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Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 5
  • A quick-flowering
  • 18% THC: euphoric
  • Earthy with spicy pepper and pine flavors.
  • Black Domina feminized seeds grow into dark indica crops to brighten a dreary day. These gorgeous cannabis plants gained a cult following for their striking black foliage. A grower knows this strain in their sleep, and you’re about to see it develop before your eyes. Feminized Black Domina seeds promise a profoundly enjoyable growing and smoking experience. Practice cultivation...Show more

    Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Black Domina feminized seeds grow into dark indica crops to brighten a dreary day. These gorgeous cannabis plants gained a cult following for their striking black foliage. A grower knows this strain in their sleep, and you’re about to see it develop before your eyes.


    Feminized Black Domina seeds promise a profoundly enjoyable growing and smoking experience. Practice cultivation on a hassle-free herb and savor sweet flavors that never seem to stop surprising you with complexity. Let the wave of good vibes wash over you and rediscover a sense of absolute wellness.


    Are you ready to grow top-shelf cannabis plants, achieve abundance with minimal necessary effort, and take the edge off your day? Experience this melting pot of cultivars with feminized seeds from Homegrown.


    What are Black Domina feminized cannabis seeds?


    Cannabis tends to be green, but some strains defy those expectations. Sometimes, you get a stunning specimen that shimmers in pink, orange, white, or violet.


    Other times, your plants are so dark that they’re practically black. That’s what Black Domina feminized seeds bring—a crop whose deep green leaves resemble ebony in your garden.


    This indica weed strain is a charmer from the start. Its looks earned it a following among enthusiastic breeders and cultivators.


    This feast isn’t for the eyes only, either.


    What makes this cultivar sought-after among growers and stoners from all walks of life?


    It all starts with genetics. This complex strain is an Afghani x Northern Lights x Hash Plant x Ortega cross, delivering the best of indica cannabis.


    From the aroma to the high and growth patterns, these cannabis seeds pack quite a punch. The crops and buds have everything an enthusiast could wish for.


    These black beauties grow short and squat, blossoming into dense foliage and numerous bud sites. The deep green blades darken with ripening, and oblong colas adorn its bushy structure.


    Growing from Black Domina fem seeds is a breezy affair, ideal for cultivators of all levels. Thriving in most conditions, these charmers never fail to impress.


    The yields are generous for the minimal effort required. Grow indoors or out and fill your jars with top-tier weed flowers to take the edge off your day.


    Weed from Black Domina feminized seeds enchants the senses with its saccharine fragrances. Connoisseurs clap in delight upon the first whiff.


    The effect profile is loud and proud. It immediately makes itself known by touching every cell of your being. Its hand is gentle, pulling out pressure and leaving only comfort.


    Keep a stash nearby and light up whenever the stresses of the day become too much. Let powerful physical relaxation wash over you as nature nurtures you back into well-being.


    Are you ready to uncover the glory of this bombastic herb? Enjoy all it has to offer with feminized Black Domina seeds from Homegrown.


    What are the Black Domina feminized seed-grown weed effects?


    Smoking weed from Black Domina feminized seeds is a tranquilizing experience. This black beauty dominates you, banishing all desire to move with a single puff.


    You can thank the considerable cannabinoid contents for this immediate relief. 


    Buds from these marijuana seeds reach 20% THC in ideal conditions, and CBD remains minimal. As such, a wellness-boosting psychoactive avalanche is immediate.


    It’s not all physical relaxation with Black Domina fem seed-grown cannabis, either. Its complex terpene profile adds a lot of nuance to the THC bodyslam.


    The smoking experience takes place through several enjoyable rounds. It starts in the head and slowly trickles down your spine to your fingertips and toes.


    A rush is immediate, but it’s not energized euphoria that greets your intoxicated brain. Instead, a fuzzy warmth fills your mind space and softens every sensation coming your way.


    The cerebral effects are powerful but not overwhelming. There’s a dreamy quality to your thoughts and senses. You find it easy to giggle at anything and everything as it kicks in.


    At the same time, your body softens into a lazy puddle, and movement drops lower on your list of priorities. You’re not couch-locked at first, but you’re far from eager about high-effort activities.


    These few hours are perfect for chill sessions with loved ones. You’re free from negativity and anxiety, engaging in earnest conversations and sharing the love.


    Black Domina feminized seeds don’t hide their indica heritage. The traditional ‘stone’ only grows stronger with the tick of the clock, inducing ravenous hunger and sleepiness.


    As sedation overpowers you, there’s a bit of time to get ready for bed before heading off to Neverland. You wake up after a healthy eight hours with no stoneover to speak of.


    Light up to recuperate but take your time between tokes. The feel-good feminized Black Domina seed-grown bomb needs time to work around your system before kissing you goodnight.


    What does the Black Domina feminized smell like?


    Black Domina feminized seeds carry a commanding name, but it’s misleading regarding the flavor profile. The aromatic bouquet of these buds is all sweetness and innocence. 


    The complex terpene cocktail does wonders for the perfume. It leaves you with endless notes to uncover and deliciousness to savor.


    The base notes are traditional indica, courtesy of the Afghani heritage.


    Musky earthiness with a dash of herbs and spices first shows its face upon curing. It deepens upon combustion and lingers around you for hours after your session.


    That’s only the first layer, though.


    Ripe summer fruit, fresh citrus, herbs, and nuts make up this bouquet. They emerge as your Black Domina fem seed-grown crop ripens and burns, consolidating into a unique perfume.


    Your garden from feminized Black Domina seeds smells like a summer orchard. Lemon and berry scents fill the air and entice your senses early into flowering.


    Combustion makes the scent much richer but equally delectable.


    Your room fills with wet earth, pepper, pine, and walnut notes. Citrus notes lighten the smoke, and hints of ripe blueberries make mouths water even before the inhale.


    The fragrance translates into the flavor, but it also deepens. 


    A Black Domina feminized seed-grown blunt is a delicious mashup of tastes that quickly grow on you. It might make novices cough, but they still appreciate the depth of flavor.


    Berries and citrus tickle the taste buds and make the initial inhalation sweet and tasty. A spicy earth taste lingers in the mouth as you exhale, coating the tongue in marijuana muskiness.


    Close your eyes, and you’ll notice black pepper, tart blackberries, and hashish in the profile.


    How to germinate Black Domina feminized seeds


    Buying Black Domina feminized seeds from Homegrown brings many benefits. One of those perks is our germination guarantee, available to all customers.


    Our seed bank replaces any cannabis seed that doesn’t sprout. That way, we guarantee only the highest possible product quality to our community.


    You have to follow our germination technique to become eligible, though.


    We’ve looked into different ways of popping seeds and compared results. Our research revealed a straightforward approach with a high success rate—the paper towel method.


    This technique uses heat and moisture to trigger the hormones beneath the marijuana seed shell. It ensures that all seeds pop and develop into gorgeous weed plants.


    What’s more, this process is simple and doesn’t require extra equipment. Dedicate several extra days to your gardening project, save money and effort, and set yourself up for success.


    Here’s how to germinate your Black Domina fem seeds at home:


    - Gather supplies. You’ll need two paper towels, a bottle of water, a clean plate, tweezers, and your seed pack.


    - Moisten one paper towel and lay it on the plate. Make sure it’s not dripping wet by tilting the plate.


    - Using your tweezers, gently pick up a feminized Black Domina seed and drop it on the paper. Repeat for every seed you want to plant, leaving an inch of space between each one.


    - Cover the marijuana seeds with another paper towel. Check against dripping once again.


    - Leave the plate somewhere dark and warm, such as a cupboard.


    - Check on your seeds daily. Remove each that popped and re-moisten the rest.


    - Repeat for five days or until every seed sprouts.


    A popped Black Domina feminized seed has a thin white root protruding from its shell. Plant it in shallow soil root side-first and launch the seedling stage of cultivation.


    Check our germination guide if you’re unsure about any described step. That page contains detailed descriptions and visuals to lead you through the process.


    Black Domina feminized cannabis seeds: Grow guide


    Growing cannabis from feminized Black Domina seeds is a simple task that carries immense rewards. This strain’s stellar genome guarantees success from start to finish.


    Two genetic factors facilitate your cultivation journey with this lady.


    These cannabis seeds come from indica cultivars. Their genetics grants them resistance to adverse weather, pests, disease, and mold. It also makes them high-yielding and fast-flowering.


    Moreover, the Black Domina seeds’ feminized variant eliminates the risk of pollination. You can forget about sexing your plants and focus on providing optimal growth conditions.


    What does ‘optimal’ mean with these cannabis seeds? Pay attention to the following factors:


    - A 70–80° F range and relative humidity under 50%

    - Regular and moderate watering

    - Generous NPK feedings

    - Careful trimming in vegging and flowering

    - Strong grow lamps or sunlight exposure


    Do everything right, and your Black Domina feminized seeds develop into squat beauties brimming with bud sites. 


    A temperature differential in late flowering turns the deep green leaves purple and then black. That way, you bring out the primary visual appeal of the cultivar.


    Indoor growers can easily provide the desired conditions to their budding crops. 


    Hydroponic setups are the way to go here, especially with the Sea of Green training technique. Together, these two factors increase the already high harvest potential.


    Give your Black Domina fem seed-grown plants at least eight weeks to ripen. The buds should be orange with pistils before you get collecting. Expect yields of over 21 oz./m² after that time.


    Outdoor cultivators are free to plant in most climates, as long as the summers are sunny and reasonably warm.


    Feed and water your herbs and provide shelter from the elements. They’ll flourish in whichever soil is available, stretching to over four feet in height.


    Trim your Black Domina feminized seed crops regularly to avoid mold issues. Sow in May for a late-September harvest of over 24 ounces per plant.


    What is the Black Domina feminized strain genetics?


    Black Domina feminized seeds are a result of a complicated genetic equation. Breeders crossed Afghani, Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Ortega to achieve this strain.


    The indica parents include a landrace, a cannabis VIP, and two unique additions. Let’s explore the family tree:


    - Afghani is an indica landrace from the mountain ranges in Afghanistan. Its adaptability is matched only by its high-yielding, resin-producing nature.


    - Northern Lights is a direct descendant of Afghani, much loved for its balanced mind and body effects. It lends mood-boosting properties to its offspring.


    - Ortega originates from Northern Lights. Its buds are frosty and sweet-smelling, and the effect profile tranquilizes from the inside out.


    - Hash Plant is an indica original by Sensi Seeds. Breeders use it for its fast-flowering, high-yielding qualities, ensuring cultivation ease and prosperity.


    Blend these superstars, and you get Black Domina fem seeds—high-yielding, fast-flowering, sticky, sweet, and incredibly therapeutic.


    The first-rate genome of this herb made it an inspiration for many cultivars to come. You can now find numerous ‘Black’ hybrids made with feminized Black Domina seeds.


    Wellness and Black Domina feminized seeds


    Cannabis from Black Domina feminized seeds infuses your system with absolute ease. As such, it’s a favorite among stressed-out recreational users and the medical marijuana community.


    The indica qualities of this strain make it perfect for nighttime medicinal use. Its high THC contents let you have fun while relieving the symptoms of:


    - Post-traumatic stress disorder

    - Inflammation

    - Muscle injuries

    - Chronic pain

    - Crohn’s disease

    - Multiple sclerosis

    - Epilepsy


    The high further promotes well-being. The unstoppable munchies let you fuel your body with healthy foods even if you suffer from an eating disorder or nausea.


    As the intoxication leaves your system, you become incredibly sleepy. Getting a good night of rest becomes possible without the help of addictive sedative medication.


    There’s relief coming to the mind as well. 


    Black Domina fem seed-grown weed injects you with a dose of happiness that works wonders against depression. Anxiety has nothing on its carefree qualities, either.


    Your physician might prescribe a strain such as this for a debilitating condition, but it doesn’t end there. Grow weed from feminized Black Domina seeds to boost your quality of life.


    After all, the day-to-day of a regular individual gets quite stressful. Taking a night to unwind and engage in deep TLC leaves you ready to take on the challenges coming your way.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Black Domina feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Do you have any additional questions about Black Domina feminized seeds? Do you need a quick piece of information before hitting the purchase button?


    Scroll down and find your answers. Please reach out to our support team for helpful and timely reports if we missed anything.


    What are the Black Domina strain variants?


    Most growers love the Black Domina seeds’ feminized variant. It’s perfect for smoking purposes, bringing convenience and quality. 


    The Homegrown library stocks two other marijuana seed varieties for alternative-seekers, too.


    Try Black Domina fast version to replenish your stash faster. CBD Black Domina adds a therapeutic spin to the original.


    Where can I get free cannabis Black Domina feminized seeds?


    Freebies generally are hard to find for cannabis seeds, except at Homegrown. Our ‘buy one get one free’ promotions are the best in the industry. Watch the Black Domina feminized seeds page. Shop when you see a BOGO badge for an extra seed pack with your purchase.


    Can a beginner grow Black Domina feminized?


    Feminized Black Domina seeds are perfect for novice growers. Plants remain short enough for any setup and tolerate rookie errors with ease.


    You get a garden of stunning females that ask for very little. Focus on the basics—water, nutrients, lights, and trimming—and enjoy hefty harvests for your effort.


    What is the Black Domina feminized flower time?


    Congratulations, your crops from Black Domina fem seeds are now flowering. It’s another eight to nine weeks before you’re collecting the colas.


    Watch your plants for the telltale signs of ripeness. Mature buds should be covered in orange pistils and a dusting of milky-white trichomes. The scent should become stronger, too.


    How long do Black Domina feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Germinating feminized Black Domina seeds with our technique takes between 24 and 120 hours. No two cannabis seeds are alike—some need more time to pop.


    If you’re not seeing taproots even after five days, please contact our support team. We’ll replace every marijuana seed that didn’t sprout.


    How long does it take Black Domina feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Black Domina feminized seeds are much-loved for their fast-flowering nature. Even outdoor cultivators harvest in under six months. Indoors, the figure can drop to four months.


    The exact duration depends on how long you keep your crops vegging. Two months of flowering are necessary unless you want underdeveloped buds.


    Grow medium for Black Domina feminized: Hydro or soil?


    Black Domina fem seeds are super-adaptable, thriving in most setups. In our experience, though, hydroponic systems produce the best results.


    This medium boosts harvest potential and facilitates feedings. Of course, you can also sow in soil. In that case, you enjoy slightly lower yields but higher terpene and cannabinoid production.


    What is the average Black Domina feminized height?


    Plants from Black Domina feminized seeds remain quite short, even without vertical space restrictions. They stand around three feet tall indoors and four feet outdoors.


    Sunny outdoor conditions could land you a five-foot-tall phenotype. On the other hand, you can shorten vegging and employ SOG to keep your crops tinier.


    Where can I find pictures of Black Domina feminized marijuana?


    We keep pics of mature crops and individual buds from Black Domina fem seeds on this page. Scroll up, see what you can achieve, and get excited about cultivation.


    Visit the Black Domina Homegrown Diary to see more. That’s where real-life cultivators share their progress with our marijuana seeds.


    Where is the best place to buy Black Domina feminized seeds in the USA?


    Are you ready to buy feminized Black Domina seeds? Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    Our cannabis seeds emphasize genetic stability and quality. Purchase with us, and you also get:


    - A fem seed warranty

    - A germination guarantee

    - Safe and tracked shipping

    - Various payment methods

    - Round-the-clock customer support


    Are there any other names for Black Domina feminized?


    Black Domina feminized seeds carry a memorable and imposing title. As a result, people don’t usually use nicknames when discussing them. 


    What other phrase could describe this cultivar’s power?


    You might find it under abbreviations in writing. People and dispensaries sometimes refer to it as Black Dom or Black D.

    Spelling errors


    People don’t often alter the name of Black Domina fem seeds. They also rarely misspell it. We’re unaware of any common typos related to this strain.


    You could optimize your search by adding a keyword. Type’ weed,’ ‘buds,’ or ‘marijuana seeds,’ depending on what form you’re after.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Black Domina feminized pics and any Black Domina feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Black Domina feminized images. Those crystals drive us wild!


    If you want to stock buy bulk Black Domina feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Black Domina feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.


    We’re not just an American cannabis seed company. We are an American cannabis brand.