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Badazz Rolex Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Badazz Rolex Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 4
  • Certifiably resin-heavy
  • 21% THC: euphoric
  • Berry-flavored herbals with a spicy chaser.
  • Badazz Rolex feminized seeds are the hip new hybrids on the block. They’re potent indica prodigies known for producing powerful, resin-drenched nugs. Their bag appeal stems from two indica-dominant delights: Bad Azz Kush and Rollex OG Kush. Like a Rolex watch on the wrist of a billionaire, these Badazz Rolex feminized buds will “badazzle” your senses. Their rich, dank, and swee...Show more

    Badazz Rolex Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Badazz Rolex Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds are the hip new hybrids on the block. They’re potent indica prodigies known for producing powerful, resin-drenched nugs. Their bag appeal stems from two indica-dominant delights: Bad Azz Kush and Rollex OG Kush. 
    Like a Rolex watch on the wrist of a billionaire, these Badazz Rolex feminized buds will “badazzle” your senses. Their rich, dank, and sweet ‘n’ spicy flavors accompany a creative surge of energy upon consumption. An intense body high follows, banishing stress and easing physical tension. 
    With its profound effects, exotic aromas, and soaring THC levels, Badazz Rolex feminized promises a sublime, sensory-enhancing, and euphoric experience. If the above appeals to you, then these feminized seeds are a must-have. They’re also easy to grow, meaning more buds and fewer duds for beginners and pros alike.
    Read on to learn why it’s time to get your hands on these feminized Badazz Rolex seeds.

    What are Badazz Rolex feminized cannabis seeds?

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds result from crossing Bad Azz Kush and Rolex OG Kush, two powerful indica strains in their own right. Our breeders removed the male chromosomes, ensuring genetically stable, bud-producing cannabis seeds. You won’t have to worry about identifying and removing pollen-carrying male plants that could ruin your harvest. Instead, you can pour your efforts into nurturing these ladies. 
    These Badazz Rolex feminized seeds are one of the latest additions to the ever-growing OG Kush family. The first parent, Badazz OG Kush, brings its stellar THC content, pure indica genetics, and unique sweet and spicy flavors to the table. 
    The second parent, Rollex OG Kush, throws its hybrid qualities into the mix, with hard-hitting euphoria and skunky pine notes. It's also why Badazz Rolex feminized weed produces an unexpected cerebral buzz despite its strong, soothing indica traits. 
    With THC levels in the 20%–23% region, this strain packs a punch that brings Utopic bliss to your body and mind. Badazz Rolex feminized crops are indica-like in structure too. They’re stout and sturdy, seldom growing beyond 3.9 feet tall. 
    Their stocky branches emerge from closely-spaced nodes, showing off dense, luscious foliage with wide-set leaves. In the flowering stage, vibrant orange pistils highlight the resin-drenched, emerald green buds. A thick coating of sparkly white trichomes adds an ethereal glow to the Badazz Rolex feminized plant.
    Besides their eye-catching appearance, these are tenacious little crops that can withstand less than ideal conditions. They’re resistant to mold and can forgive a novice mistake. While Badazz Rolex feminized plants flourish indoors and out, their intense aromas can travel far. If you need to be discreet, you’ll have to employ cautionary measures. Think carbon filters, air purifiers, or odor neutralizers.

    What are the Badazz Rolex feminized effects?

    Badazz Rolex feminized sets itself apart from other classic indica varieties. Its unique and unusual effects are at odds with the expected indica high. Shortly after toking up, an energizing blast of creativity awakens your mind and ignites your senses. Euphoric upliftment drives away negative thoughts, banishes stress, and leaves you in a state of utter bliss.
    The tingling head rush brought on by Badass Rolex feminized bud is like a cerebral massage, but only lasts about an hour. So if you have things on your to-do list, get them done quickly. Meanwhile, the sedating effects slowly creep in, releasing muscle tension and turning your body to lead. Finally, as the head high dissipates, your limbs become heavier. 
    Relaxation sets in, and before long, this Badazz Rolex feminized weed will have you glued to the couch. Make sure you have snacks and beverages ready because you’ll be too comfy to move. Eventually, you’ll drop into a deep, peaceful slumber without a care in the world.
    With these powerfully sedative effects, it’s best to keep Badazz Rolex feminized bud for late afternoons, evenings, and chilled weekends. Like most high-THC varieties, these potent nugs can affect your productivity and motor functions so we don’t recommend consuming Badazz Rolex feminized weed during the day. If you do, steer clear from any strenuous mental or physical tasks.
    Common side effects include mild dizziness, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. Large doses can also induce bouts of paranoia and anxiety (typically in people with a THC sensitivity). Remember to drink lots of fluids before, during, and after your session with Badazz Rolex feminized marijuana. If you’re a novice, start with a smaller dose. 

    What does Badazz Rolex feminized smell like?

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds produce fragrant buds with a complex terpene profile largely influenced by Kush genetics. The result? A unique blend of mouth-watering aromas and flavors. 
    Breaking open the buds reveals distinct Kush notes of herbs and spices. Scents of rich, damp earth and refreshing pine also linger in the air. Upon smoking Badazz Rolex feminized bud, those slightly sweet and spicy Kush notes become apparent. Undertones of pine, fruit, and berries also join the party for a delectable experience. There’s also a tangy aftertaste, with some smokers reporting a creamy butter flavor too.

    How to germinate Badazz Rolex feminized seeds

    When you buy feminized Badazz Rolex seeds with us, make sure you germinate them correctly for best results. You’ll need:
    - Your high-quality marijuana seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.- Purified water that’s free of harmful impurities.- Tweezers (sterilized to remove any dangerous microorganisms).- Two sheets of highly absorbent paper towel.- Two dinner plates (sanitized to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria).- Clean hands (to prevent dangerous microbes from infecting your cannabis seeds). 
    Once you have everything ready, follow the quick and easy steps below:
    - Use the purified (or bottled) water to moisten both sheets of paper towel. Gently wring out any surplus water.
    - Put the first paper towel sheet onto a dinner plate. 
    - Use the tweezers to place your marijuana seeds onto the paper towel. Space them out at least an inch apart.
    - Ensure your second paper towel sheet is still moist before placing it on top of your cannabis seeds.
    - Carefully lift the paper towels and remove any excess water on the plate. 
    - Cover the first plate with the second one and store it in a dark, warm place for 1–5 days (24–120 hours.)
    - During this period, make sure that your marijuana seeds never dry out. Keep them moist at all times.
    - Once your cannabis seeds have sprouted taproots, you can plant them.
    Remember to check out our germination guide when you get our Badazz Rolex feminized seeds. It contains other pertinent details about your germination guarantee.

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds grow guide

    Feminized Badazz Rolex seeds grow into bushy, compact plants. They’re resilient and can flourish in a grow room, tent, greenhouse, or garden. Growing them is hassle-free and beginner-friendly, especially since you don’t have to worry about cross-pollination with male plants.

    Outdoors, these crops prefer a warm, sunny, Mediterranean-like climate. When the days get shorter, and the nights longer, they’ll start producing buds. As such, you can expect to harvest by October.  
    Left to their own devices, Badazz Rolex feminized plants can stretch to just under 4 feet tall. They produce about 8.8–14 ounces of resin-oozing nugs each.
    Here are a few grow tips for outdoor cultivation:
    - After germination, transplant your marijuana seeds into 2-inch pots. Keep them indoors for a few weeks before moving them outside.
    - Your crops are at the whim of the weather. So make sure you choose a secure spot with plenty of sunshine, away from any harmful critters or nosey parkers.
    - Your chosen spot should also provide sufficient airflow with shelter against harsh wind, rain, and cold.
    - Although Badazz Rolex feminized plants are pest- and disease-resistant, check on them regularly to prevent any issues early on.
    - If you use pots, opt for 5-gallon ones. This size allows your crops to reach their maximum growth potential for the best possible harvests.
    - Pots can heat up quickly, so remember to put them in the shade when the sun is high. 
    Badazz Rolex feminized plants do exceptionally well indoors. You also have more versatility and better control over your crops and their environmental conditions. Unlike autoflowering seeds, these feminized Badass Rolex seeds are photoperiodic. As such, they require periods of uninterrupted darkness to enter the flowering phase.  
    During the vegetative stage (which takes about 8–9 weeks,) they need a minimum of 18 hours of light per day. Some growers bump this number up to 24 hours for optimal growth. When it’s time to trigger the flowering phase, adjust the light cycle to 12/12. That’s 12 hours of light and 12 hours of undisturbed darkness a day.
    After 8–10 weeks, you can look forward to around 3.5–7 ounces of Badazz Rolex feminized nugs per square meter. Here are a few extra tips for indoor cultivation:
    - A hydroponic setup with high-grade 600W HPS lights can increase your yield by 30%–50%.
    - The Sea of Green (SoG) method also maximizes efficiency. It shortens the flowering time, allowing for a greater overall harvest of Badazz Rolex feminized nugs.
    - Low-stress training (LST) like tying and bending the branches creates a wide, flat canopy for optimal light exposure. These techniques also boost yield potential.
    - During the seedling stage, keep temperatures between 74℉–78℉ and relative humidity (RH) levels at 75%–85%.
    - In the vegetative phase, Badazz Rolex feminized plants prefer temps of 70℉–78℉ with RH levels of 45%–55%.
    - A temperature range of 68℉–75℉ and RH levels of 30%–45% are optimal during the flowering stage.
    Whether you choose to grow your Badazz Rolex feminized crops indoors or out, keep the following bonus pointers in mind:
    - If you opt for soil, choose a well-aerated, nutrient-rich option with excellent drainage capabilities. 
    - Soilless mixes like perlite, peat moss, coco cair, and vermiculite are also top-notch choices. Plus, you can add them to your soil to increase aeration.
    - Keep pH levels within the 6.0–7.0 range for soil and 5.5–6.5 for a hydroponic setup.
    - Avoid any high-stress training (HST). Over-stressing your Badazz Rolex feminized plants can trigger hermaphroditism, leading to wasted resources and a reduced yield.
    - Choose fiber pots or other porous containers for enhanced root development.
    - Feed your crops adequate macronutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Micronutrients like copper, iron, calcium, and magnesium are also beneficial.
    - That said, overfeeding your Badazz Rolex feminized crops can lead to nutrient burn. Don’t overdo it, especially in the early growth stages.

    What is the Badazz Rolex feminized seeds genetics?

    As mentioned, these Badazz Rolex seeds are feminized and hail from the OG Kush family. They get their characteristics from the following two indica-heavy titans: 
    - Bad Azz Kush: This hybrid is a cross between Purple Urkle, OG Kush, and Afghan Kush. The rapper Bad Azz (from Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips) contributed to its creation. It's a powerful cultivar with typical OG traits, earthy, berry aromas, and full-bodied, spicy flavors. Bad Azz Kush also boasts hard-hitting physical relaxation and euphoria, traits which it lends to this Badazz Rolex feminized strain.
    - Rollex OG Kush: Badazz Rolex feminized gets its uncanny cerebral effects from this parent cultivar. Rollex OG Kush is a hybrid cross between White Fire OG and Kuchi. It features pine flavors and skunky aromas with cheesy undertones. It's famous for its psychedelic-like mental boost and soothing physical effects. 

    Wellness and Badazz Rolex feminized seeds

    Badazz Rolex feminized weed features around 0.6% CBD. So while it’s not your go-to CBD strain, this potent cultivar still has loads of therapeutic uses. Its anxiolytic properties paired with high-THC levels aid in treating anxiety, stress, depression, and other mood disorders.
    For many, it’s also a superb alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory meds and painkillers. Badazz Rolex feminized bud offers fast-acting symptomatic relief for a host of conditions, including:
    - Chronic pain- Muscle spasms- Arthritis- Fibromyalgia- Joint stiffness- Menstrual cramps
    It can also help users cope with erratic sleep patterns and insomnia. The Badazz Rolex feminized strain’s soothing indica effects are hard-hitting and sedative. They ease physical tension, relaxing the body and mind before inducing a peaceful slumber.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you still have a question or two about Badazz Rolex feminized seeds? We’ve answered a few of the most common ones below. Check them out and if you still need an answer, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help.

    Where can I get free cannabis Badazz Rolex feminized seeds?

    You can get free Badazz Rolex feminized seeds at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. store. We sometimes feature them in our cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One” (BOGO) promotion. We like to keep things fresh, so check in regularly for our latest deals.  You can also get dank rewards, freebies, and other exclusive perks by joining our loyalty program, Homegrown Stash.

    Can a beginner grow Badazz Rolex feminized?

    Yes, a beginner can grow Badazz Rolex feminized seeds from germination to harvest. Sturdy genetics make these plants resistant to mold, pests, and disease. As such, they can withstand the odd rookie mistake. Still, they produce the best yields in optimal conditions. They’re also feminized, so no need to worry about male plants reducing your harvest.

    What is the Badazz Rolex feminized flower time?

    Badazz Rolex feminized plants take 8–10 weeks to flower. They’re photoperiodic, so adjustments to the light schedule trigger their flowering phase. Indoors, you’ll need to keep them in the dark for 12 hours a day throughout this stage. Outdoors, they’ll start developing buds as the days get shorter.

    How long do Badazz Rolex feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds take 1–5 days or 24–120 hours to germinate. Remember to keep them moist and in a warm, dark place throughout this vital phase. They’ll become barren and refuse to sprout if they dry out. Likewise, too much water can also lead to failed germination. 

    How long does it take Badazz Rolex feminized from seeds to harvest?

    The entire life cycle of the Badazz Rolex feminized plant takes roughly 22 weeks. The first 2–3 weeks constitute the seedling phase, while the vegetative stage lasts around 8–9 weeks. As mentioned, the flowering phase takes another 8–10 weeks. Indoors, you can shorten or prolong the vegetative phase by adjusting the light cycle.

    Grow medium: Badazz Rolex feminized hydro or soil?

    While Badazz Rolex feminized crops will thrive in top-quality soil, we recommend a hydroponic setup for best results. Nutrient uptake is much quicker, meaning significantly higher yields. You can expect a 30%–50% increase compared to other growing mediums. If you opt for soil, you can still incorporate the Sea of Green (SoG) method for better overall harvests.

    What is the average Badazz Rolex feminized height?

    Badazz Rolex feminized plants have an average height of about 3.5 feet. That said, they can grow taller, typically reaching a maximum height of around 3.9 feet. As an indica-heavy hybrid, these crops are short and stocky with thick, luscious foliage. They’ll thrive in confined spaces as long as there’s sufficient ventilation and light exposure.

    What is the difference between Badazz Rolex feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds?

    Badazz Rolex feminized seeds are photoperiodic and blossom into female plants. As such, they require periods of undisturbed darkness to enter the flowering stage. Regular Badazz Rolex marijuana seeds are the same, except they also produce male crops. Conversely, Badazz Rolex autoflower cannabis seeds flower automatically, so they don’t rely on light schedule adjustments.

    Where can I find pictures of Badazz Rolex feminized marijuana?

    You can find pictures of Badazz Rolex feminized weed on this page. You can also see more images at Badazz Rolex Feminized Homegrown Diaries. It’s where fellow canna connoisseurs document their challenges, triumphs, and overall cultivation journeys. When you start growing your own feminized Badazz Rolex seeds, you can create a diary to track your progress and share your wisdom, too.

    What is the average indoor yield of Badazz Rolex feminized?

    Indoors, Badazz Rolex feminized plants produce an average of around 3.5–7 ounces of bud per square meter. With a hydroponics setup or the Sea of Green (SoG) method, you can significantly improve your yield. Low-stress training (LST) can also lead to bigger harvests.

    What is the average outdoor yield of Badazz Rolex feminized?

    On average, each outdoor Badazz Rolex feminized crop produces about 8.8–14 ounces of sticky nugs. These ganja babies prefer warm, sunny environments with plenty of sunshine (think Mediterranean-like climates). Keep them happy and healthy, and they could reward you with even more gorgeously gluey colas.

    Where is the best place to buy Badazz Rolex feminized seeds in the USA?

    The Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy Badazz Rolex feminized seeds in the USA. With us, you can expect top-shelf cannabis seeds delivered to your door swiftly and discreetly. We also have encrypted payment methods, tracked shipping, and a germination guarantee. Get your growing groove on and order your feminized Badazz Rolex seeds today.

    Are there any other names for Badazz Rolex feminized?

    No, the Badazz Rolex feminized strain doesn’t have any other names per sé. Some people refer to it as the “Badazz x Rolex” cultivar, though. That said, don’t confuse Badazz Rolex feminized with its sister strain, Badazz Cheese. While they both share the same Bad Azz Kush parent, the latter contains Big Buddha Cheese genetics.
    Spelling errors
    Common spelling mistakes for “Badazz Rolex feminized seeds” include “Badass,” “Badaz,” and “Badazze.” Some people also type “Badazz” as “Bad Azz,” like the parent strain, Bad Azz Kush. Similarly, “Rollex” is an alternative spelling that stems from the other parent cultivar, “Rollex OG Kush.” 
    Other errors include “Rolix” and “Rolexe,” as well as “fiminized” and “femenized.” If you’re searching for “Badazz Rolex feminized” online, include words like “marijuana seeds” or “cannabis seeds” to bring you relevant results.
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