high. It then gets its uncanny ability to trigger a body-numbing relaxation from its third esoteric parent. As a result, God Bud regular cannabis contains 60% indica and 40% sativa genes.


    Lab tests show that this marijuana strain holds a whopping 28–30% THC, placing it as one of the most potent cultivars on the market. It also has around 0.6% CBD. Regular God Bud seeds were such a hit; word quickly spread around the US about their powers. In 2004, this marijuana strain won the High Times Indica Cup as a testament to its power and ethereal effects.


    Wellness and God Bud regular seeds


    It’s not only recreational fans who can benefit from God Bud regular weed. This incredibly powerful cannabis cultivar can also assist patients with a range of medical ailments. Its heavy indica genetics make this particular marijuana strain perfect for alleviating pain or discomfort in your body. It helps soothe any discomfort with its anti-inflammatory properties.


    God Bud regular cannabis has become a popular choice for users looking to combat arthritis, chronic migraines, and fibromyalgia. In smaller doses, you can enjoy this bud in the evenings after a long day at work. A few puffs are all it takes to wash your body of stress and tension.


    Nobody can deny the stimulating euphoria experienced after enjoying God Bud regular weed. This uplifting sensation makes it a suitable option for anyone with depression or anxiety. These delicious buds can reinvigorate your desire for food and nourishment. Patients undergoing treatments can use them to improve their appetite and suppress nausea.


    When it comes to beating insomnia, God Bud regular marijuana has no equal. This cannabis cultivar specializes in sending you off to dreamland without much convincing. You can eliminate the smoking element by opting for healthier alternatives, like oils, thanks to this marijuana strain’s high resin production.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    God Bud regular seeds: Frequently asked questions


    It’s our mission to make your cultivating experience as enjoyable as possible by providing all the information you could need. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about God Bud regular seeds to get things started.


    What variations of God Bud cannabis are there?


    There are three variations of this strain available to growers, including the highly sought-after regular God Bud seeds. Each one of these cannabis types offers cultivators something unique. These variations are as follows:


    - God Bud regular seeds: This version contains a mixture of male and female seeds like nature intended. Regular marijuana seeds are perfect for cultivators new to growing cannabis and experienced breeders creating hybrids.


    - God Bud feminized seeds: The feminized version of this strain contains altered genetics to ensure no male plants. This variation is a solid option for novice growers as it provides massive yields without the risk of cross-pollination.


    - God Bud autoflower seeds: Thanks to the addition of ruderalis genetics, these cannabis seeds offer explosive growth and harvests in record time. This version is best for experienced growers as it requires an indoor setup for the best results.


    Where can I get free cannabis God Bud regular seeds?


    The only way to get your hands on free God Bud regular seeds is by visiting our cheap cannabis seeds page. Here, you can find the best prices for an assortment of marijuana seeds to fit any budget. We have a few buy one, get one free deals, making things even sweeter.


    Can a beginner grow God Bud regular seeds?


    Cultivating regular God Bud seeds is an exciting and simple process, making them suitable for beginners. Novice growers can benefit from this strain’s hardy nature and ability to resist common pests and diseases. It also allows growers to raise their cannabis seeds indoors or outside.


    What is the flowering time of God Bud regular plants?


    God Bud regular plants have a flowering time of eight to ten weeks. It’s during this stage that your plants begin developing their iconic nugs. Remember to take extra care of your crops during this period and use a nitrogen-free fertilizer. Then, at the end of the flowering stage, you can begin harvesting your weed.


    How long do God Bud regular seeds take to germinate?


    Regular God Bud Seeds take up to five days to germinate if you use the paper towel method. If you’re unfamiliar with this technique, you can use our easy-to-follow germination guide to explain every step. Alternatively, you can place your marijuana seeds directly into the ground, but you need to wait ten days to see results.


    How long does it take God Bud regular seeds to go from seed to harvest?


    After planting your God Bud regular seeds, you need to wait seven months before you can harvest your crops. Cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere need to sow their cannabis seeds in April to make use of the warm summer months. You can then collect their potent buds by mid-October.


    Should you grow God Bud regular seeds in hydro or soil?


    God Bud regular seeds produce incredible results in either soil or hydroponics, so the choice is up to you. Mineral-rich soil is a brilliant option for beginners as it’s easy to utilize and can bolster your plant’s immune systems. It also helps to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your weed. Using hydroponics alongside these marijuana seeds requires an experienced hand. This type of substrate speeds up your crop’s growth time so you can enjoy your weed sooner. 


    How tall do God Bud regular seeds grow?


    Once your regular God Bud seeds germinate into plants, they can reach a maximum height of 2.9 feet. This cannabis cultivar keeps to its indica roots by developing short plants with branches extending out laterally. The small stature of this strain makes these cannabis seeds perfect for cultivators growing in compact spaces.


    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from God Bud regular seeds?


    Check out one of the God Bud regular Diaries at Homegrown Cannabis Co to see pictures of this strain. You can discover a collection of images sent to us by our loyal customers. View photos of God Bud regular seeds, the plants they grow into, and the flowers they produce.


    Where is the best place to buy God Bud regular seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy regular God Bud seeds is through a trusted online store like Homegrown Cannabis Co. Not only do we pride ourselves on the quality of our marijuana seeds, but we also offer guidance on raising this cultivar. You can find a wide selection of cannabis seeds and get discreet delivery anywhere in the US.


    Are there any other names for God Bud regular seeds?


    Although aptly named for its high THC content, God Bud regular seeds have a few alternative titles. A common nickname for this strain is Purple God Bud because of the maroon colors that appear on its dense nugs. Another title for this cultivar is BC God Bud. It’s best to use the regular God Bud seeds title to confirm an online purchase. You can then avoid any confusion with other strains, like God’s Gift.


    Common spelling errors


    It’s not impossible to run into a few spelling errors of God Bud regular seeds while investigating this cultivar. Here are a few of the mistakes you can come across:


    - Good Bud

    - Gode Bud

    - Godd Budd


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