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Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A head-high that leaves the body energised and light
  • 12–21% THC invigorates
  • Old school fuel in aroma and taste
  • Grow Diesel seeds and cultivate a crop of turbo-charged cannabis. Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Jack Herer and NY Diesel. This is a low-maintenance, high-yielding strain perfect for beginners and experts alike. These Diesel marijuana seeds come from our feminized seed lineup for virtually guaranteed females every time. Plants raised from Diesel feminized seeds display a...Show more

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    Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Grow Diesel seeds and cultivate a crop of turbo-charged cannabis. Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Jack Herer and NY Diesel. This is a low-maintenance, high-yielding strain perfect for beginners and experts alike. These Diesel marijuana seeds come from our feminized seed lineup for virtually guaranteed females every time.


    Plants raised from Diesel feminized seeds display an outwardly sativa profile, reaching exceptional heights and sporting long, slender branches. Outside of managing its unwieldy size, Diesel is relatively undemanding and possesses enhanced resistance against molds and mildew. While buds aren’t the densest, they’re adequately bulky and dripping in resin.


    Smoking the fuel-laced nugs delivers an incendiary set of stimulating cerebral effects perfect for a midday pick-me-up or morning wake-and-bake. The presence of indica genetics provides a gentle, calming sensation that relaxes without weighing you down. Novices need to be careful as Diesel buds are packed with up to 21% THC, which may overwhelm unsuspecting beginners.


    You’ll find all there is to know about Diesel's flavors, fragrances, genetic background, and medicinal uses, so stick around. If you plan to sow some Diesel cannabis seeds yourself, an easy-to-follow germination guide and indoor and outdoor cultivation tips are below.


    What are Diesel feminized cannabis seeds?


    Our Diesel seeds are packed with winning genetics, germinate easily, and are highly viable. These Diesel seeds are feminized, which means they don’t have male chromosomes and develop into females virtually every time.


    If you just want an overview of what to expect from growing feminized Diesel seeds, you’ll find the important details listed below.


    - Strain Name: Diesel feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Sativa-dominant hybrid

    - Genetic Background: Jack Herer x NY Diesel 

    - THC: 12–21%

    - CBD: 0–2%

    - Flowering Time: 7–9 weeks

    - Effects: Stimulating, uplifting, relaxing

    - Medical applications: Anxiety, stress, tension

    - Flavor / Aroma: Diesel, citrus, berry

    - Dominant terpenes: Alpha-pinene, nerolidol, limonene

    - Indoor yield: 16–19.5 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: 23–30 oz. per plant

    - Height: Up to 10 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Beginner


    What are Diesel feminized effects?


    With its strong sativa-leaning lineage, it’s no surprise that cannabis raised from fem Diesel seeds delivers intensely potent cerebral effects. Its invigorating and uplifting influence provides long-lasting energy and a sunny disposition. Packing a bowl in the morning provides a pick-me-up to get you through the day without fogging your mind. Diesel’s physical effects are less spectacular but pleasantly relaxing.


    Smoke some Diesel seed-grown buds, and within minutes the powerful mental effects send your mood skywards on a wave of euphoria. As you settle into your elevated state, your mental focus becomes razor-sharp, and some users even report increased visual acuity. Achieving a flow state is easy, allowing you to concentrate on tasks and be highly productive.


    Share cannabis grown from Diesel seeds with your friends for a rip-roaring socializing session. The invigorating buzz means everyone’s banter is top-quality, so prepare for plenty of witty remarks and laughter. If you enjoy creating art, this strain delivers inspiration and inventive ideas, and the focus to get them from your head onto the canvas.


    Several hours later, the high-energy vibes cool off, and calming waves of indica-derived relaxation take their place. Physical tension melts away under the soothing influence of the buds, but it won’t leave you feeling heavy or couch-locked. Stick to your limits, and the sedative effects are pleasingly subtle, leaving you content and clear-headed.


    Larger amounts won’t deliver an instant KO like some pure indica strains, so daytime smoking won’t cause too much sluggishness. Smoking a couple of bowls at night fosters an enjoyable sleepy feeling and facilitates a refreshing night’s rest.


    Cannabis raised from Diesel feminized seeds contains 12–21% THC and 0–2% CBD. These high amounts of cannabinoids and the hard-hitting sativa buzz may be too strong for newcomers. If you’re uncertain of your tolerance levels, smoke sparingly and allow time for the effects to take hold gradually.


    Smoking more than you planned may produce some very mild side effects. If you feel anxious, dizzy, or paranoid at any point, stop smoking for a while, drink some water, and get some air. Any unwelcome feelings pass in a matter of minutes. Have some snacks close by as Diesel seed-grown buds often cause the munchies. Keep cottonmouth and dry eyes at bay by drinking plenty of water as you smoke.


    What does Diesel feminized smell like?


    Cannabis grown from Diesel seeds contains a large and varied mix of terpenes, including alpha-pinene, limonene, and nerolidol. Their particular combination and ratio in Diesel make it one of the most uniquely-fragranced you’re likely to experience.


    As flowers form on your Diesel seed-grown plants, they release a subtle, pleasant aroma into the air. Light fruit and citrus notes join with the fresh scent of berries and a slight hint of earth.


    It’s not until after harvest that Diesel’s full fragrance reveals itself. Stick your nose into a jar of cured buds and experience the full depth of its aroma. An overpowering fuel-laced scent combines deep fruity berry notes and sharp citrus smells, giving this strain its appropriate name.


    Once lit, the full-bodied smoke carries the sharp citrus and pervasive fuel smell. The boldness of its aroma won’t be for everyone, and it’s not the ideal choice for stealth smokers. Despite that, Diesel has an avid fan base that goes crazy for its robust nose.


    Inhaling the thick smoke delivers the flavors you’d expect. It’s sharp, citric, and astringent at first, with berry flavors emerging on exhale that linger pleasantly on the tongue.


    How to germinate Diesel feminized seeds


    We guarantee success when it comes to germinating your Diesel seeds purchased from us. We’re so confident in the quality of our cannabis seeds that we’ll replace any ungerminated ones free of charge. To qualify, all you need to do is follow the germination guide outlined here and record your progress in pictures or video.


    Get some purified or bottled water, two plates, two paper towels, and your Diesel cannabis seeds to start the germination process. When you have everything, follow these steps:


    - Wet two paper towels and wring them out afterward to ensure they’re not too drenched. Lay one onto a plate, and put your fem Diesel seeds on top with an inch between each one. Cover the cannabis seeds with the second towel.


    - Take the second plate, turn it over and use it as a lid for the first. Closing the marijuana seeds inside keeps the air around them adequately humid. Place somewhere dark, warm, and undisturbed.


    - Check the progress of your Diesel feminized seeds every 12 hours, re-moistening the towels as needed. Germination happens in as little as 24 hours but may take up to five days for thicker-shelled seeds. Plant any opened seeds an inch deep with the taproot pointing down.


    Check out our dedicated germination guide page if you’re just starting out. There are lots of pictures and videos walking you through the process in detail.


    Diesel feminized seeds grow guide


    Diesel seeds produce plants with the height of sativas and the resilience and hardiness of pure indicas. Take care of the basics, and these green giants don’t require any extra-special attention. Copious narrow-fingered foliage is easy to prune and doesn’t reduce airflow too much. Long sturdy branches feature moderately spaced nodes that produce grape-like clusters of resinous buds.


    These Diesel feminized seeds flourish with care in any medium. If you have the space and experience, hydroponic setups produce fantastic results. Boosted growth leads to even larger plants and increases in yield. Soil is a cheaper, lower-maintenance option. While organic soil lacks the explosive growth rates of hydro, increased terpene production improves the flavor and fragrance of your cannabis.


    Before sowing Diesel seeds indoors, it’s important to consider the eventual height of the plants and plan accordingly. Most growers use topping together with a Screen of Green to limit height, break apical dominance, and increase airflow and light penetration. Ensure your grow area is well-lit and maintain a temperature of 69–79°F for the best results.


    Feed regularly and continue to prune and manage your plants throughout the vegetative phase. Once flowering starts, drop temperatures by 5–10° and limit relative humidity to 50–55%. For the last 2–3 weeks of flowering, reduce humidity another 10–15% and prune away excessive growth. After 7–9 weeks, your indoor garden yields 16–19.5 oz. /m².


    With the right outdoor conditions, these fem Diesel seeds really shine. Lots of sun and warm, dry weather causes these tiny marijuana seeds to develop into colossal specimens up to ten feet tall. Use the same growth management techniques as indoors if you’d like to keep a lower profile.


    Growing Diesel marijuana seeds in the Northern Hemisphere is possible. The sturdy plants tolerate cooler conditions and easily weather occasional rain, although it’s best to keep them dry once flowering starts. Prune regularly and install supports for larger specimens to avoid potential breakages. Harvest arrives after 7–9 weeks of flowering, or around mid-October further north. Expect each plant to yield between 23–30 oz. in optimal conditions.


    What are Diesel feminized seeds’ genetics?


    Breeders created Diesel feminized seeds by combining the genetics of east-coast classic NY Diesel and the world-famous Jack Herer. Bringing these two legendary cultivars together results in a uniquely exuberant hybrid with all the energy of the Big Apple.


    NY Diesel is a Mexican/Afghani hybrid packed with powerful sativa-leaning properties. The combination of strong landrace genes means NY Diesel is easy to grow and extremely tough. Buds are fluffy and mimic the structure of Mexican strains, but they feature the resinous qualities of Afghan. The sharp fuel and lemon-flavored nugs impart a heady cerebral buzz and gentle, full-body relaxation.


    Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cultivar and a hybrid of Haze and Northern Lights. Its diverse genetic background results in plants displaying a variety of phenotypes. It’s tall but beginner-friendly and produces high yields of premium cannabis. The energizing sativa effects of Jack Herer have made it a favorite go-to among wake-and-bakers worldwide.


    Cannabis raised from Diesel seeds possesses desirable qualities from both its parents. Plants are typically tall with surprisingly sturdy branches. Buds are moderately dense with a liberal coating of resin courtesy of Afghan. Its namesake flavor comes straight from NY Diesel, and its electrifying cerebral effects are reminiscent of both Haze and Mexican strains.


    Wellness and Diesel feminized seeds


    Buds harvested from Diesel seed-grown plants contain minimal CBD and lots of THC. Effects are primarily cerebral, but there’s a low-level full-body relaxation present. The long-lasting effects have the potential to ease various psychological and minor physical issues.


    Diesel’s mental properties deliver energy and euphoria in equal amounts, with an added boost to clarity and focus. Users find the experience motivational and optimistic without sending them into a psychoactive haze. Symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression may all be relieved under the positive influence of cannabis raised from fem Diesel seeds.


    Diesel seed-grown buds provide limited physical effects, but the gentle, all-over calming sensations are far from unwelcome. Smoking a bowl delivers a long-lasting, mildly tranquilizing buzz that may reduce symptoms of low-level pains, cramps, and headaches.


    Cannabis raised from Diesel feminized seeds stimulates both your mind and your appetite. Even small amounts cause your stomach to grumble, so give this strain a try if food has lost its appeal. Moderate amounts of Diesel aren’t particularly sedative, but some liberally packed nighttime bowls leave you thoroughly relaxed and ready for bed. It won’t treat serious insomnia, but it may help with less severe bouts of sleeplessness.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Diesel feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Read on for answers to our customers’ common questions about growing Diesel feminized seeds.


    Where can I get free Diesel feminized seeds?


    Keep our cheap cannabis seeds page in your bookmarks and check in often for a chance to get free Diesel feminized seeds. This is where you’ll find our buy-one-get-one offer and other promotional deals. The seeds in our BOGO offer change regularly; give it some time, and you’ll be able to grab some free Diesel feminized seeds with some luck.


    Can a beginner grow Diesel feminized seeds?


    Diesel marijuana seeds are perfect for beginners. Afghani genes lend a heightened resistance to mold and improved stress tolerance. The main concern with this strain is its large size. If you choose to let your plants grow freely, provide structural support. Otherwise, topping or training helps keep the size manageable.


    What is Diesel feminized flower time?


    Diesel seed-grown plants flower for a relatively short period of 7–9 weeks. Avoid harvesting early with such a short timeframe. Allowing your crops to fully mature produces higher yields of better quality cannabis.


    How long do Diesel feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Follow our germination guide, and your feminized Diesel seeds pop open in 24–120 hours. Some marijuana seeds germinate quickly, even overnight, but others may take the full time.


    If you have unopened cannabis seeds after 6–7 days, contact us for replacements under our germination guarantee.


    How long does it take Diesel feminized from seeds to harvest?


    It doesn’t take too long to raise Diesel feminized from seed to harvest. An estimated time based on average conditions is 19–23 weeks.


    This figure breaks down to four weeks for the germination/seedling phase, 8–10 weeks of vegetative growth, and 7–9 weeks of flowering. While this should give you something to work with, your results may vary based on photoperiod, setup, and environment.


    Grow medium: Diesel feminized hydro or soil?


    With a little TLC, Diesel cannabis seeds thrive regardless of medium. The cheaper option is to use organic soil, which has the benefit of improving the flavor of your buds. Beneficial organisms in the soil enhance terpene production in your plants, resulting in better tasting and smelling cannabis. 


    Hydroponic systems cost more and require more upkeep, but returns come from explosive growth and higher yields.


    What is the average Diesel feminized height?


    If conditions are right, plants grown from Diesel feminized seeds reach massive heights of up to 10 feet. Most top this strain or use low-stress training methods to achieve a more manageable profile.


    Where can I find pictures of Diesel feminized marijuana?


    Our Diesel Feminized Homegrown Diaries have lots more if the pictures here aren't enough. Head here to find a user-sourced repository of knowledge on hundreds of strains. Find other growers posting their photos and progress reports on fem Diesel seeds along with valuable insights and tips.


    Drop back in and begin your own homegrown diary when your Diesel seeds arrive. Keep track of your progress and contribute to our blooming knowledge base.


    Where is the best place to buy Diesel feminized seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only place to find these Diesel seeds for sale. Like all our cannabis seeds, they contain high-quality, proven genetics making them easy to germinate and highly viable.


    Once you place your order, our team packs your marijuana seeds discreetly and ships them straight to your mailbox. Have some questions about our ordering process? Drop us a message, and we’d be happy to answer them for you.


    Do you stock other Diesel seed variants?


    There are three main cannabis seed variants. While all may be available for some strains, others might be limited to one or two. Continue reading for a brief look at the differences.


    Naturally formed cannabis seeds have the potential to develop into either male or female plants. The creation of feminized and autoflower seeds led to “standard” seeds being renamed to regular marijuana seeds. These unaltered variants are essential for creating new generations of cannabis and groundbreaking hybrids.


    Feminized marijuana seeds like these Diesel seeds form without male chromosomes and develop into females almost exclusively. Each fem seed planted is virtually guaranteed to increase your yields. Wasting time and resources on unproductive males is eliminated by using feminized cannabis seeds.


    Breeders created autoflower marijuana seeds from ruderalis hybrid strains. These seeds contain traits inherited from ruderalis cultivars. The most important of these is the ability to flower regardless of photoperiod length.

    Auto seed-grown plants are much smaller with a shorter lifespan and a faster flowering time to boot. While per-plant yields from auto variants are naturally lower, being able to raise multiple crops all year more than compensates.


    Are there any other names for Diesel feminized?


    We don’t know of any other names for Diesel marijuana seeds. As it’s easy to confuse this strain with Sour Diesel, some refer to Diesel as Original Diesel. Spelling errors are pretty common in searches for Diesel seeds. There’s the usual i-e mix-up resulting in “Deisel” and “Diesil” along with an occasional “Diezel” for good measure.


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