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Candy Punch Regular Cannabis Seeds

Candy Punch Regular Cannabis Seeds

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  • Sweet
  • Lift your spirits with a breezy 19% THC.
  • High levels of caryophyllene really rainbow the flavors.
  • Candy Punch regular seeds produce a knockout sativa strain with award-winning genetics. This hybrid variety has an incredible flavor profile well suited to those with a sweet tooth. The punchy effects are a hit with users who want to sidestep drowsiness too. While boasting elevated THC levels with mountainous yields, these regular seeds are scarce and notoriously hard to get ho...Show more

    Candy Punch Regular Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 70
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Candy Punch Regular Cannabis Seeds

    Candy Punch regular seeds produce a knockout sativa strain with award-winning genetics. This hybrid variety has an incredible flavor profile well suited to those with a sweet tooth. The punchy effects are a hit with users who want to sidestep drowsiness too.


    While boasting elevated THC levels with mountainous yields, these regular seeds are scarce and notoriously hard to get hold of. Blame could lie with their widespread popularity, but Homegrown Cannabis Co. still stocks these energizing, uplifting kernels.


    Whether you’re a breeder looking to create sativa-dominant offshoots, or a bud-producer looking for bounteous harvests, Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds tick both boxes.


    Read on to learn more about this mysterious breed. We present you with all the facts and figures to make an educated decision on this supersweet cultivar and its various benefits. Let’s get stuck in.


    What are Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds?


    Candy Punch regular seeds combine a legendary Cannabis Cup winner and an African landrace. The result is a massively energetic, sativa-heavy strain that produces heavy yields. 


    This candied cultivar has medium to heavy THC levels and an incredibly aromatic, saccharine taste. 


    Effects are intense, long-lasting, and motivational, elevating energy levels and providing creative inspiration. Medicinal marijuana users also report relief with weed grown with Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds.


    Unlike their feminized counterparts, regular seeds offer the precious opportunity to start breeding cultivars of your own. You could even secure a sturdy mother plant you can clone for ages.


    What are the Candy Punch regular seeds effects?


    The mostly sativa cultivar packs a pretty punch with 15–18% THC levels. An almost immediate euphoria envelops the user, making feelings of anxiety a thing of the past. Happiness and contentment replace that uneasiness and alleviate stress, too.


    Soon after the first hit, the effects of weed grown with Candy Punch regular seeds offer a profound mental surge. It engages and revives, improving mood and elevating social interactions with philosophical conversations.


    It also powers creativity—helpful for artistic types who may need focus. It’s also beneficial for students or workers who need that extra edge to meet deadlines. 


    Users have long claimed sativa-dominant strains impart a powerful mental positivity. The cannabis produced from these Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds also provides a healthy physical kick. 


    Many tokers register this strain as a legitimate ‘wake-and-bake’ wonder. The mental buzz carries over to the body, energizing daytime consumers who won’t soon find their way to a couch.


    The up-and-at-'em reaction of weed grown with regular Candy Punch seeds is balanced with tranquility. This marijuana is long-lasting and potent, so getting to the calm stage takes time. When it does, relaxation levels peak.


    This isn’t the kind of strain to consume before bed. The incredible flavor can also make overuse a common problem. While THC levels are shy of 20%, don’t be fooled—you could be inviting some mild side effects if you’re not careful. 


    What does the Candy Punch regular smell like?


    Candy Punch regular seeds produce marijuana with a unique flavor profile. This uncommon cultivar is famously fruity with the smell of berries, combined with some lemony sourness.


    This powerful, stimulating strain also features earthy, herbal, and floral notes explaining its Kush background. Its abundant sweetness carries through combustion. The unique sugary taste on the inhale makes weed grown with Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds exceedingly more-ish. 


    How to germinate Candy Punch regular seeds


    Germination of your Candy Punch regular seeds is the spark of cannabis cultivation. If your seeds don’t pop, your efforts stall before they get off the ground.


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has decades of experience in the field and now guarantees any of our seeds that don’t pop. Provided you follow the below method.


    You’ll need:


    - Two matching dinner plates

    - Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds

    - Two paper towels

    - Purified or bottled water (a spray nozzle is ideal)

    - Tweezers




    - Take one of the paper towels and wet it with the purified water. Squeeze out the excess—it should be damp, not soaked. Lay the paper towel on a dinner plate.


    - Use the tweezers to place the regular Candy Punch seeds on the moist paper towel. Leave an inch of space between the seeds.


    - Wet the second paper towel, again removing the excess, and cover the seeds with it. Gently peel back the towels to check there’s no standing water on the plate.


    - Take the second plate and invert it. Match the rim to the first, enclosing the sprouting medium. The plates should match well, as stray light can compromise germination.


    - Place the plates in a warm, humid, and dark place. A cupboard or drawer works well. Be prepared to check them regularly.


    - Your Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds should pop within 24–120 hours (1–5 days). - Document your progress in photos or video to back up your claims.


    If you’re unsure of any part of this ‘paper towel’ method, check out our germination guide. It shows how progress should look with pictures. 


    Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds grow guide


    Regular Candy Punch seeds grow well indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse. Regular seeds result in an even split of male and female plants. Breeders love regular seeds because they can engineer new strains through cross-pollination.


    Indoor growers should keep temperatures at 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit in the seedling stage. Relative humidity (RH) should also be high: 70–80% is optimal. The plants show their sativa heritage with bright green, slim-fingered leaves and a dominant main cola.


    During the vegetative phase, lower the temperature slightly to 67–78⁰ F. Overnight temps can safely be reduced by 10–15 degrees. Taper the RH down to 40% as your crop progresses to the flowering stage.


    The Screen of Green (ScrOG) growing technique boosts yields substantially. Scrogging can be helpful for crops grown from Candy Punch regular seeds. These plants have slender branches, and the added support prevents breakage.


    Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds are photoperiod, which means they follow the seasons or amount of light they receive. To prompt the flowering phase, indoor growers must change the lighting schedule to 12/12.


    Within two weeks of this switch, bud growers must determine the sex of the plants produced with Candy Punch regular seeds. When the pre-flowers appear, remove all males if you’re after smokable buds—or fertilized females switch from bud building to creating seeds. 


    Crops grown with Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds need 55–60 days of flowering to finalize the harvest. Indoor output can reach an impressive 16–21 ounces per square meter in optimum conditions.


    Outdoors, this hybrid requires sunny, dry conditions typical of continental, Mediterranean, or temperate climates. Avoid windy spots, and remember that high rainfall can be problematic.


    The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, and photoperiod plants respond to shrinking daylight hours by entering bloom. 


    Candy Punch regular seeds respond within a fortnight. When the pre-flowers appear, you must weed out all males if you’re hoping for valuable sensimilla (seedless) buds. 


    The outdoor harvest season should arrive in mid to late October. The enormous main colas dwarf the rest of the structure. Cultivators can expect a generous crop of up to 21 ounces of rare, uplifting bud per plant.


    What are the Candy Punch regular strain’s genetics?


    Candy Punch regular seeds are a blend of a landrace African strain and 1997 Cannabis Cup-winning Great White Shark (aka The Peacemaker or White Shark). The limited-edition combination is a sativa super strain that’s notoriously hard to get your hands on. 


    Great White Shark is a three-way blend of south Indian sativa, south American sativa, and the pungent, legendary hybrid Super Skunk. The heavily-sativa dominant result won awards and a legion of admirers in the late ’90s for its uplifting effects.


    Super Skunk is the indica-dominant cultivar that aimed to improve upon the most famous of all strains—Skunk #1. The double-dipping of Afghani genes translates to greater potency, yields, and even the intense flavor it’s named for.


    Wellness and Candy Punch regular seeds


    A sativa-strong superstar, Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds produce a profoundly cerebral hybrid. The mental stimulation counteracts fatigue, and users report help in treating stress, anxiety, and depression.


    Others note this strain offers assistance in dealing with chronic or acute pain. They detail using weed grown with Candy Punch regular seeds for back or neck pain and headaches, including migraines.


    Anti-inflammatory potential also exists. Some Candy Punch connoisseurs link it to improvements in arthritic ailments and stiff joints. Others even claim it can aid in treating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds are surprisingly scarce. The candied name has potential growers visualizing sweet lollipop colas, and they’re not far off. We answer a few of the most popular questions below. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Candy Punch regular seeds?


    Unless a friend donates a few of these spectacular regular Candy Punch seeds, you’re likely to part with some hard-earned cash. There are ways to reduce the cost, though.


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a broad range of epic strains, and we often update and expand our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offers. Keep an eye out for new deals, and you may get lucky.


    We present an extensive list on our cheap seeds page, offering bargains on various strains. Check back regularly, and you may snag the deal of a lifetime. The quality never dips, and our germination guarantee remains.


    Can a beginner grow Candy Punch regular?


    Yes, they can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. With regular seeds, germination results in an equal split between male and female seedlings. If you’re learning the ropes, this marks an excellent opportunity to educate yourself on what pre-flowers look like. 


    You’ll need to differentiate between the sexes with regular Candy Punch seeds. Although it’s possible, sexing without experience is tricky, and errors can be costly. 


    We suggest first-timers attempt feminized strains to garner success if you’re aiming for a generous crop of cannabis buds.


    What is the Candy Punch regular flower time?


    Regular Candy Punch seeds produce cannabis plants that sprint through the flowering phase in around eight weeks (55–60 days). Check your trichomes with a magnifying glass to assess when your generous harvest is ready. 


    The clear little outgrowths contain vital cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The trichomes ward off most animals with their strong aroma. When the sticky glands morph to a white or milky color, they reach peak THC content. 


    Harvest when more than 50% of these trichomes turn cloudy. If you wait longer, they turn amber which suggests declining THC levels. The older THC degrades into cannabinol, another cannabinoid useful as a sleep enhancer.


    How long do Candy Punch regular seeds take to germinate?


    Most cannabis seeds take 24–120 hours to sprout the life-giving white taproot. If your Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds haven’t popped within five days, gather your documentation and immediately send it off to us for our germination guarantee. 


    How long does it take Candy Punch regular from seeds to harvest?


    Candy Punch regular seeds can go from germination through flowering in 13 weeks. Outdoors, cannabis seeds can take up to 27 weeks to conclude the four phases. 


    In suitable environmental conditions, outdoor farmers can plant their seedlings in spring. After March 20th, the days get longer, and plants enjoy an extended vegetative growth step—translating to bigger plants and higher yields.


    - Germination: 1–5 days

    - Seedling stage: 2–3 weeks

    - Vegetative stage: 3–15 weeks

    - Flowering stage: 8–9 weeks

    - Total: 13–27 weeks


    Grow medium for Candy Punch regular: hydro or soil?


    Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds grow successfully in hydroponic operations and organic soil. Both mediums provide various positives and negatives.


    Hydroponic setups grow faster and result in bigger, higher-quality yields. It’s a more sterile environment which reduces problems with pests. It makes more efficient use of water and nutrients in the long run.


    Conversely, hydro is quite expensive to get started, and getting the nutrient balance right takes skill and experience. Power costs can be high, and any power cuts could ruin your crop.


    Organic soil mediums are cheap, natural, and sustainable. Soil is also available everywhere. Importantly, soil accentuates regular Candy Punch seeds' flavor profile and terpene production. Most growers already have some experience growing in soil, and it’s easy to use.


    On the other hand, soil attracts pests, and crops are prone to disease. Slower growth also means lower yields. The important thing is to choose what works best for you.


    What is the average Candy Punch regular height?


    Regular Candy Punch seeds usually produce short plants, especially with restricted vegetative stages. Unusually short for a sativa-strong hybrid, these plants max out at just over two feet tall. They rarely reach above three feet indoors.


    Outdoors and with a much longer vegetative phase, plants can double in size. Some growers report plants shooting up to around five feet. Despite their usually diminutive stature, these plants produce hefty yields of the sweetest sativa you’re likely to taste.


    Where can I find pictures of Candy Punch regular marijuana?


    There are pictures of cannabis grown with Candy Punch regular seeds right here on this page. Look up or down to catch an eyeful of this sadly rare cultivar. We present a few high-quality images of the growing plant with close-ups of the flowers. 


    You’ll be able to spot the crystalline coat on the lime green buds. Don’t miss out on images of the dried and cured light green end-product with swirls of orange pistils.


    If you’re still not convinced, head over to Candy Punch Regular Homegrown Diaries. Your peers from around the world upload weekly progress updates with pictures of their cultivation experiences. Follow their chronicles, from seedlings to flowering and beyond.


    How do Candy Punch regular seeds differ from other variants?


    Candy Punch regular cannabis seeds produce male or female plants at a 50-50 ratio. Breeders produce males for cross-pollination purposes. For them, regular seeds are indispensable. Growers can also use regular seeds to produce buds, but they need to remove the males.


    Feminized seeds are genetically modified only to grow female plants, making them attractive to growers hoping to maximize seedless bud production. They also move through the growth phases depending on how much light they receive.


    Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the new kids on the block. Breeders mix ruderalis genes with high-THC (or CBD) sativa, indica, or hybrid feminized varieties. 


    Where is the best place to buy Candy Punch regular seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy Candy Punch regular seeds online is from an experienced and trusted source like Homegrown Cannabis Co. We have over 500 epic strains to choose from, including this sweet, fruity, high-THC cultivar.


    We deliver nationwide in a matter of days, so order your regular Candy Punch seeds now and grow your own punchy, candy-sweet crop. 


    Are there any other names for Candy Punch regular?


    While Candy Punch regular marijuana seeds are well-known, they’re rare. We didn’t find any aliases for this honeyed, top-shelf sativa cultivar.


    Spelling errors


    Don’t let inaccurate searches delay your pursuit of Candy Punch regular seeds.


    We found the following mistakes in our research:


    - Kandy Punch regular seeds

    - Candee Punch regular seeds

    - Candi Punch regular seeds


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