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Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Branch-bending colas & beautiful buds.
  • 18% THC and a super-giggly high.
  • Sweet
  • Getting your hands on a pack of Big Bud seeds that are feminized will change your understanding of massive yields forever. Put some time and attention into these resilient cannabis plants, and they’ll award you with a huge collection of big buds. Steeped in indica heritage, the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds works its way under your skin and induces a level of relaxati...Show more

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    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Getting your hands on a pack of Big Bud seeds that are feminized will change your understanding of massive yields forever. Put some time and attention into these resilient cannabis plants, and they’ll award you with a huge collection of big buds. 
    Steeped in indica heritage, the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds works its way under your skin and induces a level of relaxation like no other. This award-winning cultivar is an absolute must for any cannabis connoisseur, thanks to its deep history and legendary genetics.
    Plus, this weed strain is one of the highest yielding types in our feminized category.

    What are Big Bud feminized cannabis seeds?

    There are a host of reasons why you’d want to get your hands on a pack of Big Bud seeds that are feminized. This weed induces a freeing body stone that’ll see any stress quickly disappear.
    The minor sativa genes held in the herb grown from Big Bud feminized seeds unlock a mellow euphoria. Its high enhances your mood, allowing you to shed any negativity with ease. This cultivar usually offers THC levels of up to 20%, but instead of potent psychoactive capabilities, it surrounds you with a blanket of relaxation.
    The large, dense nugs grown from Big Bud feminized seeds display a mixture of vibrant green hues. You won’t see many pistils or hairs emerging from the herb. Instead, a thick white trichome glaze covers these nugs, giving them an almost moist appearance.
    The smooth smoke delivered after igniting the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds will have your taste buds bursting with excitement. You can expect to taste an array of sweet flavors, including grape and earthy pine. There’s also a spicy kick in the background, balancing things out with an almost peppery tang.
    Big Bud feminized seeds go back as far as the ’70s, when American breeders mixed three iconic cultivars. This hybrid blend became such a hit it even took home first place in the indica category at the 1989 High Times Cannabis Cup.
    Cultivators quickly learned that Big Bud feminized seeds stood by their title, providing massive yields. What’s more, this cultivar offers resistance to many of the pests and diseases that plague marijuana growers.
    This characteristic meant that people new to growing marijuana could enjoy bountiful crops and learn the skills required to tackle more complex cultivars. That’s not all the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds had up their sleeves. Medicinal users can look forward to a range of benefits such as pain management and the ability to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Just remember that the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds will eventually trigger a heavily sedated sensation. So keep this cultivar for evenings and lazy days.

    What are the effects of Big Bud cannabis?

    The effects of Big Bud feminized creep up on you, taking a few minutes to kick in. This cultivar’s sativa side first raises its head, inducing a euphoric cerebral high that’ll have you brandishing an enormous smile. It’s during this period that you’ll notice your mood drastically improve. 
    These uplifting capabilities don’t last long, but the weed of Big Bud feminized seeds will see to it that any negativity quickly disappears from your mind. Don’t expect a boost in energy, so keep your activities light and simple. It’s usually a great time to get stuck into a book or a movie you’ve had your eye on.
    After smoking the herbs grown from Big Bud feminized seeds, you’ll soon notice a seductive wave of tranquility washing over your body. This feeling signifies the cultivar’s main showpiece. Depending on your dosage, you’re likely to experience a heavy body stone that glues you to the couch.
    It’s not uncommon for a haze to descend over your mind, producing minor visual distortion and psychedelic effects. As the indica side of Big Bud feminized continues to wrap you in their calming embrace, your eyelids will become heavy. Rather than fighting this sedating sensation, lie back and take advantage of it. A guaranteed trip to dreamland awaits you. Like most cannabis cultivars, the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds can have a few minor side effects. Users report feeling cottonmouth and dry eyes. You can easily remedy this sensation by keeping a bottle of cold water and drops nearby to refresh your senses.

    What does Big Bud weed smell like?

    One whiff of the dry herb produced by Big Bud feminized will captivate your senses and make you an instant fan. These compact nugs break open and release a sumptuous scent swimming in sweet earthy goodness. You’ll also notice a healthy hint of fruit in this cultivar’s fragrance, as well as a slightly spicy smell. 
    Close your eyes, and the weed you’ve grown from the Big Bud feminized seeds for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co. will transport you into a dense pine forest. The powerful aroma is mainly due to this cultivar’s dominating terpene: pinene. You can also find this compound in basil, parsley, and the rind of oranges.

    How to germinate Big Bud feminized seeds

    The key to unlocking the true potential of Big Bud feminized seeds starts with using the right germination technique. There are various options available to you, but none manage to produce the level of success that you’ll get from following our germination guide.
    The best part about using this method for your Big Bud feminized seeds is that it suits any budget, only requiring a handful of household items. All you’ll need is the following tools to complete this task:
    - A dinner plate.- A pair of tweezers.- One bottle of purified water.- A roll of paper towel.- Your marijuana seeds.
    Sometimes referred to as the wet towel technique, you begin by dipping your sheets of paper towel in water. Then wringing them out to get rid of any excess moisture. Lay a wet sheet on your plate, and then place your Big Bud feminized seeds on it. Use tweezers so that the oil on your fingers doesn’t contaminate anything.
    Spread out your cannabis seeds and then cover them with the other sheet of wet paper towel. Pop the plate into a dark spot such as a cupboard, and leave your Big Bud feminized seeds for up to five days. After that, make sure you check in every 24 hours to ensure the towel stays moist.
    When your weed seeds display a taproot measuring around a quarter inch in length, you can move them to your chosen growing medium. If you’re using soil, make a hole that’s between 10 to 15mm in depth. You can then drop in your growing Big Bud feminized seeds and begin watering them every day.
    Remember that the Homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guarantee is only valid when you use this germination technique. If you use another way to germinate your marijuana seeds, the guarantee is null and void.

    Grow Guide for Big Bud feminized seeds

    Cultivators of every skill level can enjoy the abundant yields provided by plants grown from Big Bud feminized seeds. You’ll need to give them love and attention, but they’ll grow without a fuss.
    One of the main reasons these weed seeds are so easy to raise is due to their resilient nature. Issues such as pests, mold, and mildew rarely occur in these crops. Feminized Big Bud seeds grow well indoors and out, allowing a range of cultivating techniques. We recommend planting your marijuana seeds in a grow tent as the controlled environment tends to produce the best results.
    Big Bud feminized plants respond exceptionally well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, increasing the overall yield of this cannabis plant. You’ll need to maintain a temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Watch that your grow room doesn’t get too cold, as these plants tend to struggle in low temperatures.
    We suggest raising your Big Bud feminized seeds using hydroponics. This technique will help bring out the flavor and fragrance of your herbs more. If you choose to use soil, make sure that you add quality organic nutrients to your medium. Not only is this fertilizer good for your crops, but it’s also healthy for the environment.
    The plants grown from feminized Big Bud seeds grow to around five feet tall if left unattended. You’ll need to top your plants early if you have limited vertical space in your grow tent. What’s more, you’ll need to regularly trim the thick foliage, allowing air and light to reach the lower ranches.
    The heavy colas produced by Big Bud feminized can cause the branches to break in the later stages of flowering. It’s a good idea to erect trellis nets or another type of structure that supports the weight of these gigantic nugs. 
    If you decide to raise your Big Bud feminized plants outside, you’ll need a warm climate with loads of sunshine. After you get your hands on the Big Bud feminized seeds for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co, aim to plant them by April. This cultivar’s flowering time takes between seven and nine weeks, meaning you can expect to harvest its buds by October.
    True to its name, Big Bud feminized seeds produce mammoth yields. You can look forward to around 25 ounces per plant outdoors. In comparison, an indoor setup will produce up to 18 ounces per square meter, depending on the growing methods used.

    What are the genetics of the feminized Big Bud strain?

    The history of Big Bud feminized seeds goes all the way back to the 1970s, when an American group of breeders first birthed its kind. The cultivar’s genetics remain somewhat of a mystery, but the general consensus among the cannabis community believes it comes from a trifecta of marijuana perfection.
    Big Bud feminized seeds come from crossing Northern Lights, a true indica legend, with none other than an Afghani landrace. Already you’re looking at an exquisite concoction, but breeders went one step further and added Skunk #1 to the pot, adding depth to its flavor profile.
    This further addition ultimately tipped the scales and led to Big Bud feminized seeds containing a ratio of 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics. Once Ronald Reagan waged his War on Drugs in the ’80s, this potent cultivar made its way to the Netherlands to seek refuge. 
    It was here that breeders perfected the blend into what you’ll find today. Cultivators have seen that weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds contain between 15 to 20% THC depending on the growing method. There’s no reason why your cannabis won’t see the higher end of that scale with some love and care.

    Wellness and Big Bud feminized seeds

    While the weed grown from Big Bud feminized seeds contain low levels of CBD, it provides a multitude of medicinal benefits. This cultivar’s strong indica roots mean that you can expect it to work predominantly on your body.
    The herb produced by Big Bud feminized seeds has assisted anyone in need of pain management for decades. You can also expect any tension in your muscles to dissipate quickly. What’s more, this hefty cannabis bud has helped those experiencing any symptoms of depression and anxiety. You can think of it as nature’s very own stress reliever.
    That’s not all the weed from Big Bud feminized seeds have to offer. Users report an increased desire for food, making it handy for those with a poor appetite. You can put those restless nights to bed with Big Bud by your side. Its powerful sedating effects can assist users looking to combat insomnia with ease.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Big Bud feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s only natural to have a few questions before deciding whether our collection of Big Bud seeds that are feminized are the right option for you. To make things a bit easier for you and relax your mind, we’ve put together a list of the most common questions put forward to us by cultivators of every skill level.

    What variations of Big Bud cannabis are there?

    You’ll typically find three versions of this cultivar available on the marijuana market today, including the ever-popular Big Bud seeds that are feminized. Below is a short description of each one of these weed types and their unique traits.
    - Big Bud regular seeds: This pack is perfect for breeders looking to use this cultivar as a mother plant and create an entirely new hybrid. It contains a mixture of male and female seeds, just as nature intended.
    - Big Bud feminized seeds: If you’re after massive yields that’ll leave your friends green with envy, then this is the pack for you. This version offers a collection of female-only seeds that take the guesswork out of growing, promising a pleasing harvest.
    - Big Bud fast version seeds: Do you need your weed in a hurry, or did you get a late start to the growing season? Don’t worry, as this cannabis type has your back. Fast version seeds contain additional genetics that allows your plants to ignore their light schedule and produce buds in half the time.

    Where can I get free cannabis Big Bud feminized seeds?

    It’s next to impossible to find a pack of free Big Bud seeds that are feminized unless you have a friend growing this cultivar or receive a few as a gift. If you’re having trouble stretching your budget, we recommend keeping an eye on our cheap cannabis seeds and BOGOs (Buy One Get One) section. You’ll discover a load of special deals, helping your money go further.

    Can a beginner grow Big Bud feminized seeds?

    Beginners will enjoy raising a batch of Big Bud seeds that are feminized, thanks to their tough, resilient nature. However, this cultivar still needs a lot of attention, and you’ll need to learn a few techniques, like trimming and erecting support structures. It’s great practice before tackling more intense weed options.

    What is the flowering time of Big Bud feminized seeds?

    Big Bud feminized seeds take between seven to nine weeks to flower. During this period, your plants stop vegetating and begin producing their massive colas. Once the flowering stage ends, you can start harvesting your crops and placing the large buds on drying racks.

    How long do Big Bud feminized seeds take to germinate?

    You can expect your Big Bud feminized seeds to start germinating after just five days. To ensure great results, make sure you purchase them from a trustworthy seed bank. There are numerous methods available that promise healthy crops. We suggest following our germination guide that’ll have your plants sprouting with ease.

    How long does it take Big Bud feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?

    Once you’ve planted your Big Bud seeds that are feminized, you can expect them to reach full maturity and begin harvesting its fruit-flavored weed after five months. You can speed up this process slightly by cultivating indoors and manipulating the light schedule. Alternatively, you can buy a pack of the autoflower version for quicker results.

    Should you grow Big Bud feminized seeds in hydro or soil?

    Although soil contains all the essential minerals your Big Bud feminized seeds will need, they produce better results if you use a hydroponic setup. We’ve found that this soilless method helps to enhance the tantalizing flavors and fragrance of this cultivar. Plus, hydroponics can also speed up the growth of your plants.

    How tall do Big Bud feminized seeds grow?

    Left unattended, you can expect your Big Bud seeds that are feminized to reach around five feet tall once fully matured. The type of environment you raise your plants in will dictate how large this cultivar gets, especially when you have limited vertical space in your grow tent.

    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from Big Bud feminized seeds?

    If you’re interested in viewing a few images of the weed grown from Big Bud seeds that are feminized, you can always search our online store. You’ll find an abundance of pictures displaying this cultivar at every stage. You can also visit our forum and see pictures of this hefty weed strain sent to us by our amazing community.

    Where is the best place to buy Big Bud feminized seeds in the USA?

    Your best bet at getting your hands on quality Big Bud seeds that are feminized is through trustworthy online stores like Homegrown Cannabis Co. You’ll get a wide selection of quality cultivars and the best weed seeds on the market. Plus, we offer discreet delivery anywhere in the USA.

    Are there any other names for Big Bud feminized seeds?

    You don’t need to worry about any fancy nicknames for Big Bud seeds that are feminized. This cultivar lives up to its title on every level, delivering massive nugs that’ll astound you. Besides, its name is already short and catchy, so why change it?
    Common spelling errors
    It’s not uncommon to come across unusual spellings of Big Bud feminized seeds. Here are some frequent mistakes:
    - Big Budz- Large Bud- Budz
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