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Gary Payton Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gary Payton Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Behold the birth of a superstar
  • Hard-hitting
  • Fruity flavors seasoned with myrcene
  • People with vast marijuana knowledge have probably heard of the feminized Gary Payton strain seeds. These hybrid cannabis seeds with high THC deliver plants with powerful potency.Named after the Hall of Famer, these seeds produce dank buds offering a head and body high with spicy flavors. Here, we'll discuss everything about the Gary Payton marijuana seeds.Let's get started!Wha...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
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    Gary Payton Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    People with vast marijuana knowledge have probably heard of the feminized Gary Payton strain seeds. These hybrid cannabis seeds with high THC deliver plants with powerful potency.

    Named after the Hall of Famer, these seeds produce dank buds offering a head and body high with spicy flavors. Here, we'll discuss everything about the Gary Payton marijuana seeds.

    Let's get started!

    What are Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds?

    Breeders named the strain after the famous NBA hall of Famer, Gary Payton. They loved the strain qualities, reminding them of the great Seattle Supersonics legend.

    Gary Payton cannabis has an aromatic profile producing a euphoric high that leaves you uplifted and happy. With 15%–25% THC and less than 1% CBD content, the stimulating effects could improve your mood throughout the day.

    This strain’s stress relief and physical relaxation effects may surprise you. Medical consumers report the strain's benefit in relieving anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, and insomnia. Recreational smokers also claim they enjoy its sedation and dreamy after-effects.

    The seeds grow into crops with one of the most delectable scents. The cannabis' woody, pungent sweet smell is inviting and could delight your taste buds.

    These crops combine Snowman and Y Griega genetics to deliver weed with earthy scents and a smooth taste.

    The Gary Payton strain seed is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. The best part of growing these feminized seeds is their easy maintenance and growth speed. After planting, expect the seeds to develop female crops 99% of the time.

    What are the Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds effects?

    Gary Payton weed seeds combine 50% indica and 50% sativa to produce potent buds with pleasurable highs. The plant may appear deceptive until you check the grape-shaped nugs with white crystal trichomes.

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis buds hit your mental and physical states hard day or night. While engaging in exercises is fun, the nugs could also make you creative.

    Users report improved mood, energy, and focus, accompanied by motivation and happiness. Also, you may experience relief from migraine, stress, and pain after consuming the strain.

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis strains could refresh your mind with a sense of positivity.

    It's best to get nutritious food, fruits, and water nearby before consuming this feminized strain. Like most marijuana, munchies may become inevitable. After consumption, you may experience thirst and dry eyes and mouth, but dehydrating your body could solve the problem.

    What does the Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds smell like?

    Gary Payton weed seeds develop flowers with a pleasing aroma in proper conditions. They grow into healthy hybrid crops with a musky yet enticing smell.

    Are you considering growing Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds and want to know why they smell so sweet? Let's discuss the cannabis terpene profile:

    - Caryophyllene is responsible for the hybrid plants' rich, spicy aroma. The terpene is known for its peppery scent, which is ideal for relaxation.

    - Phellandrene produces mildly citrus, woody, and minty scents.

    - Linalool offers a pleasant floral odor, often found in lavender plants.

    - Humulene produces an earthy and woody smell. It is a terpene common in modern medicines from pharmaceutical companies.

    - Camphene creates cannabis pine undertones and is often found in nutmeg, vegetables, and fruits.

    - Carene, also called Delta-3 carene, is the compound producing the weed cypress and citrusy aroma.

    - Myrcene produces the musky weed flavor and is also found in mango, thyme, and lemongrass.

    The aromas carry over to the taste. Expect earthy with a touch of citrus on the inhale, followed by nutmeg, pine, and mint flavors on the exhale.

    How to germinate Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds

    Germinating your seeds before planting them is always better for proper flowers and bud growth.

    We recommend using the paper towel method, which is covered by our guarantee. You’ll need purified water, two dinner plates, and paper towels.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to germinating Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds.

    Get the seeds in a dark location at the proper temperature. When you're ready:

    - Moisten one of the sheets of paper towel and place it on one of the plates.

    - Carefully place the seeds on the moist paper towel, leaving an inch between each.

    - Place another moist towel over the top of the first and cover with the second plate.

    - Put the makeshift germination pod in a dark place like a drawer or cupboard.

    - Keep the paper towel moist with water daily but avoid overwatering.

    - You can expect the hybrid seeds taproots within 1–10 days.

    - Put the seeds into the soil when the taproot reaches 1/4 inch in length.

    If, for any reason, one of your seeds hasn’t popped and you’ve followed and recorded the process above, we’ll replace it.

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds grow guide

    The Gary Payton strain seeds development stages excites new and veteran marijuana growers. These seeds develop resinous buds with high THC when flowering.

    As a hybrid, these cannabis seeds thrive outdoors and indoors in hot and warm temperatures.

    These seeds flourish in adequate sunlight, grow best in warm temperatures with above–average humidity, and produce plants up to 6 feet. Expect the Gary Payton seeds to blossom when the temperature drops at night.

    Outdoor cultivators can harvest these cannabis crops from mid to late October. Breeders expect 10–15 oz. /m² indoors and grow 18–20 oz. per plant outside.

    Gary Payton fem seeds are distinctive, and below are a few tips for cultivators:

    - The proper medium. Whether breeding indoors or outdoors, Gary Payton grows best in nutritious soil. However, instead of clumping up clay, use a soil medium with proper nutrients.

    - Pots. The best advice for breeders is to develop crops with suitable containers. Use medium-sized pots with drainage holes for desirable results.

    - Watering. Water helps Gary Payton feminized weed seeds thrive but do not overwater the crops. Ensure your soil is dry before watering the crop to avoid root rot.

    - Harvest. Harvesting crops on time is a good idea, especially for THC preservations. You can reap the flowers and buds from the 7th–9th flowering week.

    What are the Gary Payton feminized cannabis strain genetics?

    Breeders crossed the genetics of Snowman and Y Griega cannabis strains to create this weed with an irresistible fragrance.

    Y Griega is a sativa-dominant and energizing strain, while Snowman is a hybrid with fruity notes and vanilla flavor.

    - Gary Payton cannabis seeds inherited Snowman's herb and skunky spiciness with earthy diesel scents. Snowman has a rich aroma that can leave a lasting impression.

    - Y Griega contains high THC with sedative effects for relieving pain, fatigue, and migraines. The weed terpenes profile adds more flavor and relaxing effects to the strain.

    The Gary Payton seed genetics create nugs that produce a powerful euphoria with medical and recreational benefits due to its 50/50 indica and sativa balance.

    Wellness and Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds

    Gary Payton cannabis buds are mostly recreational due to their THC content. However, the strain could offer health benefits to medical users.

    Many users say Gary Payton cannabis induces powerful effects in the body and mind.

    Recreational Gary Payton marijuana strain consumers may experience energy-boosting and relaxing effects. Music artists claim they get creative inspiration and motivation after a few tokes of this strain.

    While the sedative sensation can vary from user to user, there is more to unravel about the medical benefits. Gary Payton weed could improve mood and sleep for people with insomnia, depression, and anxiety and also help medical patients manage muscular pain and migraines.

    Due to its high THC levels it’s best to avoid excessive consumption. For example, a few tokes could be enough to motivate and energize the body.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Gary Payton feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Gary Payton feminized seeds:

    Where can I get free cannabis Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds?

    There's no better place to get Gary Payton seeds for sale than Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer customers one free seed per purchase whenever you see the Buy One Get One (BOGO) badge on the strain page.

    Lastly, customers in all USA states can get access to cheap cannabis seeds with constantly changing discounts and promos.

    Can a beginner grow Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds?

    Gary Payton marijuana seeds are every new grower's dream due to their easy cultivation and maintenance. Be sure to keep an eye on the temperature and don’t allow it to get too cold until you’re close to harvest time.

    What is the Gary Payton feminized cannabis flower time?

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis follows its parent's genetics with flowering cycles. These marijuana seeds require proper humidity, temperature, darkness, and lighting to enter the flowering stage completely. Expect a flowering time of around 7–9 weeks.

    How long do Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds take to germinate?

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds germinate into healthy and strong taproots within 1–10 days. However, there’s no reason to worry if these hybrid feminized marijuana seeds fail to sprout within the required timeframe, allow up to 10 days.

    If after 10 days any haven’t sprouted, contact us for replacements.

    How long does it take Gary Payton feminized cannabis from seeds to harvest?

    With adequate sunlight, soil nutrients, and water, expect Gary Payton feminized marijuana seeds to take:

    - 1–10 days germination

    - 3–16 weeks vegetating

    - 7–9 weeks flowering

    These crops could take 50–63 days to grow from seeds to harvest.

    Grow medium for Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds: hydro or soil?

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds can develop and flourish in all growing conditions. Depending on your preference and techniques, these cannabis seeds blossom in hydroponics and nutritious soil.

    If you're a beginning marijuana cultivator, you may prefer nutritious soil. However, seasoned and veteran breeders may choose hydroponics, so they can closely monitor nutrient uptake.

    What is the average Gary Payton feminized cannabis height?

    Gary Payton feminized crops are not one of the tallest strains available. Whether indoors or outdoors, your feminized marijuana seeds may produce crops with an average height of 6 feet.

    Therefore, learning the proper growth space conditions and light positioning is crucial for desirable results.

    Where can I find pictures of Gary Payton feminized marijuana?

    The ideal location to find pictures of Gary Payton feminized marijuana seeds is here on the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website. Alternatively, visit the Homegrown Diaries section. There you’ll see photos provided by other cultivators.

    Why not create a diary of your own to assist other growers?

    Where is the best place to buy Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds in the USA?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy Gary Payton seeds. We’re a reliable commercial store offering hybrid feminized cannabis seeds with incredible genetics and sizable yields.

    Buy the seeds in the following combinations:

    - 4 pack: $87

    - 8 pack: $111

    - 12 pack: $148

    - 24 pack: $244

    Are there any other names for Gary Payton feminized cannabis?

    Gary Payton feminized cannabis name is unique, named after the Seattle SuperSonics and Hall of Fame player. As the weed has an admirable reputation, alternative names seem unlikely.

    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Gary Payton feminized cannabis pics and any Gary Payton feminized cannabis seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough.

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