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Amnesia Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 4
  • A trippy start
  • 22% THC of energizing potency.
  • Earthy
  • Amnesia Haze Feminized seeds are a blend of several carefully selected cultivars, and it’s basically a salad bowl of genetics. Its complex bloodline is mainly made-up of various landraces from around the world. Handpicked for their sharp flavor and high THC capacity, the congregation of indigenous sativa cultivars includes varieties from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Jamaica.  T...Show more

    Amnesia Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    600 - 650
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    80 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Amnesia Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Amnesia Haze Feminized seeds are a blend of several carefully selected cultivars, and it’s basically a salad bowl of genetics. Its complex bloodline is mainly made-up of various landraces from around the world. Handpicked for their sharp flavor and high THC capacity, the congregation of indigenous sativa cultivars includes varieties from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Jamaica. 


    The Indica portion of the gene pool is mostly from South Asian Indica and Afghani varieties. Together with a Hawaiian hybrid, these three further enhance the taste and flavor profile of the offspring while shortening the flowering time. Completing the mix is the illustrious Haze. Also a multi-cross of landraces, it induces a creative buzz and enlivening body high. 


    The complex genetic profile provides plenty of reasons to love Amnesia Haze. Its buds, bearing copious amounts of resin, will soon entice you with a fragrance of fresh citrus and soil-like earthiness. These are high THC seeds, powered by up to 25% THC, the flowers have a euphoric and revitalizing effect that makes the cultivar excellent for daytime use. The plant’s therapeutic properties provide potential relief of depression, stress, anxiety and chronic pain, all while stimulating the appetite. 


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds grow into cannabis that neither puts you in a state of blur nor makes you forget. Instead, this landrace-based superstar delivers sativa-dominant qualities that brighten your days and infuse your body with energy. Embrace unbridled euphoria and vigor with these top-tier feminized seeds from Homegrown. 


    What are Amnesia Haze feminized cannabis seeds?


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds promise a stash of invigorating sativa buds. Crossing three landrace strains from across the world, this strain rightfully earned celebrity status in the 420 community. A shelf of accolades proves this cultivar’s quality. It boasts three gold medals from Netherland-based competitions, including the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup. It hasn’t gone out of style since, earning the 2012 Best Sativa title in the same tournament. Cultivators of all levels and taste preferences love it, and you’re about to learn why. 


    For one, growing Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds is a fun gardening test. Crops display indica and sativa traits, calling for a green thumb to reach their full potential. Growers up to the challenge see a massive return on investment with these cannabis seeds. Harvests are generous and supremely sticky in all setups and environments. These plants stretch to around four feet in height, developing broad fan leaves painted frosty green. The bud sites are plenty, adorned with chunky yellow colas at harvest time. 


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds develop into canna-beauties, but they don’t only delight the eyes. Ripe fruit and spice scents ooze from the colas, making mouths water. Cured buds are quintessentially Haze in scent, with pepper and earthy sweetness coating your tongue. Fruit notes elevate this blend, thrilling cannabis connoisseurs. 


    The effect profile of cannabis from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds propels your days into maximum productivity. Euphoric and cerebral, this high makes you grin and forget about negativity. It gets you going, no matter the task list before you. Experience A-list quality marijuana and grow a female-only cannabis garden with Amnesia Haze feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. 


    What are the Amnesia Haze feminized effects?


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds develop into cannabinoid and terpene-rich plants. THC ranges from 16% to 20%, delivering a knockout punch of mind-blasting energy. This strain doesn’t reach the THC heights of some modern cultivars, but its power is nothing to scoff at. We promise—it’s a killer just the same. We can thank its complex terpene cocktail for the multi-layered high. A puff of this stuff reaches every nook and cranny of your being. 


    What does cannabis from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds feel like, then? No two bodies react to cannabinoids the same, but here’s what usually happens. The initial inhale has you feeling its psychoactive power. A blast of euphoria takes only seconds to reach your brain, stretching a smile across your face. This sense of cerebral invigoration makes way for creativity, too. You find it easy to focus and motivate yourself to perform tasks with a pep in your step. 


    Speaking of steps, expect a wave of physical energy coming your way. This cannabis leaves you effortlessly moving and grooving, whether you’re preparing for a party or a workout. Keep toking, and Amnesia Haze feminized seed-grown buds show their psychedelic side. 


    The high distorts your perception of color and sound, sending you into the realm of light hallucinations. This experience doesn’t last long, but the ride is vivid and wild. These effects make marijuana from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds the ideal wake ‘n’ bake. Light up to get ready for the day ahead and tackle the dreariest tasks with a smile on your face. Alternatively, save it for a mind-expanding afternoon that doesn’t require clearheadedness. 


    What does the Amnesia Haze feminized smell like?


    Buds from Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are sweet, but not in a way you’d expect from sativa cannabis. Fruit notes merge with traditional marijuana scents to create something unique. Old-school stoners and novices alike enjoy this blend. Connoisseurs can spend hours detecting every note of the aromatic bouquet. What makes this perfume so enticing, then? It offers a different flavor every step of the way. 


    You don’t need carbon filters while growing from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds. The fragrance of ripening colas is alluring but not loud, mostly detectable when you’re near the maturing herb. Your garden hits you with the aromas of a summer lemon orchard. Vegetative smells combine with a refreshing citrus fragrance, underpinned with the distinct smell of wet earth. Curing strengthens the earth scent, turning it into a musky base of your smoking experience. The lemon notes deepen, developing a sweetness to complement the sourness. 


    The smoke is light upon combustion. A burning blunt is earthy and musky. Close your eyes, and you’ll notice hints of exotic spices even before you inhale. Sweet tangerine is the first flavor to reach your taste buds. It grows sour on the exhale, filling your mouth with tastes of freshly-squeezed lemonade. Pepper fragrances enter your nose and mouth, too, tickling them to the point of light coughing. Despite this, novices don’t find themselves overpowered with the smoke. Herbal and spicy flavors linger as an aftertaste. These notes remind you of Amnesia Haze feminized seeds’ South Asian landrace heritage. 


    How to germinate Amnesia Haze feminized seeds


    Are you ready to get growing? Germination is the first step towards success. Sprouting your marijuana seeds ensures that each of them pops and lets out its first baby root. Seeds that develop taproots eventually grow into gorgeous marijuana plants. Germinating your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds is a straightforward task you can do at home. All it takes is household items and patience, and the benefits are significant. 


    Another reason to pop your seeds is the germination guarantee from Homegrown. We cut the game of chance by offering replacements if our products don’t sprout. It applies as long as you follow a technique we suggest—the paper towel method. This tried-and-tested way to germinate offers the highest success rate. It’s also free of extra equipment and doesn’t require advanced knowledge. Here’s how to sprout your Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds following our approach:


    - Gather supplies. You need two paper towels, bottled water, a plate, tweezers, and your cannabis seed pack. 

    - Moisten one paper towel. Make sure it’s not dripping before placing it on the plate. 

    - Gently pick up a cannabis seed and lay it on the paper using your tweezers. 

    - Repeat for each seed, leaving an inch of space between each. 

    - Cover the seeds with another moist paper towel. 

    - Leave the plate somewhere dark and warm. A kitchen cupboard is ideal. 

    - Check your marijuana seeds daily and remove all that have a sprout. Moisten the top paper again and cover the rest. 

    - Repeat until all seeds sprout. 


    A tiny white root protruding from the Amnesia Haze feminized seed shell is your sign of success. All you need to do now is plant it in moist soil and launch the seedling stage. 


    Note: If the checklist seems too vague, our germination guide is here to help. Visit the page and find images and more in-depth explanations of each step. 


    Amnesia Haze feminized cannabis seeds: Grow guide


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds allow you to practice sativa cultivation on a middle-of-the-road crop. They’re perfect for sativa first-timers with indica experience. These marijuana plants display some sativa characteristics. They're short and adaptable like indica, though, removing several concerns from your task list. Amnesia Haze seeds’ feminized version leaves you with only female plants in your garden. Not worrying about sexing lets you focus on creating an optimal environment. 


    Gardening with this strain is intermediate in difficulty. It’s a high-yielder that thrives in most setups, but it’s very particular about its conditions. Meet its requirements, though, and this cultivar gives generous awards. Crops are gorgeous 4-feet-tall structures covered in trichomes and rich in buds. How do you achieve this? First off, be sure that your temperatures stay high and consistent. A 70–80° F range and 40–60% relative humidity are ideal. 


    Airflow is another consideration to keep in mind. Plants from Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds grow dense foliage that requests regular trimming. Otherwise, their mold susceptibility could mess with your harvest. Your crops are also vulnerable to pests, particularly in outdoor conditions. In this case, consider planting companions to fend off unwanted visitors. 


    You could achieve the ideal conditions for growing Amnesia Haze feminized seeds outdoors, but only if your climate is balmy and stable. Environmental variations can cause issues. For that reason, indoor cultivation is the way to go for most Amnesia Haze cannabis gardeners. If growing in controlled conditions, install high-intensity lights to help the buds fatten. Get a fan to provide a light breeze to your dense beauties, too. 


    Use a net to separate the branches. That way, each bud site remains happy, healthy, and exposed to the much-needed light. Good gardening practices and extra care and vigilance produce abundant harvests with feminized Amnesia Haze seeds. Flowering takes 10–11 weeks indoors and ends in late October outdoors. Do everything right, and you’ll collect up to 21 oz. /m2 of buds in your grow room. Each outdoor crop can carry as much as 28 ounces of buds. 


    What are the Amnesia Haze feminized seeds genetics?


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are a melting pot of landrace genomes. This modern-day marvel carries 80% sativa and 20% indica genes and draws origins from nearly every continent. We can attribute its parentage to:


    - Thai sativa

    - Laos sativa

    - Jamaican sativa

    - Hawaiian sativa

    - South Asian indica

    - Afghani indica


    There are bits and pieces of all these cannabis originals in Amnesia Haze feminized seeds. Historians seeking to explore its heritage should focus on Jamaican and South Asian landraces. These two influence the offspring most. 


    Wellness and Amnesia Haze feminized seeds


    Amnesia Haze feminized seeds aren’t only for recreational stoners on the go. They also carry therapeutic potential, and many medical marijuana users swear by their healing qualities. The sativa dominance makes these buds most effective for soothing mental issues. People with depression, mood swings, bipolar, and PTSD report milder symptoms upon smoking. Fatigue has nothing on marijuana from feminized Amnesia Haze seeds, either. Physical and mental drowsiness dissipates after several puffs, leaving you full of energy. 


    Anxious stoners benefit from the mood uplift and the carefree nature of this high. The low indica contents are enough to reduce jitteriness associated with pure sativa. There’s a physical side of these health benefits, too. Amnesia Haze marijuana seed-grown flowers carry analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Tokers with muscle spasms and chronic pains benefit from higher doses of this cannabis. It’s ideal for those looking to have fun while relieving symptoms. 


    The munchies aren’t a common effect of this strain, but light appetite stimulation goes a long way for nausea sufferers. Chemo patients and those with eating disorders find it easier to nourish their bodies after consuming this strain. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Do you have any additional questions about feminized Amnesia Haze seeds? You’ll find the answers below. If we failed to discuss anything you might be curious about, please get in touch with our team. We’ll make sure to add your query to the list. 


    Which variants of Amnesia Haze seeds can I get?


    Amnesia Haze seeds’ feminized variant is a favorite among growers, but it’s not the only option. If you put harvest speed over its size, you’ll love our Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds. Get this cannabis seed variety and replenish your stash of first-rate energy boosters in half the time. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Amnesia Haze feminized seeds?


    Sometimes, free Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds are only several clicks away. Our BOGO promos are the key. The ‘buy one get one free’ promotion adds an extra cannabis seed pack to your purchase, free of charge. Watch this product page and shop away when you see a BOGO badge. 


    Can a beginner grow Amnesia Haze feminized?


    This marijuana strain is best suited for intermediate growers, but a rookie could do it. Dedication is the name of the game here. Amnesia Haze seeds’ feminized variant eliminates pollination risk. There’s climate and pests to worry about, though. These herbs get demanding, calling for some gardening experience. 


    What is the Amnesia Haze feminized flower time?


    Due to the sativa heritage of Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, their flowering time sits on the long side of the spectrum. Crops take around 11 weeks to ripen, producing buds a-plenty. If cultivating outdoors, marijuana plants enter flowering in August. Wait until late October to collect the colas. 


    How long do Amnesia Haze feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Follow our germination guide, and each Amnesia Haze feminized seed will germinate within five days. The paper towel method is near-100% effective, but it sometimes takes time. Germination speed depends on marijuana seed age and hormones. You’ll see some taproots in a day, while others require more involvement and patience. 


    How long does it take Amnesia Haze feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds produce yields in six to eight months. The exact figure depends on your setup and time spent in vegging. Indoor growers sometimes shorten the vegetative stage to several weeks, speeding up production. Outdoor crops start as seedlings in late March and finish in late October. 


    Grow medium: Amnesia Haze feminized in hydro or soil?


    Feminized Amnesia Haze seeds flourish in soil and hydroponic setups. They don’t particularly prefer one over the other, either, leaving it up to you to choose. In general, pick soil to encourage cannabinoid and terpene production. If harvest size takes precedence over potency and aroma-boosting, hydro is your best bet. 


    What is the average Amnesia Haze feminized height?


    Crops from Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds reach moderate heights indoors and out. They remain under four feet tall in indoor setups and below five outdoors. The branches get lanky (courtesy of sativa) but stay reasonably short. Outdoor environments make the foliage grow like crazy instead of inducing stretchiness. 


    Where can I find pictures of Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana?


    Gorgeous snaps stand proud on top of this page. Scroll up to find pics of a mature plant and individual sticky colas. The Homegrown Diaries is another location full of informative and enticing images. Find the Amnesia Haze feminized seed log and see what other growers achieved with our products. 


    Where is the best place to buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds in the USA?


    If you’re looking to buy seeds, there’s no better place to shop than Homegrown. We guarantee germination and feminization in all products. Other benefits of purchasing your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds with us include:


    - Discreet deliveries

    - Tracked shipping 

    - Excellent 24/7 customer support

    - Additional grower platforms


    Are there any other names for Amnesia Haze feminized?


    No matter how misleading for enthusiasts aware of Amnesia and Haze cannabis families, ‘Amnesia Haze’ sounds memorable. You won’t find any nicknames for it in the mainstream 420 community. If you’re shopping at dispensaries or browsing catalogs, budtenders might keep this strain under the ‘Amh’ abbreviation. 


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Amnesia Haze feminized pics and any Amnesia Haze feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Amnesia Haze feminized images. Those crystals drive us wild!


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