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Blackberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blackberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Berries meet diesel for a memorable smoke!
  • Blackberry autoflower seeds prove that cannabis and fruit are a match made in heaven. This sweet-tasting marijuana strain has the power to take your tastebuds on an exhilarating ride that’ll have you endlessly smacking your lips. Couple these refreshing flavors with this cultivar's ability to relax your body and lift your spirits, and you get the perfect evening treat.  Stressf...Show more

    Blackberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    70 - 250
    Height indoor
    60 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Blackberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Blackberry autoflower seeds prove that cannabis and fruit are a match made in heaven. This sweet-tasting marijuana strain has the power to take your tastebuds on an exhilarating ride that’ll have you endlessly smacking your lips. Couple these refreshing flavors with this cultivar's ability to relax your body and lift your spirits, and you get the perfect evening treat. 


    Stressful days have finally met their match, vanishing at the sight of buds from autoflower Blackberry seeds. Indulge your sweet tooth and experience these sensual flowers yourself by ordering a pack from our autoflower seeds section.


    What are Blackberry autoflower cannabis seeds?


    If word hasn’t reached you yet, Blackberry autoflower seeds and the insatiable cannabis they produce will revolutionize your evenings. These indica-dominant buds come from a beautiful blend between two classic cultivars offering opposite effects.


    Rather than clashing, these genetics become dance partners, producing flowers that are sensational in every aspect you could imagine. As they get close to harvest, these buds swell up and develop a purple hue. Milky hairs turn a bronze color, while amber trichomes create a sticky coat around every nug.


    Marijuana from autoflower Blackberry seeds releases a powerful aroma into the air, living up to its sweet name. Lighting it up and taking a puff continues the fruity trend on your tongue, along with earthy hints of fuel.


    This cultivar offers to take you on a relaxing ride, clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts as a smile spreads across your face. It’s become synonymous with medicinal marijuana patients looking to combat insomnia and recreational users ending their evening with a delicious nightcap. Anyone can grow Blackberry auto seeds after doing a bit of research. They showcase their best work in the hands of an experienced cultivator developing impressive yields when raised indoors.


    What are the effects of Blackberry autoflower cannabis?


    Marijuana from Blackberry autoflower seeds is everything you’re looking for in a nighttime treat and more. It lives up to its sativa heritage by throwing its welcoming arms around you and lifting your spirits. An initial cerebral rush refreshes your senses with its potent blend of THC and clears your mind of clutter. The sudden mental clarity is the first domino in a long creative chain that puts you on a path to productivity.


    In low doses, cannabis from autoflower Blackberry seeds allows you to enjoy its euphoric capabilities for an hour or so before revealing its true purpose. In that time, you find yourself finishing off some last-minute chores or discussing profound topics with friends. It’s also wise to keep some healthy snacks in the kitchen to satiate the sudden hunger that soon sets in. Put on a fun movie and grab your favorite pillow to support your head as you stretch out on the sofa.


    Larger doses of marijuana from Blackberry auto seeds will only accelerate the ensuing couch-lock that grips your body. A deeply relaxed state draws your experience to an end, closing the curtains and leaving you to sleep peacefully. Buds this tasty are hard to resist, so it’s easy to find yourself indulging in more than you initially intended. The good news is you have nothing to worry about. You may experience heightened anxiety and limb-lock for a short period, but after a nap, you’ll feel your normal self.


    What does Blackberry autoflower marijuana smell like?


    Cannabis grown from Blackberry autoflower seeds lives up to its title in every sense. Coming in contact with these sticky buds is sure to fill your nose with a sweet, fruity fragrance almost impossible to resist.


    Grinding up and smoking this alluring cultivar only enhances these delicious flavors further. Your tongue is soon surrounded by creamy smoke and an unmistakable blackberry taste. There are also traces of hash and diesel to enrich the overall experience and balance out the sweetness. This earthy flavor lingers on your lips after smoking marijuana from autoflower Blackberry seeds. It also becomes more prominent after a few minutes, serving as a delightful night’s snack.


    A special blend of terpenes within these flowers is responsible for their uncanny fruit flavor. Our in-house testing reveals myrcene as the most dominant of these aromatic compounds, identified by its sweet, earthy fragrance. It’s also commonly found in rosemary, thyme, and mangos. Recent research also suggests this particular terpene has potential health benefits. It’s said to have a calming effect, enhancing the relaxing qualities of cannabis from Blackberry auto seeds.


    How to germinate Blackberry autoflower seeds


    The path to successful marijuana propagation starts the moment you begin germinating your Blackberry autoflower seeds. Years of experience have taught us that the paper towel method is the only way to accomplish this task. Not only is it quick and simple to perform, but it promises successful results 99% of the time. If our cannabis seeds don’t start sprouting using this technique, we’ll replace them under our germination guarantee.


    If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, follow our germination guide to begin growing your autoflower Blackberry seeds. Performed correctly, you should see a healthy, white taproot emerging within five days. There’s no need to buy any expensive equipment for this propagation process. All you need is the following items found in your house:


    - Two ceramic plates

    - One bowl

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A bottle of purified water

    - A roll of paper towel


    After finding all the required items above, get your Blackberry auto seeds and follow these steps:


    - Fill a ceramic bowl with purified or mineral water.

    - Tear off two paper towel sheets and submerge them into the liquid until completely wet.

    - Remove them from the bowl and gently squeeze both sheets to remove excess moisture.

    - Fold one paper towel piece and lay it flat on a dinner plate.

    - Use tweezers to pick up your auto Blackberry seeds, and place them on the wet sheet.

    - Once you’ve spaced out your marijuana seeds, cover them with the second moist paper towel.

    - Place a second dinner plate over the cannabis seeds to block out any light. Then put them in a dark, cool cupboard.

    - Keep your Blackberry autoflower seeds moist, and within five days, you’ll start seeing growth.

    - Once you notice a root growing out, plant your marijuana seeds into pots.


    We suggest recording yourself performing this method as proof in the event you need a replacement.


    Blackberry autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Raising Blackberry autoflower seeds can get tricky if it’s your first time growing marijuana, so we wouldn’t recommend them to beginners. These plants won’t forgive any mistakes you make, leading to disappointing results and a bruised ego.


    Once you’ve got some experience under your belt, cultivating this cannabis cultivar becomes infinitely easier. It doesn’t require a lot of space, making it perfect for confined grow rooms. Crops can also survive fluctuating temps and resist pests, allowing you to plant autoflower Blackberry seeds outdoors.


    This fruity strain’s accommodating attitude means you can use soil or hydroponics to raise it successfully. Cultivators looking to enhance the flavor and fragrance of their bud tend to choose the former option. A mixture of coco coir and perlite works well when it comes to growing these Blackberry auto seeds. It eliminates any presence of pests in your substrate and has excellent aeration so your cannabis plant's roots can breathe easily.


    Plant your marijuana seeds in a five-gallon pot from the start to avoid having to change to a bigger one later and damaging the roots. Use fabric containers to assist with root health and aeration. If you choose to raise auto Blackberry seeds in a hydro setup, make sure you monitor your humidity levels. Anything over 50% encourages mold, especially during flowering. You’ll also need to pay close attention to nutrient levels.


    Don’t train your crops or top them, as these methods do nothing but ruin yields. All these marijuana plants require is light pruning during flowering to maintain sufficient ventilation around the foliage.


    Indoor cultivators need to maintain an average temperature of 68–75 degrees Fahrenheit within their grow tents. Increase potential yields if you plant multiple Blackberry autoflower seeds using the Sea of Green method. This technique is also brilliant for maximizing space. 


    After 8–9 weeks from germination, your cannabis crops will start flowering. Make sure you account for the transition by using bloom fertilizer. Under optimal conditions, plants can generate yields measuring around 16 oz./m². Although you can grow autoflower Blackberry seeds outdoors year-round, the harvests are significantly smaller. Those living in a Mediterranean climate may net yields between 2–11 oz./plant.


    What are the genetics of the autoflower Blackberry seed?


    Autoflower Blackberry seeds are the product of combining two exceptional cannabis cultivars, along with a third secret ingredient. To fully appreciate this marijuana blend, you need to go back to the beginning. It started when breeders combined Black Domina with Raspberry Cough, producing the original version of these cannabis seeds. Raspberry Cough is a beloved sativa-heavy hybrid that cracks the whip of productivity in your mind. Its uplifting capabilities and fruity flavor live on in Blackberry auto seeds and the marijuana they produce.


    Black Domina is the love-child of Northern Lights and Afghani, making this strain an indica-fan’s dream. It’s known to have an earthy taste and a fast flowering time. This cultivar passes down all of these qualities to auto Blackberry seeds along with the ability to create super sticky flowers.


    Breeders continued stabilizing these promising genetics until a version promised female plants with a 99% success rate. They then took things further by introducing a mysterious ruderalis strain into the mix. 


    Due to this secret ingredient, Blackberry auto seeds can grow quickly and flower regardless of the light schedule. An added bonus is that this marijuana variety can also combat the presence of any Y-chromosomes. Our in-house testing reveals an average THC percentage of 17–19% THC within these beautiful nugs. There’s also around 0.3% CBD present in each flower, making it a useful tool in the medicinal marijuana community.


    Wellness and Blackberry autoflower seeds


    Blackberry autoflower seeds and their fruity flowers are like the Florence Nightingale of cannabis. Their soothing effects have a wide array of therapeutic applications, particularly in alleviating physical and mental stress.


    Many medicinal marijuana patients opt for these cannabis seeds and their flowers to benefit from the uplifting sensations. It’s said to assist with reducing any form of anxiety and depression, helping you see yourself in a positive light.


    If you’re seeking relief from pain and discomfort, consuming the buds from autoflower Blackberry seeds could assist. They’re potentially useful for patients with chronic migraines and arthritis. Once consumed, they’re able to ease tension in your muscles and reduce inflammation around joints.


    After enjoying these resinous nugs, many users claim to experience a significant increase in desire for nourishment. As a result, you could utilize cannabis from Blackberry auto seeds to combat a poor appetite. An added benefit is this marijuana strain’s reported ability to combat nausea, helping you hold onto your food.


    This cannabis cultivar’s greatest potential lies within the bedroom. Few can resist the sedating sensations after enjoying these fruity buds, no matter the time of day. The unavoidable sleepy effects after consuming the flowers from auto Blackberry seeds could help users experiencing insomnia.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Blackberry autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Is there anything we haven't covered or something you’re not sure about? Perhaps one of these frequently asked questions will shed some more light on the mysteries of Blackberry autoflower seeds. If you still need assistance, contact us via one of the available methods or use our community forum to get an answer.


    What variations of Blackberry cannabis are there?


    This majestic marijuana strain is available in three different variations, each offering something unique. Auto Blackberry seeds are just one of these incredible versions. Here’s a quick rundown of each to help you choose the best option for your setup:


    - Regular seeds: The original version of these cannabis seeds has a 50% chance of becoming male plants. You need to sex crops and remove non-females from your garden to maximize their harvesting potential.


    - Feminized seeds: This variation has stabilized genetics to produce a female plant 99% of the time. These marijuana seeds are perfect for beginners and cultivators seeking an easy option with guaranteed yields.


    - Autoflower seeds: This variety is the most popular version of this cultivar due to its accelerated growth. These cannabis seeds produce a slightly smaller harvest once germinated but in half the time.


    Where can I get free Blackberry autoflower seeds?


    Did someone say free Blackberry auto seeds? Check out the BOGOs section at Homegrown Cannabis Co and discover a bunch of amazing buy one get one free promotions. These valuable deals don’t last long, so make sure you regularly drop in to see the newest limited-time offer. Order 4, 8, 12, or 24 marijuana seeds, and we’ll throw in twice as many at no extra cost. It’s as simple as that.


    Can a beginner grow Blackberry autoflower seeds?


    Blackberry autoflower seeds are best suited to experienced cultivators because they don’t forgive any novice mistakes. At the same time, this cannabis cultivar is able to withstand harsh conditions, making it an option for beginners seeking a challenge. If it’s your first time cultivating marijuana, we suggest picking an easier option from our feminized or regular categories. These types of strains take longer to grow but help you become a well-rounded cannabis gardener.


    What is the flowering time of Blackberry autoflower?


    After germinating your autoflower Blackberry seeds, it takes 8–9 weeks for crops to start flowering. During this phase, you’ll notice buds appearing on your plants and fattening up with every passing day. Adjust your nutrient blend to account for the growing transition by using a fertilizer with low nitrogen content. There’s no need to decrease your light schedule. Instead, keep your bulbs on for 18–24 hours to encourage bigger yields.


    How long do Blackberry autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    If you use the paper towel method, Blackberry auto seeds usually take up to five days to germinate. We ask all of our customers to utilize this technique as it forms an integral part of our guarantee. It requires no previous experience to perform and increases your chances of success tenfold.


    How long does it take Blackberry autoflower to go from seed to harvest?


    It takes roughly 12–14 weeks for your auto Blackberry seeds to develop into plants and produce buds ready for harvest. The easiest way to tell when these flowers are ready is by looking at their hairs. Ideally, you’ll want to wait for them to turn brown. If they’re still a milky color, chances are you need to wait a bit longer. Add 3–5 days for drying and 2+ weeks of curing to get an idea of when you can sample your hard work.


    Grow medium: Blackberry autoflower hydro or soil?


    Blackberry autoflower seeds flourish in hydroponic setups and soil mediums, allowing you to pick either. We recommend opting for a blend of perlite and coco coir if you’re new to autoflower varieties. This mixture helps keep pests at bay while allowing roots to breathe for strong, healthy crops. It’s also a good way to enhance the taste of your buds. Cultivators looking to spice up their setup can use hydro to raise autoflower Blackberry seeds. The control you have over nutrient intake allows you to accelerate growth and increase yield. Keep an eye on humidity levels to avoid any mold.


    What is the average height of Blackberry autoflower plants?


    Autoflower Blackberry seeds grow into plants that can reach up to four feet in height. These cannabis crops display their indica genetics proudly, remaining small in stature while expanding their branches laterally. Due to their size, cultivators can raise these crops in confined spaces without much hassle. It’s worth noting that these marijuana plants will start stretching out during their flowering phase. Make sure you account for this growth spurt by adjusting the height of your lights indoors. 


    Where can I find pictures of Blackberry autoflower marijuana?


    The most reliable way to see photos of this cannabis cultivar is to head over to a Blackberry Autoflower Homegrown Diary. You’ll discover a complete record of these marijuana seeds growing from start to finish. Plus, there are pictures of Blackberry autoflower seeds at every stage. The best part about these images is that they all come from our loyal customers. Not only will you find helpful notes and tips, but also you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you order from our store.


    Where is the best place to buy Blackberry autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Buy your top-shelf Blackberry auto seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. to enjoy these buds and everything they offer. We also have over 400 different premium marijuana strains for sale. Whatever your taste buds desire, chances are you’ll find it in our store. Order your pack of 4, 8, 12, or 24 cannabis seeds online and get discreet delivery to your door.


    Are there any other names for Blackberry autoflower?


    You’re more than welcome to come up with nicknames for your bud, but as far as the communities’ concerned, they have no moniker. There are loads of other cannabis cultivars out there with similar names and fruit references. Using the correct spelling when you order auto Blackberry seeds is paramount to experiencing the right effects.


    Here are a few examples of errors customers make searching for this marijuana strain:


    - Blueberry auto seeds

    - Black berry cannabis seeds

    - Strawberry seeds

    - Raspberry autoflower seeds

    - Blakberry marijuana seeds


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