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Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Quick and super-chemmy.
  • A fast-acting
  • Aromas like an oil spill.
  • Diesel autoflower seeds produce sturdy, sativa-dominant damsels. Their chunky colas offer fantastic flavors, energizing effects, and a dynamite dose of THC. An electric sativa buzz with classic indica traits keeps you calm, creative, and on your toes — all without causing couch-lock. Originally crafted in the U.S., this hot hybrid quickly became a hit. Its Mexican sativa and Af...Show more

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    Height indoor
    40 - 110
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    Flowering style
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    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Diesel autoflower seeds produce sturdy, sativa-dominant damsels. Their chunky colas offer fantastic flavors, energizing effects, and a dynamite dose of THC. An electric sativa buzz with classic indica traits keeps you calm, creative, and on your toes — all without causing couch-lock. 
    Originally crafted in the U.S., this hot hybrid quickly became a hit. Its Mexican sativa and Afghani indica genetics continue to wow the weed world to this day. It’s a cherished cultivar and a high-yielding favorite among strain inventors (think Sour Diesel, Lemon Diesel, NYC Diesel, and countless others).
    But these autoflowering seeds make it even better. With added ruderalis genes, they grow at an accelerated speed, paying no heed to cumbersome light schedules. The result? Massive year-round harvests of pumped-up nugs oozing with resin—all in record time.
    Read on to discover why Diesel autoflower seeds make the perfect addition to any grower’s inventory.

    What are Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Diesel autoflower seeds are the result of crossing a ruderalis cultivar with the original Diesel strain. The former is a species of cannabis often used by breeders to create autoflowering strains. The latter is a prestigious Afghani indica and Mexican sativa hybrid.
    Our community then removed the male chromosomes to bring you the premium-grade Diesel autoflower feminized seeds you’ll find here. Our experts at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. have engineered these cannabis seeds to:
    - Bloom into female-only plants that produce buds.
    - Grow quickly from seed to harvest, allowing for multiple yields a year.
    - Automatically enter the flowering phase according to age and not the light schedule.
    - Produce nugs regardless of the season.
    These marijuana plants are also naturally disease- and pest-resistant. Plus, they’re resilient, often thriving in cooler temperatures. They require less space, nutes, and attention than their regular seeds or feminized photoperiod counterparts.
    Their ultra-fast life cycle also means less time for catastrophes and more time for gloriously gluey nugs. Because they flower automatically, there’s no need for uninterrupted periods of darkness. You can keep them under the lights or let them grow alfresco.
    If you mess up the first harvest (it happens to the best of us), you won’t have to wait a year to try again. Instead, you can germinate and grow numerous batches of Diesel autoflower seeds at any time. As easy-growers, they’ll flourish both indoors and out (in warm climates, that is.) 
    Overall, Diesel autoflower seeds are hassle-free and undemanding—perfect for the newbie grower. As sativa-heavy plants, they can get quite tall, often reaching a maximum height of around 3.6 feet. 
    Their branches are bushy with elongated leaves, but they’re compact enough for restricted spaces. The oval-shaped nugs are bright green, drenched in resin, and covered in snowy white trichomes. They also feature flaming orange-red pistils that add further aesthetic appeal.

    What are the Diesel autoflower effects?

    When it comes to potency, these plants don’t disappoint. Diesel autoflower seeds produce shrubs with THC levels in the 15%–22% range. As sativa-dominant divas, their effects feature a fast-acting cerebral buzz. At first, you’ll notice the mind-fog clearing as gentle mental upliftment bestows energy. 
    A surge of creativity follows, fuelling ideas, insights, and productivity. Your mood also changes, replacing stress and worry with a weightless euphoria. While you bask in the glow of positivity, the indica effects start to ignite. A soothing serenity washes over your body, releasing tension and relaxing your limbs.
    Although calming, these effects are non-sedative and seldom lead to couch-lock. You’ll still have the energy to spring into action and tackle your tasks with vigor. With creative sparks flying, it’s the perfect time to explore artistic endeavors, innovative strategies, or simply craft complex recipes.
    Amped-up productivity, heightened awareness, and an uplifted mood makes Diesel autoflower the perfect wake-and-bake treat. Complement it with your cup of coffee, and you’ll be geared up to take on the day. It’s also a fantastic weekend treat for adventures, social gatherings, or creative chill time.
    Of course, consuming too much could cause couch-lock. Bouts of anxiety and paranoia can also turn up in extreme cases. That’s why it’s best to stick to smaller doses, especially if your THC tolerance is on the lower end. Dry mouth and eyes are also common side effects. So remember to hydrate and keep some eye drops around, just in case.

    What does the Diesel autoflower smell like?

    Diesel autoflower seeds produce heavy, resinous buds with an unmistakably potent aroma. As its name suggests, this strain emits a kerosene-like essence that leaves your mouth watering. It’s the kind of curious scent you can’t get enough of.
    At first, these buds conjure up images of sugary treats and a bowl of sliced citrus fruit— sweet, with a zesty tang. There are also some earthy fuel undertones. Grinding them up releases the diesel aroma, and a grapefruit scent becomes much more pronounced.  
    The Diesel autoflower hits the taste buds almost the same way it hits the nose. You’ll notice that earthy, fuel-like flavor first. It sizzles out quickly, leaving a grape-like sweetness with a sour twist dancing on the tongue. Despite its zest, the smoke is still smooth as silk.   

    How to germinate Diesel autoflower seeds

    Like all photoperiod or autoflower seeds, these Diesel seeds require proper germination to sprout. It’s a crucial first step that can make or break your entire grow operation, so be sure to follow the below steps carefully.Here’s what you’ll need:
    - Your Diesel auto cannabis seeds: High-quality marijuana seeds, like the ones you’ll find here, ensure top-shelf plants for a successful harvest.
    - Purified water: Normal tap water can contain impurities or an imbalanced pH, which could negatively affect your cannabis seeds.
    - Sterilized tweezers: Bacteria and other harmful organisms are often present on unsterilized surfaces and tools. They could infect and destroy your marijuana seeds. 
    - Clean hands: Unsanitized hands could inadvertently spread deadly microbes to your cannabis seeds. 
    - Two sanitary dinner plates: Again, a sanitary environment is crucial for your marijuana seeds to sprout and grow. 
    - Two sheets of highly absorbent paper towels: As you’ll see below, your cannabis seeds require moisture at all times for successful germination.
    Ready? Here’s how to germinate your Diesel autoflower seeds:
    - Step 1: Use the purified water to wet both paper towels. Gently ring out the excess water.
    - Step 2: Carefully place one paper towel onto a dinner plate.
    - Step 3: Use the sterilized tweezers to place your Diesel auto cannabis seeds onto the paper towel. Leave about an inch between each one.
    - Step 4: Delicately place the second paper towel over your marijuana seeds. There should be enough water to keep everything moist.
    - Step 5: Check that there’s no residual water on the plate. Carefully lift the paper towels and discard any accumulated water.
    - Step 6: Cover your first plate with the second one and store it in a warm, dry, and dark place for 24–120 hours or 1–5 days.
    - Step 7: Keep your cannabis seeds moist throughout this entire period. They shouldn’t be drowning in water, but they must never dry out, either.
    - Step 8: Once they’ve developed prominent taproots, transfer your marijuana seeds to their containers.
    When you buy Diesel autoflower seeds from us, be sure to check out our germination guide. It offers some pertinent details about the above process, including crucial info regarding your germination guarantee.

    Diesel autoflower seeds grow guide

    Diesel autoflower seeds are a breeze to cultivate in a grow room, greenhouse, or garden. They’re resilient and will easily forgive an untrained hand. These hardy beans bloom into pest- and disease-resistant plants, going from seed to harvest in just 8–10 short weeks. 
    They don’t need help to enter the flowering stage. Instead, they’ll start developing colas 2–4 weeks after germination. Indoors, you can cultivate Diesel autoflower seeds throughout the year. A successful grow can get you a whopping 17 ounces of buds per square meter.
    The perpetual harvest method works well in this case:
    - Germinate a new batch of Diesel autoflower feminized seeds once your previous batch is in the flowering phase.
    - By the time they’re ready to harvest, your new seedlings will be in the vegetative phase.
    - You can then start your third batch of Diesel auto cannabis seeds. 
    Like most indoor seeds, this auto variety also works exceptionally well with the Sea of Green (SoG) method. Plus, it thrives in both soil and soilless growing mediums, provided there’s adequate aeration and drainage. 
    Here are a few more pro tips for indoor cultivation:
    - If you have limited space, use smaller pots (around 1.5 gallons) to restrict your plants’ height. 
    - Conversely, you can opt for bigger pots (3–5 gallons) to encourage maximum height (about 3.6 feet) for enhanced yields.
    - Frequently check the pH level of your growing medium. It should stay within the 6.2–6.5 range for soil. In hydroponics, a pH of 5.5–6.1 is suitable.
    - Keep relative humidity levels between 40% to 50% but not more than 40% during the flowering phase. This control reduces the risk of stress, mold, and mildew.
    - Regulate the temperature, staying within the scope of 65℉–75℉.
    - Give your marijuana crops at least 18 hours of light a day throughout their life cycle. 
    Outdoors, Diesel autoflowering seeds can reach their full growth potential, meaning a bigger yield. They’re also a blessing for those in the Northern Hemisphere, where the climate can be unforgiving.
    As long as you don’t expose them to winter or extreme cold, you should manage a successful yield. Like other outdoor seeds, this cultivar enjoys a warm, sunny climate. 
    Here are some tips to maximize the potential of your Diesel autoflowering seeds outdoors:
    - Germinate your marijuana seeds indoors and keep them inside for the first couple of weeks. As seedlings, they’re still vulnerable. 
    - Use premium-quality potting soil that’s light, airy, and drains well. You can also add compost, manure, and perlite.
    - Grow in the warmer months for best results. Harsh weather could ruin your harvest. Anything below 66°F is too cold.
    - Avoid the rainy season. Excess water can harm your plants and prevent them from getting enough sunlight.
    - When it comes to watering, follow the wet to dry cycle. Make sure your Diesel autoflowering plants receive enough sunlight, too.
    With a successful outdoor grow, you can harvest as much as 34 ounces per Diesel autoflowering plant. Whether you decide to go alfresco or grow your Diesel autoflowering plants inside, keep the following bonus tips in mind:
    - Reduce stress by starting your diesel auto cannabis seeds in their final containers. Transplanting can hinder growth, resulting in a lower yield.
    - Opt for high-quality fabric cannabis pots. They promote better drainage and prevent your Diesel autoflower plants from becoming root-bound. 
    - Diesel autoflower plants don’t need many nutrients, so be careful not to overfeed them. They’ll benefit from vitamin B, beneficial fungi, and enzymes. 
    - Avoid high-stress training (HST). Your Diesel autoflower plants flower too quickly to recover, so HST will leave you with a diminished yield.
    - You can employ non-invasive low-stress training (LST) like bending and tying the stems for increased light exposure. Adopt LST in the third week for best results.
    - Harvest your buds progressively, starting from the top of the plant. This way, the lower nugs get more light exposure for an enhanced yield.

    What is the Diesel autoflower strain genetics?

    The Diesel autoflower strain is a next-generation hybrid with ruderalis and original Diesel genetics. It retains all of the qualities of its namesake cultivar, with the added benefit of flowering automatically.
    Its characteristics are sativa-dominant at about 60%–70%, with its indica traits making up the other 30%–40%. The Diesel autoflower strain derives from:
    - Mexican Sativa: This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing a rare strain from the Mexican state of Oaxaca with the famed Durban Poison landrace. 
    Sensi Seeds breeders also added genetics from a Pakistani hash plant to shorten the flowering phase and improve its resistance to cold. Its buds smell of pine, sandalwood, and floral bouquets, and it lends its sativa qualities to the Diesel autoflower cultivar.
    - Afghani indica: This landrace strain hails from the Hindu Kush mountains. It’s renowned for its potency and resin-producing potential. It’s also one of the purest indicas around and features an earthy, sweet aroma with hints of skunk and citrus. 
    The characteristics of this landrace take the edge off Diesel autoflower’s sativa buzz, inducing relaxation and euphoria.
    - Ruderalis: This cultivar is native to regions in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia. It’s naturally low in THC and a popular strain among breeders. Its non-reliance on the light schedule is a highly sought-after trait and the reason why we have the Diesel autoflower strain today.

    Wellness and Diesel autoflower seeds

    Diesel autoflower feminized seeds produce potent, chunky nugs that recreational and medicinal users adore. Unlike typical wellness seeds, this cultivar is light on CBD (0.4%). Still, its therapeutic benefits are wide-ranging.
    The Diesel autoflower’s sativa qualities enhance mental clarity and focus. As such, those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) find this strain helpful.
    Plus, its energizing and uplifting effects replace fatigue, putting a spring back into your step. Meanwhile, its indica traits induce euphoria and improve your mood. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress take a backseat as negative thought patterns release their mental grip.
    While not as potent as other hard-hitting high-THC varieties, Diesel autoflower may also help relieve pain and tension in the body.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Diesel autoflower seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you still have a question or two about Diesel auto cannabis seeds? Check out the FAQs below for answers to popular queries. 

    Where can I get free cannabis Diesel autoflower seeds?

    You can get free marijuana seeds at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGOs) promotion features various offers that change from time to time. Diesel autoflower seeds could be next, so check in regularly. You can also join our loyalty program, Homegrown Stash, for other freebies.

    Can a beginner grow Diesel autoflower?

    Yes, a beginner can grow the Diesel autoflower from seed to harvest without any expert knowledge. These cannabis seeds are undemanding, resilient, and fast-growing. They’re also pest- and disease-resistant, ideal for novices. They flower automatically and flourish in a grow room, garden, or greenhouse.

    What is the Diesel auto flower time?

    The Diesel autoflower has an ultra-quick flowering time of just 6–8 weeks. Unlike photoperiod plants, these crops don’t need any adjustments to the light schedule to start flowering. Instead, they start producing buds according to their internal clock.

    How long do Diesel autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Like all regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds, Diesel auto cannabis seeds take about 24–120 hours to germinate. That’s 1–5 days. During this make-or-break phase, it’s imperative to keep your marijuana seeds moist at all times. If they become dry, they’re unlikely to sprout. Similarly, too much water can cause them to rot.

    How long does it take Diesel autoflower from seed to harvest?

    The Diesel autoflower takes 8–10 weeks from seed to harvest. It has an incredibly short vegetative phase, so avoid any high-stress training. After 2–4 weeks from germination, it’ll enter the flowering phase automatically. Wait another 6–8 weeks, and you can look forward to a massive harvest of resin-soaked buds.

    Grow medium: Diesel autoflower hydro or soil?

    As a hardy, undemanding strain, the Diesel autoflower thrives in both hydroponic and soil growing mediums. We recommend beginners use the easiest of the two, being soil. Opt for high-quality soil that’s light and airy with excellent drainage. Soilless mixes like coco cair or perlite are also good options.

    What is the average Diesel autoflower height?

    The Diesel autoflower plant reaches an average height of 1.3–3.6 feet. Indoors, you can use smaller pots to restrict growth, resulting in a shorter plant. It’s a fantastic hack for those with confined spaces. Outdoors use larger pots for this plant to reach its ultimate growth potential. 

    Where can I find pictures of Diesel autoflower marijuana?

    You can find pictures of Diesel autoflower marijuana on this page. If you want to see more images, check out our Diesel autoflower Homegrown Diaries. It’s where fellow cultivators track their progress, upload pictures, and share insights. You can also start your diary and share your journey too. 

    What is the difference between Diesel autoflower, feminized, and regular seeds?

    Diesel autoflower seeds bloom automatically. They’re also feminized, so they only produce female plants. Diesel feminized marijuana seeds produce female-only plants too, but they’re photoperiodic. As such, they rely on changes to the light schedule to start flowering. Meanwhile, regular Diesel cannabis seeds are also photoperiodic, but they can develop into male and female plants.  

    Where is the best place to buy Diesel autoflower seeds in the USA?

    The best place to buy Diesel autoflower seeds in the USA is here, at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We only stock high-grade cannabis seeds with stabilized genetics, available for delivery across the U.S. With our germination guarantee, tracked shipping, and encrypted payment methods, you’ll have peace of mind every time.

    Are there any other names for Diesel autoflower?

    Yes, the Diesel autoflower strain is sometimes called “Diesel Auto”. That said, don’t confuse it with “Diesel Automatic”, another autoflower. Although similar, it’s an entirely different cultivar. Diesel Automatic has New York City Diesel and Lowryder #2 genetics. Meanwhile, Diesel autoflower has Afghani indica, Mexican sativa, and ruderalis genes.
    Spelling errors
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    If you’re searching for Diesel autoflower seeds, include words like “cannabis seeds” and “marijuana seeds.”
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