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Blue Fruit Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Fruit Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 6
  • Supercharged berry & vanilla.
  • 14% THC: euphoric
  • High levels of myrcene add calm to the euphoria.
  • Blue Fruit autoflower seeds are renowned by cannabis fans for their flowers’ signature fruity fragrances and flavors. Experience the amazing cerebral and physical effects all year round by growing these feminized autoflower seeds. Find out all about this sweet-tasting hybrid here, including its unique ancestry and how to germinate the marijuana seeds. You’ll also learn how to g...Show more

    Blue Fruit Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Blue Fruit Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds are renowned by cannabis fans for their flowers’ signature fruity fragrances and flavors. Experience the amazing cerebral and physical effects all year round by growing these feminized autoflower seeds.


    Find out all about this sweet-tasting hybrid here, including its unique ancestry and how to germinate the marijuana seeds. You’ll also learn how to grow Blue Fruit autoflower seeds and discover what to expect when consuming this cannabis.


    If you’re looking for a short indoor cultivar that produces hefty yields of delicious tasting weed, these cannabis seeds are perfect for you. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about this rare autoflower hybrid.


    What are Blue Fruit autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds boast an impressive lineage of award-winning variants and landrace strains. These rare marijuana seeds produce sturdy, indica-dominant hybrid plants available to cultivate all year round.


    These autoflower seeds are ideal for indoor growing, provided you have an adequate setup to control your lights, temperature, and humidity levels. They produce the best yields in experienced hands, and the cannabis plants’ short life cycles allow for multiple harvests a year.


    The flowers from Blue Fruit autoflower seeds contain 12–16% THC levels. The CBD content is less than 1%, but it can still offer a range of medicinal benefits because of its rich terpene profile.


    These marijuana plants develop broad stems with strong, wide internodes that support their buds in the late flowering stage. Beautiful violet hues emerge on the leaves and flowers when exposed to cooler temperatures. 


    When thin layers of dazzling crystal trichomes cover the buds and the pistils turn orange, harvest time is approaching. Auto Blue Fruit seeds’ crops also emit mouth-watering and irresistible fruit bouquet fragrances.


    The colorful hues displayed by the cured buds add extra bag appeal, but they’re even more enjoyable to smoke. Cannabis fans buy Blue Fruit autoflower seeds to experience the buds’ invigorating cerebral effects and relaxing body stones.  


    What are the effects of Blue Fruit autoflower seeds?


    The weed from Blue Fruit autoflower seeds is perfect for consumption at the end of a hard day. Experienced users can easily handle the moderate THC content, and the enjoyable effects last for hours.


    First, a gentle euphoria sweeps through your mind, ushering out negative thoughts and boosting your mood. The uplifting cerebral effects gradually intensify, enabling you to focus on everything that makes you happy in life.


    A calm veil surrounds your body and mind, you lose all sense of time, and any racing thoughts in your head slow down to a crawl. Blue Fruit autoflowers seeds’ marijuana is great for helping you find inner peace through meditation.


    The indica creeps in, allowing a soothing blanket of relaxation to disentangle every muscle in your physical being from head to toe. The sedative effects make you feel lazy, but they aren’t overwhelming and won’t leave you fused to your couch.


    Enjoy this cannabis by indulging in fun, non-strenuous activities like watching TV, playing video games, and chilling out with friends. Your appetite will increase, so satisfy your cravings by eating fresh fruit and snacks.


    Finally, the weed from auto Blue Fruit seeds starts making you feel tired, but it won’t knock you out for the count. It slowly lulls you to bed to enjoy a peaceful sleep and awaken the next day refreshed and invigorated.


    The medium THC content is unlikely to cause any adverse side effects like paranoia and anxiety unless you heavily overconsume this cannabis. Treat minor nuisances like cottonmouth and red eyes by staying hydrated and using an optic spray.


    What does Blue Fruit autoflower smell like?


    Consuming the flowers from Blue Fruit autoflower seeds is a dessert treat for all cannabis fans with a sweet tooth. Opening a bag of these cured buds releases strong, prominent aromas of creamy vanilla and ripe, red berries.


    The intense sweet fragrances are accompanied by skunky tones, with some cannabis connoisseurs reporting subtle hints of incense and citrus. Combusting a bud releases a satisfying cloud emitting freshly-baked fruit pie and sugary ice cream aromas.


    The fragrance complements the flavor with added wood and herb notes delighting the palate. The sickly sweet vanilla aftertaste lingers on your lips after exhaling, making it hard to resist taking another toke to savor the tangy goodness.


    How to germinate Blue Fruit autoflower seeds


    If you’re wondering how to grow Blue Fruit autoflower seeds, the first thing you need to do is germinate them. Provided you have the correct indoor setup, start popping those little cannabis seeds any time of the year.


    Although these marijuana seeds are best cultivated indoors for hefty yields of sweet-scented buds, some cannabis fans prefer the natural outdoor environment. Plant your Blue Fruit autoflower seeds outdoors in early March for a late May harvest.   


    We recommend the damp paper towel germination method at Homegrown Cannabis Co. for your auto Blue Fruit seeds. To begin your green journey, make sure you have the following items at hand:


    - A pair of tweezers

    - A spray bottle containing filtered or purified water

    - Your Blue Fruit autoflower seeds

    - Two paper towels

    - Two dinner plates


    Ensure you document your germination attempts through photos or videos, as we ask for supporting material when assessing claims for replacement cannabis seeds. Please carefully follow our instructions below:


    - Dampen two paper towels using the bottled water and ring out any excess water.


    - Place one paper towel flat on the surface of a dinner plate.


    - Transfer your auto Blue Fruit seeds onto the towel’s surface using your tweezers. Leave an inch of space between each marijuana seed.


    - Place the second moist paper towel on your seeds and ensure no free-standing water is on the plate.


    - Cover your setup with the second dinner plate and store everything in a warm, dark area.


    - Leave your Blue Fruit autoflower seeds for 24–120 hours, check on them regularly, and ensure the towels don’t dry out.


    - Once your marijuana seeds have healthy, white taproots, use the tweezers to transfer them to their new medium. 


    Our online germination guide has everything you need, including step-by-step instructions and pictures to get you started. There’s also a short video with sound and visuals on the page to help you pop your Blue Fruit autoflower seeds. 


    Keep updated with marijuana legalization news, and refrain from germinating your cannabis seeds if it’s illegal in your jurisdiction. If you live in a green state, abide by the law and only grow the permitted number of cannabis plants in your area.


    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds grow guide


    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds are easy to grow in the care of experienced cultivators, thanks to their sturdy branches and short, manageable height. They’re also resistant to most common molds because of their incredible landrace ancestry.


    These cannabis plants prefer growing outdoors in temperate climates with plenty of warm sunshine. Use soil pots outdoors to enhance their sweet, fruity fragrances, and move them indoors to protect them from any prolonged spells of rain.


    The flowering time for these weed crops is 7–9 weeks, and, even in favorable conditions, the outdoor yield is low compared to indoors. Expect to gather around 4 oz. of buds per plant outdoors during each harvest.


    The only downside to growing Blue Fruit autoflower seeds is their crops can produce bananas when stressed. These cannabis plants are best grown indoors in a controlled setting with adjustable LED lamps to avoid these hermie tendencies.


    These marijuana crops respond well to most low-stress training techniques. The Sea of Green (SOG) is an ideal method to use as it increases yields and enables your plants to flower earlier, allowing for a speedier harvest.


    Keep the temperatures cool, and maintain a 50% relative humidity level for your cannabis plants. Prune the larger outer leaves to enable light to penetrate the inner foliage and allow the air to circulate more evenly.


    Use an 18/24 cycle in your grow room for best results, and don’t use full lights if you want to avoid the possibility of male flowers developing. With proper care and attention, you can gather yields of 16 oz./m² when harvest time arrives. 


    What is the Blue Fruit autoflower strain genetics?


    This fruity hybrid has an extraordinary heritage consisting of indica and sativa landrace strains. Blue Fruit autoflower seeds are a cross between the Blue Fruit cultivar and an unidentified ruderalis variant. 


    Blue Fruit is a cross between Mexican Purple, Thai, and the renowned Cannabis Cup winner, Blueberry. The Thai sativa passed down its uplifting cerebral effects, while Blueberry supplies Blue Fruit autoflower with alluring fruity fragrances and aromas.


    The mysterious ruderalis strain contributed its durability, strength, and fast-growing properties to Blue Fruit autoflower seeds. It also passed down its auto-flowering traits, reducing the dependency on rigid lighting schedules.


    Wellness and Blue Fruit autoflower seeds


    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds are a great choice for cannabis users needing an all-year-round cultivar to help enhance their wellbeing. The THC content isn’t too overwhelming, making it attractive to medicinal marijuana cardholders.


    Myrcene is the dominant terpene in Blue Fruit autoflower cannabis, believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Alpha-terpineol is also strongly present in the weed from auto Blue Fruit seeds and has antibacterial and anxiolytic benefits.


    The presence of linalool contributes to this weed’s soothing body stone and may benefit folks suffering from insomnia. Reports suggest this terpene may combat depression and decrease anxiety, thanks to its anxiolytic effects.


    The relaxing body stone may relieve users from physical ailments like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties reportedly soothe joint and muscle pains.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Blue Fruit autoflower marijuana seeds: frequently asked questions


    These cannabis seeds are a popular choice among indoor cultivators and autoflower fans. Here are the answers to some common Blue Fruit autoflower seeds questions to ensure you know everything about this fruity variant.


    Where can I get free cannabis Blue Fruit autoflower seeds?


    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds are hard to source for free. They’ll likely be of poor quality and fail to pop their shells even if you find them. Stick to reliable marijuana companies like Homegrown Cannabis Co. for the best value and germination results.


    Check our cheap seeds page for amazing deals on your favorite cannabis variants. Who knows? You may see some excellent offers on auto Blue Fruit seeds very soon.


    Can a beginner grow Blue Fruit autoflower?


    Autoflower marijuana seeds aren’t usually beginner-friendly as their plants’ short life cycles can be unforgiving of severe cultivating mishaps. They produce the best yields and grow best in experienced hands. Auto Blue Fruit seeds are a great choice for rookies looking to cultivate these variants for the first time. 


    What is the Blue Fruit autoflower flower time?


    The average flowering time of the plants from Blue Fruit autoflower seeds is 7–8 weeks. Your marijuana crops will divert their energy into their flowers during this time so ensure you supply them with adequate nutrients. Harvesting your buds early during the flowering stage may produce more intense cerebral effects.


    How long do Blue Fruit autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Auto Blue Fruit seeds take 1–5 days to pop their shells. Follow the damp paper towel method for the best results. Ensure your cannabis seeds remain moist and warm and transfer them to their new soil or hydro medium when the taproots emerge.


    Remember our germination guarantee in the unlikely event that any of your marijuana seeds don’t pop.


    How long does it take Blue Fruit autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    The cannabis crops from Blue Fruit autoflower seeds take 11–13 weeks to complete their life cycle. Applying indoor growing techniques like the SOG method enables a faster bud harvest. Reduce the temperatures if you want to trigger purple hues on your plants in the late flowering stage.  


    Grow medium for Blue Fruit autoflower hydro or soil?


    Soil is the perfect medium for Blue Fruit autoflower seeds. These weed crops are famous for their flowers’ delicious fragrances, so plant them in earth or clay to enhance their terpene flavor profile. A hydroponic setup also evenly distributes nutrients to the cannabis plants’ root systems.


    What is the average Blue Fruit autoflower height?


    The marijuana plants from auto Blue Fruit seeds are short, barely reaching 3ft high. Their height is perfect for indoor cultivation in compact spaces or growth rooms. Using low-stress training techniques to control their size in their vegetative stage is ideal for these robust cannabis crops.


    Where can I find pictures of Blue Fruit autoflower marijuana?


    Check our Blue Fruit Autoflower Homegrown Diary for images of these stunning marijuana plants and buds. Even better, if you’re growing Blue Fruit autoflower seeds, why not start your Homegrown Diary and submit your pictures and videos? Share your experience through visuals with other enthusiastic weed cultivators.


    How do Blue Fruit autoflower seeds differ from other variants?


    Blue Fruit autoflower seeds produce fast-flowering feminized marijuana crops that grow as they age, not by the amount of light they receive. Autoflower marijuana seeds are suitable for experienced cultivators because of their plants’ short life spans, which allows for multiple harvests a year.


    Regular marijuana seeds have a 50/50 chance of growing into male or female cannabis plants. These weed seeds are ideal for breeders looking to experiment and create new strains. The male crops can pollinate the ladies, so ensure you look out for bananas in the early stages and quarantine them if necessary.


    Feminized seeds produce photoperiod female weed plants, taking several months to grow. They reach various life stages depending on their exposure to light and darkness. These are the cannabis seeds you need if you want flowers packed with THC and CBD for consumption.


    Where is the best place to buy Blue Fruit autoflower seeds in the USA?


    There’s no better place than Homegrown Cannabis Co. to buy Blue Fruit autoflower seeds online in the USA. Our high-quality cannabis seeds are available for fast and discreet shipping. Our germination guide will kick-start your green journey, and you’ll find many useful growing tips on our Homegrown Forum.


    Are there any other names for Blue Fruit autoflower?


    There aren’t many alternative names or titles for Blue Fruit autoflower seeds. Some websites call this cultivar Blueberry Fruit autoflower as a selling tool to highlight its popular parent strain. Cannabis enthusiasts also refer to this hybrid as Blue Fruit (Dinafem) in honor of its creators.  


    Spelling errors

    Ensure you type the name of this hybrid correctly, as we found the following misspells for Blue Fruit autoflower:


    - Blu Fruit auto

    - Blue Fruity autoflower

    - Blue Fruits auto


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