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Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • A sweet surprise with great yields.
  • 20% THC delivers a deeply relaxing high.
  • Citrus and berries with a sweet earthy twist.
  • Cherry Pie feminized seeds produce some of the best smelling cannabis on the market. Break these dense nugs open, and your senses are seduced by a sweet pastry aroma that’s hard to forget. What’s even more amazing is the effects of Cherry Pie feminized weed. This marijuana strain manages to fit with any time of day, helping you accomplish any task. Need a pick-me-up in the morn...Show more

    Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Cherry Pie feminized seeds produce some of the best smelling cannabis on the market. Break these dense nugs open, and your senses are seduced by a sweet pastry aroma that’s hard to forget. What’s even more amazing is the effects of Cherry Pie feminized weed. This marijuana strain manages to fit with any time of day, helping you accomplish any task.


    Need a pick-me-up in the morning or a hand going to sleep at night? These 18% THC fueled buds have got your back. It’s no wonder why the Cherry Pie strain has become such a popular choice for growers searching our feminized category. Purchase your Cherry Pie feminized seeds to experience impressive yields and savor a slice of true cannabis perfection.


    What are Cherry Pie feminized cannabis seeds?


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds produce some of the most appetizing cannabis you’ll ever come across. As its name suggests, your tastebuds pick up an uncanny blueberry and cherry-flavored pastry treat. Its flowers offer subtle hints of citrus and an earthy profile that make its smell unique compared to other cannabis cultivars. 


    What’s even more incredible about Cherry Pie feminized weed is its ability to trigger two different highs. Small doses unlock an amazing energy boost and uplifting sensation, allowing users to start their day on the right foot. Consume larger amounts, and your body experiences a potent wave of relaxation, sticking you to the couch for hours.


    On average, cultivators can expect their feminized Cherry Pie cannabis seeds to mature into flowers containing between 16–18% THC. These buds also hold less than 2% CBD but provide medical marijuana users with a plethora of healing benefits. Medical patients commonly use this cultivar to assist with pain, insomnia, and depression. It’s also a fantastic way to renew your lust for food when your appetite is poor.


    Cherry Pie feminized weed has some serious bag appeal too. You’ll notice flakes of purple colors splashed on its green and amber flowers. A thick silver trichome frosting covers these nugs, giving them an almost moist look. The high resin production makes this strain a brilliant option for those looking to create cannabis concentrates. Cherry Pie feminized seeds owe their iconic genetics to two classic cannabis cultivars—Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple.


    This indica-dominant hybrid can thrive in most environments as long as you give it basic attention and feed it regularly. Beginners can easily raise Cherry Pie feminized seeds at home. When harvest time rolls around, you’ll have a satisfying bounty to enjoy with friends. These buds are meant to be savored and enjoyed slowly, allowing you to stretch its medium yield over a long period.


    What are the effects of Cherry Pie cannabis?


    The trick with Cherry Pie feminized weed is consuming the right amount to suit the occasion. One or two puffs in the morning awaken your spirit and body. You feel as if you’re ready to take on the world with your newfound energy and motivation.


    A powerful euphoria sends your mind soaring while still maintaining mental clarity. It’s during this period, you become increasingly happy and focused. Cherry Pie feminized buds also tend to enhance your creative juices, making it a favorite amongst artists.


    In smaller doses, you don’t need to worry about a couch lock. Instead, a thin blanket of calm drapes over your body, allowing you to stay active but relaxed. Consuming Cherry Pie feminized weed in larger quantities brings out the true indica nature of this strain.


    Within minutes, your limbs become heavy, and a powerful tranquilizing sensation takes hold of your body. The only thing you can do is find a comfortable spot and ponder the mysteries of life. Eventually, you can’t help but close your eyes and drift off to sleep.


    Remember to save your Cherry Pie feminized flowers for the evening if you intend on overindulging. Users with low tolerances can experience adverse effects such as dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia, so approach it with caution.


    Excessive amounts of Cherry Pie feminized weed can also bring about other side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes. You can avoid these discomforts by keeping a bottle of water and eye drops on hand.


    What does Cherry Pie weed smell like?


    There’s no mistaking the smell of Cherry Pie feminized weed. These buds release a delicious scent similar to the one you’ll find in a bakery shop. Taking a deep breath around these dense nugs leads the mind to think of blueberries and freshly made cherry pie. You can also pick up subtle earthy and citrus undertones.


    The fragrance of Cherry Pie feminized flowers is thanks to the unique assortment of aromatic terpenes. Myrcene is the most dominant of these natural compounds in the buds. You can also find this chemical present in mangos, hops, and lemongrass. It’s said that this specific terpene can help calm your senses, making the experience even more enjoyable.


    How to germinate Cherry Pie feminized seeds


    The first step to massive yields bursting with potency is correctly germinating your Cherry Pie feminized seeds. There are a few methods available to get the job done, each with its pros and cons.


    Some amateurs choose to plant their feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds directly into the soil. While considered a safe option, it can take up to ten days before signs of growth. There's also the chance that your cannabis seeds don’t sprout at all.


    We recommend following our germination guide for your Cherry Pie feminized seeds to see the best results. It’s commonly referred to as the wet towel method and offers results in five days. This technique is also easy on the wallet as all you’ll need are these household items: 


    - A plate

    - A bottle of purified water

    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - A pair of clean tweezers

    - Cannabis seeds


    Follow these steps to give your cannabis seeds the best head start:


    - Pour your bottle of water over the two sheets of paper towel, allowing them to soak for a few seconds.


    - Carefully compress both pieces, removing any excess water, but make sure to leave them moist.


    - Place one sheet on your plate, and then use your tweezers to place and spread out your marijuana seeds.


    - Avoid using your fingers directly, as the oil on your hands can hamper the progress of your cannabis seeds.


    - Take the second sheet of moist paper towel and cover everything. You can gently press down on the top to ensure your marijuana seeds are all snug.


    - Put your plate of cannabis seeds in a dark, dry spot, like a cupboard, and leave them there for five days.


    - Make sure to regularly check on your cannabis seeds and ensure they remain moist. If things look a bit dry, spray some more water over the paper towel sheets.


    - When your marijuana seeds display a tap root measuring a third of an inch, you can transplant them into your chosen growing medium.


    - Use clean tweezers to handle your sprouting cannabis seeds, placing them into holes half an inch in depth.


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds grow guide


    Feminized Cherry Pie cannabis seeds are a fabulous choice for beginner and veteran cultivators. These plants display the strength and resilience indica strains have become famous for, resisting temperature changes and strong wind.


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds grow into short plants rarely going over the five-foot mark. Instead, branches grow laterally, with dense clusters of leaves. You need to regularly prune the older leaves, allowing airflow and sunlight to penetrate the lower portions of your plants.


    You can raise feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds indoors or outside. We recommend opting for a grow tent as the controlled conditions allow for better results. Maintain a temperature inside your setup between 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels lower than 50%.


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds thrive in either soil or hydroponics, so the choice is up to you. Soil can enhance the flavor of your buds and your plant’s immune system. Hydroponics, on the other hand, tends to speed up the growth of your crops.


    It’s a good idea to utilize the Sea of Green method alongside your feminized Cherry Pie cannabis seeds.This technique helps to maximize smaller growing spaces and can boost overall yields. You’ll need to have at least four plants next to one another and keep to a strict 12 hour light schedule.


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds offer cultivators a flowering time of seven to nine weeks. After this stage, you can collect a harvest of up to 16 oz./m². Thanks to this cannabis cultivar’s genetics, you can expect vibrant purple colors to appear on its flowers as they reach maturity.


    If you decide to grow feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds outdoors, a Mediterranean climate will lead to the best results. You need to take extra care of your crops outside, as pests and moisture can lead to growth issues.


    A handy tip is to raise your plants in pots. This technique allows you to move your crops undercover during heavy thunderstorms. Plant your Cherry Pie feminized seeds in April if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, allowing them to make the most of the warm summer months. You can then harvest your cannabis plants in early October, netting around 14 ounces per plant.


    What are the genetics of feminized Cherry Pie seeds?


    The genetics of Cherry Pie feminized seeds is a reminder of what’s possible when you mix two vastly different classic cultivars. Breeders started with Grandaddy Purple, an indica heavy strain renowned for its calming capabilities. They then added the illustrious Durban Poison to the mix, resulting in a hybrid steeped in cannabis royalty.


    Cherry Pie feminized weed takes its berry scent and relaxing effects from Grandaddy Purple. It’s also because of this lineage that flowers gain a vibrant purple hue closer to maturity. As for Durban Poison, it hands down its award-winning effects capable of energizing the mind and body. It’s also responsible for the earthy musk that lingers in the background.


    Feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds contain 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics, but its effects come across far more balanced. The buds offer THC percentages ranging between 16–18%, while its CBD levels sit below 2%. Although Cherry Pie feminized weed has a low amount of CBD, it still provides users with a wealth of benefits.


    Wellness and Cherry Pie feminized seeds


    Marijuana is one of the most underrated healing herbs, and Cherry Pie feminized weed is no exception. This cannabis cultivar offers patients relief from various ailments affecting the body and mind. Plus, one can benefit from its buds any time of the day, depending on your dosage.


    In small amounts, you can utilize dry Cherry Pie feminized buds to combat fatigue and appetite loss. Patients having trouble concentrating can benefit from the mental focus induced after consuming this marijuana strain. Its uplifting qualities are also a fantastic way to rid your mind of negativity or self-doubt, making it an effective tool against depression.


    As an indica-dominant strain, Cherry Pie feminized weed offers anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, you can quickly remedy headaches, chronic pain, and cramps. Enjoying these buds after work can easily release any built-up tension or stress. 


    Consuming larger quantities of Cherry Pie feminized flowers can help anyone struggling to sleep. The best part is that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next day.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    It’s perfectly natural to have a few queries before you buy Cherry Pie feminized seeds online. To help with this decision, we’ve put together a list of the frequently asked questions about this cultivar.


    What variations of Cherry Pie cannabis are there?


    Like other types of cannabis strains, you can find three versions of this cultivar available, including Cherry Pie feminized seeds. These variations are:


    - Cherry Pie regular seeds: You can consider this pack of cannabis seeds the most natural, containing males and females. This pack is perfect for beginners and experienced breeders looking to create their own marijuana hybrids.


    - Cherry Pie feminized seeds: This version is the most popular as it contains curated genetics to ensure each seed produces a female plant. Without males, the headache of cross-pollination is removed, leaving only the possibility of huge yields.


    - Cherry Pie autoflower seeds: Experienced growers looking to get their hands on a harvest sooner can raise a batch of autoflower cannabis seeds. This version doesn’t require light to bloom, promising a yield in record time, no matter the weather.


    Where can I get free cannabis Cherry Pie feminized seeds?


    Acquiring a quality batch of Cherry Pie feminized seeds for free is highly unlikely. So unless you have a friend raising this strain at home, you’ll need to purchase them online. We understand that budgets can get tight. Check out our cheap cannabis seeds section for the latest deals and special prices on feminized Cherry Pie cannabis seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Cherry Pie feminized seeds?


    Growing Cherry Pie feminized seeds is straightforward, making it one of the best options for beginner cultivators. You need to feed your crops and trim the thick foliage regularly, but the odd mistake won’t affect the overall result. Plus, you can raise feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds indoors or outside, allowing all sorts of cultivators to birth this classic.


    What is the flowering time of Cherry Pie feminized seeds?


    Cherry Pie feminized seeds offer growers a flowering time of seven to nine weeks. It’s during this period that your cannabis plants begin producing fragrant flowers destined to become potent buds. At the end of the flowering stage, you can begin cutting branches and hanging them up to dry.


    How long do Cherry Pie feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It can take around five days for your feminized Cherry Pie cannabis seeds to germinate. We suggest following our germination guide for the best results, ensuring you get the most out of your marijuana seeds. Our technique is quick and easy to follow. It’s also budget-friendly, making it perfect for cultivators of all skill levels.


    How long does it take Cherry Pie feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?


    You have to wait up to six months after planting your Cherry Pie feminized seeds to reap their tantalizing bounty. Cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere must sow their seeds in April. You can then ready yourself for harvest in early October before colder weather arrives. 


    Should you grow Cherry Pie feminized seeds in hydro or soil?


    You can raise your feminized Cherry Pie marijuana seeds in soil or hydro and expect impressive results. Mineral-rich soil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your buds. It also helps to boost the immune system of your crops. If you want to increase your overall yield, using hydroponics to grow your Cherry Pie feminized seeds is the best choice.


    How tall do Cherry Pie feminized seeds grow?


    Due to the dominant indica genetics found in Cherry Pie feminized seeds, plants can grow to a maximum of five feet. This strain remains small in stature in compact environments, such as grow tents, focusing instead on lateral growth.


    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from Cherry Pie feminized seeds?


    You can visit the Cherry Pie Feminized Homegrown Diary to view pictures of this strain at every stage of its growth. We’re sent images of Cherry Pie feminized seeds by our loyal customers, allowing you to see the incredible plants this cultivar creates.


    Where is the best place to buy Cherry Pie feminized seeds in the USA?


    Locating a trusted source of quality Cherry Pie feminized seeds can get tricky since it’s a popular choice amongst cultivators. Luckily, Homegrown Cannabis Co has your back. You can buy Cherry Pie feminized seeds online from the convenience of your home. Plus, you can request discreet delivery, meaning disgruntled neighbors won’t have a clue.


    Are there any other names for Cherry Pie feminized seeds?


    Some fans of this delicious cannabis cultivar have come to refer to it as Cherry Kush. The nickname offers a clear insight into its indica traits but is far less catchy than the original. There could be less common names for Cherry Pie feminized seeds. To ensure you get the right strain from your selected seed bank, make sure to request it by its original name.


    Common spelling errors


    It’s not uncommon to come across the incorrect spelling of Cherry Pie feminized seeds. You may think its name is straightforward, but some people manage to misspell it. Some examples of these errors include:

    - Cherri Pie

    - Sherry Pie

    - Terry Pie

    - Cherry Pi


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