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Alien Technology Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Alien Technology Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 7
  • Suprisingly earthy for something so out of this world!
  • 17% THC and a super-relaxing high.
  • Woody and sweet with an earthy foundation.
  • Attention, fellow earthlings! The extraterrestrials are here, and this time, they’ve sent us Alien Technology Feminized seeds to get you higher than the planets. Our Alien Tech feminized seeds are a great choice for all growers. The plants are so hardy; you could probably grow them on Mars! Packed with the ideal THC levels of up to 19%, this cerebral buzz and full-body stone up...Show more

    Alien Technology Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Alien Technology Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Attention, fellow earthlings! The extraterrestrials are here, and this time, they’ve sent us Alien Technology Feminized seeds to get you higher than the planets. Our Alien Tech feminized seeds are a great choice for all growers. The plants are so hardy; you could probably grow them on Mars!


    Packed with the ideal THC levels of up to 19%, this cerebral buzz and full-body stone uplift you like nothing else. The earthy, woody flavor entices you, and the magical terpenes ail many conditions. 


    There are no records of the resin-coated buds from the mystical Alien Technology seeds feminized winning any awards. This lack of recognition is due to these cannabis seeds being extremely rare to come by. 


    Alien Technology Feminized boasts a long-lasting high with a unique terpene profile and a breathtaking appearance. It may be difficult to get your hands on these golden nuggets, but it’s not rocket science to cultivate them once you do. Keep reading as we dish out the deets on how to grow Alien Technology Feminized seeds.


    What are Alien Technology Feminized cannabis seeds?


    Alien Technology Feminized seeds are possibly more mysterious than the magic beans that grew the beanstalk. The main theory is that they were brought to the US by a soldier who carried them to a secret cannabis paradise.


    Regardless of their origin, these precious nuggets are elusive, and you should grab them with both hands. Since these Alien Technology seeds are feminized, you won’t have to worry about looking out for males. With regular marijuana seeds, you must take the time to separate the males from the females to prevent pollination.


    Feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds have distinct features, as you’d expect across the Alien Technology family. The main traits include: 


    - The plant is a vibrant green color with dark patches. Trichome covered buds with hues of brown, orange, and white. 


    - Thick white resin-covered buds packed so tight that they look like mini trees. 


    If you’re an indica fan, cultivating feminized Alien Technology marijuana seeds hits the spot. These potent Afghan-origin indica marijuana seeds produce juicy buds with a perfect 16–19% THC level. 


    What are the Alien Technology Feminized seeds effects?


    Alien abduction alert! This strain makes you feel like you’re on a spaceship to another dimension. So give in to the calling and grow Alien Technology Feminized seeds to get your piece of the action.


    After an exhausting day, Alien Technology Feminized is the perfect relaxation companion. The high comes on fast, blasting away negative thoughts and stressors. The Alien Technology Feminized high makes you feel completely out of this world. A relaxing, cerebral buzz fills your mind with euphoric bursts and harmonious vibrations. 


    All of your senses become magnified—colors, music, and aromas are bursting with more vibrancy than ever. It’s the perfect time to enjoy creative ventures or listen to your favorite playlist. While your mind feels like it’s floating in a milky way, your body falls into a state of deep relaxation. 


    When you grow feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds, it’s an investment in your self-care. No spa could reach the levels of tranquility this mysterious strain provides. After a few puffs of Alien Technology Feminized, every muscle gives in to the relentless desire to unwind. Your limbs feel free of tension and weight—almost like defying gravity. 


    Don’t worry; you won’t be too spaced out to do non-strenuous tasks. So, if you have a big presentation, it’s best to steer clear of the fruits of your Alien Technology Feminized seeds. This is an indica strain and shows the classic indica features, including couch-lock. The body-numbing stone embraces you, and the comfort of the couch hinders you from moving.


    Warning: Munchies ahead! Prepare snacks, update your food delivery app, and wave goodbye to your diet. Alien Technology Feminized is a long-lasting strain, so be sure to order a large pizza. 


    This strain is perfect for evening use. Not only will your dinner satisfy the munchies, but the relaxing effects of Alien Technology Feminized ensure a night of deep and peaceful sleep. Can you think of a better nightcap? Its brief lift-off makes some people feel giggly and talkative. These effects make it great for casual social situations to mellow out with your friends. 


    What does the Alien Technology Feminized smell like?


    Alien Technology Feminized seeds grow buds with otherworldly aromatics. One puff of the woody, earthy, yet sweet scent hypnotizes your senses. On exhale, the smoke releases a sweet vanilla scent that’ll have you drooling for more. If you cultivate feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds, the fresh buds fill the air with spicy, warm scents.


    Growing Alien Technology Feminized seeds will release strong scents of vanilla and woodiness that’ll entice you and your neighbors—making discretion a challenge. What gives it these deep aromatics? Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds that give the weed its aromatics and added health benefits. The dominant terpenes in Alien Technology Feminized are 


    - Myrcene: Musky, clove-like smell

    - Alpha-pinene: Fresh, earthy scent like a pine forest

    - Beta-caryophyllene: Sweet and spicy 


    How to germinate Alien Technology Feminized  seeds


    There are many methods to germinate. Some cultivators use the glass of water method, and others plant it directly into the soil. We’ve found the paper towel method (below) to be the most effective. 

    Ensure that you read our germination guide to find the steps and pictures to prepare your cannabis seeds. Remember to qualify for your Homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guarantee; you may only use the paper towel technique. Follow these easy steps for effortless Alien Technology seeds feminized germination: 


    You will need:

    - Tweezers

    - Purified or bottled water 

    - Paper towels

    - A plate

    - Cannabis seeds



    - Make the paper towels damp and wring out extra moisture. 

    - Place the damp paper towels on the plate. 

    - Put the cannabis seeds onto one paper towel and cover them with the other paper towel. 

    - Leave at least one inch of space between the marijuana seeds.  

    - Lift the paper towels and ensure there’s no free-standing water on the plate.

    - Keep the plate in a warm, dry place for about 24–120 hours. Ensure the cannabis seeds stay moist. 

    - Keep watch for taproots. Once taproots develop, you can plant them in your garden. 


    Alien Technology Feminized  seeds grow guide


    Alien Technology Feminized seeds come from an Afghan landrace, so it thrives in almost all environments. While this compact indica plant is ideal for indoor cultivation, its resilience is compatible with outdoor growing anywhere.


    If growing outdoors, keep an eye out for extreme conditions and move the plant indoors to safety when needed. For mobility and to make the most of your available growing space, opt for growing your Alien Technology Feminized plants in 2-gallon pots. It’s a sturdy plant that grows to an average height of around 23–48 inches. You can use low-stress training techniques to lower the height and reap the best benefits. 


    Ensure that your plants have adequate ventilation and keep an eye out for mold. You could use air pots or raised beds to prevent mold build-up. Outdoors, you can expect a bountiful harvest of around 15 ounces per plant. 


    Feminized Alien Technology marijuana seeds also thrive indoors with minimal effort. When grown indoors, a Sea of Green setup is an effective technique to make the best use of space. It’s an average-sized plant, but SOG can help you get bigger harvests. Indoors, you can get yields of up to 12–15 ounces per m2, especially when using SOG techniques and maintaining an ideal climate. 


    Here are the necessary conditions for the grow room when cultivating feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds:


    - Relative humidity around 40–50% 

    - Temperature during light hours around 68–77°F

    - Temperature around 50–59°F during lights off-hours

    - 600W HID or Equivalent LED lighting


    To grow feminized Alien Technology marijuana seeds, you’ll also need to distance plants around 20 inches away from the lamp. You could also use multiple oscillating fans to increase ventilation and prevent mold. 


    Nurturing Alien Technology Feminized seeds creates a beautiful plant that resembles a Christmas tree covered in decorations. It has a strong single apex cola that’s drenched in frosty resin-coated buds. 


    Once it reaches full maturity, you’ll spot a few burnt orange hairs pushing out the dense buds. The only downfall with the Alien Technology Feminized seeds is that the plants can grow on the bushy side, requiring light trimming. 


    To ensure your plants get proper ventilation, you’ll need to trim some of the lush foliage to get better airflow and light exposure. Alien Technology seeds feminized produce colas sticky with resin, so trimming prevents dampness, mildew, and mold from building up.


    This strain may be easy to cultivate, but it’s not a throw-and-grow situation. It requires some basic knowledge and TLC to reach its full potential. Feminized Alien Technology marijuana seeds are the perfect option for medium-level growers since pruning and LST require some experience. Beginners shouldn’t be afraid to try; with the right amount of research and time, it can be rewarding. 


    What are the Alien Technology Feminized strain genetics?


    Alien Technology Feminized is similar to an alien—nobody knows where it came from. The one thing we know for sure is it has Afghan indica landrace genetics. Afghan indicas are known for their resilience, and growing Alien Technology Feminized seeds are no different. It’s also used to breed some potent strains like Alien Gorilla Glue.   


    The mysterious genetics make this a sought-after strain, so the opportunity to buy Alien Technology feminized seeds online is rare. The story is that a US soldier returning from Afghanistan gave it to a renowned breeder. Nobody knows the full history of Alien Technology seeds feminized, but its genes make it a pleasure to grow and a dream to smoke. 


    Wellness and Alien Technology Feminized seeds


    Alien Technology Feminized seeds grow buds packed with medicinal properties. Many attest that this strain is beneficial for a variety of conditions, like: 


    - Anxiety 

    - Chronic pain 

    - Insomnia 

    - Wasting disease 

    - Eating disorders 


    The sedating indica effects of the buds from feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds may be beneficial for managing pain. It’s said to be ideal in treating migraines, menstrual cramps, and arthritis. Alien Technology Feminized releases a tranquilizing buzz that soothes the mind and relaxes sore muscles. It’s the perfect treat after going too hard at the gym or when tension headaches hit. 


    As an indica, Alien Technology Feminized can calm the mind and ease stress. This ability makes it ideal for anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia. The cerebral buzz also vanquishes negative thoughts, which makes it a possibly beneficial treatment for depression. It’s also great to ease the stress from a bad day. 


    Once the blanket of calm washes over you, you’ll be visiting dreamland in no time. Insomnia is common with anxiety and depression sufferers. The full-body stone of Alien Technology Feminized makes you feel snug and peaceful so falling asleep is effortless. 


    When you grow feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds, you’ll have an effective nausea treatment in your backyard. The sweet woody scent increases appetite and boosts your sense of smell, so it may even be good for a hangover. The appetite boost it provides could help for eating disorders like anorexia. Patients battling wasting disease may also benefit where loss of appetite and weight loss are rampant.


    Some of the terpenes like Myrcene and Pinene are known to ease gastrointestinal discomfort. So when you get the munchies from Alien Technology Feminized, your digestion may be smoother and free from contractions. The benefits of Alien Technology Feminized last for 6 hours or more depending on the method of consumption. Lasting effects mean patients could be free of negative symptoms for longer.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Alien Technology Feminized  seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you still have questions about feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds? Check out some of our clients’ commonly asked questions: 


    Where can I get free cannabis Alien Technology Feminized seeds?


    You can access tons of BOGO’s at Homegrown, where you can purchase cannabis seeds of your choice and get another pack free. We have offers on classics and unique strains like Alien Technology Feminized seeds. By shopping online, you’ll get top-shelf quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices. 


    Can a beginner grow Alien Technology Feminized?


    Yes. Beginners can try their hand at growing feminized Alien Technology marijuana seeds. It’s better suited for growers with moderate cultivating experience. Trimming, pruning, and LST techniques require knowledge and skill. Beginners can grow this strain by following the growing tips and reading our beginners guides by Kyle Kushman. 


    What is the Alien Technology Feminized flower time?


    Alien Technology seeds feminized flowers in around 8–10 weeks. By using LST techniques such as SOG, you can achieve faster flowering. Maintaining the best humidity and temperatures also helps them flower quicker. On average, most growers report a flowering time of nine weeks when following all guidelines.


    How long do Alien Technology Feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Homegrown cannabis seeds take between 2–5 days to germinate. Since Alien Technology Feminized seeds have Afghan origin, they may take longer. The shell is harder, and it’s likely to take about five days to see taproots. Make sure you follow our germination guide, or the guarantee is forfeited. 


    How long does it take Alien Technology Feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Once the feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds are germinated, it takes anywhere from 8-10 weeks to harvest. You can collect up to 12–15 ounces/ m² indoors and up to 15 ounces/ plant outdoors when the harvest comes. You can increase the seed-to-harvest time by using LST techniques. 


    Grow medium: Alien Technology Feminized hydro or soil?


    It flourishes almost everywhere thanks to its Afghan genetics, but soil is the easiest option for growing Alien Technology Feminized seeds. Using hydroponics may improve the aromatics and intensity of this mysterious strain—but beginners should remember that it requires extra attention.  


    What is the average Alien Technology Feminized height?


    The average height that feminized Alien Technology marijuana seeds grow to is 23–48 inches. Indica plants are known for being the shorter, bushier structure. To save space or keep your plants discreet, LST techniques keep them lower. These plants may be small, but when mature, they’re packed with resin-coated buds. 


    What other variants of Alien Technology Feminized are there? 


    Our feminized Alien Technology cannabis seeds are popular, but there are three other main variants: 


    - Alien Technology Feminized: Defeat the genetic battle with an all-female army. 

    - Alien Technology Regular: Great for genetic experimenting and typically fast flowering time.

    - Alien Technology Autoflower: Your plants enter the flowering phase automatically around 2–4 weeks in with no need for a shift in light cycles.


    Where can I find pictures of Alien Technology Feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find pictures of Alien Technology Feminized if you check out our Alien Technology Feminized Homegrown Diaries. This is the ideal spot where you can share your cultivating experiences with other growers. You could also join the Homegrown Forum, where you can gather tips and tricks from cultivators with different experience levels. 


    Where is the best place to buy Alien Technology Feminized seeds in the USA?


    When looking for the best place to buy Alien Technology Feminized seeds online, always be sure to shop with a reputable brand like Homegrown Cannabis Co.. Not only do we stock an extensive range of high-quality cannabis seeds, but you’ll also find a few limited-edition options. We offer convenience and discretion with every purchase, delivering across the USA. 


    Are there any other names for Alien Technology Feminized?


    Yes. Alien Technology Feminized  is also known as “Alien Tech.” It gets its name from its mysterious origins and whimsical appearance. This ‘alien’ is also challenging to find and rare to spot at most dispensaries. There are many ‘Alien’ strains resulting from mixing Alien Tech with others to create unique cannabis plants. 


    Spelling errors


    Using incorrect spelling may affect your search results. Some misspellings include Alein Technology, Alien Technology, and Aleen Tec. It’s also important to avoid searching for hemp seeds as you may not get THC strains like Alien Technology Feminized seeds. 


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