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Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Forget about your troubles.
  • 22% THC for long-lasting relaxation.
  • Sweet
  • The Amnesia autoflower strain possesses all the sought-after characteristics of the original, but with the added advantages this type of hybrid seed brings. Like its parent cultivar, buds from autoflower Amnesia seeds have won several awards for their powerful cerebral effects that kick in fast and linger for hours. Not only is Amnesia autoflower beloved by the recreational com...Show more

    Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 550
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    75 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    The Amnesia autoflower strain possesses all the sought-after characteristics of the original, but with the added advantages this type of hybrid seed brings. Like its parent cultivar, buds from autoflower Amnesia seeds have won several awards for their powerful cerebral effects that kick in fast and linger for hours. 

    Not only is Amnesia autoflower beloved by the recreational community, but it's one of the most popular strains to stock in medicinal dispensaries. 

    What are Amnesia autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Autoflower Amnesia seeds are little sativa dominant gems that produce an abundance of snow-white trichome-covered colas, all shouting rich terpene profiles and high potency. Just one toke will send you on a psychedelic adventure and offer relief to those suffering from a variety of mental and physical ailments. 

    It's a certified crowd-pleaser that's fun to grow and to smoke. Its dank citrus and diesel taste are too palette-pleasing not to want more, and even newbies will find this strain simple to cultivate at home. Reap all the benefits of a classic heritage cultivar but in autoflowering seed form. Sit back and grow crop after fast-growing crop all year round. 

    What are the Amnesia autoflower effects?

    Thanks to its lineage of legendary cultivars, Amnesia auto cannabis seeds develop flowers that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. They’re packed full of THC at levels of around 22%, while CBD content is less than 1%. 

    Beginners should enter an Amnesia autoflower session a few tokes at a time. The strain is capable of surprising even veteran stoners. 

    Almost instantly, after the first puff of Amnesia autoflower, you’ll feel a strong sense of psychedelia and a burst of mental stimulation. As a result, you’ll feel more sociable, chatty, and generally euphoric. You may also notice colors are more vivid, music more engaging, and the world around you positively comes to life. 

    The trance-like journey is anchored by the weed's small indica percentage, ensuring you stay relaxed rather than hyperactive. The nugs from Amnesia autoflowering seeds are a favorite among artists, students, and writers. 

    It's perfect for a wake and bake session to get you moving in the morning and helps people overcome social anxiety. You’ll be awash with positive vibes and ooze creativity. However, if you need to head to work, it’s probably best left until later as your behavior from its soaring mental high may make you stand out in a professional workplace. 

    What does the Amnesia autoflower smell like?

    Amnesia auto seeds grow into spectacular bushes with foxtail-shaped leaves and olive green nugs. Their dark and dense amber hairs are encrusted with glistening trichomes and showcase this weed's strength from afar.

    During the flowering stage, the sweet but earthy smell of cedar will cloak your Amnesia autoflower grow room. The heady aroma gets thicker still when you harvest and cure your buds. The enormous sticky buds are a dream come true for any weed connoisseur that loves the task of picking. 

    As you prepare your marijuana, you’ll notice complex yet pleasing aroma sensations which spell out the richness of what's to come. When Amnesia autoflower is lit up, scents of spicy herbal incense below out with the smoke, and as it clears, tones of lemon linger. 

    These aromatics reflect what’s happening to your taste buds. Every inhale creates flavors of nature with diesel undertones, while every exhale releases a sweet mouth-watering aftertaste. 

    How to germinate Amnesia autoflower seeds

    A simple search of the internet will reveal a multitude of ways to germinate seeds. However, some of these techniques yield higher success rates than others. You must choose a germination method that is both fast and safe for your autoflower Amnesia seeds. 

    The health of the taproot that emerges from your seed can have a detrimental impact on your plant's life cycle and your harvest. The tried and tested approach we prefer to use is called the plate or paper towel method. It's simple to set up and only requires a few inexpensive items from around your home. 

    You’ll need to prepare:

    - Two dinner plates.

    - Paper towels.

    - Bottled water.

    - Cannabis seeds. 

    When you're ready to start your Amnesia auto cannabis seeds, follow our germination guide and these easy steps: 

    - Place a moist paper towel over a dinner plate.

    - Lay out your marijuana seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., leaving an inch gap between each one. 

    - Cover them with another moist paper towel. 

    - Place your second dinner plate over the top to act as a lid.

    - Store everything in a consistently warm place like a drawer or on top of your refrigerator.

    Subjecting your seeds to the right conditions set out in our guide will encourage them to shoot out a taproot within 24 to 120 hours. Some cannabis seeds need a little more patience and can take up to five days. If they go beyond this time without changing, then the seed is a dud. 

    We understand how frustrating this is. Therefore, you can claim a new seed every order through our germination guarantee. 

    Amnesia autoflower seeds grow guide

    Autoflower Amnesia seeds grow into magnificent Christmas tree-like plants that stand around four feet tall with colossal colas protruding in all directions. Unlike many other sativa seed cousins, this strain grows compact in structure and is easy to grow even for beginners. 

    Amnesia auto cannabis seeds need very little TLC and require only the essential foundations of marijuana care, like adequate water, nutrients, and light to thrive. They can grow successfully anywhere, thanks to their versatility and mold-resistant attributes. 

    With that said, they do prefer an indoor monitored environment like a tent or dedicated Amnesia autoflower grow room. Thanks to its autoflowering properties, you don't need to worry about light cycles, and harvests are ripe for picking within 12 weeks maximum. 

    In comparison, these plants yield less than their parents. Nevertheless, you can still pull an impressive 7 ounces per square meter indoors and a whopping 9.5 ounces per plant outdoors. 

    If you prefer to cultivate outside, you should place your plants in sunny spots around your garden. Growers residing in Mediterranean climates will likely encounter no problems as their plants mature. Northern hemisphere cultivators can enjoy watching autoflower Amnesia seeds prosper and yield multiple crops a year if mother nature is kind. 

    Wherever you live, aim to plant your Amnesia auto seeds right after the last frost. You can continue planting and harvesting multiple crops throughout the season as long as the last batch is ready by mid to late October. 

    What are the Amnesia autoflower strain genetics?

    The concept of Amnesia originated in the Netherlands. The Garden of Eden for premium cannabis and unique genetic lines. The original Amnesia strain is a three-way cross of iconic cultivars. Legends Jack Herer and Cinderella 99 contribute to its heavy sativa lineage, while its calming indica influence is courtesy of Skunk #1. 

    Later an unknown line of Ruderalis was brought into the mix to create Amnesia auto cannabis seeds. It’s responsible for the hybrid strains' autoflowering capabilities and the lid on its THC content.

    When you put Amnesia autoflower under the microscope, there’s no wonder it's put on a pedestal by cultivators and smokers alike. The unique qualities of Amnesia and the simplicity of autoflowering genetics rolled into one make this an unwavering popular choice for decades to come. 

    Wellness and Amnesia autoflower seeds

    Amnesia autoflower seeds are some of the most sought after on the medicinal marijuana market alongside the strains’ parent and already prepared plant material. Home growers purchase Amnesia auto cannabis seeds to grow a personal supply of weed capable of suppressing:


    - Depression 

    - Migraines/ headaches 

    - Muscle Spasms 

    - Stress

    - ADD/ADHD 

    - Fatigue

    - Mood Swings

    - Nausea

    The strains' sativa dominant effects act as a mood enhancer and halt any negative thoughts running across your mind. Amnesia autoflower is an ideal cultivar to help overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.   

    A few tokes throughout the day can help you stay motivated and focused even if you're under immense stress or suffer from ADHD. People struggling with fatigue can also find relief in the renewed sense of energy this strain evokes and feel uplifted in the face of chores rather than overwhelmed. 

    The physical sensations from Amnesia autoflower, although mild, can still relieve headaches and migraines. 

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Amnesia autoflower seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    If you still have your hand raised to ask about Amnesia autoflowering seeds, take a look at our answers to the most commonly asked questions about this strain below. These queries are from people like you wanting to learn all they can about autoflower Amnesia seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. before planting them. 

    Where can I get free cannabis Amnesia autoflower seeds?

    We all get a thrill from receiving something for nothing. Our BOGO (Buy One Get One) category is one of the most popular out of our diverse seed collections. 

    We regularly update this section to include all types of strains from legendary seeds to heritage ones like Amnesia autoflower. Check back to see if the seeds you’ve got your eye on are under the BOGO deal to get your hands on free seeds. 

    Can a beginner grow Amnesia autoflower?

    Yes. Amnesia autoflower grow requirements are excellent for beginners. These seeds provide a rewarding and enjoyable cultivation experience. They are compact, mold-resistant, and need little attention beyond primary marijuana care to thrive. 

    Amnesia auto cannabis seeds prosper best inside a monitored environment but can do equally as well in different climates outdoors as long as they are in sunny spots. These resilient and tough plants grow fast, so you can plant multiple crops all year round indoors or from early spring to late autumn outside.

    What is the Amnesia autoflower flower time?

    Amnesia auto cannabis seeds are super fast-growing. Flowers will begin to emerge from week eight or nine and won’t keep you waiting too much longer to harvest. 

    Transplanting cannabis plants into size-appropriate containers as they mature carries many benefits. However, it’s best practice to skip these stages and move germinated Amnesia auto seeds straight into their final home, where they can flower in peace. 

    Autoflowering plants grow so quickly that there isn't enough time to correct any mistakes, and when moving your weed, it can suffer from cannabis transplant shock. As a result, your plants will suffer from a growth stunt and a lower yield weight.

    How long do Amnesia autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Out of the many ways you can germinate your Amnesia auto cannabis seeds, we advise you to follow a specific method renowned for its high success rate. The method is known as the plate or paper towel technique. 

    It consists of using a few household items to house your Amnesia autoflowering seeds before placing them somewhere consistently warm. Following our guide for this approach guarantees your seeds are under the ideal conditions for healthy germination. A taproot should emerge within 24 to 120 hours.

    If a seed still hasn't changed within five days, then it’s a dud and needs throwing away. In this scenario, don't hesitate to claim a new seed under our germination guarantee. Making a claim is simple. All you need to do is fill out a form and provide evidence that you followed our instructions. We recommend that you take photos of your endeavors.

    How long does it take Amnesia autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    Amnesia autoflowering seeds grow to full maturity in the blink of an eye. Within ten to 12 weeks, you’ll be pulling a harvest of potent and stinky buds. If you plant back to back outdoors, you can squeeze in around four crops between the last frost and mid to late October. Similar to other indoor seeds, you can continue planting and harvesting all year round.

    Grow medium: Amnesia autoflower hydro or soil?

    Once you germinate your autoflower Amnesia seeds, you can plant them anywhere you desire as long as they receive adequate light, water, humidity, and nutrients. The strain prefers and is easier to cultivate in a controlled environment. 

    You can opt for a specially designed Amnesia autoflower grow room using a high-quality potting mix or a hydroponics system with nutrient-rich water reservoirs. Which you decide on will depend on several factors, including your knowledge, skill level, cultivation preference, and space. The strains' mold-resistant properties are an advantage for both approaches. 

    What is the average Amnesia autoflower height?

    Unlike many of its sativa-dominant brethren, Amnesia autoflowering seeds grow to a manageable size of around 4 feet tall. Its shape and size mean it doesn't need much support or training, especially indoors. However, light pruning of plant foliage will help to increase air circulation around its core and allow more space for colas to develop. 

    Where can I find pictures of Amnesia autoflower marijuana?

    Are you like us and can't wait to see what your autoflower Amnesia seeds will look like as they grow? If so, check out our images on the product page. We’ve taken a selection of pictures of the strains' lifecycle from seed to bud, so you know what to expect.

    Alternatively, take a peek at the albums created by our community at Homegrown Diaries. These personal portrayals are taken by growers just like you cultivating Amnesia auto cannabis seeds. 

    Here you’ll discover a plethora of stories sharing experiences, advice, and pictures as growers from all over the world document their Amnesia autoflower grow success and failures. Make sure you take advantage of the tracking features of Homegrown Diaries, and as soon as you start the germination process, share your journey.  

    Where is the best place to buy Amnesia autoflower seeds in the USA?

    Finding a reputable and trustworthy place to buy high-quality Amnesia auto cannabis seeds can sound like a daunting task. No one wants to spend money or waste their time on an inferior product. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has what you need at the click of a button.  

    We stock only premium-grade seeds from genetically diverse plants. Our network of farmers and breeders includes some of the best in the industry. Alongside Amnesia autoflower, we pride ourselves in stocking one of the largest catalogs of seeds for both home growers and commercial farmers.

    Whether you're searching for autoflowering, regular, or feminized seeds, we have the best prices around and regular discount deals like our BOGO promotions. Feel protected with discreet delivery and guarantees while also part of a larger community when you dive into our forums and diaries. 

    We aren't just here to sell your products. We also want to share your passion, support your journey and celebrate your successes.  

    Are there any other names for Amnesia autoflower?

    The original Amnesia autoflower strain is an old-school classic that, unlike many modern cultivars, has kept its name intact throughout the years. As a result, you won’t hear Amnesia autoflower called anything far-fetched either. As you research the strain or discuss it with other enthusiasts, you may recognize it gets shortened to Amnesia auto.

    Spelling errors

    As with the side effects of amnesia, it's easy to forget how to spell the word. The most common spelling mistakes for this strain include:

    - Amnezia 

    - Amnesyia 

    - Amnesya

    Thankfully even if you input these spellings into your internet search bar, relevant results will appear, and you’ll quickly see the correct way of spelling the strain. 

    Join the Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Amnesia autoflower pics and any Amnesia autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Amnesia autoflower images; those crystals drive us wild!

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