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Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Cheerful sensations and blissful conversations await
  • Begin with a creative outburst and end with profound relaxation THC 21%
  • An alluring fragrance of earth and pine
  • A fancy name doesn't always guarantee fancy results, but in this case, it does. Crystal feminized seeds more than live up to their genetics; merging two award-winning legends gave a triumphant cultivar. The strain's sparkling traits give it a colossal head start in the fierce cannabis world. Despite its 60% indica and 40% sativa structure, it delivers perfectly-balanced effects...Show more

    Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    A fancy name doesn't always guarantee fancy results, but in this case, it does. Crystal feminized seeds more than live up to their genetics; merging two award-winning legends gave a triumphant cultivar.


    The strain's sparkling traits give it a colossal head start in the fierce cannabis world. Despite its 60% indica and 40% sativa structure, it delivers perfectly-balanced effects that enchant different types of connoisseurs. Whether they're recreational or medical, feminized Crystal cannabis seeds have got your needs covered.


    The glittering crystals on the plants from these feminized seeds are a dead giveaway for its name. Not only do they mesmerize with their elegant appearance, but also the highly resinous, trichome-laden nugs. The buds' scrumptious aroma and savory taste top it all off.


    Our Crystal feminized seeds practically grow themselves due to their resilience. With minimal effort, relatively high yields, average flowering time, and soaring potency, cultivation is gratifying. Ready to learn more? Here's how to grow Crystal feminized seeds. Succeed in one of the most rewarding cannabis cultivation experiences with Homegrown.


    What are Crystal feminized cannabis seeds?


    Fem Crystal marijuana seeds are the mind-boggling rewards of unifying the revered White Widow with the infamous Northern Lights. Their cannabis puffs a stunning THC level of 21–25%, resulting in long-lasting effects. The sativa side starts you off with delightful euphoria, hawk-eyed focus, and uncanny productivity. Then the indica-dominant nature swoops in to ensure premium relaxation.


    The weed's tantalizing earthy and pine bouquet gives more life to the overall buzz from fem Crystal marijuana seeds. The two flavors make satisfying swirls between your senses of taste and smell, leaving intense yet pleasant after-sensations.


    Cultivating these marijuana seeds indoors gives you 14–18 oz./m2. A successful outdoor grow makes the yield greater, about 26 oz. per plant. The feminized cannabis seeds help maximize your production since the herbs are female. Flowering time is around 8–10 weeks.


    Feminized Crystal cannabis seeds sprout medium-height plants of about 3–5 feet. The indica structure sees to it that they're heavily endowed. Long branches develop horizontally, possessing several majestic leaves and monstrous buds. 


    What are the effects of Crystal feminized seeds?


    The indica domination doesn't interfere with this superstar's results. Buds from Crystal feminized seeds remain well-balanced in their bodily and mental effects. After a few puffs, cheerful sensations swiftly move in, and your mood brightens by the second. Lose yourself in blissful conversations in a social setting, or bask in the joy at home.


    As you continue feeling uplifted, your random thoughts become more intentional. They eventually line up, and any slump you've been experiencing vanishes. Pot from fem Crystal marijuana seeds now sharpens your concentration, helping you focus on any projects on standby. It's a great way to start your day, taking advantage of the productivity boost to finish what you ought to.


    After the elation and creative outburst comes a deep need to sink into your couch or bed. Obeying this call opens up a pleasantly overwhelming labyrinth of profound relaxation. Your muscles loosen up, your mind surrenders to unfathomable serenity, and your body refuses to do anything other than unwinding.


    Overindulging in marijuana from feminized Crystal cannabis seeds may have you struggling to get up from your seat. Its heightened potency suggests that first-time users and low-tolerant partisans should pace themselves. The buzz lasts for hours, so you don't need much of it anyway. Hydrate properly to curb the common cottonmouth and dry eyes.


    What does Crystal feminized smell like?


    From the onset, buds grown from Crystal feminized seeds have an alluring fragrance. As you get close to them, earthiness first dominates the space. Notes of pine then pop up in subtle hints, pleasurably toying with your senses. 


    Deeper inhales, and lengthier exhales reveal traces of diesel or fuel. An enchanting sweet fruitiness accompanies them, adding a flavorful, zesty buzz to the mix. The intricate nature of the bouquet of the weed from fem Crystal marijuana seeds makes it a favorite for many.


    How to germinate Crystal feminized seeds


    Cannabis cultivation begins with the germination of your marijuana seeds. While getting them to sprout is straightforward, take it seriously to avoid mishandling and spoiling them altogether. There are several sprouting techniques in the field and various equipment you can use too. 


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we recommend sticking to the paper towel method on our germination guide. With it, your Crystal feminized seeds have a 99% germination rate. It's fast and reliable, getting you results in as little as three days. 


    For the technique, set up a sanitary workstation with the following:


    - Purified/bottled water

    - A pair of tweezers

    - Two dinner plates

    - Two pieces of paper towels in good condition

    - The feminized Crystal cannabis seeds


    Carefully proceed with these steps:


    Step 1: Place everything on the table, including the cannabis seeds. 


    Step 2: Use pure water to wet the first paper towel. Dampen it enough, so it doesn't drip. Wring it gently in case of excess wetness to avoid ripping it.


    Step 3: Spread the moist paper towel onto a dinner plate, and use tweezers to place your fem Crystal marijuana seeds on it. Leave some space between the seeds, about an inch each.


    Step 4: Moisten the other paper towel and cover the seeds with it. 


    Step 5: Use the second plate to cover the Crystal feminized seeds to keep them dark and warm. Store them in a drawer, cupboard, or closet, a place safe from interference.


    Step 6: Keep an eye on the marijuana seeds every day and spray water on them to ensure their environment is moist. Letting them dry up kills them.


    Step 7: You notice taproots forming in 1–5 days. Transplant the sprouting feminized Crystal cannabis seeds to the garden or individual pots, giving the rest more time.


    The Homegrown guarantee ensures you get replacements if the seeds fail to bud using our guide. Be sure to take videos of the procedure as supporting evidence.


    Crystal feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Learning how to grow Crystal feminized seeds isn't an uphill task. Beginners can get the most out of this strain with enough patience and care. Thanks to their genetics, the 3–5 feet-tall plants from these cannabis seeds are a resilient bunch. Grow them in whatever medium, inside or outside, and have a successful harvest after 8–10 weeks of flowering.


    Lighting and aeration are key aspects for the indoor cultivation of fem Crystal marijuana seeds. The plants have thick foliage and compact physiques, preventing those elements from reaching the bottom parts. Incorporate the Screen of Green (SCroG) training method to help you have more control over the growth. Ensure your lights are close enough and that there's sufficient space to boost air circulation. 


    Closely observe your temperature and humidity ranges. They should be around 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 40–-50%, respectively, depending on the growth phase. Trim and prune as needed, and you'll receive your tasty yield of 14–18 oz./m2.


    Crystal feminized seeds prefer temperate, Continental sunny, and Mediterranean-like climates. Time your watering schedule appropriately, and check for any wandering pests on your precious cannabis. A severe invasion could overwhelm them if you're not careful. Harvest falls around end-September to mid-October, giving you 26 oz. per herb.


    What are the Crystal feminized strain genetics?


    Crystal feminized seeds have legends to thank for their top-tier properties. White Widow and Northern Lights barely need introductions—the cultivars have been winning awards since their creation. Here's what they're about.


    White Widow is the product of a Brazilian landrace sativa and a South Indian indica. Its first victory in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup's Bio Category was just the beginning. The hybrid has pulled in several accolades ever since. Our feminized Crystal cannabis seeds get their calm yet energetic buzz and uplifting nature from it. The delectable earthy and herbal fragrances blend with the woody and spicy undertones just right. 


    Northern Lights traces its origins to superior Thai and Afghani landrace strains in the ‘70s. The indica-dominant cultivar holds its own as well, boasting various awards. It adds its motivating, relaxing, and sedative capabilities to the already radiant fem Crystal marijuana seeds. It's hard to resist the citrusy scent it exudes as the buds form. A seductive lemon bouquet dives into the mix when you break them down. Lighting them up exposes hints of skunky saccharine flavor.


    Wellness and Crystal feminized seeds


    The insignificant CBD level (