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Fire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Fire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Are you ready to zone right out?
  • Around 23% THC lifts you up
  • Diesel
  • Fire OG feminized seeds bloom into what’s widely regarded as the most potent OG strain. This THC-heavy hybrid packs a hell of a punch, and its effects usually last for up to 3 hours. It starts with a balanced head and body high that slowly transitions to mostly body. It’s a great choice if looking to relax and lift your mood.The squishy cured nuggets from feminized Fire OG twin...Show more

    Fire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    70 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Fire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Fire OG feminized seeds bloom into what’s widely regarded as the most potent OG strain. This THC-heavy hybrid packs a hell of a punch, and its effects usually last for up to 3 hours. It starts with a balanced head and body high that slowly transitions to mostly body. It’s a great choice if looking to relax and lift your mood.
    The squishy cured nuggets from feminized Fire OG twinkle with vivid red-orange hairs, lending the appearance of fire, justifying its name. This indica-dominant strain provides a long-lasting body high that’s never a disappointment. The worst thing is that when you consume these bomb buds, your stash is a little smaller.
    You need not apply for a med card and pay top dollar when you can grow your own top-shelf Fire OG feminized weed. These feminized seeds grow flowers and not pollen sacs, giving you an abundant harvest of Fire OG weed. This indica-dominant strain’s best for experienced consumers and cultivators.

    What are Fire OG feminized cannabis seeds?

    There’s nothing better than smoking your own homegrown premium organic buds. So take this opportunity with these cannabis seeds for what was previously a clone-only strain. Fire OG feminized seeds bloom into bud-producing female plants with some of our most potent buds to date. Expect to get high THC levels, ranging from 20–25%.
    Fire OG weed isn't recommended for beginners, but this is welcome news for veterans who only need one or two puffs to get the desired effects. Many medical cannabis users and recreational consumers with a high tolerance look for this strain—from the high heavens to the depths of hell. Why? Because it helps ease pain and brings flair to your dreams.
    Feminized Fire OG weed takes on the physical characteristics of an indica flower. The buds are incredibly tight and dense, making plants grown from these marijuana seeds difficult for beginners. Don’t fret, as we’ll show you how to get the healthiest Fire OG cultivar possible.
    Fire OG feminized seeds blossom into photoperiod plants. Flowering starts when you change the light cycle to have 12 hours of darkness or more until harvest. After 10–11 weeks of flowering, you can expect to yield visually stunning and voluminous buds—up to 14 ounces per square meter indoors and 15 ounces per plant outdoors. 
    Outdoor harvest takes place in mid to late October. We suggest letting this baby go to full term because the buds swell and resin production doubles at the end of week 10, resulting in super stony, potent buds.
    Switch from veg to flower on this cultivar when it’s about 12–14” tall. Expect a 3.5–4 foot tall plant at the end of flowering. Space shouldn’t be an issue at all. Apply advanced cultivation methods such as Screen of Green (ScrOG), Sea of Green (SOG), Lollipopping, and Supercropping to maximize yields from this feminized Fire OG plant. 

    What are the Fire OG feminized weed effects?

    The Fire OG feminized cultivar is 70% indica, 30% sativa. It starts with a fun and energizing rush, transitioning into a nice relaxing body buzz—typical of indicas. Fire OG doesn’t care whether you’re an amateur or seasoned cannabis consumer. It’ll get you to zone out because it’s powerful.
    This evening and nighttime treat is ideal for winding down after a tiresome day. It uplifts your spirits, and you’ll smile from ear to ear throughout the relaxing ride. At the same time, your muscles ease, and all body pains dissipate.
    Fire OG feminized weed helps you chill out and alleviates stress and depression. Have some snacks ready because this strain precipitates your appetite. Refrain from using this herb if looking to be productive after 30 minutes because you’ll probably be busted by then.
    The euphoric effects can be overwhelming and heavier than the rest of the OG family, so a few gentle tokes will do. You may also experience the usual dry mouth and dry eyes. Easily rectify these trivial issues by drinking fluids during and after your smoke.

    What does the Fire OG feminized weed smell like?

    A distinctly lemony aroma smacks you in the face when you open up a bag containing this dank Kush phenotype. There’s also a gassy note, like in most OG variants. This fragrance also comes with hints of pine, oak wood, spice, and herbs. The appearance and delectable medley of aromas that hit your nose entice the senses.
    Upon igniting the Fire OG feminized buds, they release a thick, fast-acting, ultra-smooth smoke. Fire OG weed has an unmistakable citrusy and earthy flavor that distinguishes it from other strains. You can also feel hints of wood and spices permeate the palate.
    This exotic-tasting bud has a pleasant expansion to your lungs as you let it rip. A sharp and distinct citrusy, spicy, and diesel-y aftertaste lingers long after the last hit. Walking into a garden with a feminized Fire OG plant feels like you’re strolling through an orchard surrounded by lush mountains and lucid waters. 
    This cultivar emits a fresh lemony and pine aroma that you can smell from a mile away, providing a welcoming reminder of warm summer months. Consider installing an air filtration system to keep your cultivar discreet.

    How to germinate Fire OG feminized seeds

    There are many ways to sprout your cannabis seeds, but the easiest way to achieve this is the paper towel method, as demonstrated in our germination guide. Here’s what it entails:
    - You’ll need your Fire OG feminized seeds, paper towels, two clean plates, and water.
    - Take two paper towels and soak them in water. The paper towels need to be wet but not drenched.
    - Lay one of your wet paper towels on a plate.
    - Set the cannabis seeds one inch apart and cover them with the second wet paper towel.
    - Place another plate on top of the marijuana seeds to create a dome effect.
    - Put the plates in a warm place, such as your drawer. Optimum temperature ranges between 70–90 ℉.
    - Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have to wait and check your paper towels regularly to make sure they are still wet. 
    Remember, the marijuana seeds use up a lot of water, and you don't want them to dry out. Expect the Fire OG feminized seeds to germinate in 1 to 5 days. Use our germination guide to ensure your germination guarantee stays intact. Wear gloves when carefully planting your germinated seeds to ensure the area is clean and sterile. Don’t stress the cannabis seeds.

    Fire OG feminized seeds grow guide

    Admittedly, OG strains are not for beginners, but the rewards are definitely worth it. A feminized Fire OG cultivar has a small stature with sturdy branches that can hold its own when carrying dense buds in opposition to forceful gusts of wind. However, it’s weak against cold.
    This cultivar flourishes best under highly controlled conditions indoors by professionals. It’s prudent to cultivate the Fire OG feminized plant indoors if your climate is temperamental and unpredictable.
    If cultivating outdoors, you’ll need a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. Fortunately, Fire OG is highly resistant to diseases, just like most Kush strains. Because this is a feminized plant, it goes through 4 life stages, namely seed (germination), seedling, vegetative, and flowering. 

    Seedling (2–3 weeks)

    Keep the temperature between 64–77℉ and relative humidity around 70% for the seedling to thrive. Most cultivators maintain adequate dampness by simply placing a dome to cover the seedling.

    Veg (3–9 weeks)

    In veg, your feminized Fire OG plant will grow the big jagged leaves you’ve been waiting for. Your cultivar will continue to produce more foliage exponentially at this time since it can absorb and process more nutrients and carbon dioxide. Top the Fire OG feminized cultivar early in veg to get loads of bud-producing branches. 
    You should keep the temperature between 68–77℉ with humidity of about 50–70% in this phase of the plant’s life. We recommend giving this cultivar 18 hours of light daily while in veg to accelerate its growth.
    The Fire OG feminized plant is a heavy feeder but only give it nitrogen-based fertilizers and Cal-mag when needed. Utilize high-stress training techniques in veg for this photoperiod plant because you’ve got time for it to recover. You can exceed the recommended veg period if necessary. Shape this malleable cultivar how you want it to get numerous top budding sites.

    Flowering (10–11 weeks)

    At this stage, we’re at the most critical phase for your Fire OG feminized plant, as it's sexually mature and ready to spread some genes. Trigger this phase by giving it less light per day, i.e., 12 hours of total darkness or more, every day until harvest.
    In flowering, your feminized Fire OG cultivar will produce copious amounts of sticky resin on its leaves. This resin has the THC you’re after. The flowering state for Fire OG can last anywhere between 10–11 weeks indoors. 
    Most of the pistils will turn orange-reddish towards the end of flowering to look like the buds are on fire. You should keep the temperature around 68–77 degrees with about 40–50% humidity during flowering. This low humidity prevents mold proliferation because of the super dense nuggets.
    Flush the Fire OG feminized plant about ten days before harvest to make the weed invest its energy in the buds. This action also reduces chlorophyll in the buds, providing a smooth smoke.
    Give your Fire OG plant high-level nutrients, rich in phosphorus, for it to thrive when flowering. Even though you might be eager to harvest, wait until 70% of the transparent resin turns milky. It’s thought that the opaque trichomes contain the highest amount of THC. 
    Use a lighted loupe or magnifying glass to observe the trichomes. Don’t shock the Fire OG feminized plant by:
    - Using high-stress techniques in flowering.- Pruning too much in one session or too late into flowering.

    What are the Fire OG feminized strain genetics?

    Fire OG feminized weed is a Cali connection of two potent and popular strains—OG Kush and the San Fernando Valley OG Kush phenotype 3 (SFV OG F3.).  This previously clone-only strain is believed to have been bred in the San Fernando Valley in the early 90s, but its exact origins are not confirmed.
    Fire OG has even gone on to spawn other famous strains, notably Animal Cookies and White Fire OG (WiFi OG.) Fire OG feminized weed has a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio, but the effects start surprisingly as sativa. 
    You’ll first feel a cerebral, euphoric, and uplifting effect typical of sativa dominant strains. An everlasting body/mind relaxation and couch-lock effects follow just 30 minutes later, affirming its indica roots.
    But remember, the THC level isn't the only metric that determines the strength of a particular weed. You’ll also need to consider other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and much more—characteristics we’re yet to understand fully.

    Wellness and Fire OG feminized seeds

    Typical of indica-dominant strains, Fire OG acts as a sedative to help you relax and reduce body pains after a long day. This nighttime treat is an excellent choice for dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety.
    The Fire OG feminized weed can mitigate symptoms associated with back pain, joint pain, chronic pain, cancer, and migraines. The happy high clears your mind, making you forget all the moments that made you irritated or anxious. This kind of effect can lend a helping hand to combat depression.
    Fire OG is a very potent strain with an insanely intense and long-lasting high. The heavy-eyed effects can induce sleep, helping people suffering from insomnia. The stony high begins with a pulsating euphoria and transitions into a full-body relaxation, ending in a deep and tranquil repose.
    This bud can offset munchies, making it great for those suffering from a loss of appetite or nausea. Feminized fire OG weed also has a lovely creative boost to it, and you can use the first 30 minutes for something productive—before it welds you to your couch.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Fire OG feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to some of the most burning questions related to the Fire OG feminized seeds.

    What is the difference between Fire OG feminized, auto, and regular seeds?

    Fire OG feminized seeds blossom into photoperiod, bud-producing female plants. They flower when they receive less than 12 hours of light every day until harvest. Reap the rewards from these cannabis seeds in fall or in mid to late October for some lovely feminized Fire OG weed, or 10–11 weeks of flowering indoors.
    Pro cannabis cultivators use feminized cannabis seeds because they can time the seasons correctly and are guaranteed only female plants. Autoflower seeds bloom into bud-producing female plants regardless of light schedules.
    They harvest fast but don't yield as high as feminized or regular plants because of their short 3–4 weeks vegetative growth. Regular Fire OG seeds can turn out either male or female. Females are ideal for cloning because they’re sturdier. Males are great for making new hybrids.

    Where can I get free cannabis Fire OG feminized seeds?

    Buy Fire OG feminized seeds from us because we usually give you more than you ordered. Sign up to our email list and get exclusive offers on marijuana seeds. Check out our cheap cannabis seeds and BOGO (Buy One, Get One) section, where you can get two seeds for the price of one. 
    We frequently update this page, and you’ll usually get classics like Fire OG feminized seeds on offer. Best of all, our cannabis seeds are of the highest quality, and we have a wide variety of strains to choose from.

    Can a beginner grow Fire OG feminized weed?

    We don’t recommend beginners to buy Fire OG feminized seeds because this strain requires a green thumb, just like most OG strains. The squishy yet super dense nugs make this cultivar susceptible to mold and mildew. To counter this, you’d need a controlled environment, especially during flowering, with humidity lower than 50%.
    Even the original OG had issues, but cultivators persevered because the rewards are worth all the efforts put into growing such a strain. There’s a reason why Fire OG feminized weed is top-shelf.

    What is the Fire OG feminized plant flower time?

    Fire OG feminized seeds first go through the seedling and veg stage to get to flowering. The flowering time is 10–11 weeks indoors. Outdoors, it might take a bit longer, and you should expect your cultivar to flower around mid to late October.
    A little nuance in harvesting is to wait until about 70% of your trichomes are cloudy, with the remaining 30% having an amber hue. It’s thought that milky trichomes have optimum cannabinoids, like THC.

    How long do Fire OG feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Fire OG feminized seeds take 1–5 days to germinate. If your seed doesn't germinate within two weeks, then it’s probably a dud. Use our recommended paper towel germination method to increase your germination rates significantly and maintain our guarantee. Fortunately, our seeds are in pristine condition, so you’ll get higher germination rates than lesser-known seed banks.

    How long does it take Fire OG feminized from seed to harvest?

    Fire OG feminized seeds can:
    - Take one week to germinate.- Develop as a seedling in 3 weeks.- Veg for 3–9 weeks (the recommended maximum.)- Flower in 10–11 weeks.
    From these basic facts, we can calculate that you can have a minimum of (1+3+3+10) 17 and a maximum of (1+3+9+11) 24 weeks from seed to harvest.

    Grow medium: Fire OG feminized hydro or soil?

    Fire OG is medical-grade cannabis, so you’d preferably want to capitalize on your crop yield by planting it in hydro. Don't worry if you're not yet set up for hydro because feminized Fire OG seeds still grow great in soil. We suggest you use high-stress training methods in veg to get the highest potential yield.

    What is the average Fire OG feminized height?

    A feminized Fire OG plant can grow up to 12–14” tall in veg and reach 3.5–4 ft tall after flowering. This cultivar more than doubles in height between the veg and flower life cycles. Space won't be an issue for indoor cultivators when you consider its middling height. Its low profile makes it good enough to be inconspicuous when cultivating outdoors.

    Where can I find pictures of Fire OG feminized marijuana?

    Check our Fire OG feminized Homegrown Diaries, and you’ll find pictures for this strain that are cultivated by regular folk, just like you. Remember, Fire OG strain isn’t easy to grow, and the images that rank aren't always a true representation of what you’ll get.
    Buy Fire OG feminized seeds from us, create your very own diary and get tips specific to this cultivar according to others just like you. Then, share your experiences and light a candle to other like-minded people in the community on how you achieved success while cultivating your feminized Fire OG plant.

    Where is the best place to buy Fire OG feminized seeds in the USA?

    Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. when looking to buy feminized Fire OG seeds online—or any other cannabis seeds, for that matter. We offer: 
    - Reliable, verified, and superior genetics.- Discreet shipping.- Guaranteed arrival of your seeds.- Guaranteed germination of your seeds.- Give you your very own grow calendar.- Hold your hand throughout the cultivation process.
    We don’t have customs or shipping issues since we’re based in the USA.

    Are there any other names for Fire OG feminized?

    Some call Fire OG by its full name, Fire OG Kush. OG strains are very popular in the music industry, especially in the hip-hop and reggae communities, and Fire OG feminized weed is no exception.
    Fire OG gets its name because the pistils' orange-reddish color makes the lime green buds appear like they’re on fire—this should serve as a warning to novice consumers but a delight to veterans.
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Fire OG feminized pics and any Fire OG feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Fire OG feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!
    If you want to stock buy bulk Fire OG feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Fire OG feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.
    We're not just an American cannabis seed company—we are an American cannabis brand.