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Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Mind stimulation first
  • Lullaby magic brought on by 20% THC
  • Myrcene
  • Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds grow into a cultivar that combines the best of both legendary parents—exquisite, big buds, super rapid growth, and the benefits of an auto variant. These autoflower seeds give you cannabis plants that grow lightning fast and are ready to harvest in under nine weeks. The dense flowers and delicious fruity diesel flavor make this a truly invitin...Show more

    Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    40 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds grow into a cultivar that combines the best of both legendary parents—exquisite, big buds, super rapid growth, and the benefits of an auto variant. These autoflower seeds give you cannabis plants that grow lightning fast and are ready to harvest in under nine weeks. The dense flowers and delicious fruity diesel flavor make this a truly inviting strain. 


    Read on to learn more about how these buds flower without you changing light cycles and growing tips to get the most from your crops. With this guide, you’ll be reaping the rewards of bumper auto harvests in no time.


    What are Critical Fast Bud autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Want fast-growing cannabis with heavy, dense buds covered in shiny crystals? Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds take notes from their predecessors, offering speedy growth and delicious, big nugs. Critical is a legendary cultivar, renowned for being hard-hitting and fast-growing while also producing dense buds. Fast Bud is a descendant of the Diesel family, famous for the speed it grows at as well. 


    Combine these two variants, and you get Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds. 

    For an autoflower, this cultivar boasts big yields, grows quickly, and is a very robust plant that can tolerate less than ideal conditions. It has a moderate THC content of around 17–20% and a body high that even experienced users enjoy. 


    A nearby Critical Fast Bud autoflower plant alerts you to its presence with a strong, inviting smell of diesel fuel with a little hint of syrupy sweetness. Take up its invitation and enjoy the irresistible citrus-sweet, earthy kerosene taste of this delectable strain. Great to kick back with when you’re done for the day, or as a natural painkiller and sleep-aid, Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds grow into a cultivar not to be missed. 


    What are the Critical Fast Bud autoflower effects?


    Just like auto Critical Fast Bud seeds grow rapidly when planted, its buds take effect quickly when consumed. The indica power of Critical Fast Bud autoflower is undeniable. A real knockout bud with enough THC to keep your mind stimulated. 


    The first effects you feel are the uplifting thoughts and the cerebral buzz working its magic. Soon after, you notice that your body has become one with the sofa or wherever you’re sitting. Make the most of this stage because the eventual long sleep is inevitable.


    The next wave is the heavy body stone that slowly carries you off to bed. The lullaby magic sedates you and puts you at ease as you slowly drift off. Know that this cultivar doesn’t care if you’re actually in your bed or not! We recommend getting nice and comfy before starting a session on Critical Fast Bud autoflower—you’re not going to feel active after this bud.


    Fight the urge to doze off and keep your eyes open to be rewarded with a munchies party like no other. Ensure your snacks are well within reach because most people aren’t in the mood to get up and walk around after a dose of the buds from Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds.


    A common side-effect of cannabis consumption is cottonmouth. To sidestep that situation, drink plenty of fluids. Some users experience dry, irritated eyes—if this happens to you, a simple over-the-counter eye solution does the trick. Avoid further irritation from rubbing your eyes. 


    Take it easy if you’re a newbie or sensitive to THC as this bud packs quite the punch—start slowly, and there’s nothing to worry about. Pacing yourself reduces the risk of adverse side effects like paranoia or dizziness. Enjoy a hit of Critical Fast Bud and kiss goodbye to worries and tension before you enjoy a night of deep, relaxing sleep. 


    What does the Critical Fast Bud autoflower smell like?


    Thanks to the Diesel genetics in Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds, there’s a distinct jet-fuel aroma, and some notes of honey-like sweetness balance the scent. Light it up and fill the room with heavy smoke, full of kerosene, fruit, and syrup flavors. A quick look at the terpene profile gives you a better idea of the full flavor profile:


    - Myrcene: also found in hops, mango, and lemongrass.

    - Alpha & beta-pinene: easily compared with the smell of pine trees. 

    - Beta-caryophyllene: found in black pepper.

    - Limonene: naturally encountered in citrus leaves. 

    - Alpha phellandrene: fresh and minty.

    - Eucalyptol: also minty.

    - Alpha humulene: part of what produces the ‘hoppy’ smell in many beers.

    - Phytol: responsible for balsamic, grassy flavors. 

    - Valencene: obtained from Valencian oranges; sweet, citrus taste.

    - Borneo: camphor, earthy aroma.


    The smell the Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds’ plant produces could arouse suspicion. To keep your treasure safe, make sure to provide plenty of ventilation if you’re planting cannabis seeds indoors. Using a carbon filter can reduce the smell of any air leaving the grow space—we love the fragrance, but not everybody does. 


    How to germinate Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds


    Germinating your seeds is the best way to give them an excellent start in life. It ensures strong roots and a healthy plant. A common debate amongst the cannabis community is the best germination method. We prefer the ‘paper towel & plate’ method, and we offer our germination guarantee based on it. Document the germination process and let us know if seeds don’t sprout. We’ll send you replacements free of charge.


    The process is simple: 


    - First, prepare what you need: a plate, 2 paper kitchen towels, Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds, and distilled water. 

    - Take a clean plate and put a sheet of kitchen paper on top of it. 

    - Add some distilled water to make the towel wet but not soaked. 

    - Evenly place your auto Critical Fast Bud seeds on top, with at least an inch or so between each. 

    - Wet another sheet of kitchen towel and carefully lay it on top. 

    - Keep the plate and its contents somewhere dark and dry until all the marijuana seeds germinate—closets or cupboards are perfect. 

    - Keep an eye on the setup, and don’t let the kitchen towels dry out. 

    - 24–120 hours should be enough for all the Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds to sprout tiny taproots. 


    To give yourself the very best chance of success, always follow our germination guide.


    Critical Fast Bud autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Remember that with autoflower Critical Fast Bud seeds, the plants aren’t photo-sensitive—this means they don’t take their cue to flower from light-cycle. Autoflowers are genetically programmed to begin blooming after a certain time. The main thing to be aware of with autoflower marijuana seeds is that you can’t delay the plant's flower cycle. That means any oversights or issues in the germination or veg stage are very difficult to rectify later—this is why autoflower varieties don’t make great beginner plants. 


    Another consideration when growing Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds is the density of the buds when they start to flower. The tightly-packed flowers are excellent for your yield but open the plant up to the risk of mold—but don’t worry; you can easily avoid it. 


    Keep your grow area well ventilated and spot-check buds regularly to save yourself the hassle of mold. A careful inspection with the naked eye reveals any sign of trouble. Be on the lookout for a powdery residue—an indicator of mold. 


    Trichomes have a similar appearance but show up as shiny white crystals. Watch out for the difference, and you don’t need to fret over mold. When planting marijuana seeds outdoors, natural ventilation means mold is less of a problem. Give your plant a gentle shake after rainfall to remove droplets. Not much force is needed. 


    When grown in the Northern Hemisphere, Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds favor a Mediterranean climate—something dry, warm, and sunny. Reap your last harvest no later than end-October. The short grow cycle means you can plant more seeds later and enjoy multiple crops throughout the year. Give plants from Critical Fast Bud auto seeds a temperature between 75 and 80 °F and relative humidity of 55–60% to get the most from them. 


    Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds develop a single central cola. Topping early encourages your plant to produce more growth sites, improves light and air exposure, and results in bigger yields. Thanks to the stocky build of Critical Fast Bud autoflower, using Sea of Green (SOG) works wonders if you have multiple plants to increase canopy size. 


    What are the Critical Fast Bud autoflower strain genetics?


    Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds are the offspring of Critical Auto and Fast Bud (another autoflower). Let’s look further up the family tree to see what other genetics this plant possesses. Critical is the product of cross-breeding an Afghani landrace strain with heirloom Skunk cannabis seeds, intending to produce a fast-growing, heavy-yielding plant. An added benefit of the Afghani roots is that the resulting crops are particularly resilient. 


    Adding ruderalis genetics produces marijuana seeds whose plants flower automatically and don’t depend on light cycles—very handy if you want to save yourself the trouble. Diesel and ruderalis heritage provides us with Fast Bud autoflower—a cannabis plant famous for its speedy growth and strong telltale Diesel aroma. Combine the thick buds from Critical, the irresistible Diesel scent, the ruderalis autoflower, and the speed of both Critical and Fast Bud—you get Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds.


    Wellness and Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds


    Looking for a restful and refreshing night’s sleep? Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds’ buds can help you out. Users love this cultivar for its relaxing, sedative, and analgesic properties. It’s perfect for unwinding after a long day and to de-stress. It also makes a great companion for a plan-free, carefree weekend. 


    For medicinal users, Critical Fast Bud auto has a lot to offer. Anyone experiencing chronic pain or tension can benefit from the soothing effects of this cultivar. The pleasant thoughts that fill your mind after enjoying the buds from Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds make it great for people affected by depression or anxiety. Enjoy a modest dose to clear your mind. 


    Anyone who lives with muscle spasms, cramps, arthritis, or migraines can benefit from the herbal relief Critical Fast Bud autoflower offers its patients. The body stone gets to work quickly, providing much-needed relief from physical symptoms. 


    We wouldn’t recommend this bud if you want to remain active; experienced users may fall asleep within hours, and less experienced tokers may only have a few minutes until they drift off. It’s better to save it for later in the day or when you’ve got a free schedule.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Critical Fast Bud autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions people have before purchasing Critical Fast Bud autoflower cannabis seeds. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds?


    Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we’re big fans of freebies; that’s why we regularly run promotions on different strains. Check out our cheap cannabis seeds now and see what’s on offer. We regularly run BOGO deals to get your hands on a free bag of your favorite strain.


    Can a beginner grow Critical Fast Bud autoflower?


    We would never recommend an autoflower variety for a beginner grower because any mistakes early on are very difficult to rectify. In the context of an autoflower, however, Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds are a great choice for a first auto grow. Take away the autoflower properties, and the Afghani beginnings of this plant provide these marijuana seeds with the genetics to produce strong, sturdy plants. 


    What is the Critical Fast Bud autoflower flower time?


    The mother plant Fast Bud got its name from how fast it reaches the flowering stage. Plants in the Critical family are also speedy seeds and grow quicker than average. The resulting Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds produce very snappy flowering plants. The flowering cycle lasts between five and six weeks. 


    How long do Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    As with the vast majority of cannabis seeds, you should see taproots emerge within 120 hours from starting the germ process. Sometimes, it can be a lot faster than this, and you may see some movement within 24 hours. However, you should be patient and wait the full 120 hours.


    How long does it take Critical Fast Bud autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    You can take Critical Fast Bud auto seeds from germination to harvest in 8–9 weeks. The speed of this process makes Critical Fast Bud auto great for quickly replenishing a stash—or starting a new one. For commercial growers alike, this cultivar is second-to-none in terms of speed. Taking into account drying and curing, you could see ready-for-consumption buds around three months from germ. 


    Grow medium: Critical Fast Bud autoflower hydro or soil?


    Growing in organic soil always brings out the absolute maximum of those natural flavors. Loads of people love the classic Diesel and Critical aromas, so opt for soil if you value the taste. Auto Critical Fast Bud seeds grow superbly hydroponically, so if you have a hydro set-up at home, these guys will thrive. 


    What is the average Critical Fast Bud autoflower height?


    Usually, these plants don’t grow taller than five feet. Like its parent, Critical, Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds grow wider than taller, making it a perfect choice for home growers with low ceilings or if you have small cupboard space. For outdoor growers, the shorter nature of these plants means you can easily conceal your gardening from neighbors if you want to. 


    How do autoflower seeds differ from feminized and regular?


    Choosing autoflower seeds means that the plants begin to flower automatically. Regular cannabis seeds are photosensitive, meaning they won’t start flowering unless they have 12 hours of darkness—when summer ends. 


    Combining ruderalis genetics gives a plant the ability to flower by itself. Ruderalis genetics also create fast versions—cannabis plants that complete their life cycle much quicker than regular strains. Feminized seeds are produced to not grow into male plants. Males pollinate female plants and get in the way of yielding fat, juicy buds. Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds feature both autoflower and fast genetics. 


    Where can I find pictures of Critical Fast Bud autoflower marijuana?


    Look at the Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Homegrown Grow Diaries to see growers' photos and to get an idea of what to expect. When your seeds start to germ, why not start a Grow Diary of your own? It helps other community members to get a real look at what these cannabis seeds are capable of.


    Where is the best place to buy Critical Fast bud autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Always buy Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds from somewhere trustworthy and reliable. Check opinions from other buyers to see what they have to say. At Homegrown Cannabis Co. we offer delivery right to your door anywhere in the USA. We also use discreet packaging, meaning you can choose to keep your hobby private. We only stock marijuana seeds bred with the very best genetics, so you can always trust our products. 


    Are there any other names for Critical Fast Bud autoflower?


    Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds are the genetic result of Critical autoflower and Fast Bud. You may see this particular strain called Critical x Fast Bud autoflower or Critical Fast Auto. Fast Bud is sometimes called Fast Bud #1.


    Spelling errors

    The most common mistake when looking for this specific cannabis stems from confusing similar varieties. Remember that these are Critical Fast Bud autoflower seeds—that means it’s Critical autoflower and Fast Bud (autoflower too) combined. Strains with similar names include:


    Critical Fast VersionCritical Mass AutoflowerCritical Autoflower


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