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Critical Purple Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Critical Purple Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • A great choice for your first grow.
  • Like 'em strong? We give you 27% THC!!!
  • High levels of pinene for a clean
  • Critical Purple autoflower seeds are famous for their fast-flowering, palpably potent, and easy-growing traits. They’re the ingenious product of crossing two indica-heavy heavyweights: Critical Mass and Big Bud. These cannabis seeds stay true to their heritage, promising to knock your socks off in more ways than one. They produce bulky buds oozing with THC, soaked in resin, and...Show more

    Critical Purple Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Critical Purple Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds are famous for their fast-flowering, palpably potent, and easy-growing traits. They’re the ingenious product of crossing two indica-heavy heavyweights: Critical Mass and Big Bud. 
    These cannabis seeds stay true to their heritage, promising to knock your socks off in more ways than one. They produce bulky buds oozing with THC, soaked in resin, and covered in milky white trichomes. 
    Just one sampling of these sweet, tangy nugs will have you floating on cloud nine, your body and mind relaxed and worry-free. But it gets better. With the addition of ruderalis genes, these feminized autoflowering seeds ensure a no-nonsense, ultra-quick harvest. They're not dependent on the light schedule, either.
    Want to know why Critical Purple autoflower seeds are a must for any beginner grower, veteran stoner, or part-time partaker?

    What are Critical Purple autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds are the product of crossing the original Critical Purple strain with a ruderalis phenotype. The male chromosomes were then removed, resulting in the Critical Purple auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds you’ll find at the Homegrown Cannabis Co.
    These top-shelf beans have been genetically engineered to:
    - Produce female-only plants for guaranteed nugs.- Grow quicker from seed to harvest than their photoperiod counterparts.- Automatically flower after a set period, regardless of the light schedule.
    Critical Purple autoflowering plants are also naturally pest-resistant and can withstand colder climates, so they’re versatile and perfect for novice growers. When exposed to chilly conditions, their foliage becomes purple-tinged.
    Their indica traits are evident in their structure—short and bushy with broad leaves and lateral branches. They only reach a height of about two to four feet tall, ideal for confined spaces indoors and out.
    Don’t let this hybrid’s small stature fool you, though. Famously dense and heavy, their buds are loaded with THC in the 20%–25% region. They’re usually dark green with violet hues and burnt orange pistils. 
    Towards the end of the flowering stage, a thick covering of frosty trichomes signals that harvest time is near. You won’t have to wait too long because Critical Purple autoflower seeds grow notoriously fast. 
    With their ruderalis genes, they enter the flowering stage on their own. They don’t need uninterrupted periods of darkness like feminized seeds or regular marijuana seeds.This genetic hack means you can germinate and grow Critical Purple autoflower seeds all year long. The result? A continuous supply of sticky bud.

    What are the Critical Purple autoflower effects?

    As a high-THC indica-dominant hybrid, Critical Purple autoflower is a hard-hitter. Still, it takes some time before it fully kicks in. From the outset, a gentle cerebral buzz massages your mind, releasing those metaphorical knots of worry. A sense of tranquility sets in, lifting your spirits as stress bounces off and away into the ether.
    At this point, you may experience elevated mental clarity, paving the way for Critical Purple’s indica traits to manifest. Some time passes before a hearty warmth washes over your body, enveloping you in a cocoon of comfort. 
    A slight tingling sensation isn’t uncommon as relaxation reaches your limbs. They become heavy, and before long, settling down into a cozy spot is irresistible. Physical activity is put on the backburner as Critical Purple auto’s sedative effects grow stronger. The profound body high intensifies until you’re left basking in blissful contentment. 
    A spot of the munchies may kick in, so keep snacks and beverages nearby. Couch-lock is inevitable, and you’ll likely drift off to dreamland to catch some quality Z’s. Because of these sock-knocking effects, it’s best to keep Critical Purple auto for evenings or a quiet weekend, when you can unwind, relax, and rest.
    Dry eyes and cottonmouth are common occurrences, so stay hydrated and keep some eye lubricant handy. More adverse reactions like dizziness, headaches, or anxiety could also manifest if you overdo it. Whether you’re a newbie or if you just have a low THC tolerance, it’s best to stick to smaller doses. 

    What does Critical Purple autoflower smell like?

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds produce buds that smell like a garden filled with flowers and lemon trees after a storm. Sweet floral notes paired with a citrus zing captivate the nose and entice the senses. 
    There’s a slightly earthy undertone that’s more herbal than skunky too. Once lit up, blended aromas of wood and damp earth are also present on the exhale. Hints of lime and freshly-dug herbs play on the tongue, accompanying the sweet, smooth smoke.

    How to germinate Critical Purple autoflower seeds

    While these Critical Purple seeds are of the auto variety, they still need to be carefully germinated. Follow these effortless steps for best results:
    - Step 1: Wash your hands and get everything together. You’ll need your cannabis seeds, purified water, sterilized tweezers, a clean dinner plate, and absorbent paper towels.
    - Step 2: Use the purified water to wet two paper towels. Don’t overdo it, though. Make sure you remove any excess water.
    - Step 3: Carefully place one paper towel onto your dinner plate.
    - Step 4: With your sterilized tweezers, gently place your marijuana seeds onto the paper towel. They should be at least an inch apart.
    - Step 5: Place the second paper towel over your cannabis seeds. It should still be moist but not sopping wet.
    - Step 6: Gently remove the paper towels off the plate to double-check that there’s no accumulated water. If there is, discard it. You don’t want your marijuana seeds to drown.
    - Step 7: Cover your dinner plate with another and store it in a warm, dark place. A drawer or cupboard is ideal.
    - Step 8: Leave your cannabis seeds there for 24–120 hours. Make sure they’re moist at all times during this stage. If they dry out, they won’t sprout.
    - Step 9: Plant your newly sprouted marijuana seeds once they develop a healthy-looking taproot.
    When you buy our Critical Purple auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds, be sure to check out our germination guide. It contains crucial details on the above process. Follow the instructions carefully to retain your germination guarantee.

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds grow guide

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds are resilient, versatile, and beginner-friendly. They’re pest- and disease-resistant and flourish in a grow room, tent, greenhouse, or garden. Plus, they can tolerate harsher conditions and will even develop a purple hue as the temperature drops.
    Critical Purple autoflower plants take a fraction of the time to become harvest-ready compared to their photoperiod sisters. With a flowering time of 49–56 days or 7–8 weeks, you can easily produce a few harvests a year, regardless of the season.
    From seed, these vixens take a total of about 10 weeks to complete their entire life cycle. Some growers wait another two weeks to enhance yield, flavor, and potency, though. As autoflowers, these crops don’t depend on an adjusted light schedule to enter the flowering stage. Instead, they’ll start producing massive buds according to their internal clock.
    With their small, compact size and brief life cycle, they don’t require any training. They’ll also do well in both soil and hydroponic growing mediums. Indoors, you can cultivate Critical Purple autoflower crops continuously, harvesting about 14.1 ounces of bud per meter squared. 
    Here are a few indoor cultivation tips for optimal results:
    - Make sure your plants get at least 18 hours of light a day throughout their life cycle. If you can manage the heat and the costs, you can keep the lights on 24 hours a day for increased growth.
    - Keep the temperature range around 71°F–77°F.
    - During the early (pre-flowering) stage, keep relative humidity levels between 40%–70%.
    - When your Critical Purple autoflower plants start flowering, adjust the relative humidity levels to below 50%, ideally in the 20%–40% range.
    - Because they’re short and bushy, your crops need sufficient space to grow and proper air ventilation.
    Outdoors, you can germinate two batches of Critical Purple auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds—one towards the end of March and one in late June. This way, you can harvest in June and again in October. You can expect to yield about 5.2–7 ounces per plant.
    Here are a few outdoor cultivation tips:
    - Protect your Critical Purple autoflower plants from extreme cold. While they can withstand cooler conditions, the temperature shouldn’t drop below 66°F. The ideal range is around 71°F–77°F.
    - Avoid the rainy season. Too much water can be harmful, and your crops might struggle to get enough sunlight.
    - Opt for a secure spot protected from harsh elements. Too much heat, cold, wind, or frost can ruin your harvest. 
    Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor grow, keep these tips in mind:
    - Once sprouted, it’s best to start your Critical Purple autoflower seeds in their final containers. Due to their quick flowering time, transplanting them can interrupt growth.
    - If you’re a beginner, well-aerated, nutrient-rich organic soil is the easiest growing medium. Soilless mixes like perlite, coco cair, or peat moss are also good options for those with a bit of experience.
    - Porous containers like fabric pots are best for optimal root development.
    - A 3-gallon pot is ideal for your Critical Purple autoflower plant to reach its maximum height.

    What are the Critical Purple autoflower strain genetics?

    As mentioned, Critical Purple autoflower seeds are the product of crossing a ruderalis cultivar with the original Critical Purple strain. 
    The resulting indica-dominant hybrid contains the following genetics:
    - Critical Mass: An indica-leaning hybrid known for its medicinal benefits, high THC content, and skunky citrus flavors. It’s the product of two legendary parents: Afghani and Skunk #1.  
    - Big Bud: This crowd favorite is a robust indica-dominant hybrid with Afghani and Skunk #1 parents. Some variations include Northern Lights genetics, while others are said to have a Haze influence.
    - Ruderalis cultivar: A strain used to incorporate autoflowering qualities without interfering in Critical Purple’s flavor profile or characteristics.
    Breeders initially crossed Critical Mass with Big Bud to improve the latter’s yield and genetic stability. Their offspring, Critical Purple, has since become a classic cultivar in its own right. With the autoflowering ruderalis advantage, these marijuana seeds make it possible for growers of any experience level to cultivate Critical Purple.

    Wellness and Critical Purple autoflower seeds

    When it comes to health benefits, Critical Purple autoflower seeds retain their parent traits. Their dense buds continue to feature as a treatment aid for various conditions. With a CBD content of less than 1%, the Critical Purple autoflower isn’t your typical CBD-rich medicinal strain. 
    Nonetheless, its indica characteristics can help relieve discomfort associated with conditions like:
    - Chronic pain- Inflammation- Migraines- Muscle spasms- Pre-menstrual cramps- Arthritis
    Critical Purple autoflower also helps combat insomnia, inducing couch-lock and restful slumber thanks to its powerful sedative effects. It can aid in treating nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, too.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    If you still have a few questions about Critical Purple autoflower seeds, check out the FAQs below. We provide helpful answers to a variety of questions. Take a look, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to give us a shout.

    Where can I get free cannabis Critical Purple autoflower seeds?

    You can get free marijuana seeds right here. We have ongoing cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) promotions, which may include Critical Purple autoflower seeds. So be sure to check in with us regularly. You can also get freebies and other exclusive rewards with our Homegrown Stash loyalty program. 

    Can a beginner grow Critical Purple autoflower?

    Yes, a beginner can grow Critical Purple autoflower seeds into fully-flowering plants without a hassle. With its sturdy genetics, this strain can tolerate harsher conditions and a few rookie mistakes. It's resilient, unfussy, and pest-resistant—the perfect combination of traits for the novice grower. Plus, it flowers at record speed.

    What is the Critical Purple autoflower flower time?

    The Critical Purple autoflower plant has a flowering time of about 49–56 days or 7–8 weeks. Unlike its photoperiod sister, it doesn’t need periods of undisturbed darkness to start flowering. It’ll start producing buds on its own without any adjustments to the light schedule.

    What is the difference between Critical Purple autoflower, feminized, and regular seeds?

    Critical Purple auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds flower automatically and produce female-only plants. Critical Purple feminized cannabis seeds produce female-only plants, too. They’re photoperiodic, so they rely on the light schedule. Meanwhile, regular Critical Purple marijuana seeds are also photoperiodic but produce both male and female plants.

    How long do Critical Purple autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Critical Purple auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds take anything between 24–120 hours or 1–5 days to germinate. During this delicate phase, your marijuana seeds must stay moist. If they become too dry, they likely won’t sprout. That said, they shouldn’t be drowning in water, either, or they could rot.

    How long does it take Critical Purple autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    Critical Purple autoflower plants take about ten weeks to complete their entire life cycle from seed to harvest. After 2–3 weeks into the growth cycle, it’ll automatically enter the flowering phase, which lasts around 7–8 weeks. Some growers wait another two weeks before they start harvesting.

    What is the average indoor yield of Critical Purple autoflower?

    The average indoor yield of the Critical Purple autoflower strain is around 14.1 ounces of bud per meter squared. Thanks to its ruderalis traits, you can have numerous harvests per year. If you grow these cannabis seeds perpetually, you’ll have a new batch of harvest-ready plants every ten weeks.  

    What is the average outdoor yield of Critical Purple autoflower?

    Outdoors, Critical Purple autoflower yields around 5.2–7 ounces of bud per plant. Provided the environmental conditions are favorable, you can germinate these marijuana seeds twice a year. A batch in late March and another one at the end of June gives you two harvests in June and October, respectively.

    Grow medium: Critical Purple autoflower hydro or soil?

    Once sprouted, Critical Purple autoflower seeds do well in both soil or hydroponic setups. If you’re a beginner, the easiest growing medium is high-quality soil. Make sure it's aerated with sufficient nutrients. If you opt for hydro or soilless mixes, peat moss, coco cair, or perlite are all fantastic choices.   

    What is the average Critical Purple autoflower height?

    Critical Purple autoflower crops reach an average height of around two to four feet tall. They’re small, stocky plants with lateral branches and bushy foliage. They can easily fit into restricted spaces, perfect for discreet growers. That said, make sure there’s adequate air ventilation, space, and exposure to light.

    Is Critical Purple autoflower a sativa or indica?

    Critical Purple autoflower is an indica-dominant hybrid. It's the product of crossing Critical Mass and Big Bud with a ruderalis cultivar. Moreover, Afghani and Skunk #1 traits are prominent in both parent strains. With a THC content of 20%–25%, Critical Purple autoflower stays true to its heritage.

    Does Critical Purple autoflower turn purple?

    Yes, Critical Purple autoflower foliage can turn shades of violet when exposed to cool conditions. Some growers manipulate the temperature to coax their plants into turning purple hues. That said, you should only do this if you’re experienced. Critical Purple autoflower buds often have a natural purple tinge, too.

    Where can I find pictures of Critical Purple autoflower marijuana?

    You can find pictures of Critical Purple autoflower weed plants on this page. If you want to see images uploaded by fellow growers, check out Critical Purple Autoflower Homegrown Diaries. It’s where users document their growing journey with images and first-hand experiences. You can start your own diary, too.

    Where is the best place to buy Critical Purple autoflower seeds in the USA?

    The best place to buy Critical Purple autoflower seeds in the USA is here, at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We only stock top-shelf cannabis seeds with proven genetics, available for discreet delivery across the United States. With easy and secure payment options, tracked shipping, and our germination policy, it’s a no-brainer. 

    Are there any other names for Critical Purple autoflower?

    No, there aren’t any other names for Critical Purple autoflower seeds per se. That said, the strain is sometimes confused with Critical Purple Kush, which is a different cultivar containing OG Kush genetics. Critical Autoflower and Purple Kush Autoflower are also two entirely separate strains in their own right.
    Spelling errors
    When searching for Critical Purple autoflower seeds online, a spelling mistake could take you off track. Avoid errors like “Criticl,” “Kritical,” or “Purpel.” If you search for “Critical Purple autoflower seeds,” you’ll also avoid strains with similar names like Critical Auto, Critical Purple Kush, or Purple Kush Auto.
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