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Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • Your perfect first Sativa.
  • Potent pot with a powerful high.
  • Dreamy flavors powered by mouth-watering myrcene.
  • Blue Dream feminized seeds blossom into sativa-dominant hybrid plants that produce loads of dense, resin-soaked buds without too much fuss. Initially bred for medicinal use in California, Blue Dream has achieved worldwide, legendary status. Iconic genetics, mouth-watering flavors, and an energetic yet balanced high are just some of its claims to fame.Blue Dream continues to cap...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
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    Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Blue Dream feminized seeds blossom into sativa-dominant hybrid plants that produce loads of dense, resin-soaked buds without too much fuss. Initially bred for medicinal use in California, Blue Dream has achieved worldwide, legendary status. Iconic genetics, mouth-watering flavors, and an energetic yet balanced high are just some of its claims to fame.
    Blue Dream continues to captivate the canna community, but getting your hands on some can be expensive. So, why break the bank when you can grow your own top-shelf stash? Our feminized seeds take the hard work out of cultivation. They eliminate the gender lottery for a guaranteed harvest (if you nurture them, of course).
    Join us to discover what these feminized Blue Dream marijuana seeds have to offer in terms of yield, aromas, therapeutic benefits, and effects. With experts like Kyle Kushman in the house, you’ll also get some pro growing tips, answers to common questions, and even germination guidance. 
    Ready to learn why Blue Dream feminized seeds are a cultivator’s dream? Let’s dive in.

    What are Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds?

    Feminized Blue Dream seeds are the result of crossing two powerhouses: Blueberry and Haze. Expert breeders then eliminated the male chromosomes, ensuring genetically stable female-only plants. You won’t waste time and money on a barren harvest with these marijuana seeds. Instead, you can look forward to a sea of bud-producing cannababies. 
    The first parent, Haze, is another Cali baby and a sativa-leaning legend in its own right. It brings a sweet, high-energy cerebral buzz to the table. The second parent, Blueberry, is an indica-dominant delight. It throws an explosively fruity punch into the mix. With relaxing and euphoric traits, it takes the edge off of the Haze’s electric qualities. 
    This ingenious blend of genetics complement each other like a sunrise meeting the ocean on the horizon. One brings energy, warmth, and excitement. The other soothes, relaxes, and refreshes the senses. With THC levels of between 16%–20%, Blue Dream feminized seeds blossom into hard-hitting cannababies. 
    Their massive buds smell like a dreamy berry dessert; only they’re drenched in resin instead of syrup. Long amber pistils accentuate their deep blue and green hues, while crystal white trichomes give them a sparkle. When exposed to chilly weather, their foliage turns shades of deep violet. 
    They aren’t as tall as other sativa plants, nor are they quite as small as pure indica varieties. Reaching a maximum height of about five feet, they’re ideal for indoor and outdoor setups. Still, they’re susceptible to pests, so it’s best to grow them inside.
    With such powerful parents, this sativa-leaning hybrid can also produce slightly indica-dominant phenotypes. On the odd occasion, growers might find Blue Dream feminized seeds with stronger indica traits. Generally, though, they’re more on the sativa side.
    High-yielding and relatively easy to grow, this cultivar is a dream come true for growers and users alike. The plants need a little TLC, though. Get it right, and they’ll reward you with a bountiful harvest of top-notch weed.  

    What are the feminized Blue Dream seeds’ effects?

    Blue Dream feminized seeds produce buds that offer balanced physical and mental effects. You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to help this “medicine” go down because the toke is smooth and pleasurable. 
    While Blue Dream isn’t as intense as other high-THC seed varieties, it’s still potent enough to impress veterans. At the same time, it doesn’t overwhelm the less experienced. Its sativa qualities kick in first, enhancing your mood, awakening your mind, and turbo-charging your batteries. 
    The cerebral buzz wipes out worries and stress, allowing creativity to flow while you tackle tasks with renewed vigor. Blue Dream feminized seeds produce the perfect wake-and-bake treat. A moderate dose keeps you energized for hours while a subtle euphoria lifts your spirits. 
    This strain’s indica traits mellow out the buzz, so you’re not left jittery or agitated. Instead, a sense of calm carries you through the day, leaving your mind and body relaxed yet active. 
    Unlike pure indica cultivars, Blue Dream doesn’t induce couch-lock, making it excellent for daytime use. It’s perfect for a gym session, a hike, a project, or just as a part of your normal routine.
    Like all cannabis strains, Blue Dream can have a few adverse side effects. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are common but easily avoided and remedied. Moderate doses and plenty of fluids will keep cottonmouth at bay while an eye lubricant can soothe those scratchy eyeballs.
    That said, Blue Dream still has a fairly high THC content. In extreme cases, it could lead to bouts of paranoia, dizziness, or anxiety. If you have a low THC tolerance, rather stick to smaller doses.

    What does the Blue Dream feminized smell like?

    When feminized Blue Dream seeds start flowering, they smell like a basket of sunkissed berries and vanilla pods on a rainy afternoon. Growers drool in anticipation as harvest time nears.
    Blue Dream’s lineage is evident, with an unmistakable earthiness from Haze intermingled with Blueberry’s sweet, fruity fragrance. When smoked, vanilla treacle fills the air, entwined with notes of wild berries and tropical fruit. Meanwhile, a tangy berry sweetness with a hint of soothing herbs delights the taste buds. 

    How to germinate Blue Dream feminized seeds

    When you buy feminized Blue Dream seeds, you’ll need to know how to germinate them correctly. First, wash your hands and gather the following items together:
    - Your cannabis seeds.- Purified or bottled water.- Sterilized tweezers.- A clean dinner plate.- Paper towels.
    Next, follow these quick and easy steps:
    - Wet two paper towels with the purified water and carefully ring out any excess. They shouldn’t be dripping.
    - Put the first paper towel onto your dinner plate.
    - Use the sterilized tweezers to place your marijuana seeds onto the paper towel gently. They should be at least an inch apart.
    - Place the second paper towel over your cannabis seeds. Make sure it’s wet enough to keep everything moist.
    - Lift the paper towels off of the plate to remove any accumulated water. There shouldn’t be any.
    - Cover the plate and find a dark, warm place to store it for 24–120 hours.
    - Keep the paper towels moist throughout this period. If they dry out, your cannabis seeds won’t germinate.
    - Once healthy taproots sprout from your marijuana seeds, you can plant them.
    When you buy feminized Blue Dream seeds from us, check out our germination guide for comprehensive details. You’ll need to follow the instructions to keep your guarantee intact.

    Blue Dream feminized seeds grow guide

    Like all cannabis seeds, Blue Dream feminized beans require some TLC for a successful grow. The plants thrive in warmer conditions, but they’re still finicky and sensitive to extreme environmental changes. They’re also vulnerable to red spider mite attacks.
    That’s why it’s best to grow these ganjababes indoors, where you can regulate the conditions and keep pests at bay. Here are a few pro tips:
    - Keep your seedlings in a temperature range of 72℉–78℉. You can bump it up to 80℉–85℉ during the flowering stage.
    - Restrict relative humidity (RH) levels to between 30%–50% for your seedlings. You can increase this by 5% after a few weeks. 
    - Start decreasing RH by 5% until it’s in the 30–40% range by the time your plants reach the flowering phase.
    - Soil or a hydroponic setup is ideal together with the Sea of Green (SoG) method. This technique allows for maximum yields.
    - pH levels should stay within the 6.0–7.0 range in soil and 5.5–6.5 in hydroponics.
    - As a tall and dense plant, too much strain on the main stem can cause it to lean or even fall over. Adopt staking, topping, or pruning techniques to prevent this. 
    Unlike autoflowering seeds, Blue Dream feminized seeds are photoperiodic. As such, they need uninterrupted periods of darkness to enter the flowering phase. During the vegetative stage, at least 18 hours of light a day is sufficient. Some growers (who can afford it) expose their plants to 24 hours of light a day for optimal growth. 
    When you’re ready to trigger the flowering phase, adjust the light schedule to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. You can also extend the vegetative stage by waiting a few more weeks, but the SoG method produces the best yield.
    The flowering phase takes a total of 8–10 weeks. After that, your Blue Dream crop will be ready to harvest. You can expect to yield about 14–21 ounces of gloriously gluey nugs per square meter.  
    While a bit challenging, it’s also possible to grow feminized Blue Dream seeds outdoors. They prefer warm, subtropical climates and flower naturally, according to the number of sunlight hours they receive. As such, you can expect to harvest around late September to early October.
    You’ll need to wait until the seedlings are strong and healthy before moving them to your garden, though. Here are some nugs of wisdom for an outdoor grow:
    - Find an area with lots of sunlight, away from harsh winds or weather.
    - The spot should be secured so critters can’t destroy your plants.
    - Monitor your plants regularly to nip any pest problems in the bud (pun intended).
    - Invest in a few ladybugs. They eat red spider mites and leave your weed plants alone.
    - Use nutrient-rich soil mixes that contain adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Blue Dream crops can take in high quantities of nitrogen without nute burn. Sulfur, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and cobalt are also helpful. You can yield about 14–21 ounces of dense, gluey nugs per plant with the right outdoor conditions. 

    What are the Blue Dream feminized strain’s genetics?

    Feminized Blue Dream marijuana seeds boast an illustrious lineage, apparent in the gorgeous ganjababies they produce. Here’s a breakdown of the Blue Dream strain genetics:
    - Blueberry: A delectable indica-leaning hybrid with mesmerizing berry and vanilla flavors. It’s the result of crossing three prestigious landraces: Purple Thai, Afghani Indica, and Thai Sativa.
    - Haze: A sativa-heavy hybrid with a coveted reputation and fresh, earthy, and spice flavors. Legend has it that two Californian brothers invented it back in the 1970s. 
    They supposedly crossed a Colombian and Mexican landrace, which was then bred with a Thai landrace. Blue Dream hails from Santa Cruz, California, where it started out as a medicinal strain. No one can pin down its precise origins, but DJ Short is credited with creating the modern version.
    Rising quickly to fame in 2003, Blue Dream became a headliner among West Coast canna communities. It has since enchanted and inspired people across the globe and remains a best-seller today. Even Snoop Dogg fell in love with Blue Dream. He crossed it with Master Kush to create his own cultivar, aptly named “Snoop’s Dream.”

    Wellness and Blue Dream feminized seeds

    Feminized Blue Dream seeds blossom into plants with less than 2% CBD. Nonetheless, the strain offers a range of potential therapeutic benefits. Its sativa qualities help combat fatigue, providing an energy boost to get you up and keep you going. The cerebral effects also ward off distractions, allowing you to tune out the noise and focus on your tasks.
    Meanwhile, the euphoric traits brought on by the indica side of Blue Dream expel tension and ease stress. Clenched jaws and gritted teeth are replaced by a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. It’s like walking on clouds, except you’re grounded, mellow, and focused. Anxiety, depression, and stress take a back seat too, so they’re more manageable.
    Blue Dream also aids in the relief of physical ailments like:
    - Inflammation- Muscle spasms- Cramps- Chronic pain- Migraines- Nausea- Loss of appetite
    While not as CBD-rich as other wellness strains, it’s easy to see why Blue Dream remains a favorite among medicinal marijuana users.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Blue Dream feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you itching to buy feminized Blue Dream seeds but still have some questions? The FAQs below have loads of useful answers to common questions. Check them out, and if you still have a query, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help.

    Where can I get free cannabis Blue Dream feminized seeds?

    You can get free cannabis seeds here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) deals often feature classics like Blue Dream feminized seeds. Make sure you check them out regularly. Plus, you can join the Homegrown Stash loyalty program for other exclusive perks and freebies. 

    Can a beginner grow Blue Dream feminized?

    Yes, a beginner can technically grow Blue Dream feminized seeds, but the plants require extra TLC. They’re vulnerable to pests and dramatic weather changes. So, it’s best to cultivate them indoors. If you’re a newbie, get some practice with easier, beginner-friendly strains first. Autoflowering seeds are also an excellent option.

    What is the Blue Dream feminized flower time?

    Feminized Blue Dream marijuana seeds have a flowering period of 8–10 weeks. As photoperiod plants, they need periods of total darkness to enter the flowering stage. Indoors, you can trigger this phase by adjusting the light schedule to 12/12. Outdoors, they’ll start producing buds when the days get shorter.

    How long do Blue Dream feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Like all cannabis seeds, Blue Dream feminized seeds can take anything between 24–120 hours to germinate. That’s 1–5 days. During this stage, it’s crucial to keep them moist and in a warm, dark place. You’ll know they’re ready for planting once they develop prominent taproots.

    How long does it take Blue Dream feminized from seeds to harvest?

    Feminized Blue Dream seeds take roughly about 22 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. The seedling phase lasts around 2–3 weeks, the vegetative stage lasts 8–9 weeks, and as mentioned, the flowering stage takes 8–10 weeks. Indoors, you can extend or shorten the vegetative phase with the light schedule.

    What is the difference between Blue Dream feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds?

    Blue Dream feminized seeds produce female-only plants. Conversely, regular Blue Dream cannabis seeds develop into male and female plants. Breeders use them to create new strains. Meanwhile, Blue Dream autoflower marijuana seeds are bred with a ruderalis cultivar. This means they flower according to age instead of the light schedule.

    Grow medium: Blue Dream feminized hydro or soil?

    Blue Dream feminized seeds perform well in both soil and hydroponics. Indoors, implementing the Sea of Green (SoG) technique with either one can boost your yield. Use high-quality, nutrient-rich soil or potting mixes. If you opt for a soilless medium, perlite, peat moss, or coco cair are all fantastic options.

    What is the average Blue Dream feminized height?

    On average, feminized Blue Dream seeds bloom into crops that are about five feet tall. That said, some growers report their plants reaching a height of six feet. Thanks to its sativa and indica genes, Blue Dream is a relatively tall hybrid that’s also dense and bushy.

    What is the average indoor yield of Blue Dream feminized?

    Indoors, feminized Blue Dream plants churn out an average of around 14–21 ounces of bud per square meter. Pruning, staking, or topping methods can all increase your yield, along with the SoG technique. In some cases, growers have been known to harvest up to 24.6 ounces per square meter.

    What is the average outdoor yield of Blue Dream feminized?

    On average, you can harvest about 14–21 ounces of nugs per feminized Blue Dream plant. These crops thrive in warm, subtropical, or Mediterranean-like climates but don’t like sudden weather changes. Keep them happy and healthy, and they could reward you with an even bigger yield.

    Where can I find pictures of Blue Dream feminized marijuana?

    You can find pictures of Blue Dream feminized marijuana plants on this page. You can also check out our Blue Dream Feminized Homegrown Diaries. It’s where fellow growers document their cultivation journey with pictures, experiences, and interesting tidbits. You can join the action and create your own diary.

    Where is the best place to buy Blue Dream feminized seeds in the USA?

    The best place to buy Blue Dream feminized seeds in the USA is here, of course. At the Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can order high-quality cannabis seeds online and have them delivered to your door safely. With secure payment options, tracked shipping, and a germination guarantee, why shop anywhere else?

    Are there any other names for Blue Dream feminized?

    Yes, Blue Dream is also known as Azure Haze. It follows then that Blue Dream feminized seeds may be referred to as Azure Haze feminized seeds. While no one knows where this famous cultivar got its name, we can all agree that it is indeed like a dream.
    Spelling errors
    Some common spelling mistakes of Blue Dream feminized seeds include “Blu Dream,” “Bloo Dream,” “Blue Dreem,” and “femenized.” The ambiguous words “Blue” and “Dream” can also lead you astray. Remember to include words like “feminized seeds,” “cannabis seeds,” or ”marijuana seeds” when you’re searching for Blue Dream feminized seeds online.
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