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Blue Jack City Auto Cannabis Seeds

Blue Jack City Auto Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 50
  • Deep
  • Spirits lifted on a 20% THC wave.
  • Aromas so fruity you'll want to sleep in the tent.
  • The Blue Jack City autoflower strain is a balanced hybrid, bringing indica and sativa traits to the table. For growers and tokers looking for the best of both worlds, you’ll find it here. With two legendary parents, this cultivar is sure to become a 420 fan favorite in the next few years. Growing Blue Jack City autoflower seeds is simple with just a little experience. The crops...Show more

    Blue Jack City Auto Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    50 - 150
    Height indoor
    40 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Blue Jack City Auto Cannabis Seeds

    The Blue Jack City autoflower strain is a balanced hybrid, bringing indica and sativa traits to the table. For growers and tokers looking for the best of both worlds, you’ll find it here. With two legendary parents, this cultivar is sure to become a 420 fan favorite in the next few years.


    Growing Blue Jack City autoflower seeds is simple with just a little experience. The crops are tough and resistant to most cultivation issues, meaning you don’t need to provide much maintenance to get decent yields.


    Blue Jack City autoflower’s uplifting and soothing effects appeal to all kinds of cannabis consumers. Come harvest, expect juicy nugs bursting with fruity flavors and spicy aromas. If this strain sounds too good to be true, read on to learn all there is to know about these up-and-coming autoflower seeds.


    What are Blue Jack City autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Auto Blue Jack City seeds are a fusion of two classic cultivars—Blueberry and Jack Herer autoflower. The former is a potent indica and the latter a euphoric-inducing sativa. This combination makes for a perfectly balanced hybrid, providing effects from both sides of the spectrum. 


    These Blue Jack City seeds autoflower, meaning they don’t rely on you changing the light exposure to bloom. Their quick life cycle allows you to reap multiple harvests a season, making up for their slightly smaller yields. 


    As far as autoflowering cultivars go, Black Jack City auto seeds are easy to manage. They’re resistant to mold and pests and grow into sturdy crops. A little experience is beneficial as the plant’s fast development means there’s no time to recover from rookie errors. 


    Once harvest rolls around, your grow room smells like citrus, with slight hints of earthiness. Light up the chunky nugs, and expect an explosion of flavors to hit your palate—berries and lemon juice take center stage and leave you craving more. 


    Blue Jack City autoflower buds produce balanced effects for the body and mind. Expect a rush of euphoria and happy thoughts before mellowing out and feeling all tension leave your being. 


    What are the Blue Jack City autoflower seeds’ effects?


    Blue Jack City autoflower seeds grow buds that offer a perfectly balanced buzz—physically and psychologically. A joint made with this strain is ideal for daytime use, with neither indica nor sativa sides coming on too strong. 


    After your first toke of Blue Jack City autoflower, a gentle yet satisfying cerebral buzz creeps in, improving your mood instantly. Negative thoughts wash away, and stressful situations no longer control you. An energy boost follows, encouraging you to keep active. Now’s the time to work on that project you’ve procrastinated on as your creativity soars.


    Shortly after, Blue Jack City autoflower’s indica side manifests, calming your entire being. Tension and muscle tightness dissipate, but you never become couch-locked. Despite the moderate 14–18% THC content, it’s best to keep your doses low and slow.


    Consuming more than you planned could cause you to feel slightly anxious. Most consumers experience dry mouth and red eyes with weed from all cannabis seeds—it’s no different with Blue Jack City autoflower. Stay hydrated and use eye drops to keep symptoms at bay.


    What does Blue Jack City autoflower smell like?


    As Blue Jack City autoflower grows, delicious aromas escape from the buds. Expect predominantly citrus scents with small moist soil notes. When you spark up the nugs, spicy pine enters your nostrils, calming you as you toke.


    The strain’s heritage shows itself more in the explosion of flavors. Mixed berries and juicy lemons grace your taste buds as you inhale. Let the smoke out, and sweet, fruity, and sourness lingers in your mouth, making you yearn for another puff of Blue Jack City autoflower.


    How to germinate Blue Jack City autoflower seeds


    After you buy Blue Jack City auto cannabis seeds, you need to germinate them before you start growing. This simple process develops firm roots and gives your marijuana seeds a great start to their life cycle.  


    Various ways exist to pop your cannabis seeds, but we back the paper towel method at Homegrown Cannabis Co, as seen in our germination guide. This technique is easy to perform, cost-efficient, and has a high success rate.


    You’ll need:


    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Two dinner plates

    - Purified water

    - Tweezers

    - Your pack of Blue Jack City autoflower seeds


    Then, follow our step-by-step guide:


    - Wet one of the paper towels and wring out the excess water to avoid rotting the marijuana seeds. Place it over one dinner plate.


    - Take your autoflower Blue Jack City seeds one at a time and lay them across the paper towel. Leave an inch of space between each one to stop roots from tangling.


    - Repeat step one with the second paper towel and place it across the seeds. Lift the towels to allow excess water to drain off the plate. 


    - Enclose your makeshift germination station with the second plate and put it in a warm, dark spot in your home. 


    - Check on your cannabis seeds once or twice daily to spot any taproots emerging. If the towels feel dry, spray them a little. Within 1–5 days, all your Blue Jack City auto seeds should sprout. Once they do, transplant them carefully into their final growing medium. 


    If any marijuana seeds fail to pop, don’t worry. We offer a Homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guarantee on all our cannabis seeds. Document the paper towel process with pictures and videos, and we’ll replace any duds free of charge. 


    Blue Jack City autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    This cultivar is a renowned toughie and can hold its own against mold, pests, and disease. Blue Jack City autoflower crops are compact and sturdy, making them easy to grow with a little experience. Beginners should try a feminized variant first before starting with an auto. The quick growing time means that mistakes can be fatal as there’s no time to recover. 


    Blue Jack City autoflower can grow indoors or out but expect better yields in a controlled setting. The plant’s small stature means you can grow them almost anywhere, including balconies or closets.


    If you have the space indoors, plant your Blue Jack City autoflower seeds in soil or hydroponics—these marijuana seeds thrive in either medium. If you’re growing four or more plants, implementing the Sea of Green technique to create an even canopy helps boost yields. 


    Keep temperatures between 70–78 degrees Fahrenheit during the vegetative stage and lower it by a couple of degrees when crops start to flower. Inside, expect to harvest 6–7 oz. of tasty nugs per square meter.


    If you sow your cannabis seeds outdoors, know they love a warm climate. However, their hardy nature and ability to flower without changes in the light cycle means you can harvest more than once a season. Avoid frost and harsh weather conditions, and your Blue Jack City autoflower yield outdoors ranges between 3–8 oz. per crop.


    What are the Blue Jack City autoflower strain genetics?


    Blue Jack City autoflower is a fantastic blend of legends Blueberry and Jack Herer auto. Blueberry is a potent indica, passing down its relaxing traits and tension-relieving properties. Many of Blue Jack City’s flavors also come from this fruity parent, especially the berry notes.


    Jack Herer auto is sativa dominant and lends its pick-me-up properties to Blue Jack City autoflower. The original is euphoric-inducing and boosts your energy levels to unheard-of heights. The ruderalis genes make Blue Jack City flower automatically and contribute to its hardy nature. 


    This combination forms a well-rounded cultivar in Blue Jack City autoflower, providing users with equal body and mind effects. This strain is perfect for daytime consumption, boasting a pleasant cerebral buzz while melting away tension. 


    Wellness and Blue Jack City autoflower seeds


    The balanced nature of the buds from autoflower Blue Jack City seeds means they come with a host of potential wellness benefits. Medicinal and recreational users alike enjoy the effects of this strain, claiming relief from many conditions.


    The happiness-inducing sativa side does wonders for your overall mood, banishing negative thoughts and improving your productivity. Users with anxiety, depression, or stress attest to the strain’s ability to help them accomplish tasks and forget their worries. 


    The indica in Blue Jack City autoflower seeds’ nugs could have a greater effect on your physical health, helping individuals with chronic pain. If you find it hard to drift off in the evenings, a puff or two from this cultivar may also aid your sleep.


    Recreational users buy Blue Jack City auto cannabis seeds to grow their own homegrown stash. These consumers promote the positive effects this marijuana induces, including uplifting general mood, boosting creativity, and calming racing thoughts.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Blue Jack City autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    If you still have queries about the Blue Jack City autoflower strain, check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find what you need, reach out to our team of experts, who’ll be more than happy to help.


    Where can I get free cannabis Blue Jack City autoflower seeds?


    Free cannabis seeds are hard to come by, but we’re here to save the day at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We run constant BOGO (buy one get one free) offers on a variety of strains and other cheap seed deals. Keep an eye on this page for the BOGO badge. When it appears, click on it to get free Blue Jack City autoflower seeds. Expect offers like these:


    - 4 pack: 4 seeds from the strain you choose + another 4 free seeds

    - 8 pack: 8 seeds from the strain you choose + another 8 free seeds

    - 12 pack: 12 seeds from the strain you choose + another 12 free seeds


    Can a beginner grow Blue Jack City autoflower?


    Not exactly. Blue Jack City autoflower is resilient and sturdy, meaning it’s generally easy to grow. However, being an auto strain means it develops a little faster than other variants. This doesn’t give you time to recover if you make rookie errors. We recommend you try this cultivar after you’ve got a harvest or two under your belt. 


    What is the Blue Jack City autoflower flower time?


    Blue Jack City autoflower blooms for 7–8 weeks, making it relatively quick compared to feminized and regular cultivars. After collecting the buds, dry and cure them for another 2–3 weeks to enjoy a smoother, more flavorful smoke.


    How long do Blue Jack City autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Use our recommended paper towel method, and your auto Blue Jack City seeds should sprout in 1–5 days. Don’t forget to document the process with images and videos to claim your free replacements if any don’t pop. 


    How long does it take Blue Jack City autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    All marijuana seeds go through four growth stages before being ready for harvest. Expect your Black Jack City auto seeds to fully develop in 15–18 weeks. Here’s a breakdown of how they develop through each phase:


    - Germination: 1–5 days (with the paper towel technique)

    - Seedling: 2–3 weeks

    - Vegetative: 5–6 weeks

    - Flowering: 7–8 weeks


    Grow medium: Blue Jack City autoflower hydro or soil?


    Both growing mediums work very well with Blue Jack City autoflower seeds—it depends on your personal preference. Using soil is cheaper to set up and easier to manage, and this medium brings out the flavors in the buds more. Hydroponics costs more but encourages fast growth and ensures your roots enjoy plenty of nutrients.


    What is the average Blue Jack City autoflower height?


    True to its autoflowering nature, Blue Jack City autoflower reaches small heights of 1.5–3 feet. The compact stature makes them a favorite for growing indoors in small spaces. Outdoors, expect crops to stretch a little more and possibly get to 3.5 feet tall. 


    Where can I find pictures of Blue Jack City autoflower marijuana?


    Scroll to the top of this page, and you’ll see pics of the plants and buds grown from Blue Jack City autoflower seeds. Alternatively, visit our Blue Jack City Autoflower Homegrown Diaries. This page contains images from home growers just like you. They share photos of their cultivation journey and crops throughout all phases of development. You might pick up some gardening tips or help others by starting your own diary. 


    How do Blue Jack City autoflower seeds differ from autoflower and regular versions?


    Marijuana seeds come in different types, with the three most common being autoflower, feminized, and regular. They vary in how they grow and what they provide to the gardener:


    - Autoflower cannabis seeds: These strains, like Blue Jack City autoflower, tend to remain shorter, change from vegging to flowering automatically when they mature, and produce smaller harvests. They’re ideal for gardeners with some experience to enjoy multiple yields a year.


    - Feminized cannabis seeds: Breeders genetically modify these seeds to produce female-only crops. These are the best option for novice growers and take away the hassle of sexing plants.


    - Regular cannabis seeds: When you buy a pack of these marijuana seeds, expect a random mix of male and female plants to grow. If you only want juicy buds, remove the males. Breeders opt for these seeds to create new cultivars.


    Where is the best place to buy Blue Jack City autoflower seeds in the USA?


    You’re already here. Get the highest-quality Blue Jack City auto seeds and over 400 other strains at Homegrown Cannabis Co. In addition to the most varied catalog on the market, expect the following perks when you shop with us:


    - Free replacement seeds with our germination guarantee if any don’t pop. 

    - Friendly customer support and lots of industry experts to help you along your growing journey. 

    - A huge blog filled with useful articles on everything you need to know in the 420 community.

    - A wide range of secure payment options. 

    - Frequent promotions and discounts across our range of strains. 

    - Fast and discreet shipping across the USA.


    Are there any other names for Blue Jack City autoflower?


    Occasionally, you might see Blue Jack City autoflower referred to as Blueberry x Jack Herer autoflower. If you buy these seeds, know they’re the same. Watch out for Blueberry Jack or Blue Jack seeds. These may appear almost identical, but it’s a different cultivar altogether.


    Spelling errors


    When searching for Blue Jack City autoflower seeds, ensure you spell the name correctly. Any mistakes could mean you get different marijuana seeds from what you want. Avoid errors like Blue Jak City, Blue Jack Citie, and Blu Jake City.


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