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Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 80
  • BIG flavors
  • 17% THC for lasting effects!
  • The myrcene makes it spicy
  • An all-time favorite, Blue Widow is much loved for its rousing aroma and wonderful head to toe benefits. Although slightly Indica-dominant, this offspring of two A-listers offers very well-balanced effects. Its mentally uplifting buzz comes from White Widow, while Blueberry brings its relaxing touch.Cultivating Blue Widow feminized seeds is an enjoyable experience. The deliciou...Show more

    Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    An all-time favorite, Blue Widow is much loved for its rousing aroma and wonderful head to toe benefits.

    Although slightly Indica-dominant, this offspring of two A-listers offers very well-balanced effects. Its mentally uplifting buzz comes from White Widow, while Blueberry brings its relaxing touch.

    Cultivating Blue Widow feminized seeds is an enjoyable experience. The delicious resin-covered buds make for a bountiful harvest, and the fruity delight will have you buzzing with euphoria. 

    What are Blue Widow feminized cannabis seeds? 

    Blue Widow feminized seeds produce an all-female crop. The strain is a hybrid that leans slightly more towards indica. It's packed with THC, and the range typically varies from 12–17%. The CBD content is around 0.3%, and the plant grows quite tall.

    The appearance of this cannabis variant is quite attractive. The buds are bright green with fine orange hairs and a hint of blue or purple. The trichomes that cover these nugs are ideal for making hash. If the appearance doesn't lure you in, the aroma is likely to do the trick. The earthy and fruity smells are quite tempting.

    Feminized Blue Widow has pleasant flavors and enjoyable effects. Many tokers also report that it offers several health benefits.

    Maintaining Blue Widow feminized crops is also fairly straightforward. The plants are quite resistant to most pathogens and don't attract pests that are common for most weed variants.

    The strain is best enjoyed in the early evening after all taxing tasks are complete and you want to give your body and mind a relaxing, joyful treat. Many tokers use this fruity strain in their baked treats. Blue Widow Feminized is enjoyable in many forms. 

    The main reason it's perfect for cooking into edibles is its delicious flavors. It adds a unique subtle fruitiness to desserts without overwhelming the taste buds. 

    Feminized Blue Widow seeds are the result of blending two legendary strains. Its impressive lineage is probably why the hybrid finds favor with tokers and growers alike. The cannabis variant has also accumulated several accolades. In 2013, in Canada, the strain claimed third place at the Treating Yourself Expo Cannabis Cup. 

    Two years later, in 2015, it nabbed first prize at the Copa Cannabis Cup in Uruguay in The Best Outdoor category. 

    What are Blue Widow feminized seeds effects?

    Even though the feminized Blue Widow leans more towards indica, the strain is well-balanced. After the first couple of tokes, you'll feel calm and peaceful. Within a few minutes, the effects start intensifying, and you begin oozing positivity. 

    At first, Blue Widow feminized hits you cerebrally, easing your mind without causing complete brain fog or haziness. You still retain mental clarity. For some, the uplifting sensation leaves them motivated to complete creative tasks, while others feel light-headed and giggly. 

    It may also be great as a Saturday afternoon pick-me-up. Light up some Blue Widow before finishing up your weekend chores. It will make the job feel less tedious. The effects differ from one individual to the next but euphoria and relaxation are a common thread among most Blue Widow feminized tokers. 

    The strain is great for those with experience or newcomers to the 420 scene. The high is rather mellow and subtle, causing you to feel soothed and warm. The effects of the Blue Widow feminized strain are long-lasting. You'll feel completely relaxed, but it won't leave you couch-locked and heavy like other indica-dominant options. 

    What does the Blue Widow feminized cannabis smell like? 

    Blue Widow feminized seeds yield resinous buds that give off strong pleasant aromas even before you harvest them. When the buds are still attached to the plant, they give off earthy and pine-like smells. There's also a hint of fruitiness. 

    Once you crush the buds, these aromas intensify, and you can detect some citrus. Once you light it, the smells become complex and sweeter. 

    The citrus, berry, earth, and spice fuse together to create a blissful blend of fragrances. These translate into the flavor. Blue Widow feminized is mostly sweet, with the taste of fruit being dominant. The spicy and earthy notes are subtle compared to the blueberry and citrus flavors that linger in your mouth after each toke. 

    How to germinate Blue Widow feminized strain seeds

    Blue Widow feminized seeds are fairly straightforward to cultivate once you get past the initial germination phase. However, cultivating these cannabis seeds is best suited to intermediate and experienced growers. If you want to give your feminized Blue Widow seeds an enhanced shot of thriving, we recommend this Homegrown germination method. 

    Before you start, you should gather all the items you'll require. You'll need the following objects when preparing to germinate Blue Widow feminized seeds: 

    - Two dinner plates 

    - Two paper towels 

    - Blue Widow seeds feminized 

    - Bowl with water 

    - Spray bottle (optional) 

    - Tweezer 

    Start the process by wetting one of the paper towels in the bowl of water and wringing out any excess. Be careful not to rip it. You can opt to use bottled or purified water according to your preference. 

    Whichever you select won't severely impact the germination outcome. First, lay the wet paper towel flat on the surface of one of the dinner plates and ensure that there isn't any additional moisture below it. 

    Then, take your Blue Widow feminized seeds and place them on the paper towel. Make sure that you space your marijuana seeds approximately one inch apart from each other using a tweezer. 

    Repeat the moistening process with the second paper towel by wetting it and wringing out any extra water. Finally, cover the feminized Blue Widow seeds with it. 

    Double-check that there's no excess water, and dry any unwanted moisture. Cover the whole setup with a second dinner plate and place it in a warm and dry environment. 

    The ideal temperature range for seed germination is 70–77℉. The feminized Blue Widow seeds can take between one to five days to germinate. Remember to keep them moist during this time. 

    Some growers use a spray bottle to lightly mist the Blue Widow feminized seeds during this time. Soon you'll notice a fine white taproot developing on each seed. 

    This is a sign that they're ready for planting. Use your tweezers to carefully remove each one from the paper towel and transfer them to their final destination. 

    If any of your Blue Widow feminized seeds haven't sprouted a root after five days, you can discard them. You can also check out our germination guide for more information. Remember that using other techniques will void our Homegrown germination guarantee. 

    Important: Please ensure that you document, through the use of photography or video, your germination attempts as we may ask for supporting material when assessing any claims for replacement products.

    Blue Widow feminized strain grow guide 

    Blue Widow feminized seeds aren't challenging to cultivate, but having some growing experience is beneficial. The strain can develop well indoors or outdoors but allowing it adequate space yields the best results. 

    The ideal climate for cannabis seed cultivation is warm and temperate, with lots of sunshine. Blue Widow feminized plants flourish with sufficient heat and humidity. 

    The crops can grow relatively tall, reaching heights of up to 10 feet. This is a characteristic of sativa variants, but because Blue Widow is feminized as a hybrid, it inherits this trait. 

    Its lanky proportions don't necessarily mean that the stem is flimsy. The plant is sturdy and can support the thick green foliage it's known for. These crops usually have multiple networks of branches, and the buds can get rather chunky. 

    In colder conditions, these leaves lose color and turn an attractive purplish plum. The hybrid is also resistant to most garden pests and pathogens. 

    Blue Widow feminized is a low-maintenance cannabis variant. Experienced growers will find it easier to handle the moderate feeding schedules that enhance their yield.

    Those who want to cultivate feminized Blue Widow marijuana seeds indoors should use a Sea of Green technique (SOG). These varieties usually take 8–9 weeks to flower. Greenhouse growers also report larger yields when using a SOG setup compared to other options.  

    Blue Widow feminized is a photoperiod variant and is typically ready for harvest between late September and early October. When you cultivate feminized Blue Widow seeds outdoors, you can expect a generous yield of approximately 38.8oz. per plant. Indoor growers can look forward to roughly 17.6oz./m2 .

    What is the Blue Widow feminized strain genetics?

    Blue Widow feminized marijuana seeds have an impressive genetic lineage. The parent strains are White Widow and Blueberry. The balanced effects tokers experience when taking a puff of Blue Widow feminized is similar to that of White Widow. 

    The fruity flavors, on the other hand, are distinctly reminiscent of Blueberry. Both parent plants have generous THC content and a list of their accolades. Other strains in the Blue Widow Feminized seeds genetic line include:

    - Purple Thai

    - Thai

    - Chocolate Thai

    - Highland Oaxacan Gold

    - Brazilian (Landrace)

    - South Indian (Landrace)

    Amongst these, many are indica, but some are sativa. This unique blend is what makes Blue Widow feminized such an enjoyable strain. 

    Wellness and Blue Widow feminized strain 

    Just like most cannabis variants, tokers report that Blue Widow feminized offers multiple health benefits. Even though the CBD content is relatively low, there are still certain conditions that this strain helps with.

    Those who endure chemotherapy claim that feminized Blue Widow relieves nausea and other related discomforts. These symptoms are often treated with a CBD heavy strain, but because this variant is balanced and not heavy hitting, it also works well.

    Tokers who experience a suppressed appetite will find Blue Widow feminized particularly helpful as it can bring on a case of the munchies. The strain also assists with insomnia, headaches, and moderate levels of pain.

    If you pull a muscle or have slight cramping, puffing on some feminized Blue Widow might ease your suffering.   

    Thanks to the strain's energetic and uplifting effects, it may also alleviate the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Medical users also report that the feminized Blue Widow assists with inflammation.

    The medicinal benefits of this cannabis variant may vary from one toker to the next, but since the strain doesn't cause brain fog and relaxes you, it's worth a try. 

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 

    Blue Widow feminized strain: Frequently Asked Questions

    The Blue Widow feminized strain is highly popular in 420 circles. As enjoyable as it may be, there are still many questions left unanswered—most of which relate to how to cultivate the strain.

    Where can I get free cannabis Blue Widow feminized strain seeds?

    As sought after as these Blue Widow feminized seeds are, you can get them for free with certain promotions. If you check out our Homegrown Cannabis Co. site, you can get four free cannabis seeds when you purchase four.

    You can also get eight freebies when you purchase eight Blue Widow Feminized seeds. These promotions pop up from time to time on the site, so be sure to visit regularly so that you don't miss out on any incredible deals.

    Can a beginner grow Blue Widow feminized strain?

    If you're starting as a grower, the Blue Widow feminized seeds might be slightly challenging to cultivate. The task is better suited to those with a bit more experience. 

    If you're a dedicated beginner, who's willing to apply consistent effort, you can find success in cultivating Blue Widow feminized. The strain's natural resilience will work in your favor as you don't have to stress too much about unwanted pests.

    Be sure to take precautionary measures against mildew and mold and follow the tips given in our Blue Widow feminized grow guide above. Also, be sure to check out the video on the best germination technique, as this will enhance your crop's chances of success.

    You should note that the foliage of this cannabis plant gets quite thick, so you'll need to familiarise yourself with beginner pruning techniques. If you employ the correct strategies, a diligent beginner can cultivate feminized Blue Widow seeds successfully.

    What is the Blue Widow feminized strain flower time?

    Blue Widow feminized seeds are a photoperiod cannabis variant. Indoor growers sometimes opt to extend the vegetation stage and thereby delay the flowering time of the plant. 

    The typical duration of this plant's flowering time varies between 8–10 weeks, but it can be slightly extended depending on the light cycles utilized by the grower. 

    How long do Blue Widow feminized strain seeds take to germinate?

    The time it takes for cannabis seeds to germinate varies. The typical duration for any Blue Widow feminized seed ranges from 24 hours to 120 hours. Using the paper towel method boasts an excellent success rate. Usually, weed seeds that haven't germinated within five days of planting won't grow and can be discarded.

    How long does it take Blue Widow feminized strain from seeds to harvest?

    Once a Blue Widow feminized seed germinates, the grower can decide to use a variety of growing techniques. This affects the four stages of a cannabis plant's life cycle. 

    The germination stage lasts one to two weeks, the seedling stage two to four weeks, and the vegetation stage ranges between two to eight weeks. The final stage, which is the flowering one, can take as little as four weeks.

    So the duration varies according to the grower's preference, with eight weeks being the minimum grow time for Blue Widow feminized seeds.

    Grow medium: Blue Widow feminized strain hydro or soil?

    Blue Widow feminized seeds grow well in multiple setups. We recommend soil in a SOG environment for a more generous yield. Some growers report success with hydroponics, but this method requires more maintenance. When growing outdoors, use organic soil with limited supplementation that enhances the strength of the plant. 

    What is the average Blue Widow feminized strain height?

    The feminized Blue Widow seeds develop into sturdy plants that stand approximately 6 ft 6 inches tall. The crops usually have complex branches and heavy foliage. 

    The plant height is dependent on the growing method. It can vary vastly between outdoor crops and cannabis that's endured low-stress training (LST) or grows in a SOG setup. 

    Where can I find pictures of Blue Widow feminized strain marijuana?

    Finding pictures of a specific cannabis strain on the internet should be a straightforward task. The reality is that many images are stock photos from other cannabis strains and aren't always reliable. 

    Fortunately, our Homegrown site offers you images of the buds for each strain. So, if you're looking for feminized Blue Widow seeds, fill in the information in the search bar, and you'll have access to the picture and data you're looking for. 

    Where is the best place to buy Blue Widow feminized strain seeds in the USA?

    When you buy seeds, you need to ensure that you're using a safe, legal, and reliable source. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers you a wide range of options with extensive growing information.

    When you purchase Blue Widow feminized seeds from our online store, you can access details regarding what to expect as your plant matures. You can also join our community and subscribe to our Blue Widow feminized Homegrown Diaries to track your plant's progress. 

    You're also invited to leave a review about your cultivation experience.

    Are there any other names to Blue Widow feminized strain?

    Blue Widow feminized doesn't have another name, but those who aren't aware of the strain may call it a White Widow x Blueberry. 

    What's the difference between Blue Widow feminized, regular, and autoflower?

    Blue Widow seeds feminized have genetics that causes the plants to produce all females. When these crops receive more than 12 hours of darkness a day, it triggers the flowering stage. Autoflowering variants bloom automatically and don't rely on light cycles. 

    Blue Widow regular seeds typically aren't genetically modified in any way and naturally produce both male and female marijuana plants.

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