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Black Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Black Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Fruity and smooth
  • High THC
  • Limonene dominant
  • From a world-famous, potent genetics line comes the exquisite feminized Black Runtz seeds. They flourish into durable plants with delicious, irresistible buds that treat your mouth with tasty dessert flavors. Crops are resilient and adaptable, making them ideal for growers of any experience level. The effects are perfectly balanced thanks to a 50/50 indica-sativa split, inducin...Show more

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    Black Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    From a world-famous, potent genetics line comes the exquisite feminized Black Runtz seeds. They flourish into durable plants with delicious, irresistible buds that treat your mouth with tasty dessert flavors. Crops are resilient and adaptable, making them ideal for growers of any experience level. The effects are perfectly balanced thanks to a 50/50 indica-sativa split, inducing a flurry of euphoria, creativity, and profound relaxation. Discover all you need to know about Black Runtz below, from scents and effects to cultivation tips. We provide a detailed grow guide and explore the standout characteristics of this potent strain.

    What are Black Runtz feminized cannabis seeds?

    Black Runtz seeds result from crossing legendary dessert strains Gelato and Zkittlez. These parents are among the most potent and sought-after cultivars in the world, and this offspring is no different.

    These feminized seeds flourish into hardy female plants with thick, fluffy buds boasting deep green and purple hues.

    Thanks to its stellar genetics, Black Runtz is a delightful hybrid of indica and sativa. Consuming it can send you into a state of total bliss, uplifting and relaxing you simultaneously. 

    Sky-high THC levels attract beginner and veteran tokers alike, as they range between 20 and 25%. The CBD content is low, sitting at around 1%. The plants are simple to grow and produce impressive yields that anyone can successfully achieve.

    What are the Black Runtz feminized strain effects?

    Black Runtz seeds are far from the runts of the litter. They grow into plants with surprisingly powerful buds that show no mercy to those who smoke them. Expect the effects to knock you off your feet in the best way.

    The hybrid genetics means you get a fine balance of indica and sativa sensations. The first couple of puffs uplift you into a state of pure euphoria and happiness. Some users report feeling aroused and experiencing a burst of creative inspiration.

    You feel a rush of newfound motivation and energy in the first hour or two. Take advantage of these sensations by completing that task you’ve been procrastinating on or practicing that new skill you’ve been learning.

    The peak of the high from the buds of Black Runtz seeds is the perfect opportunity to tap into your creative side. Create a new piece of artwork, learn a new song on your instrument, or write a new poem. 

    You feel all corners of your brain tingle with new ideas, making this strain ideal for social gatherings. It’s well known for encouraging intellectual conversations, laughing among friends, and hyper-focusing on a competitive game.

    After a couple of hours, the indica side starts kicking in, and you feel yourself sink into heavenly relaxation. A deep calm washes over and soothes you without locking you to the couch.

    Black Runtz is a fantastic way to end a long, stressful day by switching off with your favorite TV show or movie. Some users report it helps promote better sleep. It enables you to drift into a peaceful slumber that leaves you refreshed and motivated the next day.

    Stay hydrated during your smoke session, and if you’re a beginner toker, take it easy. The buds from Black Runtz seeds are more potent than average, sometimes reaching 27% THC. 

    There aren’t many reported side effects, but some common weed reactions like dry mouth and red eyes might occur. Alleviate these symptoms by drinking water, using eye drops, or eating a hearty meal.

    What does Black Runtz feminized smell like?

    The parents, Zkittlez and Gelato, are world-renowned for being delicious dessert strains. Black Runtz feminized keeps the best traits alive and possesses some of its own.

    One of the reasons for the name is because of the Runts candies. The buds from this strain smell like a bag of sugary treats bound to attract the most avid sweet tooths. They also exude a pleasant mix of classic earthy and floral aromas, filling the room with that dank weed scent.

    Crops aren’t overpowering in their smells, so you shouldn’t need to worry about stealth growing unless that’s your focus. Other growers of Black Runtz seeds report the buds also produce notes of berries with creamy undertones.

    The buds deliver the same flavors when you light them up. The dominant terpene is limonene, so expect sour candy tangs on your tongue.

    Caryophyllene and linalool are also present, complementing the sour citrus notes with sweet dessert berries and spicy herbs. Black Runtz is a taste sensation that entices all your senses, from harvest until you fill the room with thick clouds of delicious-smelling smoke.

    How to germinate Black Runtz feminized seeds

    Germination is one of the most vital steps in ensuring successful cannabis crops. It involves using specific techniques to encourage your seedlings to sprout taproots, so they’re ready for cultivation.

    Homegrown backs the paper towel method for germinating Black Runtz seeds. Follow this straightforward guide to get the best results:

    Collect two plates, two paper towels, bottled or purified water in a spray bottle, and tweezers. Ensure your hands are clean before handling anything and sterilize the tools before use.

    Use the spray bottle to moisten a paper towel lightly. It shouldn’t be damp or dripping with excess water, but just wet enough to supply the seeds with moisture.

    Place the first towel on a plate, then use the tweezers to spread your Black Runtz seeds on top. They should be around an inch apart.

    Follow the same procedure with the second paper towel, moistening and using it to cover your seedlings. Place the other plate on top to create a cover that prevents your seeds from being exposed to light.

    They need a dark, warm, and dry environment to sprout successfully. Place the plate setup in a clothes drawer, cupboard, or on top of the fridge.

    Keep checking on your seeds daily, ensuring they don’t become dry. Spray the paper towels with a little extra water to keep them moist if necessary.

    Move your seeds to their permanent growing medium when you see them pop and sprout little taproots.

    Black Runtz seeds possess stable, high-quality genetics and should germinate successfully in 1–5 days. It’s possible to get duds sometimes, which means they won’t sprout.

    Homegrown offers a germination guarantee with all purchased marijuana seeds from our store. Take photos or videos of your attempts. If you get duds, fill out our form, and we’ll send you replacement seeds free of charge.

    Black Runtz feminized cannabis seeds grow guide

    Black Runtz plants are a dream to cultivate for growers of any experience level. They flourish well in temperate, continental, Mediterranean, and sunny environments, but you can grow them anywhere with the right conditions.

    The combination of sativa and indica genetics means Black Runtz seeds grow into highly adaptable, resilient crops. They fare well in many environments, whether you want to grow them indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse.

    This California strain loves warm weather, low humidity, and plenty of light. The plants can grow quite tall, reaching 6–7 feet inside and out. Ensure you have sufficient space for them to stretch if you opt for indoor cultivation.

    Set up HPS lamps at 600 watts or use fluorescent or LED lights and keep them on for 18 hours daily during vegetation. Maintain 75–85°F temperatures and around 70% relative humidity (RH) levels.

    Black Runtz seeds are photoperiods, so switch to a 12/12 light cycle to initiate the flowering stage. Drop RH by around 5% weekly and lower the temperature to 68–75°F.

    The humidity levels need to be 35–45% in the final two weeks before harvest. After 8–10 weeks of flowering, expect 17–23 oz. of delicious dessert buds per m².

    If growing outdoors, provide plenty of sunlight and water. Watch for pests and signs of disease, and employ simple training techniques to boost plant health and increase yields. Keep the plants evenly spaced apart and remove lower growth to ensure equal light distribution.

    Use organic soil filled with the necessary NPK nutrients, or add fertilizers manually at each stage of growth. Expect to harvest 14–18 oz. per plant in October.

    What are the Black Runtz feminized strain genetics?

    Black Runtz seeds are offsprings from Gelato and Zkittlez. Both parents pass on potent effects and delicious flavors. Here’s an overview of each strain:

    Gelato is an indica-dominant cultivar that delivers mouth-watering dessert flavors and up to 22% THC. It induces bursts of creativity and euphoria and helps users relax completely. 

    Zkittlez is another candy-flavored strain that promises a blend of sweet, citrus, and berry notes. It contains around 19% THC and gives you a positive mental boost while a warm calm washes over you. 

    Wellness and Black Runtz feminized seeds

    Marijuana is famous for its therapeutic properties, and smoking the buds from Black Runtz seeds has various benefits.

    Fans of the strain report that it might help reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue. Its high THC levels may induce deep relaxation and soothe sore joints and muscles.

    The blend of sativa and indica genetics means users could experience relief from chronic pain and insomnia. Several users report being more productive at the peak of the high. After that, a profound body stone may help you combat sleeplessness and have a good night’s rest.

    The calming sensations may provide solace from an overactive mind, chasing away clouds of negativity and worry. Some users also claim it uplifts your spirits, brightens low moods, and eases social anxiety.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Black Runtz feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Now that you know more about Black Runtz seeds, you may still have questions. We’ve gathered and answered the most common queries below to round up your knowledge of this powerful strain.

    Where can I get free cannabis Black Runtz feminized seeds?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the perfect place to find affordable, high-quality marijuana seeds. We run regular specials and offer discounts on bulk orders. We also have frequent BOGO (Buy One Get One free) deals. Stay tuned to our store to find Black Runtz at irresistible prices.

    Can a beginner grow Black Runtz feminized?

    Black Runtz is an ideal strain for beginners, as it’s straightforward to grow and requires minimal effort. It’s adaptable to many environments and is well known for being mold and pest-resistant. Ensure you provide the correct temperature and humidity to get phenomenal results.

    What is the Black Runtz feminized flowering time?

    Black Runtz seeds spend about 8–10 weeks in the flowering stage. The plants are photoperiods, so start them with 18 hours of light, then switch to 12 hours daily to induce the blooming phase. Remember to drop the temperature and humidity levels gradually once they exit vegetation.

    How long do Black Runtz feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Following our paper towel approach, your seeds should sprout between one and five days. Ensure you follow our guide above and document your progress. If you don’t see taproots after a week, contact us with photo or video evidence to get free replacements.

    How long does it take Black Runtz feminized from seeds to harvest?

    The time marijuana plants take to bloom fully differs between strains. Black Runtz seeds typically take an average of 14–22 weeks to reach harvest. 

    They spend around 1–5 days in germination, 2–3 weeks as seedlings, 4–8 weeks in vegetation, and 8–10 weeks in flowering.

    Grow medium for Black Runtz feminized: hydro or soil?

    Black Runtz is surprisingly adaptable, and you can get excellent results in soil or hydroponics, depending on personal preference. The former is usually easier, more affordable, and rich in nutrients. The latter allows for more accurate mineral intake and could produce higher yields.

    What is the average Black Runtz feminized height?

    Black Runtz plants typically grow quite tall, reaching 6–7 feet inside and out. Implementing a Sea of Green or Screen of Green setup indoors can help maximize space and boost yields. Outside, ensure you regularly trim the crop to allow adequate and equal light and air distribution.

    Where can I find pictures of Black Runtz feminized marijuana?

    Find high-quality images of Black Runtz seeds, plants, and harvested buds on this page. We try our best to gather updated pictures, so you know what to expect. Join Homegrown Diaries to share your cultivation results with other growers worldwide.

    Where is the best place to buy Black Runtz feminized seeds in the USA?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a premier destination for stable genetics and superior harvests. Find Black Runtz seeds for sale by selecting one of the following packs: 

    4-pack: $87

    8-pack: $111

    12-pack: $148

    24-pack: $244

    Stay updated with our specials, deals, and bulk discounts by subscribing to our newsletter. We offer fast, convenient, and discreet shipping and free delivery on bigger orders across the USA.

    Are there any other names for Black Runtz feminized?

    Black Runtz seeds don’t have any other names, though it’s easy to get them mixed up with the original Runtz strain. When searching for this variant, ensure you get the feminized hybrid version called “Black Runtz.” 

    Join the Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Black Runtz feminized pics and any Black Runtz feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Black Runtz feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!


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