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Big Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds

Big Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds

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  • A supersonic auto with a powerful punch.
  • How cheesy? 21% THC cheesy!!!
  • Sweet
  • Big Cheese autoflower seeds bloom into an increasingly popular, high-grade marijuana plant. Its beautiful, big, tight buds burst with an intense, fruity cheese aroma, making it a stinky delight. Its funky flavor is just as unique and delicious. Auto Big Cheese cannabis makes you say cheese after trampling down all pain and worries. Feel its spectacular, intense, and instant sen...Show more

    Big Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 400
    Max Yield outdoor
    50 - 100
    Height indoor
    45 - 80
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Big Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds

    Big Cheese autoflower seeds bloom into an increasingly popular, high-grade marijuana plant. Its beautiful, big, tight buds burst with an intense, fruity cheese aroma, making it a stinky delight. Its funky flavor is just as unique and delicious.


    Auto Big Cheese cannabis makes you say cheese after trampling down all pain and worries. Feel its spectacular, intense, and instant sensory effects act upon your soul for bliss. This strain boasts a world-class genetic lineage, evident in the plant's short flowering time and potent effects. 


    Commercial and at-home gardeners buy Big Cheese auto cannabis seeds to get high yields of astounding quality marijuana. Things never turn sour with this cultivar in your garden, as it's one of the easiest to cultivate among our autoflower seeds collection. Below, we uncover the Big Cheese autoflower strain's history and why it's becoming more popular.


    What are Big Cheese autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Big Cheese auto is a magnificent, perfectly balanced hybrid with an enviable genetic makeup. Breeders successfully created a borderline extraterrestrial terpene profile with this strain. It's a mysteriously perfect brew that you'll want to consume repeatedly. You can easily recognize this strain from its skunky, mature cheese flavor and aroma.


    Everyone loves the enticing aroma and sweet, spicy, savory flavor that's second to none. Due to Big Cheese autoflower’s high THC, this powerful and perfectly balanced hybrid can easily induce sedation, so it's one you'll want to save for the evenings or days off.


    Big Cheese autoflower plants are easy to grow with a yield or two under your belt because they’re highly resistant to mold and diseases. They develop to a medium size featuring many branches with a short internodal distance for high yields.


    Auto Big Cheese cultivars have beautiful dark green, broad leaves. Orange hairs contrast to the lime green, trichome-laden flowers as you near harvest for an alluring bag appeal. The plants’ compact stature and subdued aroma make them an excellent choice for indoor cultivators.


    What are the Big Cheese autoflower seeds effects?


    Big Cheese autoflower marijuana makes you believe the moon's made out of cheese—an out-of-this-world experience. There's no doubt about its fame since it has a potent narcotic effect that transports the mind to extraordinary places, thanks to the 23% THC. Its stimulating effect detonates as soon as it meets your lips, starting with a euphoric jerk followed by a sedating stone to glorious slumber.


    Big Cheese autoflower cannabis delivers a strong, long-lasting happy buzz that's clear and uplifting. A calming body relaxation rounds out the effect. These powerful sensations and a delectable medley of flavors leave you savoring every moment with your new cannabis confidant. Feel this strain's gentle embrace, but beware not to overindulge because you may get stuck in la-la land for too long and miss your alarm clock.


    Consumers love Big Cheese autoflower because of its strong effects and creamy flavor that leaves you hungry for more. All negative contemplation and anxiety dissipate as enlightening creative thoughts grip the user's mind. Pain also disappears without a trace as the body relaxes.


    Autoflower Big Cheese plants are one of the easiest to grow due to their high resistance to mold and adverse weather conditions, making them a perfect outdoor strain for many regions. The plants' trichome-laden buds emit a subtle cheesy aroma that delights the palate and nostrils.


    There's something velvety warm about Big Cheese auto as its smoke wraps your mouth in a soft blanket. Experience little couch-lock if taken moderately and a strong sedative body stone if abused. How could you not when you get your hands into the cookie jar. This strain is ideal for unwinding in the evening.


    What does the Big Cheese autoflower smell like?


    Big Cheese autoflower weed has a strong, unique aroma and taste that matches its relaxing effect—fantastic for evening consumption in a de-stressing hot box. A key benefit of these plants is that they don’t have a particularly strong smell when flowering, making them perfect for cultivators who want extra discretion.


    Autoflower Big Cheese marijuana speaks softly but carries a big buzz. Light it up and smell an enticing musky curd note with strong berry overtones. A sugary whisper features traces of lingering spice, rounded off by premium cheese essence, offering an experience that couldn't be more appealing to the palate—like eating a blueberry cheesecake.


    The Big Cheese autoflower smooth smoke leaves a blueberry and moldy cheese tang with a twist of creaminess. It's great in a joint or bowl because you can take big hits without coughing. You can also taste a faint spiciness that’s absent from the aroma.


    How to germinate Big Cheese autoflower seeds


    Big Cheese auto seeds need heat, air, and water to sprout like any other. As explained in our germination guide, we recommend using the paper towel method—this is what it entails:


    - You'll need your auto Big Cheese seeds, purified water, two clean dinner plates, and paper towels.

    - Take two paper towels and wet them, not so much that they’re drenched—this can rot your seeds.

    - Place one of the paper towels on the first plate.

    - Set your autoflower Big Cheese seeds an inch apart on the paper towel and cover them with the remaining one.

    - Place the second plate on top of the first and form a dome-like shape to maintain high humidity.

    - Store the setup in a warm and dark location, such as a drawer or kitchen cabinet.

    - Check on the paper towels every 12 hours and wet them slightly if they feel dry.

    - Expect Big Cheese autoflower seeds to germinate in 1–5 days.

    - Marijuana seeds are ready to transplant after developing a taproot about an inch long.


    Growers prefer the paper towel technique to sprout their cannabis seeds because it offers higher germination rates. It also takes the guesswork out of knowing whether your seeds have sprouted.


    Big Cheese autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Big Cheese autoflower plants are one of the easiest auto strains to nurture and only require minimal maintenance. They grow short, reaching a height of 1.5–2.5 feet, going from seed to harvest in just 10–11 weeks. However, expect higher yields than most autos because of the numerous branches holding dense buds covered with a ton of resin.


    Indoor gardeners can harvest 12–14 ounces per meter square. Give auto Big Cheese plants up to 24 hours of light from start to finish, accelerating their growth. Outdoor cultivators can expect to yield 1.75 to 3.5 ounces per plant. Ensure you're in an arid, temperate, or Mediterranean climate if growing outdoors to improve its mold resistance properties. 


    After germination, plant Big Cheese autoflower seeds into their final pot if growing in soil to avoid transplant stress. Flowering cannabis has a higher demand for phosphorus and potassium and less of a need for nitrogen. Make the gradual switch when pistils start to form.


    Big Cheese autoflower isn't too loud when it comes to its aroma while flowering. The subtle smell combined with its short stature makes it a great strain to cultivate discreetly. Don't use high-stress training on this plant because there’s no time for it to recover when flowering. 


    Use a Sea of Green technique to widen the canopy and allow for more light penetration to lower branches. Defoliate Big Cheese autoflower plants regularly to remove sucker leaves in phases to avoid stressing them. You’ll know your auto is ready to harvest when 20–30% of trichomes turn from milky to amber in the recommended time frame.


    What are the Big Cheese autoflower strain genetics?


    Big Cheese autoflower is a genetic masterpiece—a truly magnificent cannabis hybrid. It's a back-cross between ruderalis, a delectable Critical, and illustrious Cheese strains. Breeders crossed an auto Cheese strain with the most aroma with a powerful Critical auto, resulting in this heavy-hitting hybrid. Big Cheese autoflower inherited desirable attributes from its illustrious parents, yielding more than the average autoflower plant.


    Ruderalis genetics means this strain flowers regardless of the light schedule. Expect a balanced effect thanks to a 40% indica, 40% sativa, and 20% ruderalis ratio. Thrown into the mix is the crazy-good potency level testing at around 21% THC coupled with a mind-blowing flavor. Big Cheese autoflower marijuana is all you need to see stars!


    Cheese is perhaps the most famous strain to emerge in Britain in the late 80s by Skunk Man Sam, who's also widely credited as the breeder of Skunk. It's known for its sweet flavor and strong, distinct aroma. Its long-lasting effects, unique flavor, and impressively big buds carry on to the Big Cheese autoflower strain.


    Critical is renowned for its formidable effects and fruity-skunk flavor. This indica dominant strain holds a special place in the heart of many cannabis breeders because it's easy to grow and passes on similar characteristics.


    Wellness and Big Cheese autoflower seeds


    Wine and Big Cheese autoflower cannabis are ageless companions. Users enjoy this strains’ cheesy aroma, luscious flavor, soothing body stone, and focused energy. Waves of calming effects leave you feeling disconnected from the stresses of your day. The clear, relaxing buzz means all you want to do is loosen up and enjoy life.


    Big Cheese auto is one of the best when it comes to helping deal with several ailments. A calming, sedative, and pain-relieving effect comes after a euphoric jerk that pushes all your worries to the back burner.


    Big Cheese autoflower cannabis induces instant body relaxation and a potent cerebral effect. This strain can help manage conditions such as insomnia, so it's not the best for daytime use when you need to keep working. Puff this soon-to-be-legendary strain with discretion because its effects are powerful and long-lasting.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Big Cheese autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Here are some common questions we've received about Big Cheese autoflower seeds. Feel free to reach out to us via live chat if you need more clarification. You can also engage our supportive community of budding cultivators.


    Are there regular or feminized variants other than Big Cheese autoflower seeds?


    You can only get Big Cheese seeds in autoflower form, so you can't find them in regular or feminized variants. Here's a quick rundown of what the varying cannabis seeds types offer:


    - Autoflower seeds: These are quick-growing seeds that start to bloom regardless of the light schedule.

    - Regular seeds: Each seed has a 50:50 chance of being male or female. Female plants are great for cloning. Males are only good for creating new hybrids.

    - Feminized seeds: Turn out as female photoperiod plants more than 99% of the time, so there's no need to weed out males.


    Where can I get free cannabis Big Cheese autoflower seeds?


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we often add complementary seeds to your order, and Big Cheese autoflower seeds are no exception. We’re competitively priced and offer lots of perks. We have one of the largest collections of high-quality strains, so you're guaranteed to find a hybrid that suits your needs. 


    Check out cheap cannabis seeds where you buy one and get one free, saving even more. Keep an eye out for the BOGO badge on this page to bag extra Big Cheese auto seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Big Cheese autoflower?


    Big Cheese autoflower plants are one of the best autos to start with because they’re highly resistant to mold and diseases. However, they aren’t ideal for absolute beginners as the rapid growth leaves no room for rookie errors. 


    They produce above-average auto yields in a wide range of environments. Grow this robust cultivar and practice the basic principles of feeding, watering, trimming, and low-stress training (LST). Never use high-stress training (HST) techniques on this plant because you don't have time for it to recover when it's flowering.


    The buds are heavy and full of resin, but you don't need to support the strong branches in most cases. Harvest Big Cheese autoflower cannabis all year round in the right environs outdoors because you’re not bound to the seasons.


    What is the Big Cheese autoflower flower time?


    Big Cheese autoflower plants ripen in just 7–8 weeks after flowering starts. This duration is considerably short, which is great because that's when the plant's most vulnerable to pests and diseases.


    The best time to harvest is after 20–30% of trichomes on Big Cheese autoflower buds turn from milky white to amber—THC is at its highest level then. You should also see most pistils change from white to orange and smell the aroma intensifying close to harvest.


    How long do Big Cheese autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Marijuana seeds can take up to 2 weeks to sprout. If not, then your seed's probably a dud. The paper towel germination method we recommend takes 1–5 days. We guarantee to replace your Big Cheese autoflower seeds if you use the technique and have pictures to prove they didn’t pop. 


    How long does it take Big Cheese autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    Big Cheese autoflower plants go from start to finish in 10–11 weeks, dedicating 7–8 of these flowering. This timeline's fixed, not like photoperiod cannabis plants. Outdoor growers don't have to rely on the seasons, but it's preferable to cultivate it in the right environment. Indoor growers should provide up to 24 hours of light daily for rapid development to get maximum yields.


    Grow medium: Big Cheese autoflower hydro or soil?


    Big Cheese autoflower plants grow well in soil or hydroponic setups. The choice is down to preference and your experience level. Soil is the way for beginner growers because it's a straightforward process. Cannabis plants cultivated in soil also have a unique terpene profile, so you'll always experience something different in each batch. 


    On the other hand, hydro plants develop faster because their roots don't spend energy searching for nutrients. Hydroponic plants are also less prone to pests and diseases.


    What is the average Big Cheese autoflower height?


    Big Cheese autoflower plants have a compact structure, reaching 1.5–2.5 feet tall. Use the Sea of Green (SoG) training technique to widen the canopy. Batch up to 4 cultivars in your grow room square meter area. These plants' moderate height means it shouldn't be difficult to keep them hidden from prying eyes. Expect high yields despite the short stature because of numerous and strong branches that require manicuring regularly.


    Where can I find pictures of Big Cheese autoflower marijuana?


    You can see photos of this awe-inspiring cannabis plant right here. Head over to Big Cheese Autoflower Homegrown Diaries, where other cultivators like you post photos of this brilliant strain. The lushly compressed buds' lime-green color allows the vivid orange hairs to pop, creating a nice visual contrast. 


    Where is the best place to buy Big Cheese autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co if you want to buy Big Cheese auto cannabis seeds or any other because:


    - We regularly check our huge collection of cannabis seeds for quality, and we offer a germination guarantee.

    - You can engage our helpful community for the best tips on how to cultivate Big Cheese autoflower plants.

    - We offer multiple payment options and ensure fast, discrete shipment of your marijuana seeds.

    - Contact our customer support anytime you need to because we want you to have a seamless cannabis cultivation journey.


    Are there any other names for Big Cheese autoflower?


    Big Cheese autoflower is a relatively new strain to the cannabis market, so consumers haven't yet come up with creative tags for it. Its name is quite fitting since it means an important member of society—that’s how you feel, and stoner buddies treat you this way when you’ve got this first-class strain in your locker.


    Spelling errors


    It's difficult to misspell Big Cheese autoflower seeds, so you shouldn't have a problem getting it. However, add strain and autoflower on the search bar to get accurate results. For example, if you scour the web for Big Cheese, you'll only get a dossier for what the term means.


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