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Blue Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • A supersonic auto with a powerful punch.
  • 18% THC delivers a long-lasting
  • Blueberry aromas from a beautiful plant.
  • If you’re looking for a tasty and hard-hitting weed that brings the best of both worlds, you can’t go wrong with Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds. This potent weed energizes and excites the mind while simultaneously imparting a profound sense of bodily relaxation.The double-action effects of Blue Amnesia autoflower come from its distinguished heritage. Blue Amnesia autoflower is a...Show more

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    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Blue Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    If you’re looking for a tasty and hard-hitting weed that brings the best of both worlds, you can’t go wrong with Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds. This potent weed energizes and excites the mind while simultaneously imparting a profound sense of bodily relaxation.
    The double-action effects of Blue Amnesia autoflower come from its distinguished heritage. Blue Amnesia autoflower is a hybrid cross between Amnesia and Blueberry. These two legendary cultivars were carefully blended with a ruderalis strain to create these auto Blue Amnesia weed seeds.
    The euphoric cerebral effects inherited from Amnesia are on full display here and immensely enjoyable. Paired alongside the stimulating cerebral effects of Blue Amnesia autoflower is a deeply relaxing body high.
    Because of its sturdy genetics and smaller size, growing Blue Amnesia autoflower is almost effortless and perfect for novices. Blue Amnesia autoflower also grows remarkably quickly, meaning more harvests in less time.

    Our Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds give you the chance to grow a sweet yet surprisingly powerful hybrid strain of high THC weed. Join us as we lay out everything you need to know about this sweet and speedy hybrid strain.

    What are Blue Amnesia autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds were carefully developed to give growers access to a high-quality hybrid weed grown quickly and easily. Blue Amnesia auto is a deliciously potent all-rounder weed with a striking appearance and floral, berry-sweet aroma.
    Blue Amnesia auto seeds produce the automatic flowering variant of Blue Amnesia. By back-crossing with ruderalis, breeders create low maintenance, easy-to-grow strains. Blue Amnesia auto’s other genetic parents are the highly-esteemed Blueberry and Amnesia.

    Blueberry is an award-winning indica-heavy hybrid that’s been relaxing smokers since the seventies. Blueberry’s powerful relaxative properties are distinctly present in Blue Amnesia auto. Amnesia is a sativa dominant strain known for its mood-enhancing, euphoric, and energizing high. These intense cerebral effects have been fully transferred to Blue Amnesia auto.
    Feminized cannabis strains only begin flowering once the correct lighting conditions exist. Indoor growers must carefully manage their lighting periods to get the most from their plants. Autoflower variants don’t need any photoperiod management. Indoor growers set their lights and timers a single time for the entire grow.
    Autoflower strains don’t get too big, making them an excellent option for growers with limited space. While the smaller plants yield less than regular strains, their speedy growth means you can harvest many crops a year.
    These Blue Amnesia auto seeds are perfect if you’re new to growing weed or have a smaller area to work with. They’re also a great choice if you’re just looking for a fast-growing strain you can harvest all year round.

    What are Blue Amnesia autoflower effects?

    While Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds won’t grow the tallest or highest yielding plants, it’s got it where it counts. This diminutive little cultivar packs a mighty one-two punch when it comes to effects. Blue Amnesia auto is an intensely strong but well-balanced hybrid strain.
    The distinct sativa effects inherited from Haze give Blue Amnesia auto a bold and uplifting euphoric high. Beginner smokers should approach this high THC strain cautiously, as its fast-acting mental effects can overwhelm the unprepared.
    A fantastic choice for daytime or evening social events, Blue Amnesia auto is equally effective consumed when you’re by yourself. Many creative users report increased focus and inspiration. The intoxicating mental effects aren’t all Blue Amnesia auto brings to the table. As a result of its Blueberry parentage, it possesses equally powerful physical effects.
    The physical effects of Blue Amnesia auto don’t immediately present themselves—they inevitably creep over time. The relaxing nature of this weed melts away all bodily tension. The profoundly relaxing effects are unmistakable yet never overwhelming. Users can gently unwind their muscles and their thoughts simultaneously.
    With increased consumption comes increased effects. The double-action qualities of Blue Amnesia auto take you on a soaring mental meander as your body slowly becomes one with the couch. At this point, sleep is rarely far off. Blue Amnesia auto’s hard-hitting effects are perfect for the hardcore smoker but may prove a bit too much for some. 

    Excessive consumption may result in severe cottonmouth or dry eyes. Keep some eye drops and a water bottle to hand to stay comfortable.

    What does Blue Amnesia autoflower smell like?

    Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds produce plants that look and smell just as good as they taste and smoke. As they mature, the leaves and buds on Blue Amnesia auto darken and turn a deeply inviting violet-purple color. These crystal-covered buds are a treat to behold.
    A sweet and sensual aroma accompanies the plants into their flowering phase. This blueberry-sweet scent mixes with a delicate floral note, which tickles the nostrils. When smoked, Blue Amnesia auto produces a smooth silvery smoke suffused with the candy-sweet smell of blueberries and bubblegum.
    Blue Amnesia auto tastes just as good as it smells. A strong bubblegum aftertaste on exhale joins the delectable sweetness of blueberries and a gentle note of flowers.

    How to germinate Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds

    Germinating cannabis seeds can sound like an intimidating process for first-time growers. But, thankfully, it’s pretty simple and a process anybody can do with everyday materials. We’re here to reassure you that you shouldn't have any problems if you follow our germination guide.
    - Before starting, have everything ready. You’ll need purified or bottled water, a pair of sterile tweezers, some paper towels, your cannabis seeds, and a dinner plate.
    - Moisten the two paper towels and then carefully and gently wring out any excess water.
    - Put one wet paper towel onto your plate. Take your cannabis seeds and place them neatly onto the towel, leaving an inch or so of space between each one.
    - Place the other paper towel over your marijuana seeds, adding enough water to keep everything moist.
    - Make sure there’s no free-standing water by lifting up the paper towel. Pour away any water sitting on the plate.
    - Put the plate in a warm dark place; a cupboard or a drawer is fine.
    - Leave the marijuana seeds for 24 to 120 hours, keeping them moist and NEVER letting them dry out. Check on your seeds very carefully every 24 hours.
    - Once your cannabis seeds have a healthy taproot, they’re ready for planting. Carefully transport the germinated seed with your tweezers to their growing medium.
    If you pay attention and follow our step-by-step guide outlined above, we’re confident you won’t have any problems. If you follow our guide and document each step with pictures, we’ll happily replace any ungerminated seeds free of charge. Just remember that marijuana seeds are naturally inclined to germinate in the right conditions.
    So, as a grower, all you have to do is provide these conditions and let nature do the rest. Head over and take a look at our picture and video germination guide.

    Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds grow guide

    Autoflower seeds possess several benefits, which make them an attractive option for would-be growers. With how easy they are to grow and maintain, it’s no surprise that autoflowers strains are a great choice for novice growers.
    As well as being easy to grow, autoflower strains stay small. As a result, indoor growers with limited space can get in on the fun with the rest of us. Blue Amnesia auto begins flowering by itself without the need for changing light schedules.
    Finally, these Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds produce plants that mature far faster than many strains. A quicker growing time means more harvests and more bud per year. With the generalities out of the way, let’s look at some growing tips and info on these Blue Amnesia auto seeds.
    Growing this strain indoors is a piece of cake. Put your lights on an 18:6 photoperiod, keep the plants fed, maintain airflow, and wait for these little beauties to mature. Blue Amnesia auto won’t keep you waiting long. In just a few weeks, the plants begin to develop nodes and quickly enter the flowering phase.

    When grown indoors, Blue Amnesia auto won’t get much taller than three feet. This height may sound quite small, but their rapid growth and high-quality weed more than compensate. Blue Amnesia auto goes from seed to weed in the blink of an eye. Indoor growers can see plants finish in as little as five to seven weeks.

    Blue Amnesia auto yields are somewhat lacking. But given that you can harvest them so quickly and the stellar quality of the weed, we’d say it balances out. Indoor growers can expect to harvest around three and a half oz./m². Admittedly not the heftiest bounty imaginable, but trust us, you don't need much to feel the effects.
    Blue Amnesia auto grows fine outdoors too. Outdoor growers may see their plants stretch a little more than those grown indoors to a possible four feet tall. If you’re situated in an area with mild to warm winters, it’s entirely possible to grow this strain year-round. 
    These Blue Amnesia auto seeds grow resilient little plants that don’t require too much special attention. You can expect similarly fast growth outdoors. You can take Blue Amnesia auto to harvest in around five to seven weeks. With some growth management techniques and good weather, outdoor growers may see somewhat increased yields. Expect to harvest about seven oz. per plant outdoors.

    What are Blue Amnesia autoflower seed genetics?

    Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds are a carefully developed autoflower hybrid strain with some seriously impressive lineage. This candy-sweet, intensely strong strain is the result of crossing Blueberry and Amnesia. The resulting offspring are then bred with a ruderalis cultivar to create an autoflower strain.
    Both of Blue Amnesia auto’s parents are fast favorites among smokers for their powerful but opposing effects. Blueberry is an award-winning strain that emerged in the seventies. It’s highly indica dominant and famous for its berry aroma and body-melting effects.

    Blueberry’s high THC content and sedative effects make it a great evening or nighttime smoke. Medicinal users also prize Blueberry for its soothing and pain-relieving effects. Amnesia is an equally distinctive and potent strain. Amnesia is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a euphoric and uplifting quality that’s intense and fast-acting.
    Amnesia also sports high THC levels and low CBD levels. Recreational users love this strain’s uplifting and giggly qualities, which enhance any social occasion. Medicinal users with anxiety or depression find Amnesia’s uplifting and energizing effects to be highly therapeutic. Blue Amnesia autoflower has fortuitously inherited both parents' bold and distinct effects, resulting in a remarkable all-rounder.

    Wellness and Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds

    Blue Amnesia autoflower possesses many therapeutic qualities owing to its balanced hybrid nature. As such, medicinal users can find a lot to love about this weed. Blue Amnesia auto's powerfully euphoric and mood-enhancing qualities are hugely beneficial to those with anxiety or depression.
    Fast-acting and potent, Blue Amnesia auto can provide long-lasting relief to a wealth of psychological issues. Users who experience decreased attention or lack of focus may also find Blue Amnesia auto’s mentally energizing and focusing effects helpful.
    Auto Blue Amnesia possesses equally therapeutic body effects inherited from its Blueberry parent. Its relaxing qualities can treat a range of physical issues. With just moderate consumption, users find every muscle and ligament in their body relax and unwind. The perfect treatment for chronic aches, muscular pain, or cramps.
    Users also report significant relief from cluster headaches and migraines when using Blue Amnesia auto. Blue Amnesia auto is a well-balanced hybrid that features the best of both worlds in terms of therapeutic potential.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions

    We’ve put together a brief FAQ below in case you’re short on time right now. Read on to get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds.

    Where can I get free Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds?

    While our selection varies over time, we regularly run cheap cannabis seeds and BOGO offers in our store. So check back often to see what’s on offer. Getting involved in the community is a great way to make new contacts. So why not join our growing crowd, where you can share advice, growing tips, and more.

    Can a beginner grow Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds?

    Most definitely. Blue Amnesia auto seeds are perfect if you’re new to growing and want to dip your toes in the metaphorical water. Their quick growing time is nothing to complain about either.

    What is Blue Amnesia autoflower flower time?

    Another reason to choose autoflower seeds is their short growing time. The consistent harvests possible with auto strains more than make up for their lower yield per plant. Blue Amnesia auto seeds produce incredibly fast-growing plants. They begin flowering after a few weeks and finish in five to seven weeks from seed.

    How long do Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Our seeds have been carefully selected to germinate successfully. While most seeds open within a day or two, some may take up to five days to pop. Follow our germination guide closely to ensure success. We’re happy to provide our germination guarantee to all growers who follow our guide and document their progress.

    How long does it take Blue Amnesia autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    These Blue Amnesia auto seeds are astonishingly speedy. The potential for endless harvests of top-quality weed isn’t to be missed. After just a few weeks of vegetative growth, Blue Amnesia autoflower begins developing colorful flowers. You’ll be harvesting delectably sweet buds in just five to seven weeks.

    Grow medium: Blue Amnesia autoflower hydro or soil?

    These auto Blue Amnesia seeds proliferate in any medium. More experienced growers may find increased yields with a hydroponic screen-of-green setup. Beginner growers may prefer to stick to simple soil setups and forego the more complex nature of hydroponic systems.

    What is the average Blue Amnesia autoflower height?

    Most autoflower strains develop as reasonably small plants, and Blue Amnesia autoflower is no exception. Indoor growers can expect their plants to top out at about two feet tall. Outdoor growers may see plants reach three feet in height.

    Where can I find pictures of Blue Amnesia autoflower marijuana?

    You can find some spectacular pictures of Blue Amnesia autoflower right here on this page. We also have our user-created Homegrown Diaries, where growers can share their cultivating tips and experiences. Unfortunately, we don’t have any grower diaries for Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds yet. So check back later, or better yet, be the first to add yours.

    Where is the best place to buy Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds in the USA?

    You can find Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds for sale right here. We stock a vast selection of high-quality marijuana seeds with proven genetics. In addition, we also offer unparalleled customer support and guaranteed delivery. Provided you follow our germination guide exactly, we even have a germination guarantee. What more could you ask for?

    Do you stock other Blue Amnesia seed variants?

    While we don’t have any other variants of this strain, we have some other Amnesia and Blueberry hybrids available. Here are some suggestions for feminized and regular seeds:
    - Our Amnesia Lemon regular seeds are an excellent choice for more experienced growers.
    - If you want feminized seeds, try our Amnesia Kush feminized.
    - You might also want to check out our Blueberry Autoflower seeds.

    Are there any other names for Blue Amnesia autoflower?

    Blue Amnesia autoflower is a pretty straightforward strain name that reflects its parentage. We’re not aware of any other nicknames out there—but let us know if you come up with one. It’s easy enough to get nominally confused with other strains, as many cultivars have either ‘blue’ or ‘amnesia’ in their names.
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