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Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Easy just got easier
  • 20% THC and a HIGHLY energetic buzz
  • The myrcene really brings out the sweetness
  • Blue Dream autoflower seeds mature into compact, fragrant crops. The plants are feminized and have a total lifespan of a few weeks. It's a straightforward cultivar that doesn't need much maintenance aside from the ideal growing environment and protection from pests.The buds exude fruity aromas that tantalize the senses, and the flavors are a sugary treat. Every toke teases the ...Show more

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    Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Blue Dream autoflower seeds mature into compact, fragrant crops. The plants are feminized and have a total lifespan of a few weeks. It's a straightforward cultivar that doesn't need much maintenance aside from the ideal growing environment and protection from pests.

    The buds exude fruity aromas that tantalize the senses, and the flavors are a sugary treat. Every toke teases the taste buds with hints of spice and earth, perfectly complementing the berry notes.

    The strain has modest THC levels and negligible CBD content. It's sativa-dominant and brings a burst of energetic euphoria and relaxation. Buds from Blue Dream auto seeds also find favor with medical users who report that it helps with various health conditions.

    What are Blue Dream autoflower cannabis seeds?

    The cultivar is a blend of powerful genetics and forms part of the famous Haze family. The seeds are all feminized, resulting in an all-female crop that doesn't depend on light cycles to transition to the flowering phase.

    Blue Dream autoflower seeds offer growers convenience and a quality harvest in 8–9 weeks. The plant structure is small and compact, but the foliage isn't very dense.

    The buds are sweet and smell of berries and tropical fruits. Every toke is like a delectable dessert that makes you crave another taste. The effects are uplifting and relaxing and pair with several creative tasks.

    What are the Blue Dream autoflower effects?

    Buds from Blue Dream auto seeds are sativa-dominant. They contain a mellow 10–20% THC, although some nugs can have up to 21%. The effects are similar to that of Super Silver Haze, but they don’t last as long.

    It takes a few minutes to feel the buzz when you take a toke. Once the effects hit, it starts cerebrally and gives you a positive mindset while boosting your energy and creativity.

    You feel uplifted yet relaxed as calming sensations trickle down your body, relieving tension in your muscles. Some tokers use the cultivar to spice up things romantically, while others smoke it as a revitalizing wake and bake.

    Buds from Blue Dream autoflower seeds also assist with getting over the midday slump. The cultivar is popular with medical users who report that it offers multiple benefits.

    Even though the average THC levels are moderate, take it easy to avoid potential side effects. Common issues include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Overindulging may, in rare cases, result in slight paranoia.

    Offset these possible discomforts by staying hydrated and keeping a bottle of eyedrops close at hand.

    What does Blue Dream autoflower smell like?

    Buds from Blue Dream auto seeds have scents and flavors that hint at their heritage. Some fragrances are evident as early as the flowering stage. Fruity aromas emanate from the grow area and get more potent as harvest approaches.

    When the nugs are ready, they give off tropical scents with hints of berry and spice. Once crushed, the fruity fusion has more intense aromas that translate well into the flavor.

    As you inhale, berry dominates with subtle spice undertones. When the smoke hits the back of your throat, hints of other tropical fruit come to the fore. You taste citrus, pinewood, berries, and earth as you exhale. The aftertaste is sweet and lingers on your tastebuds for a while.

    How to germinate Blue Dream autoflower seeds?

    Germinating marijuana seeds is a straightforward process. For successful sprouting, you need a warm, dark environment with optimal humidity levels.

    The method most growers favor is the paper towel technique. It’s simple enough for beginners, and the materials are cheap. To start, you need:

    - 2 paper towels

    - 2 dinner plates

    - A bowl of water (bottled or tap)

    - A pair of tweezers

    - Blue Dream autoflower seeds

    - A cloth

    - A spray bottle


    Step 1: Place a dinner plate on a table or other sturdy surface. The two plates serve as the shell of your makeshift germination station.

    Step 2: Dip one of the paper towels into the bowl of water. Gently squeeze it to remove any excess fluid. It should be damp, not soaking. Take care not to tear it, and place it on the plate.

    Step 3: Using your tweezers, carefully place your Blue Dream seeds (auto) on the damp towel. Space them approximately an inch apart so the roots have room to grow.

    Step 4: Moisten the second paper towel so it’s damp, and cover the cannabis seeds.

    Step 5: Create the ideal dark environment for your marijuana seeds by closing the setup with the other dinner plate.

    Keep the makeshift germination station out of reach of children and animals and check on them daily. If the paper towels feel dry, moisten them using the spray bottle. Small, white tap roots emerge within 1–5 days.

    Using this technique complies with the requirements of our Homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guarantee. Please provide video or photographic evidence to qualify if the need arises.

    Blue Dream autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide

    Cultivating Blue Dream autoflower seeds is relatively straightforward. Once the seeds sprout, place them in your selected growing medium. The plants aren't fussy and thrive in both soil and hydroponics.

    Indoor growing is best, as the crops are susceptible to common garden pests like spider mites. It's easier to protect plants in a controlled environment.

    Crops from Blue Dream auto seeds don’t require any special supplement, but modest feeds of macronutrients can boost their development. They do need to be watered correctly, however.

    If you give them too much water, you risk issues like root rot. On the other hand, too little can dehydrate and weaken the plant. The best way to achieve the correct amount is by inserting a finger knuckle deep into the soil. Moist dirt indicates that you don't need to add more fluid. If it's dry, moisten it.

    One great convenience Blue Dream autoflower seeds offer is that you don’t need to change light cycles. Provide the plants 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness for optimal growing. Keep the temperatures warm and the humidity levels moderate. The ideal environment is around 65–85℉.

    Training or defoliating these crops isn’t advisable as they may not have enough time to recuperate before forming buds. If the foliage gets too bushy, trim a few excess leaves, but modestly.

    Autoflower cannabis seeds reach harvest time predictably and offer yields of 3–4 oz./m2 indoors and 3–4 oz./plant outdoors.

    What is the Blue Dream autoflower strain genetics?

    Blue Dream autoflower seeds have an interesting lineage. It belongs to the Haze family, which led some tokers to refer to it as Azure Haze. The cultivar stems from the marriage of Blueberry and Haze, which growers blended with ruderalis.

    These cultivars pass on incredible traits. The flavors are reminiscent of Blueberry, while the compound composition and uplifting effects mimic Haze’s. Its autoflower properties come from the ruderalis genetics.

    Wellness and Blue Dream autoflower seeds

    Medical users often cultivate Blue Dream autoflower seeds for health reasons. They report that it helps with several conditions thanks to the THC content and variety of terpenes.

    There are claims that each of these compounds offers specific benefits to bring relief to particular ailments. Some of the primary terpenes Blue Dream autoflower buds provide include:

    - Caryophyllene

    - Humulene

    - Linalool

    - Limonene

    - Myrcene

    The reports state that caryophyllene has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, while they claim that humulene has antibacterial qualities. Some believe that linalool is ideal for stress relief and aiding with disruptive sleep.

    Limonene is responsible for the hints of citrus in Blue Dream autoflower seed buds. Health users propose that it also assists with anxiety. Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes in cannabis; many believe it relaxes the body and has a sedative effect.

    Some health conditions medical tokers use the cultivar for include:

    - Stress

    - Anxiety

    - Inflammation

    - Pain

    - Insomnia

    - Fatigue

    - Depression

    Disclaimer: This medical cannabis information provided isn't advice and shouldn't be treated as such. Please seek professional advice on health applications.

    Blue Dream autoflower marijuana seeds frequently asked questions

    Now that we’ve unpacked Blue Dream autoflower seeds let’s discuss some of the more frequently asked questions.

    Where can I get free cannabis Blue Dream autoflower seeds?

    Getting your hands on premium Blue Dream autoflower seeds in the USA seeds is a challenge. Finding these for free may seem virtually impossible, but you might get complimentary ones when you purchase from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

    The online store features incredible promotions such as buy-one-get-one (BOGO) free deals. Popular offers include:

    - Buy 4 get 4 free

    - Buy 8 get 8 free

    - Buy 12 get 12 free

    Look for the BOGO banner on selected products to take advantage of this deal.

    Can a beginner grow Blue Dream autoflower?

    Autoflowering crops don’t allow you to extend the vegetative phase. If you subject your crops to rookie mistakes, they may not fully recover. The short period between planting and harvesting means it could impact the yield.

    Veterans typically advise beginners to start their cultivation journey with feminized seeds. However, novices can reap a bountiful harvest if they take diligent care of their crops and observe them daily.

    What is the Blue Dream autoflower flowering time?

    Blue Dream autoflower seeds have a predictable life cycle with an average flowering time of 2–3 weeks. Growing conditions and the seed quality may cause changes in this duration. Remember, the benefit of autoflowers is that you don’t need to switch light cycles; this phase will begin independently.

    How long do Blue Dream autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Several factors impact how long it takes for marijuana seeds to pop. Aspects like light, humidity, and temperature affect the speed of germination. Seed quality also plays a role.

    Using the popular and efficient paper towel method, your Blue Dream seeds (auto) sprout between 1–5 days.

    How long does it take Blue Dream autoflower from seed to harvest?

    The specific duration varies from one plant to the next. Each marijuana seed goes through four developmental phases.

    Stage one is germination, which takes an average of 1–2 weeks. Next is the seedling stage, where leaves start forming. It spends roughly 2–3 weeks in this growth phase.

    The vegetative stage comes next, where the plant matures rapidly. The autoflower crop stays in this phase for another 2–3 weeks before it flips to flower. The average time of Blue Dream auto from seed to harvest is 8–9 weeks. This duration may vary slightly.

    Grow medium for Blue Dream autoflower hydro or soil?

    Create an ideal environment for your Blue Dream autoflower. Fortunately, this cultivar flourishes in various grow mediums. If you opt for soil, your buds come out terpene-rich and fragrant.

    Cultivating these marijuana seeds in hydroponics often results in healthy, fast-growing crops. Plants nurtured in this substrate typically have slightly taller structures.

    What is the average Blue Dream autoflower height?

    Autoflower crops are quite compact yet robust with bushy foliage. Crops from Blue Dream autoflower seeds fit this profile.

    Environmental factors and training techniques influence the final height. The average size is 3–4 ft tall.

    Where can I find pictures of Blue Dream autoflower marijuana?

    The internet offers endless images of buds, but some inaccuracies may occur. For accurate pictures of Blue Dream autoflower seeds, plants and buds, check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our Homegrown Diaries offer even more images and useful cultivation information.

    Where’s the best place to buy Blue Dream autoflower seeds in the USA?

    If you want premium quality Blue Dream auto seeds, the best place to get them is here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our online seed store offers a wide variety at competitive prices and even provides strain-specific information.

    Currently, Blue Dream autoflower seeds are available in these configurations:

    4 pack: $88

    8 pack: $112

    12 pack: $150

    24 pack: $247

    The site is an educational resource for marijuana lovers with images and videos to assist you on your 420 journey.

    Are there any other names for Blue Dream autoflower?

    Thanks to its Haze genetics, some tokers refer to Blue Dream auto seeds as Blue Azure. There are also several misspellings of the strain.

    Spelling errors

    Common issues with Blue Dream’s spelling include:

    - Bloo Dream

    - Blu Dream

    - Blew Dream

    - Blue Dreem

    - Blue Dreme

    - Blue Draem

    - Blue Drim

    What’s the difference between autoflower marijuana and other variants?

    When it comes to cannabis, there are several variants. The most popular are autoflower, feminized, and regular seeds.

    Regular weed seeds sprout into male and female plants. Only the latter are bud-bearing, so you must identify the genders early to avoid pollination unless that’s your goal. Growers can typically find the sex of each crop during the vegetative phase.

    These crops are photoperiodic and switch to the final growth stage when the light cycle changes. Cultivators can extend the vegetative phase to enhance bud production by delaying this process.

    Feminized marijuana seeds are a convenient option as they produce only female plants 99% of the time. This means that your whole crop can bear buds. Similarly to the regular option, these plants are photoperiodic and only flip to flower when the light cycles change.

    Autos, like Blue Dream autoflower seeds, transition to the flowering stage without altering the dark/light cycle. Due to their ruderalis genetics, they’re compact and have a predictable life cycle.

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