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Durban Poison Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Durban Poison Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Energetic and Euphoric effects!
  • Elevates your mood!
  • Fresh earthy and spicy aroma
  • Durban Poison autoflower seeds are an update on an icon that shortens the vegetative phase and focuses on bounteous blooming. The result is a classic autoflowering strain based on this legendary sativa stalwart. Popular, potent, and pungent, Durban Poison has it all.The enlivening effects are what primarily draw tokers to this revered strain. Stable sativa genet...Show more

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    Durban Poison Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Durban Poison autoflower seeds are an update on an icon that shortens the vegetative phase and focuses on bounteous blooming. The result is a classic autoflowering strain based on this legendary sativa stalwart. Popular, potent, and pungent, Durban Poison has it all.

    The enlivening effects are what primarily draw tokers to this revered strain. Stable sativa genetics translate to energy, positivity, and euphoria. The get-up-and-go is what many consumers seek.

    Read on to learn about this intriguing autoflower contender. We cover the gamut of growing, from buying seeds, germination, the vegetative phase, flowering, and harvesting your buds. Let’s unmask why this poison is so popular.

    What are Durban Poison autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Californian breeders began experimenting with Durban Poison in the 1970s. These South African seeds are a rarity, as DP is an almost 100% sativa landrace.

    Breeders created Durban Poison autoflower seeds by blending the genes with an Eastern European ruderalis variant. They hoped to harness the uplifting effects while offering growers an alternative to the photoperiod versions.

    While photoperiod plants follow the seasons, autos ignore how much light they receive. Their genes launch flowering once the plant reaches a specific size or age.

    These seeds allow a legendary cultivar to become an autoflowering strain that makes multiple harvests a year possible.

    This Durbanite packs a proper punch, indicated by a THC level of 17%. Almost pure sativas are sought after and generally hard to find. Growers, breeders, and consumers all find plenty to love about these slim-fingered plants.

    Ironically, Durban Poison autoflower seeds grow into crops that may initially look more like indicas with chunky leaves. When flowering starts, the sativa traits kick in.

    What are the Durban Poison autoflower effects?

    As a mostly sativa variant, this strain picks you up, improves focus, and elevates your mood. It’s fast-acting and hard-hitting, which is why some call it the “espresso of the cannabis world.”

    The energetic buzz and euphoria make you feel happier and could reduce symptoms of depression. Some consumers claim it can alleviate stress, while others choose this strain for assistance with pain management.

    Durban Poison autoflower seeds produce weed that’s uplifting and creative. Some users report extended focus and improved attention to detail. The energetic, clear-minded boost attracts workers and students to these sativa seeds.

    If you’re artistic, you may like the focus and imaginative spark it offers. Outdoorsy people love the motivation that gets them moving, whether hiking, cycling, or surfing.

    You feel a relaxing buzz in social situations that keeps you at ease. The boundless vitality helps you to shrug off your self-consciousness and let your hair down.

    This cannabis strain is potent, so expect a few minor side effects. Bloodshot eyes are a common problem, but regular drops cure this complaint. Users often report a dry mouth, so consume water or other hydrating drinks to combat cottonmouth.

    Drowsiness isn’t usually a problem. While Durban Poison auto seeds produce a superb wake and bake harvest ideal for daytime use, late-night consumption is liable to keep you up.

    Recent research has shown high THC-V content, a cannabinoid that might suppress hunger and lead to weight loss. On the flip side, many users report the munchies with Durban Poison weed.

    What does Durban Poison autoflower smell like?

    This autoflower variety boasts a range of flavors, with a fresh, earthy, spicy aroma and hints of pine. When the harvest is imminent, the crop gives off a wonderful sweet flavor that eventually forms its dank smell.

    Durban Poison autoflower seeds grow plump buds with a unique terpene profile. Experts point to hints of anise or licorice, lemon, and peppermint.

    Many tokers love the vanilla and cream tones that make this an olfactory treat. The buds smell especially pungent and skunky when broken apart before consumption.

    The taste is earthy, like tea with fresh herbs or fennel on the inhale. The exhale offers sweet, pine, and peppery tones. Some pick up a citrusy lemon or orange spice, too.

    How to germinate Durban Poison autoflower seeds

    You need an excellent germination method to make the most of these fabled autoflower seeds. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a guarantee for unsprouted seeds if you implement our simple, cost-effective paper towel method.

    You need:

    - Two dinner plates

    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Bottled water with a spray nozzle

    - Tweezers

    - Durban Poison auto seeds

    Follow these instructions:

    - Take one paper towel and wet it with the water. Squeeze out the excess. It should be moist, not drenched. Lay it down on a dinner plate.

    - Using tweezers, position the cannabis seeds on the sheet, leaving about an inch of space for them to grow.

    - Wet a second paper towel and wring it out. Cover the first one with it, enveloping the seeds.

    - Turn over the second plate and match it up to the first, enclosing the medium. Ensure the plates complement each other well so stray light can’t get in.

    - Put the medium in a convenient spot that’s dark and warm. After 12 hours, check on your seeds to monitor any progress. Confirm that the paper towel hasn’t dried out. If it has, use the spray bottle to add moisture.

    Your Durban Poison autoflower seeds should produce a tiny white tap root within 5 days. Use tweezers to scoop up the pod and transfer it to its more permanent home. Using your fingers can cause pathogens that threaten your baby buds.

    Send your documented evidence to our customer support team if your seeds don’t pop within five days. We dispatch seed replacements as per our germination guarantee.

    Durban Poison autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide

    Durban Poison auto seeds grow easily, so beginners and advanced growers can all score hefty harvests. If you’re a first-time breeder, remember that autos can easily stress. It’s essential to avoid common cultivation errors like over/underwatering and high-stress training.

    Luckily, stable genes make growing these autoflower cannabis seeds a breeze, whether you cultivate them indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.

    Most auto growers set up in a controlled environment where they can satiate their crop’s hunger for light. DP plants enjoy long hours of warm sunlight and plentiful water. Ensure good airflow around the lower branches.

    Autoflower variants thrive with extended sunlight hours to maximize growth during the vegetative stage. The same reasoning applies during the flowering phase. Pruning is typically limited with non-photoperiod varieties as it can stress the plants and stunt growth.

    Crops grown from Durban Poison autoflower seeds are taller than most of their contemporaries. Some growers tie them down or use various training techniques. Quality cannabis fertilizers can also boost your output further.

    This strain has excellent genetics and can withstand various types of conditions. Ruderalis genes hail from Eastern Europe and Siberia, so they’re hardwired to fight bad climates and common pests and pathogens.

    After seven weeks of flowering, start checking out your trichomes. When more than 50% have turned cloudy, it’s the optimum time to harvest. Indoor growers can reap over 10 ounces of potent bud per m² after only 8–9 weeks of flowering.

    Outdoor cultivators in far northern climates love growing Durban Poison autoflower seeds. The long days of the short summer match well with autos and their abbreviated life cycle.

    A spot out of the wind is imperative for plants that seldom grow as tall as four feet. In long summers, you might manage two outdoor harvests in a single season.

    Unlike photoperiod plants, autos don’t pay any attention to the seasons. They stay in the vegetative stage until they’re ready to flower, which can be as little as 3–4 weeks. You don’t need to worry about stray males too much, as Durban auto seeds are feminized.

    Outdoor farmers collect more than three ounces of super dank bud per plant in ideal conditions.

    What are the Durban Poison autoflower strain genetics?

    Durban Poison autoflower seeds are a mix of landrace and ruderalis genetics. The Eastern European variant is low-THC but uses short periods of good weather by flowering automatically. The offspring carry this trait, so they bloom once they reach a specific size or maturity.

    DP is one of a few almost pure strains, meaning the wild plant grows naturally in the area from which it originates. For Durban Poison, that geographical area is around the Kwa-Zulu Natal port city on South Africa’s east coast.

    Breeders have used Durban Poison extensively to create new strains. Perhaps the most famous to date is Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) which blends DP and West Coast icon, OG Kush.

    Wellness and Durban Poison autoflower seeds

    The uplifting sativa effects of weed grown from Durban Poison autoflower seeds are potentially helpful for some physical and mental issues. The energetic and happy buzz gets you smiling. Many proponents point to these reactions as possibly beneficial in treating stress and depression.

    Others claim it aids in countering chronic or acute pain from arthritis or migraines. Some users report assistance in treating inflammation.

    Many consumers report improved appetite, which may help combat specific ailments like nausea. Unlike indica-dominant strains, we don’t recommend weed grown with Durban Poison auto seeds for insomnia as it’s likely to perk you up.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    FAQs about Durban Poison autoflower marijuana seeds

    Many growers, consumers, and wellness practitioners are interested in the potential benefits of this updated icon. We answer a few of the most pressing questions below:

    Where can I get free Durban Poison autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Getting free Durban Poison auto seeds should indicate an improvement in fortune as these treasured pods are rare and coveted.

    Check out our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) specials which get you various top-shelf options at half price. Unique mix packs combine three similar strains, which are fantastic for comparative studies.

    If you’re looking for a bargain, investigate our cheap seeds page, offering some legendary strains at incredible discount rates.

    Keep an eye on these special offers as we often update with new combinations. We release seeds that are attractive to all gardening levels, from beginner to expert.

    Can a beginner grow Durban Poison autoflower?

    Yes, they can, but autos are sensitive and liable to stress. Keep in mind that if you’re a first-timer, minor errors can have consequences, so rookie mistakes must be avoided. Durban Poison autoflower seeds are comparatively straightforward to grow under the right conditions.

    The genetic combination means they produce hardy offspring that can survive harsh weather. They resist pests well and produce decent, potent yields in a short amount of time.

    What is the Durban Poison autoflower flower time?

    The flowering time for these auto cannabis seeds is 7–8 weeks. Check the trichomes from around day 50. The clear crystals start to turn cloudy as the balance of cannabinoids changes.

    Once more than 50% are cloudy, it’s time to cut them down. If you wait longer, the creamy trichomes will eventually turn an amber hue. Most experts agree the later harvest increases the sedative effects of cannabis.

    How long do Durban Poison autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Durban Poison autoflower seeds take 1–5 days to pop. The most common reasons seeds fail to germinate are:

    - Bad seed genetics

    - Improper storage

    - Too much or too little moisture

    - Seeds planted too deep or shallow

    - Handling seeds

    - Poor water quality

    - Temperatures too high or low

    - Too much light

    - Soil too compact or loose

    - Birds, insects, or other pests

    - Fungi in the ground or pots

    - Medium too crowded

    Make sure to replant your newly-sprouted Durban Poison auto seeds as soon as possible. Leaving the fresh tap root in the paper towel medium for too long can lead to pathogens or disease. Plant it in the permanent growing medium once it's half an inch long.

    How long does it take Durban Poison autoflower from seed to harvest?

    In prime conditions, it’s possible to go from seed to harvest in about 100 days:

    - Germination takes 1–5 days

    - The vegetative phase can be 4–6 weeks

    - This sativa-strong auto flowers for 7–8 weeks

    How long will your DP auto hang in the vegetative stage before it starts to bloom? These seeds grow plants that may vegetate for a little longer than most other autos. In perfect conditions, crops could take as little as 3–4 weeks to conclude this phase.

    Grow medium for Durban Poison autoflower: Hydro or soil?

    Some growers say Durban Poison auto seeds were born for hydro, although a towering outdoor bush convinces most of the efficacy of soil. The short answer is that you can achieve stunning success with these seeds in all mediums.

    As a rule, hydro produces heavier yields, while soil mediums may improve flavor profile. The two methods involve quite different energy and input.

    Hydro involves higher start-up costs and a steeper learning curve, but the sterile environment virtually eliminates pests. Most growers have previous experience using soil, and the plant has evolved in the medium. Soil contains a wide range of nutrients that impact bud quality and is more affordable.

    What is the average Durban Poison autoflower height?

    While the original plants grew as tall as 12 feet, the ruderalis genes and shorter life cycles ensure the crops grown from Durban Poison auto seeds are much shorter. If you harvest after 11 weeks from seed, you can expect plants about three feet tall.

    The truncated growing season means most max out at four feet. Taller is possible as they can stretch significantly, so ensure you have enough space.

    Where can I find pictures of Durban Poison autoflower marijuana?

    Pictures of weed grown from Durban Poison autoflower seeds are on this page. Wonder at these delightful plants that hold the heritage of these pocket rockets.

    Check out the thick, chunky resinous buds, bright, light green with fiery orange swirls. You can almost smell them. There are also images of the dried, cured nugs you can look forward to.

    Where is the best place to buy Durban Poison autoflower seeds in the USA?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the broadest range of high-quality seeds for sale in the USA, including Durban Poison autoflower seeds. With over 500 epic blends available, we’re sure to have what you want.

    We've got you covered, whether you prefer regular, feminized, autoflower, sativa, indica, or hybrid seeds. We ship nationwide within days, delivering discreetly to your doorstep. Why not order your pack of DP weed seeds today?

    Are there any other names for Durban Poison autoflower?

    While locals abbreviate it to DP, we couldn’t find any other variations in our research. This strain’s go-to name is Durban Poison.

    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Durban Poison autoflower pics and any Durban Poison autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Durban Poison autoflower images, those crystals drive us wild!

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