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G13 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

G13 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • Cloaked in mystery
  • Blissful relaxation
  • Earth and berry with a touch of skunk
  • Even though G13 feminized seeds have a mysterious history, this cultivar is a prize unto itself.For decades, it's been a cornerstone in the marijuana industry, well-known to be a visually appealing and easy-growing super indica hybrid. Yet, it's also an archetypal cannabis variety, with an origin story that'll evoke intrigue and awe alike. G13 feminized seeds, as we know them t...Show more

    G13 Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 110
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    G13 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Even though G13 feminized seeds have a mysterious history, this cultivar is a prize unto itself.
    For decades, it's been a cornerstone in the marijuana industry, well-known to be a visually appealing and easy-growing super indica hybrid. Yet, it's also an archetypal cannabis variety, with an origin story that'll evoke intrigue and awe alike. 
    G13 feminized seeds, as we know them today, are an exceptionally potent indica-dominant cultivar. The plants are valued by both recreational and medicinal users alike for their extraordinary effects. 

    What are G13 feminized cannabis seeds? 

    G13 comes with the type of back story that'll have conspiracy theorists drooling in two seconds flat. According to urban legend and popular belief, these cannabis seeds result from a joint FBI and CIA top-secret project back in the '60s. 
    Working from the University of Mississippi, the collective worked toward creating several super-potent cannabis hybrids. Risking his freedom, a heroic, rogue lab technician stole some of the cuttings or seeds from one of the experimental strains. 
    He then passed these on to marijuana cultivators in the cannabis community, who reproduced and subsequently unleashed them on the black market. Unfortunately, there's no irrefutable proof to support this theory. 
    Yet, given the knowledge that various government agencies did experiment with and conducted tests on various narcotics, the story all of a sudden doesn't seem to be so far-fetched.
    G13 feminized seeds quickly gained favor amongst marijuana enthusiasts for apparent reasons and, 60 years later, still significantly impacts the cannabis industry. As time progressed, these marijuana seeds parented many different weed hybrids, including G13 Haze, which won many High Times Cannabis Rewards.
    We'll probably never know whether the story is true or not. However, what's certain is that G13 feminized seeds are a mind-bogglingly potent strain with an average THC content of about 24%.
    As we know it today, the hybrid is a 70/30 indica-dominant cultivar that grants the user a broad and enjoyable experience. Feminized G13 marijuana seeds' sativa side adds a delicate cerebral edge to this weed, yet it never detracts from the inevitable and total domination of the indica's calming and sedating pull. 
    Feminized G13 marijuana seeds aren't a cultivar to consider for your next wake and bake. Instead, you should reserve this weed for those blissful times where you have little or no responsibilities or demands ahead of you.
    Providing relief is also apparently within flowers from these cannabis seeds' capacity. Various reports suggest that this strain helps to alleviate poor appetite, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. However, overindulging may result in unwanted side effects like paranoia, headaches, and dizziness due to its psychoactive properties.
    Seasoned consumers that want to experiment with cultivating cannabis will find feminized G13 marijuana seeds elementary to grow. Having only females to contend with makes the task of raising these beans even more convenient, as you won't have to worry about crop-ruining male plants. 
    Even less experienced cultivators will find that this hybrid isn't shy when producing weed, providing them with abundant high-quality buds during harvest time. 

    What are the G13 feminized seeds effects?

    Physical and emotional challenges in our daily lives often make it almost impossible to get adequate rest. Fortunately, blissful relaxation is the flowers produced by feminized G13 seeds' forté, and with THC levels as high as 24%, it also doesn't waste any time bringing on its calming effects.
    Plants from Feminized G13 marijuana seeds' skyrocketing impact imparts an almost immediate euphoric boost. It uplifts the mood and banishes negativity, leading to a more cheerful demeanor. 
    Simultaneously, it induces clear-headedness, keeping your mind functional, often invoking a rush of motivation and creative inspiration. If you intend on cashing in on this invigorating stage of inspiration, you need to hurry as you won't feel quite as functional when the indica influence takes over. 
    As the cerebral flight escalates, your body systematically surrenders to the weed produced from these marijuana seeds' heavy, limb-lulling control. 
    Exactly how long it'll take to reach this stage strictly depends on your THC tolerance and dosage. However, you'll eventually notice your arms and legs becoming heavy, while an intense sense of sedation enhances the serenity.
    Soon you'll experience overpowering drowsiness, causing profound laziness and severe couch-lock, placing all forms of strenuous activity out of reach. You may want to consider keeping snacks close by, though, as the bud from these cannabis seeds’ will most definitely bring on the munchies.
    The bud grown from Feminized G13 marijuana seeds have a long-lasting impact. It’s best enjoyed over weekends or in the afternoon when you can afford to indulge in some you-time selfishly. So, kick back and listen to some of your favorite tunes or binge-watch a TV series. 
    Be warned, though, as the effects of the bud from feminized G13 seeds' near their end, sleep becomes inevitable. Even those with severe insomnia will find it challenging to keep the Sandman at bay.

    What do feminized G13 seeds smell like?

    Boasting dank earthiness and hints of berry, the fragrance and flavor of the flowers derived from feminized G13 seeds pay homage to this cultivar's suspected Afghani lineage. The strain bears an alpha-pinene, linalool, valencene, and myrcene terpene profile, which translates as acridness re-defined.
    The skunky nuances of the weed produced by these marijuana seeds can leave newbie smokers in the world of cannabis feeling quite estranged. Still, to connoisseurs and veteran stoners alike, this cultivar's sweet and sour profile signifies the definition of dank. 
    Beyond the sour skunk scent and berry fragrance of the buds from these cannabis seeds, the strain's taste translation causes far less division. 
    Upon inhaling the smoke, a woody, pine-like flavor entirely dominates the taste buds. When exhaled, though, it's quickly replaced with lingering traces of mint and hints of sour fruit, making it absurdly moreish.

    How to germinate G13 feminized seeds

    When sprouting G13 feminized seeds purchased from Homegrown Cannabis Co., using the paper towel method for the best results is vital. 
    Here's a step-by-step layout of this procedure:
    - Step 1: Collect bottled or purified water, some paper towels, tweezers, two dinner plates, and your marijuana seeds.
    - Step 2: Moisten two paper towels, but be careful not to soak them (ring out excess H2O if necessary).
    - Step 3: Cover one of the dinner plates with a wet paper towel.
    - Step 4: Place your cannabis seeds on top, approximately an inch apart.
    - Step 5: Cover the marijuana seeds with the second paper towel and add some water, if necessary, to ensure it's moist enough.
    - Step 6: Lift moistened paper towels and seeds and remove any excess water that may be lying on the plate.
    - Step 7: Turn the second dinner plate upside down and place it over the paper towels.
    - Step 8: Put the plates holding the seeds in a drawer, cupboard, or any other dark, warm place.
    - Step 9: Leave the marijuana seeds for one to five days, but check on them periodically to ensure that they don't dry out.
    - Step 10: As soon as your seeds developed healthy taproots, you can transplant them into your growing medium of choice.
    Disclaimer: Your germination guarantee may be void should you use any sprouting technique other than the one discussed in our germination guide.

    Feminized G13 seeds grow guide

    Thanks to feminized G13 seeds' landrace genetic building blocks, this strain is an absolute breeze to raise, regardless of your level of growing experience. Fully developed, these fierce and striking beauties stand about three feet tall, making them convenient to manage and highly suitable for indoor cultivation. 
    Feminized G13 marijuana seeds produce exceptionally dense and pungent light green buds covered in striking orange pistils. The nugs shimmer with potency, and the foliage, pending on the phenotype, displays either sativa or indica characteristics. 
    In addition, these shrubs show an incredible resilience against pathogens, pests, and mold, ensuring a generous harvest.
    G13 feminized seeds' yielding potential is off the charts as long as you provide your crop with ample space to grow and develop their countless dense budding sites. However, occasional pruning and trimming are crucial to ensure that adequate light penetration and airflow reach every section of your weed plants.
    Indoor cultivators raising feminized G13 seeds should consider implementing the SCROG (Screen Of Green) technique. It'll help maximize your available grow space and assist your crop in reaching its full output potential. 
    Combine this method with a hydro setup for explosive growth or organic soil if you prefer to boost the terpene production for medical efficacy, aroma, and flavor. Apart from choosing the proper setup and some plant training, there's little else required other than the usual TLC to raise these beauties through to fruition. 
    Feminized G13 marijuana seeds develop into graciously yielding plants as long as you give them an optimal home. This cultivar prefers a dry climate with temperatures ranging between 64 and 84 °F. Indoor cultivators can expect a 15.87 to 19.40 oz./㎡ yield after ten to eleven weeks of flowering. 
    When grown outside, G13 feminized seeds produce an even more significant harvest. In regions with a Mediterranean-type climate, such as California, Southern Europe, and Australia, growers can expect yields as high as 35.27 oz./plant by the end of October to mid-November.

    What is the G13 feminized strain genetics?

    The true origins of G13 feminized seeds remain shrouded in mystery, and it would seem as though this information may be classified. It's believed that the original strain was a pure indica, but over time this systematically changed. As we know it today, the cultivar is an exquisite hybrid with a roughly 70/30 split in favor of indica.
    As mentioned earlier, the common belief is that the US government bred G13 as part of a top-secret project during the '60s. Whether it's the truth and which cultivars got mixed to create this hybrid remains classified. Interestingly enough, G13's full name does get recognized as Government indica strain 1.
    Due to this cultivar's earthy, loam-like acridness, breeders from across the world suggest that feminized G13 marijuana seeds parental lineage may include an Afghani landrace. Unfortunately, as the information is supposedly classified, the chances are that we'll never learn which parents' plants got crossed to create this excellent hybrid.

    Wellness and feminized G13 seeds

    Even though cannabis produced by feminized G13 seeds contains reasonably low levels of CBD (roughly 0.7%), the strain does provide a capable array of therapeutic uses. The herb's mood-modulating effects are swift to influence, making it highly effective in alleviating both chronic and work-related stress symptoms. 
    Carefully administering dosages of bud harvested from G13 feminized seeds also does an outstanding job in alleviating PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. In addition, due to it being such a physical strain, patients who experience mild to severe pains and aches benefit from this cultivar's potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents.
    There have also been reports that buds from feminized G13 marijuana seeds may provide relief from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, arthritis, migraines, and headaches. Additionally, this cultivar is known for inducing munchies and reducing nausea, making it an excellent choice for dealing with a lack of appetite.
    Furthermore, even severe cases of insomnia won't stand a chance when marijuana produced by G13 feminized seeds' compelling sedative effects kick into your system. 
    Be careful, though. Buds grown from feminized G13 seeds have a high THC content, making it easy to misjudge and overuse this pot, inducing less than desirable side effects of cannabis such as bloodshot eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness. 
    However, if you consume this pot in moderation and keep yourself hydrated, you'll have a delightful experience.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not meant as advice and should not get treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    G13 feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Still, have some questions about G13 marijuana or even any of our other feminized seeds in general? Here are the FAQs most commonly asked by consumers.

    Where can I get free cannabis G13 feminized seeds?

    Even though we don't give away seeds, we offer cheap weed seeds and periodic BOGO (buy one get one free) deals on specific strains. These sales include temporary sales on feminized G13 seeds and our classic cultivars as well.
    However, even without these excellent BOGO deals, our prices are highly competitive. So, if you're in the market for the best prices on G13 feminized seeds, you needn’t look any further than Homegrown Cannabis CO.

    Can a beginner grow feminized G13 seeds?

    Due to feminized G13 marijuana seeds' landrace genetic building blocks, this cultivar shows an incredible natural resilience against pests, mold, disease, and pathogens. Not only does this attribute make the strain exceptionally easy to raise, but it also ensures a bountiful harvest.

    What is G13 feminized seeds' flowering time?

    When it comes to G13 feminized seeds, cultivators should make provision for a slightly longer than average flowering time. This strain typically has a flowering period of ten to twelve weeks, but knowing you'll receive a bountiful harvest at the end of this period, makes the wait more than worth your while.

    How long do feminized G13 seeds take to germinate?

    Using the paper towel method as explained in our germination guide, feminized G13 seeds can take anywhere between one and five days to germinate.

    How long does it take G13 feminized seeds to grow from seed to harvest?

    The developmental timeline for G13 feminized seeds depends on various factors, including:
    - Whether you're raising your crop indoors or outside.- Which phenotype you're using.- Your preferred growing method.- Whether you force your plants to flower or complete their growth process naturally.
    That said, for G13 feminized marijuana to develop from seed to harvest, you'll be looking at anywhere between four and seven-and-a-half months.

    Grow medium: Feminized G13 seeds hydro or soil?

    G13 feminized marijuana seeds do well both indoors and outside. Indoor cultivators should use a hydro setup to boost explosive growth or organic soil if they wish to enhance the terpene profile. 
    Regardless of their choice, implementing the SCROG method when raising G13 feminized seeds inside will help the plants reach their full potential and maximize their available growing space. However, raising feminized G13 seeds outside under the right conditions will produce the best results.

    What is the average G13 feminized seed height?

    G13 feminized marijuana seeds grow to stand about three feet tall when fully developed, making them ideal for stealth and indoor cultivation.

    Where can I find pictures of feminized G13 seeds?

    At Homegrown Cannabis Co. we typically include various seed, bud, and plant pictures related to the specific strain on our product pages. For an even wider variety of images, feel free to join our Homegrown Diaries. 
    Cultivators across the USA and other countries use this platform to share loads of images, actionable growing tips and hints, and their growing experience with the worldwide cannabis growing community.

    Where is the best place to buy G13 feminized seeds in the USA?

    With several options available to you to get your feminized G13 seeds, getting your hands on premium quality beans may be more challenging than you might expect.
    Buying from black market dealers endangers your safety. If it's legal in your area and local dispensaries do have G13 feminized seeds in stock, it'll typically be overpriced, and there's no guarantee as to what you're buying. 
    The best and safest way for you as a grower to invest in premium G13 feminized marijuana seeds will be to buy from a reputable online dealer, like Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer highly competitive prices and a germination guarantee, and all our products get shipped and packaged discreetly and directly to our clients.

    Are there any other names for feminized G13 seeds?

    Although it may not be a nickname, the term G13 does get recognized as Government Indica Strain 1.
    Spelling errors
    Consumers searching for G13 feminized seeds commonly make the following errors:
    - Gi3- G13 feminized- G13 femmed- Gi3 feminized
    If you're searching for a product online, your search parameters must be as accurate as possible to find the best results. In the case of this strain, one of the best keywords to use will be "G13 feminized seeds".
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