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Big Bud Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Big Bud Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 3
  • I like big buds and I cannot lie.
  • 17% THC and a super-giggly high.
  • Earthy spices
  • With a fortunate title like Big Bud fast version, no trickery is involved with this cultivar. Projecting every part of their name to how they grow, cultivating Big Bud fast version seeds has you harvesting yields of gigantic buds in no time. Ever wanted to enhance your favorite cannabis strain with faster flowering traits? Get yourself some Big Bud fast version seeds, and you'l...Show more

    Big Bud Fast Version Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    550 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    700 - 750
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Big Bud Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

    With a fortunate title like Big Bud fast version, no trickery is involved with this cultivar. Projecting every part of their name to how they grow, cultivating Big Bud fast version seeds has you harvesting yields of gigantic buds in no time.


    Ever wanted to enhance your favorite cannabis strain with faster flowering traits? Get yourself some Big Bud fast version seeds, and you'll be puffing on these delectable buds in record time. The original Big Bud cultivar still stays loyal to its fans, though. Thanks to its speedy flowering time, it offers the same growing qualities, just faster.


    THC levels of 14–17% in this indica dominant hybrid provide a remarkable smoking experience with a powerful yet balanced buzz spread between the body and mind. The senses are delighted with soft fruity, kush flavors and aromas, making it difficult to “puff-puff-pass.” 


    Don't get left behind—things are moving fast! Find out how to line your cannabis jars with Big Bud fast version seeds and grow an award-winning strain—faster.


    What are Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds?


    Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds produce astounding crops laden with huge trichome-covered buds. Big Buds' Cannabis Cup award-winning qualities make this a favored strain among enthusiasts. As if the size of these flowers alone isn't enough to encourage cultivators to grow these standouts, harvest time arrives a lot sooner too.


    These marijuana seeds give a pleasant growing experience, making them suitable for beginners. Fast version Big Bud seeds flower at warp speed, providing you with gigantic, richly flavored buds. They're a cross between photoperiod and autoflower variants. The difference is fast version seeds still need 12/12 (12 hours of light/12 hours of dark) light adjustments before moving into the flowering phase.


    Once in the flowering stage, these crops show off their giant, resin-dripping buds. This fast version of the favored and original Big Bud strain is carefully created by crossing its genetics with a secret hybrid. Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 genes are clear in Big Bud fast version seeds.


    The low leaf-to-flower ratio provides bountiful yields. The crops are medium height and stand on sturdy main stems with thick branches that support the heavy colas. Fan leaves are evenly spread out among the boughs, making them easier to trim. Airflow moves swiftly throughout the foliage, so there's not much room for moisture build-up.


    Crops produced from Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds thrive in grow rooms or outside with open space. Attend to their regular maintenance needs, and they'll reward you with a multitude of monstrous buds.


    These large ladies are popular among growers, recreational users, and medical patients for their resilient and speedy growing traits, powerful effects, and therapeutic healing.


    What are the Big Bud fast version seeds’ effects?


    How fast does one experience the stunning effects, you ask? They gradually creep up on you after puffing on the nugs from Big Bud fast version seeds. The slow-burning buzz lets you enjoy a fair amount of your blunt before a compelling psychoactive hit overpowers the synapses. 


    Nothing cramps your style for the next few hours as the euphoric cerebral buzz consumes you, and all your worries melt further away with each inhale. A cheerful and elated mood keeps you going before the indica traits manifest. Exaggerated bursts of giggles light up any atmosphere, kicking any bad vibes to the curb. Toke on these buds in the evening with some friends or on a day off from work to enjoy the full effects profile. 


    Toking on the buds cultivated from Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds starts with an elevated buzz before settling into a deep state of relaxation. Potent yet soothing full-body effects move in as the uplifting sensation leaves the mind. It's a state of calm and deep relaxation that you feel, but nothing that has you couch-locked. 


    The overall experience is powerful but pleasant for seasoned and novice users. THC levels of 14–17% allow for a well-deserved toking sesh. Staying mindful of your THC tolerance ensures the smoke is smooth and satisfying throughout. Some mild side effects may occur like cottonmouth and dry eyes—stay hydrated to alleviate this. 


    What does Big Bud fast version smell like?


    The flowers on the colas produced from Big Bud fast version seeds release distinctive aromas when reaching maturity. But puffing on the curated buds is where you'll tantalize those olfactory nerves—filling the air with an earthy skunk and soft notes of fruity kush delights. A smoke is reminiscent of an old-school weed fragrance blanketed with sweet touches.


    The smell blends well into flavors, making every inhale as tasty as the exhale. Every puff contains spicy, earthy, and skunky notes while undertones of bursting sweet fruit tickle the palate.


    Toking on the buds produced from Big Bud fast version seeds release complex flavors. The apparent soft, fruity, kush flavors and aromas often blend with other subtle notes that tend to make their way to the taste buds and nose—courtesy of their comprehensive terpene profile holding the following:


    - Myrcene: Earthy, herbal, and clove

    - Alpha Pinene: Fresh earthy, pine forest 

    - Beta Pinene: Woody, green pine-like smell


    With these flavors and aromas lying on the backbone of these big buds, who knows what your tastebuds will experience every time you light up. If discretion is important, invest in a carbon filter-equipped odor control system. The smell is intriguing and reminiscent of a walk through a pine-scented forest—wonderful for you, but likely to raise your neighbor’s eyebrows


    How to germinate Big Bud fast version seeds?


    Once you've got your Big Bud fast version seeds, you can't wait to get these babies growing. First, get them to germinate to safeguard healthy and robust growth from seed to harvest.


    Using our Homegrown Cannabis Co. approved germination method assures a successful start to your crop's life cycle. Applying the paper towel way is easy and convenient using everyday supplies.


    Be sure to acquire healthy Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds from a reputable seed store like Homegrown Cannabis Co.—the best store offering exceptional quality seeds. Brown seeds with hard outer casings are the best option. Soft green seeds don't easily pop.


    Your marijuana seeds begin germinating once introduced to favorable environmental conditions. The surroundings must be moist but never soaked. Keep temperatures at 75℉ and relative humidity at 70–90%.


    Ensure that your hands and all tools to prepare your growing space are clean. Contaminating the seeds with any germs or bacteria can lead to failed germination or an unhealthy growth cycle.   


    Proceed with the approved germination method below to pop your fast version Big Bud seeds and cover yourself for those mishaps. Implement every step of the process and record it to claim any replacement seeds.


    Supplies you'll need:


    - Paper towels

    - Two dinner plates

    - Purified water

    - Your cannabis seeds

    - Tweezers


    Once you've gathered all the above, proceed with the following method:


    - Wet two sheets of paper towels with the purified water. Enough that it's moist but not saturated.


    - Place a paper towel onto one of the plates and evenly spread out your Big Bud fast version seeds. Leave an inch of space between each seed. 


    - Cover the marijuana seeds with the other damp paper towel. Check that there isn't excess water.


    - Close the seeds with the second dinner plate to create a warm, dark space. Store them in a cupboard or drawer for 24–120 hours and occasionally check the moisture of the towels. They must never dry out.


    - Once the taproots begin to appear, your Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds are ready to be moved.


    - Use the tweezers to handle the seeds after germination. Any hindrance to the taproot alters its growth patterns. It's the lifeline of your crops and what grows into the main stem.


    Look through our germination guide to stay on track and ensure that you're on par with the process.


    Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds grow guide


    Don't let the humongous nuggets sprouting from your Big Bud fast version seeds intimidate you. Even new growers find this cultivar a breeze to tend to, thanks to the easy-to-grow qualities they hold. 


    Plants produced from fast version Big Bud seeds thrive in any growing medium. Indoors and outdoors are both optimal choices. Each growing space has its advantages and downsides, so choose the one that works in tandem with your crops’ growing needs and environment.


    Growing indoors allows you to have complete control over your plants' environment. Finding the conditions needed for your crops to grow into robust adults is entirely up to you. Using a hydroponics setup and the Sea of Green (SOG) method makes for the largest yields. 


    Whether you have adequate space or not, applying the SOG technique allows you to use up as much of your growing area as possible. It's a low-stress training technique that maximizes yield production and pushes the crops into flowering.


    Expect a great indoor yield production of 14–15 oz./m² after a rapid flowering time of 6–8 weeks. Your primary goal is to produce the dankest buds, so prioritize keeping the humidity levels and temperatures regulated. The densely packed colas need sufficient airflow to prevent a build-up of nuisances like fungi, mold, or powdery mildew.


    Crops produced from Big Bud fast version seeds prefer a Mediterranean-like climate for outdoor cultivation. Going this route saves you time and money since the sun services their lighting needs. Using organic soil enhances the terpene profile, giving you big buds supercharged with more flavor. Under natural sunlight, the crops produced from Big Bud fast version seeds grow up to 5 ft.


    Take note of the following factors while growing your crops:


    - Provide your crops with additional support structures to assist the branches. Although the plants independently hold up the heavy colas, prevention is better than the cure in the rare event of the branches snapping.


    - Comfortable temperatures range at 70–80℉ and humidity at 60–70% and keep moisture levels at bay. Maintain the pH of your soil at 5.8–6.5 and hydroponics at 5.5–6.5. 


    - Use the right nutrients for each stage of growth. At the seedling stage, use a good grade of potting soil lightly fertilized with nitrogen and phosphorus. Your Big Bud fast version seeds need enough nitrogen during their veg phase. Throughout flowering, use nutrients higher in phosphorus and lower in nitrogen.


    - Don't overfeed or overwater your crops. Check the packaging of your Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds for information about their growing needs.


    Always keep your grow space clean and sanitize all equipment before handling your crops. Any cross-contamination of unwanted germs causes adverse reactions to the growth patterns. 


    What is the Big Bud fast version strain genetics?


    The genetics of Big Bud fast version seeds are Big Bud crossed with a secret hybrid. The fine lineage from Big Bud is what makes this cultivar sit at the top of the shelf in all dispensaries. The genes of its parents Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 created the same award-winning strain with a faster flowering period.


    While Afghan and Northern Lights profoundly fuel these buds with their dominant effects of heavy relaxation—Skunk #1 happily brings in the euphoric cerebral buzz. The crops produced from Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds inherit the easy-to-grow qualities of all parents.


    Wellness and Big Bud fast version seeds


    Toking on the buds cultivated from Big Bud fast version seeds is pleasurable for recreational or medical patients. The terpenes present in the flowers enhance medicinal qualities in the strain.


    As reported by customer reviews, puffing on these delectable buds helps with the therapeutic relief of certain ailments. The initial onset of the euphoric effects positions the mind in a state of total bliss, allowing users to rid themselves of any anxiety, depression, and stress.


    The second, more dominant effect of sedative calming sensations eliminates any chronic pains felt throughout the body. This is particularly useful for those who have insomnia, too, as you’ll drift off to Slumberland in no time. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Big Bud fast version marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    You're all clued up about Big Bud fast version seeds—great! But there are always pertinent questions needing clarification. Below we'll brief you on some frequently asked questions that get straight to the point—with a bit of extra info.


    What other variants are there of Big Bud fast version seeds?


    Don't limit yourself to fast version Big Bud seeds. Other variants are also available from our Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed bank. Try your hand at growing feminized plants if you’re not in a hurry. 


    Big Bud feminized guarantees a growing space filled with female crops, eliminating the possibility of male plants by 99%. If you cultivate regular seeds, there's a 50/50 chance of raising male or female crops. Growers use regular seeds to crossbreed and create new strains. Autoflower variants transition into the flowering phase without changing to a 12/12 light cycle.  


    We don’t have Big Bud autoflower and regular seeds in stock. Afghan Autoflower and Northern Lights regular give you a taste of what's to come since crossing the genetics of these stellar strains created the favorable Big Bud. Grow them along with your Big Bud fast version seeds and reunite the family tree.


    Where can I get free cannabis Big Bud fast version seeds?


    Asking friends or co-growers for free Big Bud fast version seeds seems like the easiest way—but not necessarily the most promising. They've likely cultivated everything they have due to its favorable growing capabilities and their eagerness to harvest generous yields at lightning speed.


    Browse through the cheap weed seeds section at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and check out the Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) options. If the Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds aren’t on promotion at the time, check out the other strains. Every cultivar has its turn to shine on the BOGO list at some point.


    Can beginners grow Big Bud fast version?


    These crops' resilient nature from their parentage allows for the easy-to-cultivate qualities. Novice and experienced growers find joy in raising the plants produced from Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds—so yes, beginners can most certainly grow these beauties.


    Given the correct maintenance techniques, Big Bud fast version crops grow comfortably in most spaces and thrive in any environment. 


    What is the Big Bud fast version flower time?


    Crops raised from Big Bud fast version seeds have a shorter flowering time of 6–8 weeks. Due to their photoperiod qualities, reduce light availability to 12/12 for them to transition into the flowering phase.


    The plants flower rapidly and have you harvesting your delectable resin-covered buds in a shorter span of time than the regular Big Buds marijuana seeds.


    How long do Big Bud fast version seeds take to germinate?


    Your fast version Big Bud seeds germinate in around 24–120 hours. Following the recommended paper towel method gives you peace of mind, with 99.9% of your seeds popping within five days.


    It's imperative to follow the approved method's steps for the Homegrown Cannabis Co's germination guarantee. Record everything for all claims for replacement marijuana seeds.


    How long does it take Big Bud fast version from seed to harvest?


    The amount of time your beauties take to grow from seed to harvest depends on the light cycle. Crops produced from Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds need an 18/6 (18 hours of light/6 hours of darkness) light change during vegetation. To initiate flowering, change the lights to 12/12. Expect your plants to rise as follows:


    - Germination: Five days

    - Vegetative: Weeks 1–6

    - Flowering: Weeks 7–14

    - Harvest: Weeks 14–15


    Grow medium: Big Bud fast version hydro or soil?


    Raise your Big Bud fast version cannabis seeds in hydroponics or soil—they thrive in both growing mediums. Cultivate your plants indoors in hydroponics combined with the Sea of Green (SOG) system to boost growth. Outdoors in soil and under natural sunlight, they prefer a Mediterranean climate that allows them to grow to their full potential.


    Choose the medium that comfortably suits your cultivating needs. Check the packaging of your Big Bud fast version seeds before selecting the soil type. Opting to grow in soil is cheaper and easy to start your cultivating journey with. Hydroponics enhances your yields, and the chances of unfavorable pests and bugs becoming a nuisance is slim.


    What is the average Big Bud fast version height?


    Big Bud fast version seeds produce crops that grow up to 5 ft. This hybrid boasts thick, sturdy branches, strong enough to support the enormous resin-dripping buds bedecking the colas. Provide additional side support to assist the stems.


    The size of the plants allows for diversity when it comes to choosing a growing space. Their medium-sized height enables cultivators to raise these crops almost anywhere. 


    Where can I find pictures of Big Bud fast version marijuana?


    Why venture away from this site on a hunt for stunning images of Big Bud fast version seeds? Our website has pictures of these marijuana seeds, the crops that grow from them, and cured buds. Enlighten yourself further with an informative, inspiring video on Big Bud fast version cultivar facts. 


    Where is the best place to buy Big Bud fast version seeds in the USA?


    Buy your Big Bud fast version seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. If you're looking for reputable and healthy seeds and discreet shipping options, look no further than the seed bank of Homegrown—the only place to get your marijuana seeds in the USA.


    Be part of a growing community from seed to harvest and share your experience with other like-minded cultivators by joining the Big Bud Homegrown Diaries social page. 


    Are there any other names for Big Bud fast version?


    For a cultivar that holds strong to its full name, dubbing Big Bud fast version as anything other won't do it any justice. The buds are notoriously big, and the crops flower quickly.  Big Bud fast version seeds hold onto their unique capabilities from name to harvest.


    The only way the name slightly changes depends on the variant—like Big Bud feminized, Big Bud autoflower, or Big Bud regular.


    Spelling errors


    When typing in your search engine, be sure to use the correct spelling "Big Bud fast version seeds." Sometimes you’ll find them spelled wrongly like


    Big Budd fast version

    Bigg Budd fast version


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