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Garlic Breath Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Garlic Breath Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Bold and pungent flavors
  • High THC
  • Limonene dominant
  • Ward off vampires by growing feminized Garlic Breath seeds. This unique indica-dominant marijuana strain is bursting with impressive levels of THC packaged in a fragrant, creamy vapor.  These juicy buds are popular in the medical cannabis community and are believed to hold an array of health benefits. Recreational users enjoy the uplifting effects that come with this delicious ...Show more

    Garlic Breath Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Garlic Breath Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Ward off vampires by growing feminized Garlic Breath seeds. This unique indica-dominant marijuana strain is bursting with impressive levels of THC packaged in a fragrant, creamy vapor.  These juicy buds are popular in the medical cannabis community and are believed to hold an array of health benefits. Recreational users enjoy the uplifting effects that come with this delicious strain.  Read on for more information about Garlic Breath feminized, including its proposed benefits, genetics, aromatics, and growing tips. We also unpack the germination steps and the effects you can expect when you puff on this savory smoke.

    What are Garlic Breath feminized cannabis seeds?

    Garlic Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that provides a balanced array of effects. It’s uplifting and calming, but can send you spiraling to the couch if you overdo it. 

    Medicinal users enjoy this strain for its supposed health benefits and delicious flavor. A little goes a long way thanks to its potent THC levels, so it might stretch your cash if you’re a regular smoker.

    Recreational users love the versatility of Garlic Breath and the powerful and pleasant spectrum of effects. Cannabis connoisseurs enjoy the complex flavor palate that comes from the dreamy smoke.

    Feminized Garlic Breath seeds are best reserved for growers with some experience, as these plants can get out of hand without the proper techniques. 

    Our feminized seeds come with 99% female-only chromosomes, giving you generously sticky yields of bud-bearing plants.

    What are the Garlic Breath feminized strain effects?

    Beginners and novice smokers enjoy the buzz of this indica-dominant strain. It has high THC levels of approximately 16–20% and a low CBD range of around 0.5%. 

    The buds grown from Garlic Breath seeds are best reserved for afternoon or evening tokes. The strain has a relaxing effect that could couch-lock you. It may calm tense muscles or soothe high stress levels, helping you clear your mind before bed. 

    As the effects kick in, an uplifting buzz floods your mind and releases any stress. The mood boost is almost instant, quickly turning your frown upside down. It’s a heady feeling that clears negative and racing thoughts. 

    The uplifting effect could make you feel more confident, which is ideal for social situations. As the buzz builds, artistic waves flood your veins. Make full use of the creative effects by embarking on your passion projects or using the deep focus to complete tasks. 

    When the effects of the buds grown from Garlic Breath strain seeds hit their peak, a deep wave of relaxation washes over you. At this point, the cerebral buzz becomes a full-body stone. 

    Every muscle and joint feels light, and a sense of tranquility overcomes any tension. The couch calls your name, and the munchies kick in.

    You won’t be raiding the fridge for too long. As the effects fade, this indica will have you “in da bed” in no time. The buzz ends in a deep slumber that’ll have you sleeping like a baby. 

    Side effects are rare with this marijuana strain. If you smoke too much, you’ll receive a one-way ticket to dreamland. Other mild reactions include a dry mouth and red eyes. Stay hydrated and puff slowly to prevent them. 

    What does Garlic Breath feminized smell like?

    You don’t have to cancel your date night to enjoy this garlic treat. When growing Garlic Breath strain seeds, the plants have a strong earthy scent. The aroma lingers, especially during the flowering stage. 

    When you crush the juicy buds, powerful whiffs of pepper and musk assault your olfactory senses. On the inhale, the creamy smoke tastes delectably savory. When you exhale, an earthy, piney flavor coats your palate. The aftertaste is surprisingly delicious and herbal. 

    The dominant terpene in Garlic Breath is limonene, which adds a refreshing citrus hit to the savory, herbal flavor.

    How to germinate Garlic Breath feminized seeds

    Germinating your Garlic Breath strain seeds is the first step in the growing process. It helps them develop into well-nourished, strong seedlings.

    There are many germination techniques, but our experts recommend the paper towel method as it has a high success rate. It’s also economical and easy for growers of all stages. 

    Ensure you stick to our germination guide to qualify for the guarantee. Document your journey and show us evidence of any unpopped marijuana seeds. We’ll send you replacements at no charge if you meet the necessary requirements. 

    Assemble the following items to begin:

    - Two plates

    - Your Garlic Breath seeds

    - Paper towels

    - Purified water 

    - Tweezers

    Follow these steps to germinate your cannabis seeds: 

    Dampen the paper towels and squeeze out excess moisture, then place one of the moistened sheets on a plate. 

    Gently grab your Garlic Breath strain seeds with tweezers and place them at least one inch apart on the plate. 

    Use the remaining paper towel to cover your seeds. Ensure that water isn’t pooling at the bottom before placing another plate upside down as a lid. 

    Keep the station in a warm, dry place, ensuring they have sufficient moisture and minimal light.

    Expect your weed seeds to sprout after around 24–120 hours. When the taproots reach a quarter-inch long, they’re ready for the growing medium.

    Garlic Breath feminized cannabis seeds grow guide

    The grow difficulty for feminized Garlic Breath seeds is moderate. Beginners may try, but they could encounter challenges due to insufficient experience or knowledge of growing strategies. 

    The plants do well in any grow medium and suit indoor setups, greenhouses, and outdoor gardens. Ensure you maintain a climate with consistently warm temperatures and moderate humidity levels.

    These beauties produce spade-shaped, vibrant green nugs covered in shiny trichomes. The buds are frosted in fiery stigmata with a stunning burned sienna hue.

    Garlic Breath stretches significantly for an indica, making it a challenge for beginners. The overstretching stops at around 4–5 weeks. It reaches around six feet outdoors and stays at about three feet indoors.

    Apply low-stress training (LST) methods to prevent the plants from reaching too high and affecting your yield. Train branches to grow horizontally instead of vertically. This technique prevents overstretching and ensures all buds get adequate access to light. 

    Don’t place grow lights too close or far from the plant’s canopy, as this could promote overstretching. Follow these measurements: 

    Seedlings: 24–36 inches above the plant canopy.

    Vegging: 12–24 inches away from the top of the canopy.

    Flowering: 18–24 inches from the top of the canopy to the light source. 

    Garlic Breath seeds are medium to heavy feeders, and the plants require sufficient nourishment to grow. Try a mixture of malted barley and microbial mass, along with a topdress and essential nutrients. 

    These crops are at moderate risk for mold, mildew, and temperature burn. Maintain a continental or Mediterranean climate with temperatures around 68–77°F for best results. High humidity paired with poor ventilation could result in mold, mildew, or bacteria buildup. 

    Apply substantial ventilation and use odor filters in the grow room to prevent the scent from taking over your home. It’s essential to prune these bushy plants regularly to promote adequate airflow. 

    The flowering phase for Garlic Breath takes around 8–10 weeks. Indoors. you can expect to collect up to 21 oz./m². Outdoors, the harvest takes place in October and gives you around 15–20 oz./plant.

    What are the Garlic Breath feminized strain genetics?

    Garlic Breath comes from superstar parent strains GMO and Mendo Breath. These two cultivars are a popular breeding pick for their impressive traits. 

    GMO is a powerful indica-dominant strain that produces a euphoric body buzz. Growers enjoy the cultivar’s unique appearance, as the buds are shaped like peppers.

    Mendo Breath is an indica known for its delectable vanilla flavor. It has powerfully uplifting and deeply relaxing effects. 

    Wellness and Garlic Breath feminized seeds

    Thanks to its relaxing effects, Garlic Breath may hold a variety of health benefits. Medicinal users enjoy this strain as it’s not overwhelming and tastes delicious. 

    It may aid those with depression, as it has a powerful uplifting buzz. Garlic Breath could reduce mood swings and help people gain a more positive outlook. 

    People who have high levels of stress or anxiety could enjoy this cultivar’s deeply relaxing sensations. This high THC indica may relieve tension and halt racing thoughts. It could also dull the effect of triggers.

    Garlic Breath could relieve nausea. It’s known for stimulating the munchies and might boost your appetite. This strain may be beneficial for people with chronic pain, as it reportedly reduces inflammation and changes the brain’s pain perception. 

    If you have trouble getting quality shut-eye, Garlic Breath could help you get a peaceful night’s rest. The deeply relaxing effects may calm your mind and body, while higher doses might sedate you and help you sleep faster.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Garlic Breath feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Do you want to learn more about this marijuana strain? Read through these common questions and find the answers you need about Garlic Breath feminized. 

    Where can I get free Garlic Breath feminized cannabis seeds?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a wide selection of cannabis seeds at affordable prices. We also have an incredible selection of strains in our BOGO (Buy One Get One free) category. Find a range of popular cultivars at discounted rates. Can a beginner grow Garlic Breath feminized? Beginners can cultivate feminized Garlic Breath strain seeds, but they’re best for those with some experience, as they can be challenging to grow. These plants are prone to overstretching and require knowledge of various growing techniques, like low-stress training and pruning. What is the Garlic Breath feminized flower time? These plants flower for 8–10 weeks. Garlic Breath seeds aren’t fast flowering, but the generous harvest makes it worthwhile. Indoors, you can expect up to 21 oz./m², while outdoors, you could get 15–20 oz./plant. How long do Garlic Breath feminized seeds take to germinate? Our cannabis seeds typically take 1–5 days to germinate. Ensure you check on them consistently and plant them once you see taproots. We offer a germination guarantee that replaces any Garlic Breath feminized seeds that haven’t popped. How long does it take Garlic Breath feminized from seeds to harvest? Garlic Breath takes anywhere from 6–8 months to complete its life cycle. This strain takes time and patience to cultivate, but it’s worth it. Regular pruning and incorporating LST techniques promotes growth and improves the harvest time and quality. Grow medium for Garlic Breath feminized: Hydro or soil? Garlic Breath does well in both substrates. Soil is an easy option for beginners and produces generous yields with aromatic buds. Hydro is more suitable for experienced growers, as it can be complicated and requires more equipment. However, it also helps you harvest sooner. What is the average Garlic Breath feminized height? Garlic Breath plants are moderately sized, typically reaching six feet high outdoors and around three feet indoors. They’re prone to over-stretching and can be hard to control if you don’t train them. Prune and trim regularly to maintain the bushy foliage and manage the height. Where can I find pictures of Garlic Breath feminized marijuana? You can view the pictures of this marijuana strain at the top of this page. Check out Homegrown Diaries to find snaps from other growers. You can also share your growing experience and get advice and tricks from other 420 enthusiasts and experts.  Where is the best place to buy Garlic Breath feminized seeds in the USA? The best place to purchase feminized Garlic Breath seeds is Homegrown Cannabis Co. We’re affiliated with big industry names like Kyle Kushman and have years of expertise to offer. These are our typical prices for Garlic Breath feminized seeds: 4-pack: $87 8-pack: $111 12-pack: $148 24-pack: $244 Are there any other names for Garlic Breath feminized? The Garlic Breath strain gets its name from its savory herbal aroma with hints of dank. It’s reminiscent of garlic, but probably won’t give you bad breath. It’s an excellent pick for people who enjoy savory smokes with hints of pepper and refreshing citrus. Join the Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Garlic Breath feminized pics and any Garlic Breath feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough of Garlic Breath feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!   If you want to stock buy bulk Garlic Breath feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Garlic breath feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.   We’re not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.