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Deelite Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Deelite Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Two-hits and quit for a lingering body stone
  • 90% indica for a powerful sedation
  • A unique flavor profile
  • Are you looking for a hard-hitting strain that eliminates stress and puts you in a state of soothing bliss? Deelite autoflower seeds might be just what you’re looking for. As one of the purest indicas around, their potency is world-famous. This cultivar gives off a sweet aroma that’s mesmerizing to smoke. It puts you on a happy high and is perfect for a lazy night at home. Desp...Show more

    Deelite Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 550
    Max Yield outdoor
    90 - 200
    Height indoor
    60 - 90
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Deelite Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Are you looking for a hard-hitting strain that eliminates stress and puts you in a state of soothing bliss? Deelite autoflower seeds might be just what you’re looking for. As one of the purest indicas around, their potency is world-famous.


    This cultivar gives off a sweet aroma that’s mesmerizing to smoke. It puts you on a happy high and is perfect for a lazy night at home. Despite its low CBD content, it still offers a range of possible medicinal benefits.


    Deelite belongs to the autoflower seed category, so hassle-free, stealthy growing is guaranteed. There’s no need to implement a lighting schedule or worry about serious cultivation errors, making autoflower Deelite seeds beginner-friendly.


    Keep reading to learn more about this knock-out strain, including its effects, origins, and how to grow it. We’ll also share the best way to get your hands on your own high-quality seeds.  


    What are Deelite autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Deelite autoflower seeds were developed by crossbreeding Thai and Afghani landraces, mixed with some ruderalis. It’s said to have first originated in Seattle during the ‘70s. It then made its way to the Netherlands and was introduced to the cannabis market.


    For decades, fans have celebrated the strong sedative effects of this cultivar. It’s not known as a “two hits then quit” strain for nothing–its strength results in a lingering body stone. A long bout of the munchies often accompanies this couch-locked sensation.


    Cannabis grown from Deelite autoflower seeds gives off a distinctively sweet yet spicy scent that tokers can’t get enough of. The pungent, skunky taste often leaves a tingle of lemon and lime on the tongue.


    As a compact cultivar, it’s easy to keep away from unwanted attention. The autoflowering characteristic of Deelite cannabis seeds means they grow quickly and offer multiple harvests in a single season.  


    What are the effects of cannabis grown from Deelite autoflower seeds?


    With indica levels of 90% and upwards, this marijuana strain acts as a powerful sedative. It puts you in such a state of relaxation that even standing up seems impossible. For this reason, it’s best to enjoy cannabis from autoflower Deelite seeds in the evenings. 


    An intense urge to eat accompanies this tranquility. It’s advisable to have your snacks within easy reach before taking your first puff. When the body stone hits later, you won’t have much energy to look for them.


    An uplifting and carefree euphoria takes over your mind and puts you at ease. A feel-good mood descends with an impression of well-being. All of these effects are what make growing Deelite autoflower seeds so desirable.


    These traits are so mind-blowing that even veteran cannabis users should dose themselves with caution. Overdoing it may quickly result in dizziness or feeling paranoid.


    Common side-effects experienced by tokers include dry eyes and cottonmouth. Ensuring that you’re adequately hydrated before and during consumption can mitigate these effects and prevent discomfort. 


    What does Deelite autoflower cannabis smell like?


    Cannabis cultivated from Deelite autoflower seeds has the typical aroma of indica-dominant plants. As buds develop, they have an earthy pine scent with hints of citrus. The smell strengthens at the end of flowering, and the fruity notes become more intense.


    A strong pine aroma with a blend of woody sweetness clouds the room during smoking. The skunky taste isn’t overpowering, and an underlying taste of sugar and pepper remains on your tongue. The Deelite flavor profile is well-known and highly regarded by fans.


    How to germinate Deelite autoflower seeds


    It’s crucial to germinate Deelite autoflower seeds before planting to give them a much higher chance of thriving. Healthy seedlings turn into crops that produce an abundance of resinous buds.


    Our germination guarantee stays in place as long as you use the paper towel method. We’re so confident in the quality of our seeds that we’ll replace any that don’t pop. 


    Follow the instructions below carefully. Be sure to document each step, as we’ll need this if you make a claim. Before starting, have the following supplies ready with your seeds:


    - Purified or bottled water.

    - Paper towels.

    - Tweezers.

    - A large dinner plate.


    Once you’ve gathered what you need, germinate your autoflower Deelite seeds using this technique:


    - Wet two paper towels. Wring out any excess water as they must be damp, not soaking.


    - Spread one paper towel out to lie flat on the dinner plate. Use the tweezers to place each seed onto the wet towel. It’s important to leave about an inch of space between them.


    - Flatten the other paper towel and cover the seeds. Add some more water to keep things moist.


    - Lift both the towels to check that there’s no pool of water on the dinner plate. An excess of moisture could cause your Deelite autoflower seeds to rot.


    - Put your seeds somewhere dark and warm, such as a drawer. For successful germination, they need temperatures of 70–80℉. If you don’t have anywhere dark to keep them, you could create darkness by covering them with another plate.


    - It will take around 24–120 hours for the seeds to sprout. They must remain damp at all times. Check on them often and add water as needed.


    - Once a healthy white taproot has popped out, your seed is ready to be planted. These roots are delicate and need careful handling.


    - Discard any seeds that haven’t opened after five days, and contact us to claim your replacements.


    This technique is also available as a video tutorial in our germination guide. Check it out if you’re unsure about any of the steps. Remember that germinating your seeds in a way other than what we recommend voids your germination guarantee. 


    Deelite autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Gardeners of any skill can cultivate Deelite autoflower seeds into productive plants. The strain is hardy and has a natural resistance to mildew and pests. Like many indica-dominant cultivars, it grows into a short, bushy crop with broad leaves. The branches develop dense buds that glitter with trichomes.


    As an autoflowering strain, Deelite doesn’t need a light schedule to start growing nugs. It starts flowering within a few weeks of growth and is fuss-free, making it an ideal strain for beginners.


    Another thing tokers love about autoflower Deelite seeds is that they’re easy to cultivate indoors and outside. As long as you keep your plants warm, you can look forward to an excellent harvest.


    Should you grow your cannabis seeds inside, provide as much light as possible to achieve high yields. Good quality LED lamps, or sunny window sills are effective options. Water your plants properly and give them the correct amounts of nutrients.


    Deelite autoflower seeds flourish when cultivated using an indoor Sea of Green (SOG). As long as you keep temperatures in the range of 70–80℉, they’ll be ready for a record harvest. 


    After 7–8 weeks of flowering, you can expect 16–19 oz./m2 when growing indoors.


    If you’re an outdoor gardener, the indica genetics of this plant makes it quite forgiving of its cultivation climate. While it prefers sunny, warm weather, it can thrive in cooler areas. Avoid growing during frosty periods, and you should obtain decent yields.


    Experienced cultivators report May and June as the best months to plant Deelite autoflower seeds outside. As well as providing warmth that the plants favor, this time frame offers the opportunity to harvest nugs twice per year.


    You can pick around 3–7 ounces of gooey buds from each plant come August or September. Your yield will fall in the lower part of the range if you experience any inclement weather during the growth period.  


    What are the Deelite autoflower strain genetics?


    Crossbreeding Thai and Afghani landraces created the Deelite cultivar. Developers then mixed it with ruderalis to give Deelite its autoflower qualities. 


    Thai cannabis is 100% sativa and renowned for energizing and inducing a euphoric high. It has a fruity, citrus smell and a pungent flavor with a subtle floral taste.


    The Afghani landrace has some of the purest indica genetics in the world. As one of the most resinous marijuana varieties around, its potency causes a deep state of relaxation. It has a pine scent coupled with a herbal aftertaste that always impresses tokers. 


    Deelite autoflower seeds grow into plants with the effects and aroma of indicas, combined with the energizing qualities of sativas. Infamous for its potency, breeders have used it to parent many cultivars, such as Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. 


    Wellness and Deelite autoflower seeds


    While lauded for inducing heavy body stones, Deelite cannabis does have some medicinal potential.


    Due to it being such a strong sedative, many users have claimed that this marijuana provides relief from insomnia. Just one or two tokes can result in a good night’s sleep and improve your mood.


    Anyone who’s overly stressed could also benefit from using this strain. Many have reported how strong its soothing effects are, as it can relax the mind and ease tension in tight muscles.


    The buds cultivated from Deelite autoflower seeds may also be useful to those suffering from chronic pain. It’s said to make migraines, arthritis, and other chronic pain far less severe.


    Deelite could be valuable to anyone struggling with decreased appetite levels. The intense desire to eat induced by this strain may improve the lives of chemotherapy patients or those with eating disorders. 


     Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Deelite autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about Deelite autoflower seeds. If you'd like expert answers to any questions not listed below, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.


    Where can I get free Deelite autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Are you searching for cannabis seeds on a budget? Visit our cheap weed seeds page to find a selection of some of the finest strains in the US. We want to give all cultivators a chance to grow the best strains, so we offer you discounted deals.


    Browsing this page frequently means you may find your dream cultivar at an amazing price. We change the products on this page regularly. Even if we aren't offering Deelite autoflower seeds this month, they could soon be part of a deal.


    Our most popular offer is our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) promotion, available in packs of 4 or 8. Purchase 4 seeds and receive 4 more, or buy 8 seeds and get 16 shipped to your door. 


    If you’d like to get a variety of seeds with a single purchase, try our mixed packs. Assortments of strains are available in packages of 12 or 24, and BOGO also applies. Cheap cultivars include regular, autoflower, fast, and feminized strains. 


    Can a beginner grow Deelite autoflower?


    Yes, autoflower Deelite seeds are beginner-friendly. Their autoflower characteristics make them fuss-free. There's no need to adjust their light schedule, and they still produce decent yields of dense buds.


    This cultivar is resilient and has an immunity to mold, pests, and fungus, making it even more simple to grow. You can cultivate these marijuana seeds in the location of your choice, which adds to their versatility.    


    What is the Deelite autoflower flowering time?


    Cannabis grown from Deelite autoflower seeds has a shorter flowering time than regular marijuana strains. The plant is ready for harvest after 7–8 weeks when cultivated indoors. Depending on planting time, outdoor growers can pick their buds in August or September.


    For a better smoking experience, you must also cure your buds. Ripe colas need drying for around 2 weeks before being ready for trimming and curing in airtight jars. Curing time depends on personal preference, but most cultivators opt for 2–3 weeks.   


    How long do Deelite autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Autoflower Deelite seeds pop in 24–120 hours, as long as you’ve followed our germination guide. We’re so sure that our seeds are of the highest quality that we promise to replace any that don’t sprout within 5 days.


    Remember to back up your claim with photo or video evidence that you used the paper towel method. We’ll ship your replacement seeds straight to your door. You never have to worry about spending money on products that don’t sprout the results you want.


    How long does it take Deelite autoflower to get from seeds to harvest?


    Deelite Autoflower seeds complete their life cycles in about 10–13 weeks. This growth period is much shorter than the 3–6 months that regular photoperiod cannabis requires. 


    An option to increase your yield when growing autoflower marijuana is to practice progressive harvesting. Autoflowering plants develop most of their buds near their canopy, with a few on their bottom branches. The top nugs receive all of the light and shade the lower ones.


    Harvest buds from the canopy as soon as they’re ready. Leave the nugs at the bottom to develop under the rays a little longer. Progressive harvesting results in an extended growing period, but it’s worth it for a bigger harvest from your autoflower Deelite seeds.  


    Grow medium for Deelite autoflower: hydro or soil?


    Deelite cannabis plants thrive in soil and hydroponic setups, so the choice is yours. Your budget and experience are the biggest influences on your decision.


    Growing marijuana seeds hydroponically has higher setup costs but faster growth rates and improved bud quality. While using a soil substrate is easier and cheaper, plants are more vulnerable to pests. 


    Consider all these factors before choosing the growing medium for your Deelite autoflower seeds. The right choice ensures you provide an environment for your plants to flourish.   


    What is the average Deelite autoflower height?


    Deelite autoflower plants have a faster growth period than regular cannabis strains. This speedy rate results in them being short, bushy plants because they don’t have enough time to achieve tall heights.


    Marijuana grown from autoflower Deelite seeds only reaches heights of 24–35 inches. The compact nature of these plants makes them ideal for indoor growing. They’re also easy to conceal should you want to keep your cannabis cultivation private.


    Where can I find pictures of Deelite autoflower marijuana?


    Pictures of Deelite cannabis plants are right here on Homegrown Cannabis Co. Scroll up to see photos of Deelite colas, buds, and plants. Another option is to visit the Deelite Autoflower Homegrown Diary page.


    Here, other cultivators document each growing phase of their Deelite autoflower seeds. You can learn from their experiences and share your journey by registering to create a diary of your own.


    How does Deelite autoflower differ from other variants?


    There are 4 marijuana seed variants available on Homegrown Cannabis Co: regular, autoflower, fast, and feminized.


    Regular cannabis strains are photo-dependent because they only bloom after experiencing a change in their light cycles. Reducing daily rays triggers flowering, and the plant concentrates its energy on developing buds rather than growing taller.


    Deelite autoflower seeds don’t need a change in light exposure to begin flowering. They offer cultivators more choice, as they can be placed outdoors at any time of year. Autoflowering varieties are great for small spaces and are ready for harvest quickly.


    Fast marijuana cultivars are a mix of regular and autoflower strains. They still require a change in how much daily light they receive to bloom, but flowering is quicker. Fast varieties are ready for harvest up to 2 weeks earlier than regular strains.


    Feminized cannabis seeds produce 99% female plants. Growing this variety eliminates the chance of producing male plants that don’t develop buds. Feminized seeds are perfect for gardeners whose only goal is to cultivate massive harvests of buds.   


    Where is the best place to buy Deelite autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co is the best place to buy Deelite autoflower seeds along with hundreds of other high-standard strains. Our cannabis cultivars are only sourced from parent plants with stable genetics, cementing our reputation as a reliable seed store.


    You can depend on us to ship your order discreetly. We offer 24-hour customer service should anything go wrong with your delivery.  


    Are there any other names for Deelite autoflower?


    There aren’t any other names for Deelite autoflower seeds. They’ve got a cult following, and there’s nothing else like them in our library. Don’t confuse them with other autoflowering strains. No other cultivar knocks your socks off as hard as Deelite does.


    Spelling errors


    Don’t allow spelling mistakes to complicate your shopping experience. Keep it simple and avoid these common errors that could prevent Deelite autoflower seeds from showing up at your door:


    - Delight autoflower

    - Delite autoflower

    - Deelight autoflower 


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