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Devil XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Devil XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Replace your morning coffee
  • 19–20% THC lifts your spirit and calms your mind
  • Citrus and wood courtesy of terpene phellandrene
  • Ignite your eternal flame with Devil XXL autoflower seeds and experience motivation like never before. This sativa heavy hybrid also has a relaxing and calming side, allowing you to remain focused throughout the day. These cannabis seeds produce some of the tallest plants in our autoflower seeds category, as well as some truly heavy harvests. Devil XXL autoflower seeds can grow...Show more

    Devil XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    425 - 650
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    105 - 165
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Devil XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Ignite your eternal flame with Devil XXL autoflower seeds and experience motivation like never before. This sativa heavy hybrid also has a relaxing and calming side, allowing you to remain focused throughout the day.


    These cannabis seeds produce some of the tallest plants in our autoflower seeds category, as well as some truly heavy harvests. Devil XXL autoflower seeds can grow in almost any climate with the right guidance and provide potent buds in just ten weeks. If you believe you have the ability to tame the prince of darkness, these are the marijuana seeds for you.


    What are Devil XXL autoflower cannabis seeds?


    While the name, Devil XXL autoflower seeds, has negative connotations, this cannabis cultivar is anything but scary. Both recreational and medicinal users have begun to trust in these buds as a way to replace their morning coffee. Devil XXL autoflower weed lifts your spirit and energy levels, allowing you to tackle your day with confidence and a clear mind.


    These delicious nugs are calming too, so there’s no need to worry about your thoughts overwhelming you. They also can help reduce body pain and combat fatigue. You can’t deny the potency of Devil XXL autoflower buds, with THC percentages coming in at a hefty 19–20%.


    Plants produce massive heads displaying green and amber hues. These succulent nugs then develop a silver trichome frosting giving the buds a wet appearance. Break these sticky flowers apart, and they emit a powerful citrus fragrance that’s hard to miss. The flavor of Devil XXL autoflower weed becomes more complex as you inhale, drawing out its incense notes. Then when you exhale, a herbal spice lingers on your lips.


    Breeders crossed Big Devil #2 with Jack Herer auto to create a perfect cannabis blend to start your day. Devil XXL autoflower seeds promise heavy yields in only ten weeks when raised in the right environment. While they aren’t recommended for beginners, those seeking a challenge can attempt to cultivate this incredible strain at home.


    What are the effects of Devil XXL cannabis?


    Start your morning off on the right side of the bed by enjoying a wake and bake session with Devil XXL autoflower weed. This cannabis cultivar gets to work almost immediately, producing a warm, cerebral buzz that awakens your senses. Joy oozes from every corner of your mind, leaving you feeling confident and motivated.


    You don’t need to worry about any mental cloudiness with Devil XXL autoflower buds. Instead, your thoughts become clear and focused. At the same time, a calming sensation descends and stops your thoughts from becoming erratic. Your body also loses all tension as a long-lasting warm, relaxing feeling spreads to your fingers and toes.


    Devil XXL autoflower buds hold up to 20% THC, so those with low tolerances should keep their dosage low. Overindulging in this potent cannabis cultivar can trigger spells of dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Devil XXL autoflower weed can also leave you feeling dehydrated, resulting in red eyes and cottonmouth. To avoid these adverse reactions, keep a bottle of water and OTC eye drops close by.


    What does Devil XXL weed smell like?


    On first impressions, Devil XXL autoflower weed produces a powerful citrus scent. The smell of lemons comes like an attack on your senses, even while these buds flower. As you spend more time around these nugs, the aroma becomes increasingly pleasant. Eventually, a soft incense undertone emerges on your pallet, adding to its overall flavor.


    The fragrance of Devil XXL autoflower cannabis is so strong; indoor cultivators need to set up an odor filter, helping to keep their crops discreet. This seductive smell is due to an assortment of terpenes. Phellandrene dominates these aromatic compounds in this marijuana strain, much like it does in eucalyptus plants. Further research suggests this terpene also helps boost energy levels, reduce pain, and is easily absorbed by the skin. It even has anti-cancer properties.


    How to germinate Devil XXL autoflower seeds


    The first step to quality harvests involves picking the right germinating technique for your autoflower Devil XXL seeds. There are a few options available to you, each with pros and cons. Some promise lightning-fast sprouting times but can damage your cannabis seed if not done right.


    Some novice cultivators put their Devil XXL autoflower seeds directly into the soil. While it’s considered a safe option, it's also the longest, taking ten days to display progress. We recommend using the paper towel method to unlock the power of your marijuana seeds in five days. If you’re not familiar with this technique, you can follow our simple germination guide. This process is easy to complete, even for beginners.


    The paper towel method is also inexpensive, requiring only a few common household items. These items include:


    - A roll of paper towel

    - A bottle of purified water

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A dinner plate


    Here’s a quick rundown of the steps required to begin germinating your Devil XXL autoflower cannabis seeds.


    - Take two sheets of paper towel and pour your water over them, ensuring every part is wet.


    - Gently twist both pieces to remove the water, but leave enough liquid so that the towels are moist.


    - Lay one damp sheet on your plate, and then use clean tweezers to place your Devil XXL autoflower seeds on the paper towel. Remember to avoid using your fingers when moving the marijuana seeds. The oil on your hands can contaminate them and delay the process.


    - Now take the second sheet and cover your autoflower Devil XXL seeds as if tucking them into bed.


    - Place the plate in a dark cupboard and leave it there for up to five days.


    - You need to check on your Devil XXL autoflower marijuana seeds regularly, keeping them damp the entire time. If the paper towel begins drying out, simply spray or pour some water on the top sheet.


    - When your cannabis seeds have developed a tap root measuring a quarter inch in length, it’s time to plant them in soil.


    - Make a hole about half an inch deep in your growing medium and drop one seed into it. 

    Grow guide for Devil XXL autoflower seeds


    Cultivating Devil XXL autoflower seeds is a relatively straightforward process, provided you have the right setup and skills. This marijuana strain inherits its strong, resilient nature from its parents and is able to grow in both cold and warm weather. It also has immunity from pests and common diseases.


    You can raise Devil XXL autoflower cannabis seeds outdoors, but they thrive indoors. These cannabis plants stay true to their sativa roots by growing to about 5.5 feet tall. There’s no use trying to train this strain as it grows too rapidly. Devil XXL autoflower seeds benefit from a Sea of Green setup, as this helps to bolster yields while maximizing space.


    A mixture of mineral-rich soil and 30% coco coir suits these marijuana seeds perfectly. It enhances the taste of these buds and boosts the plant's immune systems. The addition of the soilless substrate helps with the aeration of the soil and the rapidly developing Devil XXL autoflower seeds. Trim older leaves to encourage new growth and assist with airflow and light penetrating lower portions of the plant. 


    It takes ten weeks for Devil XXL autoflower seeds to produce a harvest. An indoor setup will land you up to 17 oz./m². Outdoor growers need to make use of the warm summer months by planting their cannabis seeds no later than August. You can then collect your Devil XXL autoflower buds by October, netting a yield of around seven ounces per plant. Why not purchase these cannabis seeds today for tantalizing weed in record time?


    What are the genetics of the autoflower Devil XXL seeds?


    Devil XXL autoflower seeds owe their creation to two incredible cultivars, each offering a list of impressive traits to the mix. Breeders took the ever-popular auto Jack Herer strain and combined it with a lesser-known cultivar called Big Devil #2.


    Jack Herer is responsible for the long-lasting energy boost dealt by Devil XXL autoflower weed and its ability to brighten up your day. It’s also from this award-winning parent that this marijuana strain gets its ability to grow all year round rapidly. Big Devil #2 is behind the high THC content found in these succulent buds. It’s also the reason this cultivar produces exceptionally large colas packed with resin. 


    Devil XXL autoflower weed inherits its calming qualities from this parent, complementing the electrifying sensation perfectly. As a result, this 70% sativa 30% indica cultivar provides everything you need to replace a morning coffee. You can expect to grow Devil XXL autoflower buds with THC levels between 19–20%. Although its CBD content averages around 0.5%, it's become a popular choice amongst the medical marijuana community.


    Wellness and Devil XXL autoflower 


    While the name doesn’t suggest healing, Devil XXL autoflower weed provides incredible wellness benefits to its users. This cannabis cultivar offers its capabilities to medical marijuana patients seeking alternative treatment for mental and physical ailments.


    Due to the high THC content in Devil XXL autoflower buds, it's best to keep your dosage low. You can then slowly increase the amount you consume to find what works for you. It’s possible to create cannabis oil using these dried flowers and eliminate the smoking element. You can then enjoy them in oil and capsule form or a topical cream.


    Devil XXL autoflower buds can disperse your stress and inner demons with their positive and uplifting qualities. They also tend to bolster your morale and confidence. These mood-enhancing sensations make it an effective tool for patients looking to combat depression and anxiety. Users describe the weed from Devil XXL autoflower plants as energy-boosting. This effect is brilliant for overcoming feelings of physical and mental fatigue.


    There’s no need to worry about feeling drowsy after consuming these buds, so patients can use them throughout the day. It also has a knack for easing muscle tension, headaches, and swelling in your body, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Patients diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia can effectively use Devil XXL autoflower buds to alleviate pain within minutes.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Devil XXL autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions


    It’s perfectly natural to have a few questions before deciding if Devil XXL autoflower seeds are the best option for you. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about these marijuana seeds below to make your decision easier.


    What variations of Devil XXL cannabis are there?


    It's not impossible to find a feminized and regular variation of this cultivar alongside the popular autoflowering type. Due to the specific genetics used to create this cultivar, it’s rare to come across the other two versions of Devil XXL autoflower seeds.


    - Devil XXL regular seeds: This version contains male and female seeds like nature intended. You’ll need to remove male plants to avoid cross-pollination and ensure a quality yield.


    - Devil XXL feminized seeds: Thanks to altered genetics, this variation promises female plants perfect for new growers. This version relies on a natural light cycle to grow and takes up to five months before offering a large harvest.


    - Devil XXL autoflower seeds: This popular version produces potent buds in record time and flowers automatically. This variation can grow all year round, and its altered genetics ensure no male plants in your crop.


    Where can I get free cannabis Devil XXL autoflower seeds?


    The only way to buy Devil XXL autoflower seeds online for free is by purchasing them from our cheap cannabis seeds section. We’ve put together a range of deals to suit cultivators no matter their budget. There’s no other way to get these marijuana seeds at a better price.


    Can a beginner grow Devil XXL autoflower seeds?


    Beginners often struggle to grow Devil XXL autoflower seeds to their full potential. The reason is that they generally require an indoor setup and a skilled hand to guide them. It’s not impossible for novice growers to raise this cultivar, but it comes with additional challenges. Instead, amateurs should opt for the feminized cannabis seed version before tackling a strain from the autoflowering section. 


    What is the flowering time of Devil XXL autoflower seeds?


    Devil XXL autoflower plants tend to begin flowering in the seventh week of their growth. It's during this period where its seductive and juicy buds begin developing. The flowering phase continues up until harvest—around three weeks in total. Remember to flush your medium with water for the last week to help with the taste of your weed.


    How long do Devil XXL autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Using the paper towel method, you can germinate Devil XXL autoflower marijuana seeds in up to five days. If you’re not familiar with this technique, you can follow our simple germination guide. Not only is this process easy, but it’s also the fastest way to sprout your marijuana seeds safely.


    How long does it take Devil XXL autoflower seeds to go from seed to harvest?


    Once you plant your Devil XXL autoflower seeds, you need to wait up to ten weeks before harvesting your plant’s bounty. A variety of factors decide the precise grow time of your cannabis seeds, like the conditions, type of setup, and cultivating techniques used. After harvesting your buds, make sure you dry and cure them for another week to improve their taste and smokability. 


    Should you grow Devil XXL autoflower seeds in hydro or soil?


    You can use either hydroponics or soil to raise autoflower Devil XXL seeds, with the latter option proving the better choice. Nutrient-rich soil provides your crops with everything they need. This type of substrate also helps to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your buds.


    How tall do Devil XXL autoflower seeds grow?


    Once your Devil XXL autoflower seeds develop into plants, they can reach between 3.5 and 5.5 feet tall. Although considered small, this cultivar produces some of the tallest plants in the autoflowering category. The marijuana crop’s short stature and rapid growth make it the perfect option for indoor cultivators with limited space.


    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from Devil XXL autoflower seeds?


    Head over to our Devil XXL Autoflower Diaries to see images of this incredible cultivar sent to us by loyal customers. You can find pictures of Devil XXL autoflower cannabis seeds, the plants they grow into, and the potent flowers they produce. You can use these diaries to track your crops and compare them to others cultivating this seducing strain.


    Where is the best place to buy Devil XXL autoflower seeds in the USA?


    The best way to purchase Devil XXL autoflower marijuana seeds is from a reliable source online, like Homegrown Cannabis Co. Not only do you ensure the quality of your cannabis seeds, but you also get access to a wide range of strains. Plus, you can request discreet delivery anywhere in the US.


    Are there any other names for Devil XXL autoflower seeds?


    Although the name may seem ominous, there are no alternative options for Devil XXL autoflower seeds. Besides, this cultivar lives up to its namesake in many ways, so why change such an aptly named strain? It’s best to stick to the original title to ensure that you buy the right product.


    pelling errors

    It’s not hard to find a few spelling deviations of Devil XXL autoflower seeds while searching the internet. Here are a few errors you might come across:


    - Devel XXL

    - Evil XXL

    - Devl XXL

    - Divel XXL


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