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Amnesia Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Lavender-painted
  • 21% THC for long-lasting relaxation.
  • Earthy citrus paves the way for tropical flavors.
  • Equipped with the genetics of two legendary parents, cannabis connoisseurs take great pleasure in growing and consuming this strain. The straightforward cultivating characteristics make it suitable for beginners to try their hand at. Amnesia Purple feminized seeds grow into medium-sized crops presenting appealing physical features. Thanks to the THC levels, the effects provide ...Show more

    Amnesia Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 180
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Amnesia Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Equipped with the genetics of two legendary parents, cannabis connoisseurs take great pleasure in growing and consuming this strain. The straightforward cultivating characteristics make it suitable for beginners to try their hand at. Amnesia Purple feminized seeds grow into medium-sized crops presenting appealing physical features.


    Thanks to the THC levels, the effects provide tokers with gentle euphoric sensations followed by a powerful indica punch of deep relaxation. Medical patients also benefit profoundly from this cultivar due to its therapeutic healing abilities. 


    Growing this cultivar is as satisfying as smoking it. There's so much to know about the culture of these cannabis seeds. Read on and learn how to grow Amnesia Purple feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    What are Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds?


    Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds are the end product of crossing the exceptional genes of two loved strains among marijuana fans. Purple Kush is a pure indica that dubbs each toking experience with the dominant secondary effects of a powerful and soothing body stone. Amnesia Lemon brings in the sativa genes to give a cerebral buzz as the effects initially set in.


    This medium-sized indica dominant hybrid is a high yielder and presents appealing crops. They stand strong and sturdy while nestling the colas in resin dripping buds that show off a vibrant green color. The nugs are covered in white trichomes and orange pistils, indicating how potent a puff is.


    Grow the crops produced from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds under optimal conditions and harvest generous yields whether you're raising them indoors or out. Trim the foliage regularly to allow steady airflow and light absorption.


    The buds harvested after feminized Amnesia Purple seeds have matured become full-grown with high THC levels. They're rich in terpenes, which gives them their profuse essences, great effects, and healing medicinal benefits.


    What are the Amnesia Purple feminized seeds effects?


    The powerful effects are a smooth balance between a significant cerebral buzz and an indica body stone. Toking on the buds produced from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds leaves you with an agile rush of positivity, upliftment, and contented sensations. The THC level of 18–21% is the true redeemer of the experience consumers are after—whether for recreational or medicinal use.


    Consuming your mind with happy, creative, and uplifting thoughts, the mood is mellow and focused, leaving you in a blissful state of mind. This response takes effect after one or two puffs and lasts for thirty minutes or so. This depends on your sensitivity to THC present in the buds cultivated from Amnesia Purple fem seeds.


    Once the gentle euphoria exits the mind, the heavy indica effects set in from the temples—with an even spread down your physique. Within seconds a complete state of calm and relaxation envelops your body. Reserve this cultivar for evening use; the relaxed feelings are compelling—but not enough to have you couch-locked. The inevitable ending has you drifting off into a peaceful slumber; the duration of the effects is heavy, smooth, and fun to endure.


    The buds grown from Amnesia Purple cannabis seeds carry a heavy psychoactive compound. Stay mindful of your intake if you're sensitive to THC. The effects are amplified and take the fun out of the experience with possible events of mild paranoia and increased anxiety. Stay hydrated throughout your toking sesh to alleviate subtle side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes.


    What does the Amnesia Purple feminized smell like?


    Heating the buds grown from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds fills any area with zesty citrus, fruity, and kush notes. Blends of sandalwood, forest pine, sweet lemons, and fruity delights captivate the olfactory senses as you blow out the smoke after each puff.


    Lemon-fresh flavors consume the palate with every inhale. Gentle hints of kush join the citrusy taste, leaving you with an infusion of citrus and pine. The taste buds are equally satisfied upon the exhale with earthy and fruity extracts.


    The buds produced from feminized Amnesia Purple seeds have a broad terpene profile which explains why you pick up other subtle notes while puffing. Below we've listed three of them, with a brief connotation of what each holds. 


    - Alpha Cendrine: Wood and pine

    - Alpha Pinene: Fresh, earthy, pine, and forest

    - Beta-Caryophyllene: Pepper, wood, and spice


    How to germinate Amnesia Purple feminized seeds?


    Germinating your Amnesia Purple feminized seeds is the first and most vital step of the crops' life cycle. Apply the correct measures to ensure growth stability and generous yield production.


    Secure healthy Amnesia Purple marijuana seeds with hard brown outer casings to avoid the disappointment of weak crops. Ones that are any other color aren't mature enough to germinate, and if, by chance, they do, they grow into weak plants.


    Provide the right environment for your cannabis seeds to germinate successfully. They need moisture, warmth, and darkness to begin shooting out the taproots. The ideal temperatures for popping your seeds are 70–77℉, with relative humidity at 70–90%. Ensure that all the items used to handle your marijuana seeds are always clean–including your hands.


    Follow the Homegrown Cannabis Co. approved paper towel method below. A tried and tested way to provide a healthy start to your feminized Amnesia Purple seeds. Proceeding with each step secures a place within our germination guarantee in the unlikely event of seeds not popping. Document the process using photographs or video footage—attach these to any replacement claims.


    To proceed with the paper towel method, get hold of the following items:


    - Two sheets of paper towels (preferably plain white ones)

    - Two dinner plates

    - Purified water in a spray bottle

    - Your Amnesia Purple feminized seeds

    - Tweezers


    Once you've got all your tools, you're ready to start the process:


    - Wet the two sheets of paper towels with the purified water. Enough to moisten and not drench it.


    - Put one of the towels onto a dinner plate, and with your tweezers, evenly spread your cannabis seeds across the surface with an inch of space between each one.


    - Place the other paper towel over the seeds and cover it with the second plate to create a warm dark space. If the towels seem too dry, spray them with more water to create a moist environment for the Amnesia Purple feminized seeds. Check that there's no excess water beneath the bottom paper towel by gently lifting a corner.


    - Store the seeds in a cupboard or drawer that's warm and dry and doesn't get any direct sunlight. Check the moisture of the towels every so often. If it feels dry, spray it with purified water.


    - A taproot appears within 24–120 hours, and the marijuana seeds have germinated. They are now ready to be transferred into the soil. Handle the seedling carefully—any hindrance to the taproot interferes with the crops' life cycle—this grows into the main stem of your plant.


    Check out our germination guide for a visual review of this process. Here you'll find images of each step and a user-friendly video to assist you with your fem Amnesia Purple seeds.


    Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Feminized Amnesia Purple seeds grow into female crops that produce the delectable buds you're after. Cultivators won't have the problem of removing male plants. Keep in mind that male plants pollinate females up to a ten-mile radius. So make sure your surrounding areas are male-free.


    The seedlings present their first leaf after germination and planting into soil. Within the first two weeks, your Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds begin to establish new growth patterns and don't need much feeding. Decide whether you're raising your crops indoors or out and which growing medium you'll use. Following are some pertinent facts that help you decide the best way for you and your marijuana plants.


    Crops produced from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds mature into 6 ft tall adults. Their bushy structures are straightforward to maintain and bring out the best in you as a cultivator. Their growing characteristics are resilient to novice mistakes, and they're resistant to most irritants like pests, mold, and mildew.


    The plants thrive within controlled environments or out under the influences of mother nature. If you're raising multiple plants from Amnesia Purple cannabis seeds, indoor cultivation is a convenient option. Apply the Sea of Green (SOG) system to maximize your growing space and increase yield production.


    The SOG system is a low-stress training technique that has you using up all your available space with a comfortable layout of your crops. Group the plants cultivated from your Amnesia Purple seeds to receive maximum lighting efficiency at once. It allows for a shorter vegetative stage and a push into the flowering phase without reducing yields.


    Growing indoors under 600 watts, HID lights like HPS or LED optimize a yield production of 14–18 oz./m² after a flowering period of ten weeks. Control the temperatures and relative humidity (RH) at each stage of growth as follows:


    - Seedling stage: Temperatures at 70–85℉ and RH at 75–85%

    - Vegetative stage: Temperatures at 70–78℉ and RH at 45–55%

    - Flowering stage: Temperatures at 68–75℉ and RH at 35–45%


    Outdoors your Amnesia Purple feminized seeds thrive in a Mediterranean-like climate with hot, dry summers and cool but wet winters. Cultivators harvest generous yields in mid-October of 19–25 oz./plant. The pigmentation of the leaves deepens when the temperatures are low during flowering—this gives the buds and leaves a stunning purplish undertone.


    Regularly trim the bushy foliage of the crops produced from Amnesia Purple fem seeds. It allows for consistent airflow and light absorption to the lower-lying branches and parts of the plant. It also prevents moisture build-up—ridding your plants of unwanted nuisances.


    Link yourself up with a growing schedule to keep track of your feeding and watering patterns. It's easy to overfeed and water your crops, but the possibility becomes slim with the guidance of a schedule and a plan in place. This way, you'll also be mindful of monitoring your pH levels of either soil at 6.0–7.0 or hydroponics at 5.5–6.5.


    Curated buds hold steadily onto their outer looks, making the bag appeal as attractive as they are fresh on the colas.


    What are the Amnesia Purple feminized strain genetics?


    Crossing the genetics of two exceptional legendary parents, Amnesia Lemon and Purple Kush, gave rise to this scarce yet much-loved cultivar. Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds grow into crops with strong indica characteristics with slight sativa leaning qualities eminent in the effects.


    Here’s some more about the parents:


    - Amnesia Lemon is an award-winning strain that anoints Amnesia Purple feminized crops with easy-to-grow abilities and citrusy notes.


    - Purple Kush is an all-time favorite among seasoned growers and tokers for its growing abilities and potent punch it offers.


    Wellness and Amnesia Purple feminized seeds


    All the terpenes present in the buds grown from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds carry medicinal properties. Ocimene is one of them that holds anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative qualities. 


    Many users suggest that the mood enhancement experienced is great for alleviating:


    - anxiety 

    - depression

    - PTSD


    Due to the anti-inflammatory abilities in the flowers produced from Amnesia Purple fem seeds, consumers report that it helps with:


    - chronic pains

    - muscle cramps

    - headaches

    - arthritis 


    Reports show the ability to focus assists medical patients who have mood disorders like ADHD or ADD. Insomnia becomes a thing of the past with the smooth slumber this strain sets you in.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Amnesia Purple feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Below, we have frequently asked ones that most cannabis enthusiasts enquire about.


    Where can I get free cannabis Amnesia Purple feminized seeds?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. often runs promotions on their marijuana seeds. Browse the cheap weed seeds section and check out the Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) packages. If the Amnesia Purple feminized seeds aren't currently under a BOGO special, try your hand at other strains in the meantime.


    The promotions run on a rotational promotional basis, giving consumers the chance to get some free seeds with their much-loved marijuana strains.


    Can a beginner grow Amnesia Purple feminized?


    Crops produced from feminized Amnesia Purple seeds are easy to grow, making them a beginner-friendly strain. Their compact structure permits an effortless cultivating process. These plants are resilient to novice mistakes. The presence of common cannabis pests and irritants like mold and mildew is easily avoided if regular trimming is maintained.


    What is the Amnesia Purple feminized flower time?


    The flowering time for Amnesia Purple marijuana seeds is 9–10 weeks. Once a change in the light cycle occurs from 18/6 to 12/12, the crops begin their flowering season. 


    Lowering temperatures during this time intensifies the green color of the leaves, further emphasizing the trichomes that adorn them. The buds have purple undertones creating a lavishly violet display.


    How long do Amnesia Purple feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds germinate within 24–120 hours. Follow the recommended method, and you'll see your seeds pop a taproot anytime between one to five days.


    Remember to document your steps to meet the germination guarantee requirements for any replacements in the rare event that any seeds don't pop. Photographs or video footage can support any claims. 


    How long does it take Amnesia Purple feminized from seed to harvest?


    The crops grown from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds are photoperiod and require a 12/12 change in the light cycle to move into the flowering phase. Provided that your crops are grown under their required conditions and considering the flowering period, the timeline approximates as follows:


    - Germination: 1–5 days

    - Vegetation: Week 1–5

    - Flowering: Week 6–14

    - Harvest: Week 14–15


    Grow medium: Amnesia Purple feminized hydro or soil?


    Grow your crops produced from Amnesia Purple feminized cannabis seeds in hydroponics or soil. Both mediums are beneficial to the plants' growth. Deciding between the two predominantly depends on whether you choose to grow indoors or out. If you're opting for a controlled environment, hydroponics works best. Outside in nature, soil is your top choice.


    Each medium has its advantages. The traditional soil option is ideal for beginners to use. Cultivating your Amnesia Purple fem seeds in it is simple and doesn't need a lot of resources. Selecting a super-soil that already contains all the nutrients your crops need makes life easier.


    Using hydroponics as a growing medium enhances the crops' growing abilities and increases their terpene profile for improved flavors and aromas. The root directly absorbs oxygen and nutrients, which allows for much faster growth. This soilless method tends to be a cleaner way to reduce the chances of bugs and pests.


    What is the average Amnesia Purple feminized height?


    Crops grown from feminized Amnesia Purple seeds grow up to 6 ft tall under optimal conditions. The bushy structure of the plant makes it ideal for growing indoors in hydroponics using the Sea of Green (SOG) low-stress training technique.


    Make use of every inch of space available with the SOG system and collect bountiful yields at harvest time. 


    Where can I find pictures of Amnesia Purple feminized marijuana?


    The Homegrown Cannabis Co. website has strikingly beautiful images of the seeds, fully grown Amnesia Purple crops, and the cured buds. For ease of convenience, there's even a short video of Amnesia Purple feminized cultivar facts.


    Pictures of the crops produced from Amnesia Purple feminized seeds don't do it any justice with their vivid green leaves, violet hues, and frosty white trichomes. Having them lined up in your growing space gives you first-hand experience of what they look like.


    Also, check out Amnesia Purple Homegrown Diaries for more pictures and growing ops feedback from cultivators like yourself.


    Where is the best place to buy Amnesia Purple feminized seeds in the USA?


    The best place to get your Amnesia Purple marijuana seeds in the USA is at the seed store of Homegrown Cannabis Co. We're a reputable American seed bank that only stocks top-quality seeds. Choose from a wide selection of strains, other variants, or mix packs—each with detailed information about what to expect in terms of growing or toking.


    Buy Amnesia Purple seeds from Homegrown and become part of a growing community from seed to harvest. Share your cultivating journey with like-minded cannabis connoisseurs.  


    What other variants are there of Amnesia Purple seeds?


    The feminized variant of Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s Amnesia Purple seeds provides female photoperiod crops, so they need a manual change in their light cycle to begin flowering. They're popular among marijuana cultivators for the generous bud production at harvest time. This cultivar is also attainable in its regular and autoflower versions.


    Regular seeds are pure marijuana seeds. Nature provided them to crossbreed and create new strains. They have a 50/50 chance of growing into male or female crops. Amnesia Lemon regular seeds give you the taste of what this variant is all about.


    When marijuana cultivators want crops that don't need a change in the light cycle to transition into flowering, they opt for the autoflowering variant. Try your hand at Purple Kush autoflower seeds and watch your crops move into the flowering phase without your help.


    Are there any other names for Amnesia Purple feminized?


    You'll come across marijuana fans who refer to this strain as Purple Amnesia Lemon due to the buds' citrusy zests. “Amnesia Purple feminized” is what it is thanks to the exceptional qualities of the parent plants—Amnesia Lemon and Purple Kush.


    Spelling errors

    When searching for Amnesia Purple feminized seeds, type in the correct spelling. Sometimes it's spelled incorrectly, like:


    - Amnesia Purple feminised

    - Amnezia Purple feminized


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