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Critical Mass Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Critical Mass Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 10
  • A detox for your mind
  • An intense physical and mental blow THC up to 20% and CBD up to 3%
  • A complex terpene profile delivers tropical island aromas and flavors
  • Critical Mass autoflower is the perfect way to end your day highly relaxed with a positive mental shift. This cannabis strain can ease you into a state of bliss that takes you on a serene experience. Settle in and let the healing abilities of the buds from auto Critical Mass seeds detox your mind. Puffing on this refreshing blend of sharp and sweet flavors is enough to dissipat...Show more

    Critical Mass Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 140
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Critical Mass Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Critical Mass autoflower is the perfect way to end your day highly relaxed with a positive mental shift. This cannabis strain can ease you into a state of bliss that takes you on a serene experience.


    Settle in and let the healing abilities of the buds from auto Critical Mass seeds detox your mind. Puffing on this refreshing blend of sharp and sweet flavors is enough to dissipate stagnant energy and mental fog.


    These autoflower seeds are the perfect option for intermediate and advanced growers wanting powerful yields in record time. This cannabis cultivar delivers massive potent nugs better than you can imagine.


    Raising these marijuana seeds is a rewarding and pleasurable experience. It's easy to grow exceptionally high yields of potent cannabis with Critical Mass auto seeds. Keep reading to learn about the heavy-hitting nugs from auto Critical Mass seeds and how they can drive aches and pains away.


    What are Critical Mass autoflower cannabis seeds?


    It's no surprise many cannabis enthusiasts adore Critical Mass autoflower. Afghani and Skunk #1 genetics were crossbred to create this indica-dominant hybrid. The cultivar's name fits as its massive dense buds can snap off the branches due to its weight.


    This high-THC and high-CBD strain is suited for recreational and medicinal users, which guarantees an onset of happiness and extreme physical comfort. The effects of this cannabis strain take you into a state of peace, allowing you to appreciate the present moment.


    As auto Critical Mass seeds mature, expect massive colas with densely-packed flowers and a gorgeous layer of trichomes. The scents released from this cannabis cultivar are a combination of citrus, skunk, pine, and earth.


    Experiencing the potency and flavor of cannabis from Critical Mass auto seeds are sure to make your list of top indicas. These seeds are notorious for producing huge THC-charged marijuana buds.


    Once the THC settles in, you feel electrifying waves to the brain that removes negative thoughts and ignites a nurturing flow of positive energy within you. Users report it's a perfect weekend strain for inducing an enlightened state of relaxation.


    It's best to set aside time to smoke these heavy-sedating nugs. You feel inclined to find a cozy spot to lock into for a couple of hours. It's good to have some snacks and drinks nearby to keep the munchies at bay. The cannabis from autoflower Critical Mass seeds is well-suited for medicinal users, as its high CBD level is known to alleviate aches and pains.


    What are the effects of Critical Mass autoflower seeds?


    Critical Mass is an indica-leaning hybrid that contains up to 20% THC and 3% CBD. When smoking Critical Mass autoflower cannabis, you’re sure to set off a chain reaction of beautiful sensations within you. This astounding bud delivers an intense physical and mental blow.


    With great power comes duality; this cannabis strain will have you feeling inspired creatively and free of doubt in small doses. You can find yourself heavily sedated in large doses and ready to enter dreamland. No matter what amount of autoflower Critical Mass you consume, it'll always put a smile on your face with a fresh perspective.


    Its massive sedative power illuminates the mind and calms the body. If you’re looking for a trip with a heavy buzz, indulge yourself with this strain. The marijuana from Critical Mass autoflower seeds provides deep-seated sensations, so it's best not to plan any activities after consuming.


    Once you light up this cultivar, you notice subtle energies moving into your body to keep you steady and ready to unwind. You're likely to take flight soon after consuming the cannabis from auto Critical Mass seeds and land on clouds of serenity.


    As the sensations heighten, you may start to gravitate towards your bed yet still feel a mental buzz lingering. Don't fight the urge to rest; settle into your bed and embrace the refreshing motion journey you into slumber.


    Critical Mass autoflower offers a long-lasting sensation that’s more physical stimulation than cerebral arousal. It's excellent for hanging with friends, though, and getting into fascinating topics as your mind is free and fires up thoughts.


    Adverse effects may include dry mouth and irritable eyes, which you can combat by staying hydrated and using eye drops. Dizziness and paranoia are rare after smoking this strain but can arise with low tolerance users or those who over-indulge.


    What does the Critical Mass autoflower seeds smell like?


    The most dominant terpenes in Critical Mass autoflower are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, which induce refreshing relaxation and an energizing blend of sharp and sweet aromas.


    These cannabis buds release a gorgeous pungent aroma in their flowering stage. Contrasting fragrances such as; sweet, citrus, and pine combine to produce a delicious tropical smell. Unlike its Skunk #1 parent, Critical Mass strain doesn't have a 'skunky' aroma—rather a herbal and earthy scent.


    Opening a jar of these resinous nugs releases an irresistible fragrance of thick lemon smoke that opens up nasal pathways. Studies suggest that Auto Critical Mass seed's complex blend of terpenes may possess healing capabilities. Terpenes such as myrcene assist with relaxing the body and calming the mind.


    Pamper yourself with the marijuana from Critical Mass auto seeds and expect to feel a revitalized mindset after a few tokes of this aromatic cultivar. When smoking this cannabis strain, expect notes of citrus fruits to linger, making your tongue tingle for another toke.


    How to germinate Critical Mass autoflower seeds?


    Provide the best growth foundation for your Critical Mass autoflower by germinating them using our paper towel technique. We use an easy yet extremely effective method that anyone can successfully use to pop their marijuana seeds.


    Following our germination guide guarantees sprouting of seeds; if your cannabis seeds don’t pop, we’ll replace them. We advise that you document your process so we can easily assess your claim.


    Before you complete this quick and easy technique germinating your seeds, you’ll need the following items listed below:


    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - A bottle of purified water

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A ceramic plate

    - A bowl


    Once you’ve got everything on the list, grab your Critical Mass autoflower seeds and follow these steps below to start the germination process:


    - Pour the purified water into a ceramic bowl. (Tip: Add a few drops of our Germ Genie to enrich the solution with minerals.)


    - Place the two paper towel sheets in the bowl and allow them to soak in the water.


    - Gently squeeze the two paper towels, removing the excess water but ensuring the sheets stay moist.


    - Place a damp sheet of paper towel on the ceramic plate.


    - Use a pair of tweezers to place your Critical Mass autoflower seeds on the moist sheet.


    - You’ll need to space out each seedling about an inch apart, then cover them with the second piece of paper towel.


    - Place your germination setup in a dark and cool area, like a cupboard or closet, for 1–5 days.


    - Remember to check on your marijuana seeds every day and mist them regularly, ensuring they remain moist.


    - Transplant them into individual pot plants once you see white taproots emerging from your auto Critical Mass seeds.


    Critical Mass autoflower seeds grow guide


    Critical Mass autoflower is a powerful hybrid that delivers high yields of vigorous cannabis nugs. This cultivar version has additional ruderalis genetics, offering resilience against mold, mildew, pathogens, and varying climates.


    These autoflower marijuana seeds are easy to grow with only a couple of harvests under your belt and offer a quicker life cycle. This cultivar can thrive in outdoor or indoor gardens, and using organic soil as your growing medium enriches the flavor and aroma.


    Transplant your Critical Mass autoflower seeds into a six-gallon pot for best results. Using smaller size containers can stunt flower growth and cause root damage. You can use hydroponics to cultivate these cannabis seeds, which allows for finer quality.


    Fans are ideal for indoor setups as it improves air circulation and strengthens the Critical Mass autoflower. Indoor growers should maintain temperatures between 68–80 degrees Fahrenheit and keep humidity levels at 50%.


    Use a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule for your seedlings and as your plant enters the vegetation phase. During the flowering stage, leave the lights on for 18–24 hours. Expect harvest yields between 14–16 oz./m2 for indoor grow rooms.


    Auto Critical Mass seeds flourish in sunny Mediterranean climates and produce between 3–4.5 oz./plant outdoors. We suggest using coco coir to promote healthier root growth as it holds more nutrients and moisture. Coco coir is a sustainable substitute for soil, and it doesn’t attract insects and improves soil aeration.


    Ensure you add nutrients according to the growth stage and avoid overwatering your plant. Your marijuana seeds will start flowering between weeks 7–8. After 10–12 weeks, your cultivar should be fully matured and ready to start harvesting.


    What are the Critical Mass autoflower seeds strain genetics?


    Critical Mass autoflower combines two popular indica strains, Skunk #1 and Afghani. To create the autoflower version of this cannabis plant, breeders added Lowryder genetics to this popular strain. Lowryder is an early auto-flowering hybrid that shares the same flowering traits as ruderalis plants.


    These auto seeds produce 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics, making them a perfect evening strain. The autoflower Critical Mass retains all the amazing qualities from parent strains, and the level of CBD boosts its medicinal value. Skunk #1 offers its spicy blend of flavors and a calming buzz. Afghani provides potent effects that deliver deep relaxation and euphoria.


    Autoflower versions were introduced to cultivate crops faster, flower without a light schedule, and grow cannabis throughout the year.


    Wellness and Critical Mass autoflower seeds


    Critical Mass autoflower produces staggering levels of THC with a higher than average CBD level that’s found a place in the hearts of medicinal users. This weed strain has major therapeutic capabilities that may help with chronic stress.


    These indica-heavy flowers can help alleviate discomfort and tension from the body. Its intense sedating qualities radiate through for those in need of mental clarity and inspiration. Seasoned smokers and medicinal users report the CBD and THC from Critical Mass autoflower seeds may assist with several types of physical and mental ailments, such as;


    - Anxiety

    - Arthritis

    - Depression

    - Inflammation

    - Insomnia

    - Migraines

    - Muscle spasms 

    - Stress


    Alternatively, use this cannabis cultivar to produce oils and edibles that provide powerful muscle-relaxant and pain relief. Let’s not forget auto Critical Mass seeds have extraordinary tranquilizing properties that may help insomniacs and those with sleeping disorders. A few puffs of this cannabis, and you’ll be floating on the clouds and ready to hit the sack.


    Smoking marijuana buds can be a form of aromatherapy. Terpenes found in this cultivar may be associated with relaxation and improved airflow and respiratory functions. The most dominant terpene in Critical Mass autoflower seeds is myrcene, which is known to induce relaxation.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advised and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Critical Mass autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions.


    Has our Critical Mass autoflower review inspired you to cultivate these sensational cannabis seeds? You might have a few queries before purchasing a pack. Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about Critical Mass autoflower seeds.


    Where can I get free cannabis Critical Mass autoflower seeds?


    Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. We frequently run buy-one-get-one-free deals on all our high-quality marijuana seeds, including Critical Mass autoflower seeds.


    You can choose from the following BOGO deals on a variety of strains:


    - 4 pack: a total of 8 seeds from the strain of your choice

    - 8 pack: a total of 16 seeds from the strain of your choice

    - 12 mix pack: Get a total of 24 random seeds.

    - 24 mix pack: Get a total of 48 random seeds.


    We regularly rotate the cannabis seeds with these deals. Keep your eyes peeled on our site, and you might find what you never knew you needed. When the BOGO badge appears on the Critical Mass auto page, take advantage of doubling up on these seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Critical Mass autoflower seeds?


    Anyone can grow the auto Critical Mass autoflower with minimal effort and ease. However, we do recommend you have a harvest or two under your belt. Autos grow faster than other variants, and there’s no time to recover from rookie errors.


    Follow our germination guide and a growing guide to produce a potent harvest. Due to the strains' resistant and modified genes, plants can survive in many conditions and flourish in any grow medium. Ideal conditions for Critical Mass auto seeds are indoors, as its environment can be optimized to produce the best results.


    What is the Critical Mass autoflower flower time?


    Once your Critical Mass auto seeds reach the budding phase, it takes them roughly 8–9 weeks (56–63 days) to flower. It might be slightly quicker if you grow in hydroponics.


    How long do Critical Mass autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Auto Critical Mass seeds can take 1–5 days to germinate using the paper towel technique. It's the most effective method and an easy process that anyone can follow to pop marijuana seeds successfully.


    Keep your Critical Mass auto seeds damp during the germination process, but be careful as too much moisture can cause them to decay. We recommend utilizing our expert technique as your seeds are covered by our germination guarantee.


    If your seeds don’t sprout after you’ve followed our method, we’ll replace them for you, as promised.


    How long does it take Critical Mass autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    Critical Mass autoflower takes between 10–14 weeks before you need to harvest your beautiful densely-packed flowers. After germination, your crops need roughly 5 weeks for the seedling and veg stages before entering the flowering period for another 8–9 weeks.


    Grow medium: Critical Mass autoflower seeds hydro or soil


    Autoflower Critical Mass seeds yield potent buds in soil or hydroponics, and it's a matter of preference. You need to consider your skills, cultivation goals, and desires.


    Using soil as a substrate is easier to use and enhances the terpene profile of your cultivar, providing better fragrance and flavor. Experienced growers can utilize hydroponics to optimize space and control your plant's mineral intake to boost bud production. Hydro setups are pricer yet boost growth, nutrients, and heavier yields.


    What is the average Critical Mass autoflower seed height?


    Critical Mass auto seeds produce indica-heavy crops stretching between 3–4.5ft. These marijuana seeds grow into thick, bushy leaves that deliver massive dense buds. The compact bud growth of these plants makes them well-suited for cultivators with smaller gardens.


    Where can I find pictures of Critical Mass autoflower seeds marijuana?


    You can find a collection of pictures of the plants and buds these cannabis seeds produce on the Critical Mass Autoflower Homegrown Diary. There are images from each stage of this cannabis strain, a growing guide, and tips to produce a potent harvest.


    Alternatively, you can scroll to the top of this page to see crystal clear pictures of flowers from the auto Critical Mass seeds. Start your diary to track the progress of plants and your crops with others in our friendly community of growers.


    What’s the difference between autoflower seeds and feminized and regular variants?


    There are three versions of cannabis seeds to choose from, each having different qualities and results. Below, we provide information on these variants to help you select the best option for your garden:


    - Autoflower seeds: These seeds have been modified with ruderalis genetics, allowing marijuana plants to flower regardless of the light. Experienced cultivators can grow multiple crops all year and generate yields in half the time.


    - Feminized seeds: Altered genetics give these marijuana seeds the ability to germinate 99% female plants. They’re the best option for beginner cultivators or anyone wanting to produce generous harvests.


    - Regular seeds: This version has a 50% chance of developing into germinating female or male crops. Males are useful only to breeders, so remove them from your garden before ruining your harvest.


    We currently stock feminized and autoflower Critical mass seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    Where is the best place to buy Critical Mass autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Our online store provides premium quality Critical Mass autoflower seeds. We offer fast and discreet shipping of quality seeds across the USA, with secure and convenient payment methods. You also have access to a free online community of enthusiasts and cannabis cultivators.


    Are there any other names for Critical Mass autoflower seeds?


    There are no other names for Critical Mass autoflower seeds. You need to spell it accurately, as it shares a similar name to other cannabis names.


    Spelling errors


    Avoid these common errors when searching for Critical Mass auto seeds:


    - Critical moss

    - Critical Kush

    - Critical Haze 

    - Critical weed seeds

    - Critical cheese 

    - Super Critical

    - Critical 2.0


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