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Candyland Peyote Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Candyland Peyote Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 10
  • Heavy yields of get-up-and-go weed.
  • 22%THC makes for a perfect day-time smoke.
  • The pinene adds a crisp sharpness to the sweet berry flavors.
  • Candyland Peyote feminized has proven itself as the perfect choice for cultivators and veterans alike. The strain’s potent THC levels and sativa to indica ratio place it as one of the most in-demand cultivars on the market.If you’re a veteran smoker but a newbie when it comes to cultivating marijuana seeds, Candyland Peyote is the strain for you. Candyland Peyote feminized deli...Show more

    Candyland Peyote Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 650
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    80 - 120
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Candyland Peyote Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Candyland Peyote feminized has proven itself as the perfect choice for cultivators and veterans alike. The strain’s potent THC levels and sativa to indica ratio place it as one of the most in-demand cultivars on the market.
    If you’re a veteran smoker but a newbie when it comes to cultivating marijuana seeds, Candyland Peyote is the strain for you. Candyland Peyote feminized delivers a hard-hitting and long-lasting mind and body buzz, yet it's astonishingly easy to cultivate.
    These cannabis seeds are widely sought after for their plants’ high potency, luscious yields, flavorus fragrances, and excellent pain relief. Carry on reading to determine whether this sweet treat is your next best buy. 

    What are Candyland Peyote feminized seeds?

    What makes cannabis cultivators worldwide crave Candyland Peyote fem? This strain produces a mouthwatering cultivar and is one of our most in-demand selections of feminized seeds. The Candyland Peyote feminized strain is admired for its intricate aromas and flavors. Upon your first whiff, a fruity aroma charms your nostrils, and as you take your first toke, flavors of citrus, pine, and vanilla titillate your palate.
    By the crossing of Candyland and Peyote Purple, the delicious purple cultivar Candyland Peyote was born. Its high THC content ranging from 20 to 22%, also makes this strain a favorite among vets.
    The Candyland Peyote feminized’s indica genetics result in the ideal natural painkiller for various medical conditions. In addition, its indica-THC profile gives rise to sedative effects that soothe chronic pain.
    This hard-hitting hybrid also holds many therapeutic advantages, and within only a few tokes, it puts any feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety at ease. Those uninterested in the psychoactive side of cannabis should steer away from the strain—these purple buds do pack a punch.
    Candyland Peyote feminized buds are quite challenging to find in dispensaries, so it’s best to grow your own plants at home to secure a steady supply. Candyland Peyote’s cannabis seeds are very versatile, and therefore newbie cultivators can grow them without hassle in indoor and outdoor settings.
    This beginner-friendly strain is very forgiving to newbie blunders and will produce an all-female batch with an above-average yield in no time.

    What are Candyland Peyote feminized effects?

    The opportunity to buy Candyland Peyote strain seeds online is a dream come true for most marijuana enthusiasts, thanks to its insane potency. However, don’t let this strain’s mouthwatering fruity flavors deceive you; it contains up to 22% THC and is best consumed by those with a high tolerance.
    The Candyland Peyote feminized strain wastes no time getting to work; its potency is undeniable after your first toke. Its effects come dashing in, providing your mind with an uplifting boost that eases into a fulfilling state of euphoria. It feels similar to a sugar rush that takes over your body and mind.
    This cultivar bestows a wave of euphoria and upbeat moods—casting any stresses or worries away while filling your mind with clarity and focus. Soon after, a creative boost follows, awakening your artistic and productive side.
    Make the most of its motivation and creativity burst while you can: conjure that to-do list, get some work done, get out your paint and canvas, and let your creative juices flow! The combination of Candyland Peyote feminized’s uplifting energy and the need for expression is ideal for career fields or pastimes that require innovative ideas. 
    Despite the initial boost, this strain is quite balanced and won’t cause jitters or hyperactivity. After about two hours, the effects begin to subside, and its calming indica side may cause a slightly sluggish feel. The sedative feeling will take control of your body and mind, causing movements to feel more labored.
    Its relaxing indica properties also allow you to have focused and serene thoughts, making it the perfect strain to stay calm while watching a movie or during a meditation session. So if you’re in search of marijuana seeds that leave you in a calm, relaxed state, buy Candyland Peyote strain seeds online today.
    The mellow buzz is not drastic enough to make you immobilized, so it doesn’t leave you stuck in couch-lock or feeling severely drowsy. We advise you to reserve this cultivar for relaxed evenings when you have time to spare, rather than first thing in the morning as a wake and bake.
    Once the sedative effects come to an end, munchies kick in with full force, so make sure you have some snacks nearby. Smoke this strain before a meal and experience a thrill while satisfying your hunger.
    All cultivators should add the Candyland Peyote feminized seeds to their bucket list. Their plants’ uplifting effects boost your confidence and increase social skills. Remember not to overindulge (we know its delicious taste is hard to resist,) stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth, and enjoy the trip!

    What does the Candyland Peyote feminized smell like?

    Cannabis enthusiasts rave about Candyland Peyote’s complex aroma and flavors. Connoisseurs debate its scents for hours on end. As you crack open the purple bud, an aroma of sweet fruity berry awakens your senses. Followed by the sweetness is a luxurious hint of earthy pine, arousing your nostrils. 
    The elegant initial sweetness of this mouthwatering combination misconveys the powerful potency this strain holds. Setting Candyland Peyote feminized buds alight opens a Pandora's box of mesmerizing scents. 
    Fresh vanilla entangles itself around your palate, followed by wisps of creamy coffee smoke. Soon after, the scent of sour citrus appears. After some time of the smoke lingering in the air, heavy wood ash and smoldered nutty grapefruit hues charm your nostrils.
    This complex sensory treat is perceived slightly differently by each user, so it's best to make your own mind up, once you’ve taken a whiff of Candyland Peyote feminized.

    How to germinate Candyland Peyote feminized seeds

    Germination is possibly the most vital stage of a plant's life cycle. You can germinate most plant seeds by planting them directly into the soil. Cannabis seeds, on the other hand, are more delicate and require a little nudge in the right direction before planting.
    Give your Candyland Peyote feminized seeds the best possible start in life with our easy-to-follow germination guide. Our guide contains step-by-step instructions on the well-known paper towel method. Here are the simple materials you’ll need to get started:
    - Your marijuana seeds - A dinner plate- Paper towels- Purified water- Tweezers
    Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be able to plant your Peyote Candyland seeds feminized within 120 hours:
    - Moisten two paper towels and carefully ring out any excess water.
    - Place one of the wet paper towels onto your plate.
    - Place your cannabis seeds neatly onto the towel an inch apart.
    - Cover your marijuana seeds with the other paper towel.
    - Ensure there’s no free-standing water by lifting the paper towel and looking.
    - Put the plate in a warm dark place, such as in a cupboard or drawer.
    - Allow your marijuana seeds to sit for 24 to 120 hours, and make sure you keep them moist.
    - Once you spot a healthy taproot, your cannabis seeds are ready for planting.
    There are various methods to germinating marijuana seeds, each having its own success rate, advantages, and disadvantages. However, we advise following our method to ensure you achieve the best results. If, on the rare occurrence your Peyote Candyland seeds feminized don’t sprout, take a photo and send it to us; we’ll replace the seeds for you in no time! 

    Candyland Peyote feminized seeds grow guide

    Candyland Peyote is an indica-dominant strain, but it grows surprisingly like an Indica cultivar. Its short and stocky build has strong stems and branches that can withstand various training methods. It's a small plant, so it’ll stay discreet when grown outside and is ideal for growing in medium-sized tents.
    Keep your Candyland Peyote feminized cultivar well-pruned to stay clear of moisture buildup, which could cause mold and mildew. This strain flourishes in sunny Mediterranean climates with a relative humidity of around 50% and a comfortable temperature of about 70 to 80°F.
    Candyland Peyote can produce up to 23 ounces of purple buds per square meter in an indoor growing setup. It can produce a hefty 28 ounces per plant outdoors. If you're growing in the Northern Hemisphere, your buds will be ripe and ready to be picked by the end of October.
    After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, Candyland Peyote feminized buds are ready for harvest. Soon you'll be holding electric purple buds with a lavish coat of shimmering trichomes in the palm of your hands; how exciting! Visit Candyland Peyote feminized Homegrown Diary to learn more about growing this cultivar!

    What are the Candyland Peyote feminized strain genetics?

    This cultivar is an indica-dominant hybrid created from the combination of Peyote Purple cannabis seeds and the gold winner in the KushCon 2012, Candyland seeds. Peyote Purple provides Candyland Peyote with its vibrant purple buds and its soothing indica profile.
    Candyland Peyote has its Candyland parent to thank for its powerful potency. The Candyland Peyote feminized strain is an exceptionally potent Sativa-heavy cultivar loaded with a THC capacity of 20 to 22%.

    Wellness and Candyland Peyote feminized seeds

    Although its CBD levels are low at 0.7%, don't let this mislead you. Those who can manage Candyland Peyote feminized marijuana’s intense psychoactive THC levels reap the benefits of its medical wealth.
    The euphoric and energetic experience this cultivar brings, and how it wastes no time getting to work, is a great aid to the mind and the body. Its indica profile makes it the ideal strain for helping various health conditions. 
    The sedative effects are very effective at suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. Candyland Peyote feminized’s calming effects can be your secret weapon in the fight against insomnia. Allow this strain to send you off to dreamland and rid you of your sleepless nights.
    Patients who use this strain for medical purposes rave about its efficacy as a natural painkiller. As a result, this cultivar is highly efficient at suppressing menstrual cramps, multiple sclerosis, back pain, arthritis, migraines, muscle aches, and even Crohn’s disease.
    Candyland Peyote feminized’s anxiolytic properties make it an excellent choice for treating stress and mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, paranoia, stress, anxiety, and depression. 
    Due to this cultivar’s high THC concentration, we advise that you take it slow when consuming it for the first time. Even veteran tokers can find themselves in an unfavorable situation when not consuming it with care.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advised and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Candyland Peyote feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we have all the answers to your Candyland Peyote feminized seeds queries. We’ve composed the most commonly asked questions in one spot, making your growing as easy as taking candy from a baby.

    Where can I get free cannabis Candyland Peyote feminized seeds?

    With their delicious fruity flavors and luscious yields, these widely sought-after seeds are usually not given for free. We do however have cheap cannabis seeds and a "Buy One Get One Free" (BOGO) deal, which could be your chance to get your hands on a free bunch of these cannabis seeds. 
    The strains rotate but you could get lucky—just check back regularly. Buy Candyland Peyote seeds online from a trustworthy dispensary like Homegrown. Trust us, Candyland Peyote seeds are worth the investment and won’t disappoint!

    Can a beginner grow Candyland Peyote feminized?

    Yes, they can! Candyland Peyote is the ideal strain for newbies to start their growing journey with. As mentioned above, this easy-to-grow strain is very forgiving when it comes to mistakes made by new growers. Now get your hands dirty and plant some Peyote Candyland seeds feminized .

    What is the Candyland Peyote feminized flower time?

    Once you notice your buds have turned purple and are covered in heavy trichomes, you’ll know it’s time to harvest. Within 8–10 weeks, you’ll be able to indulge in her berry earthy goodness. However, you can wait it out and harvest at 9–10 weeks to maximize your plant’s potency.

    How long do Candyland Peyote feminized seeds take to germinate?

    If you follow our helpful germination guide, your seeds will sprout within 24-120 hours. Once your Candyland Peyote feminized seeds have sprouted and you’ll notice a healthy taproot emerging, then you’ll know it’s time to plant. Within about a week, your seed will begin to sprout from the soil.

    How long does it take Candyland Peyote feminized from seeds to harvest?

    Candyland Peyote’s flowering time is about 8–10 weeks, but it all depends on your preferred ripeness. Practice your patience by adding an extra week or two on for vegetation, and you’ll have a maximum of 11–12 weeks.

    Grow medium: Candyland Peyote feminized hydro or soil?

    Candyland Peyote feminized seeds grow into healthy adult plants in both a hydroponic setup or in soil. If you want to raise your sights, hydro gives you the best results. Veteran cultivators who want to achieve even better results can make the most of this strain using the Sea of Green technique.

    What is the average Candyland Peyote feminized height?

    Peyote Candyland seeds feminized grow strong stems and branches that don't need any external support. This cultivar reaches a medium height of around 80 to 120 centimeters, making it ideal for medium-sized growing tents or staying discreet in your garden.

    Where can I find pictures of Candyland Peyote feminized marijuana?

    Since Candyland Peyote feminized is adored by cultivators worldwide, the internet is filled with pictures of its beauty. Our website, however, provides you high-quality images of thriving Candyland Peyote feminized seeds posted by our proud customers. Witness first-hand what you can expect when purchasing our high-quality marijuana seeds.

    Where is the best place to buy Candyland Peyote feminized seeds in the USA?

    Seeing as Candyland Peyote feminized seeds are popular among marijuana enthusiasts, you’re able to purchase them from most of your local seed banks. You can skip any inconveniences and buy Candyland Peyote strain seeds online with a click of a button from us.

    Are there any other names for Candyland Peyote feminized?

    Candyland Peyote’s name speaks for itself and doesn't need any nicknames to describe its sweet mouthwatering flavors and borderline psychedelic, potent nature. Its name obviously originates from its parents Candyland and Peyote Purple, forming the perfect combination name, Candyland Peyote.

    What's the difference between the regular, autoflowering and feminized Candyland Peyote seeds?

    Unlike Candyland Peyote feminized cannabis plants, Candyland Peyote auto blooms regardless of light schedule and can be harvested all year round. It does have lower THC levels, though. Candyland Peyote regular seeds produce both female and male cannabis plants, perfect for pheno-hunters looking to create their own strain.
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Candyland Peyote feminized pics and any Candyland Peyote feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Candyland Peyote feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!
    If you want to stock, buy bulk Candyland Peyote feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Candyland Peyote feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.
    We're not just an American cannabis seed company—we are an American cannabis brand.


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