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Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 6
  • Beginner friendly AND tremendously strong!
  • 22% THC will have you smiling all the way to bed.
  • Berries and earthy aromas
  • Cement Shoes feminized seeds produce a top-shelf, indica-heavy hybrid with a legendary gene pool incorporating some of Canada and California's finest cultivars. On first hearing 'Cement Shoes,' it reminds you of classic gangster movies in which someone always gets thrown from the pier with cement tied to their feet. In this instance, it refers to good times and blissful, euphor...Show more

    Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    70 - 140
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Cement Shoes feminized seeds produce a top-shelf, indica-heavy hybrid with a legendary gene pool incorporating some of Canada and California's finest cultivars. On first hearing 'Cement Shoes,' it reminds you of classic gangster movies in which someone always gets thrown from the pier with cement tied to their feet. In this instance, it refers to good times and blissful, euphoric relaxation brought about by one of the cannabis industry's most potent and aromatic delights.


    Bursting with earthy, citrus, berry, and lemony notes, marijuana from these feminized seeds delivers a fruity cocktail of flavor with every toke. Packed with up to 24% THC, marijuana from feminized Cement Shoes seeds is notorious for rendering your entire body sluggishly serene, making couch-lock inevitable. The knockout potency isn't all there is to this cannabis cocktail. These tasty nugs contain a host of potential medical and therapeutic benefits. 


    The plants grown from fem Cement Shoes seeds develop large popcorn-shaped buds, densely covered in amber-colored pistils, riddled with a heavy layer of trichomes. Despite the imposing moniker, these plants make a great addition to every garden. Read on as we delve deeper into the excellent traits of Cement Shoes fem seeds.


    What are Cement Shoes feminized cannabis seeds?


    Cement Shoes feminized seeds produce a rare indica-heavy hybrid known for its storied genetic lineage and intense physical impact. As the offspring of some of the cannabis industry's most formidable strains, this cultivar is a high-quality specimen with an exceptional aroma and potency. It's only when you delve deeper into the less familiar, highly potent West Coast hybrids that you realize how special Cement Shoes' genetics are.


    Feminized Cement Shoes seeds, created from a cross between two iconic strains, are a promising hybrid deserving recognition as a premium cultivar. The buds from these cannabis seeds produce an acrid earthy fragrance similar to decaying wood with a hint of sweet lemon. As a pleasant surprise, a strong berry-like flavor joins the musty taste when you inhale the smoke. 


    Aptly named Cement Shoes, the cultivar's moniker indicates the heavy body stone this cannabis induces. While smoking this marijuana won't leave you ‘sleeping with the fishes,’ you can rest assured you won't be participating in any sports either.  Cannabis from Cement Shoes fem seeds renders your entire anatomy immobile while simultaneously providing you with endless cerebral stimulation, keeping your mind occupied.


    Apart from this cultivar's impressive recreational effects, many users claim it also has excellent medicinal properties, giving it the potential to deal with various ailments. For cultivators, the plants grown from fem Cement Shoes seeds are easy to manage as they have a short and bushy stature, seldom growing taller than 4.5 feet. Apart from being an ideal choice for first-time growers, these beautiful plants thrive indoors and outside, making them a worthy addition to every cultivator's arsenal.


    What are the effects of feminized Cement Shoes seeds?


    The uninitiated beware: this cultivar's moniker clearly indicates the effect you can expect from consuming this marijuana. Being a powerhouse strain, cannabis from Cement Shoes feminized seeds makes its presence known after taking only a few modest tokes. While the delicious, smooth smoke slides down your throat, this strain's cannabinoids are already hard at work inducing relaxation.


    As the chilled-out vibe courses through your entire body, it induces relaxation, wrapping you in a blanket of serenity. Cerebral stimulation swiftly follows, allowing you to abandon all mental baggage and stress through an unstoppable rush of uplifting euphoria, making it ideal for deep states of meditation.


    Due to this strain's profound impact, consumers often experience time displacement, as the spirit, mind, and body journey onwards to a new level of connection and meaning. Be warned: marijuana from feminized Cement Shoes seeds hits you hard with the munchies, so be sure to have plenty of snacks readily available.


    As the high progresses, a profound drowsiness sets in. Before long, you find yourself heeding the lulling call of the Sandman, gently drifting off to Lala land for a great night's sleep. Cannabis from these marijuana seeds is best for evening consumption or when you've completed all your daily tasks and have no other commitments. 


    Take note: It's essential to keep yourself hydrated when indulging in cannabis from Cement Shoes fem seeds. Consumption can cause mild disorientation, red eyes, and dry mouth. 


    What do the feminized Cement Shoes smell like?


    The deeply compelling and highly satisfactory flavor and aroma of cannabis from fem Cement Shoes seeds result from the strain's extensive terpene profile. The strain's top four terpenes are:


    - Caryophyllene

    - Limonene

    - Pinene

    - Myrcene


    Like all West Coast cultivars, marijuana from Cement Shoes fem seeds delivers a simultaneous complex sensory experience of opposing and complementary nuances. The aroma profile of cannabis from fem Cement Shoes seeds is reminiscent of dirt after rainfall but with a berry-like acidity and sweetness. These buds, when combusted, deliver an overwhelming earthy pungency with distinct notes of lemon, adding an irresistible zest to the hybrid's mustiness.


    Take note: According to many cultivators, there's a considerable difference in the aroma profile of Cement Shoes phenotypes. While the fragrance of some is closer to Animal cookies, others practically imitate the smell of the highly sought-after OG Kush.


    How to germinate Cement Shoes feminized seeds


    There are various cannabis seed germination techniques. While all of these methods come with advantages, disadvantages, and a certain level of success, they're not all suitable for first-time cultivators. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we believe that the key to the most favorable outcome is via the paper towel method. The paper towel approach is a straightforward, tried, and tested cannabis seed germination technique. It's highly effective and used by thousands of cultivators worldwide.


    Here's a rundown of this marijuana seed germination technique:


    - Collect the following items and keep them close by for easy access:

    - Your marijuana seeds

    - Paper towels

    - Tweezers

    - A dinner plate

    - Bottled water


    - Using the bottled water, wet two paper towels, squeeze out excess water, and place one on top of the dinner plate.


    - Gently pick up the cannabis seeds using the tweezers and place them about an inch apart on top.


    - Cover your cannabis seeds with the second paper towel and add more water if necessary.


    - Carefully lift both paper towels from the plate to check for pooling water underneath. If you find any, be sure to wipe it down.


    - Place the dinner plate containing your marijuana seeds in a moist, warm, dark space like a drawer or cupboard. Avoid disturbing them for the duration of the process.


    - Frequently check on your marijuana seeds to ensure they remain damp. They should develop a healthy taproot within 24–120 hours, making them ready for the next cultivation phase.


    Disclaimer: All Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s marijuana seeds come with a germination guarantee. However, this offer is subject to the cultivator using the paper towel approach as detailed in our germination guide. Implementing any other sprouting technique may nullify this agreement.


    Cement Shoes feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Fem Cement Shoes seeds' growth traits lean heavily toward its indica lineage. The strain is also naturally resilient to mold and pests, making it a fairly easy hybrid to cultivate. Plants grown from these cannabis seeds retain a medium-sized stature (roughly 4.5 feet tall) with bluey violet hues. These plants prefer to mature laterally, developing one crowning cola and many bud sites.


    Despite the dense foliage of plants grown from Cement Shoes feminized seeds, they're robust and efficient, easily carrying their own weight, eliminating the need to install support. These plants produce an insane amount of resin during the flowering period, covering the dense nugs in a thick coating of shimmering crystal trichomes. Experienced growers can further enhance bag appeal, bringing out the strain's vibrant colors by dropping their crops' night temperatures closer to the end of the flowering phase. 


    Grown indoors, cultivators can maximize their growing space and their crop's yield by implementing a sea of green (SOG) setup. Apart from optimal feeding and adequate temperature and humidity control, plants from feminized Cement Shoes seeds require only minimal TLC to thrive. After a flowering period of 60–70 days, indoor growers can expect a reward of 14–18 oz./㎡ of highly resinous nugs. Growing Cement Shoes fem seeds outdoors in a Mediterranean-like climate, cultivators can rely on harvesting up to 18 oz./plant of delicious cannabis by mid-October.


    What is the strain genetics of feminized Cement Shoes?


    Cement Shoes feminized seeds are a diverse cross between two legendary strains that boast a genetic lineage of epic proportions:


    - Animal Cookies x OG Kush = Cement Shoes


    As a result, this hybrid produces a unique aroma and excellent recreational effects. Being the feminized version of this strain, it's an easy-to-grow, high-yielding cultivar that takes sexing your crop out of the equation.


    Wellness and Cement Shoes feminized marijuana


    According to medical marijuana patients, cannabis from feminized Cement Shoes seeds contains outstanding mood modulation and anti-anxiety properties. When consumed, this fast-acting marijuana calms the mind, banishing all toxic emotions and thoughts. Simultaneously, the strain's calming influence travels throughout the entire body. The hybrid's immediate effects can be potentially helpful for treating:


    - Stress

    - Depression

    - Bipolar disorder

    - Anxiety

    - Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    - Panic attacks


    Marijuana from Cement Shoes fem seeds is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, giving it the potential to effectively deal with various chronic pains. These include:


    - Migraines

    - Muscle spasms

    - Arthritis

    - Fibromyalgia

    - Stiffness

    - Multiple sclerosis


    Patients report that marijuana from fem Cement Shoes seeds' munchies inducing effect is highly efficient in alleviating nausea and loss of appetite related to:


    - Specific conventional meds

    - Treatments for certain life-threatening diseases

    - AIDS/HIV

    - Various eating disorders


    They also claim that the strain's soothing effect can even knock out severe insomniacs.


    Take note: Excessive consumption of cannabis from Cement Shoes fem seeds may induce mild paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. To avoid these unpleasantries, start with a smaller dose and work your way up.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Cement Shoes feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Like the one on Cement Shoes feminized seeds, the intel in our product pages is as informative and accurate as possible. Some consumers always have a question, or two left unanswered. Here are some of the most frequently asked feminized Cement Shoes questions below. If you still have a question you can't find the answer to, please feel free to contact Homegrown Customer Support online.


    Where can I get free feminized Cement Shoes seeds?


    If you're looking for competitive prices on Cement Shoes fem seeds with regular BOGO (buy one get one free) deals thrown into the mix, you've come to the right seed bank. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we constantly strive toward being the best by offering our customers:


    - Cost-effective prices on a wide range of premium marijuana seeds.

    - Frequent two-for-one sales on all our high-quality cultivars.

    - Germination guaranteed seeds.

    - Discreet packaging and shipping to any destination across the USA.

    - A broad spectrum of marijuana cultivation tips, hints, tricks, and educational material.


    Can a beginner grow Cement Shoes feminized seeds?


    Yes, fem Cement Shoes seeds are a beginner-friendly strain. These marijuana seeds develop into small to medium-sized (28–55 inches tall), bushy yet sturdy plants. As the hybrid's feminized version, these seeds produce female-only plants, minimizing the grower's risk of accidental pollination. Plants from Cement Shoes feminized seeds are also naturally resilient to most marijuana pests, disease, and mold, making this hybrid ideal for first-time cultivators.


    What is the flowering time of feminized Cement Shoes marijuana?


    Cultivators growing feminized Cement Shoes seeds can rely on harvesting 14–18 oz./㎡ of highly resinous nugs after a flowering period of 60–70 days. When grown outdoors, plants from these cannabis seeds reward the grower with up to 18 oz./plant of deliciously potent marijuana by no later than mid-October.


    How long do Cement Shoes feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Cultivators can rely on their Cement Shoes fem seeds to sprout within 24–120 hours if they use the paper towel approach, as explained in our germination guide. Contact Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s customer support online to secure a replacement order if any cannabis seeds you bought from us didn't germinate after this time.


    How long does it take for feminized Cement Shoes to develop from seeds to harvest?


    The time it takes for fem Cement Shoes seeds to grow from seedling to harvest-ready depends on various factors, including:


    - Your preferred growing medium (hydro, organic soil, coco, etc.)

    - Whether you raise your crop indoors or outside

    - Which phenotype you're growing

    - The hybrid's flowering time

    - Whether you force your Cement Shoes feminized seeds to flower prematurely by reducing your crops' light exposure


    Your feminized Cement Shoes seeds can take anywhere from 4–7.5 months to complete their life cycle.


    Grow medium: Cement Shoes feminized hydro or soil?


    Due to the strain's natural resilience and small to medium stature, plants grown from Cement Shoes fem seeds do well in most environments. Regardless of whether you grow your plants in a controlled environment or outdoors, raising your crop in:


    - Organic soil boosts terpene production, ultimately enhancing the effects and aroma profile of the cannabis.


    - A hydroponics setup promotes healthy growth, increasing the quantity of the harvest and potency of the marijuana.


    What is the average height of feminized Cement shoe plants?


    Leaning heavily toward indica growth traits, plants grown from feminized Cement Shoes seeds tend to develop into robust, small to medium-sized specimens. Plants from these marijuana seeds grow to stand between 2.3 and 4.6 feet tall, making them ideal for stealth and indoor cultivation.


    Where can I find pictures of Cement Shoes feminized marijuana?


    We've included some fem Cement Shoes seeds, plant, and flower pictures on this product page. If those aren't enough to satisfy your appetite, there are many more images of this genetically superior strain on Homegrown Diaries. Homegrown Cannabis Co. designed this platform for marijuana growers worldwide to share:


    - Cannabis cultivation hints, tips, and tricks

    - Cultivation reports 

    - Their passion for growing marijuana

    - Loads of homegrown pictures


    Where is the best place to buy Cement Shoes feminized seeds in the USA?


    Even though Cement Shoes feminized seeds are a rare strain, you may be able to find them at state-licensed dispensaries in legal states. These outlets don't provide any guarantees and tend to be quite expensive and often poor quality. You also never know what you'll find unless you visit these shops in person. The safer, more convenient option is to buy your marijuana seeds from the best online seed bank around, Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    We offer our clients germination guaranteed cannabis seeds, competitive prices and frequently run BOGO deals on our premium cultivars. We also swiftly process all orders, packaging and shipping them discreetly to your preferred destination anywhere within USA borders.


    What's the difference between Cement shoes regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?


    Knowing how Cement Shoes feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds vary from one another can easily mean the difference between failure and successfully raising your crop. The primary differences you have to be aware of are:


    - Cement Shoes feminized seeds are a photoperiod cultivar that develops into female-only plants, eliminating the need to sex your crop and greatly reducing your risk for accidental pollination.


    - Cement Shoes regular seeds are natural photoperiod hybrid that develops into male and female plants, making them ideal for breeding purposes. 


    - Cement Shoes autoflower seeds contain ruderalis genetics making them non-photoperiod specimens. These plants typically have a shorter lifespan, and they also enter the flowering period due to age instead of reduced light exposure.


    Are there any other names for feminized Cement Shoes?


    Feminized Cement Shoes seeds currently have no known aliases. Although the moniker can be a bit imposing, it accurately describes this cultivar's sedative, physically numbing effect that always leads to a full-on couch lock. With an appropriate name such as Cement Shoes, there's no need for consumers to come up with a nickname. Use "Cement Shoes feminized seeds" for optimal results when you search online.


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