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AK-47 Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

AK-47 Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 2
  • Quick to flower
  • 19% THC will have you smiling like a Sunday morning.
  • The myrcene makes it spicy
  • AK-47 fast version seeds contain a smorgasbord of fantastic genetics, each contributing to the strain’s unique effect and flavor profile. While it’s nowhere near as dangerous as its namesake, this cultivar holds around 19% THC that’ll shoot you into ecstasy. This version offers lightning-fast flowering times as well as generous yields that’ll make any cultivator smile. It’s no ...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    AK-47 Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

    AK-47 fast version seeds contain a smorgasbord of fantastic genetics, each contributing to the strain’s unique effect and flavor profile. While it’s nowhere near as dangerous as its namesake, this cultivar holds around 19% THC that’ll shoot you into ecstasy. 
    This version offers lightning-fast flowering times as well as generous yields that’ll make any cultivator smile. It’s no wonder then that the AK-47 strain fast seeds have become one of the most popular in the autoflower category.

    What are AK-47 fast version cannabis seeds?

    There’s something about smoking bud from AK-47 fast version seeds. It triggers an excitement that’s hard to describe. We don’t doubt the name of this cultivar contributes towards its popularity, while its mellowing capabilities give a new meaning to danger.  
    Breeders found a way to speed up the rate that AK-47 fast seeds grow without affecting the overall yield. They did this by slightly altering the genetic makeup of the feminized cannabis version while ensuring that its legendary effects remain.
    The AK-47 fast strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid producing a relaxed mental high that leaves you feeling uplifted. It also takes you on a euphoric ride that boosts your energy levels and promotes a creative mindset that’s perfect for the arts.
    Even though AK-47 fast version seeds are mostly made up of sativa genes, it has a strong indica influence. In fact, AK-47 has received multiple awards in this category since its creation, reinforcing its position as one of the best cultivars available on the cannabis market.
    It may come as a surprise, but growing AK-47 fast version seeds is relatively simple. Of course, these girls require a lot of attention and care, but even those new to cultivating cannabis can expect a favorable harvest.
    What’s even more impressive is the ability to raise the AK-47 fast strain in almost any environment. Plant your cannabis seeds outside and let mother nature take its course, or use an indoor tent for complete control. The choice is yours.
    On average, you can expect your AK-47 fast version seeds to produce buds with around 19% THC. However, some cultivators have managed to enhance these percentages, with the highest of these reaching 21%.
    It’s not just recreational users that enjoy the effects of the AK-47 fast strain. Those with medicinal requirements will also discover a wealth of benefits such as a tool to combat physical pain, low appetite, and even help with mental disorders.
    While the flowers produced from AK-47 fast version seeds don’t put you to sleep immediately, you can expect mild sedation as its effects leave your body. It’s for this reason that we suggest you save this cultivar for relaxed days and evenings.

    What are the effects of AK-47 cannabis?

    While AK-47 fast version seeds contain sativa genetics predominantly, you can expect a balanced high that affects both the mind and body. Interestingly, the cultivar’s indica roots take over halfway, inducing a pleasurable, relaxed state.
    As soon as the spicy smoke enters your lungs, you’ll begin feeling a light buzz that makes its way into your head. From here, the AK-47 fast strain provides a shot of energy and mental clarity. Many users also report an enhanced level of creativity.
    The bud from AK-47 fast version seeds triggers increased euphoria that often leads to fits of laughter. During this stage, you’ll enjoy socializing with friends and discussing any topics that come to mind.
    Eventually, the mental high starts to drop off, and a powerful physical relaxation takes hold of your body. You may begin to feel your extremities become heavy, encouraging you to find a comfortable spot to sit down. Depending on your dosage and tolerance to the AK-47 fast strain, this calming sensation can lead to you becoming stuck to the couch. 
    This wave of relaxation will cause your eyes to feel heavy, indicating the start of a peaceful sleep ahead. If you’re a seasoned toker, you may find the energy boost works well as a midday treat. 
    However, those with low tolerances should save the tasty flowers from AK-47 fast version seeds for nighttime. It’s not uncommon to experience dry mouth and eyes after smoking the AK-47 fast strain. Luckily, you can quickly treat this side effect with a glass of cold water and a bottle of over-the-counter eye drops.

    What does AK-47 weed smell like?

    It’s next to impossible not to get swept off your feet once the aroma of the AK-47 fast strain penetrates the air. You’ll first notice a sour skunky fragrance that’s indicative of the traditional cannabis smell we’ve become accustomed to.
    This powerful aroma is followed by a spicy, earthy musk thanks to the dominant myrcene terpene found in the AK-47 strain fast seeds. If you close your eyes, you can almost picture a dark forest that’s just seen rainfall, with a subtle hint of gunpowder floating on the breeze.
    You may want to install an odor filter in your grow tent as this pungent smell spreads quickly. That way, you won’t need to worry about disgruntled neighbors or the blight of weed thieves.

    How to germinate AK-47 fast version seeds

    To ensure that you have a bountiful harvest, you need to successfully germinate your AK-47 fast version seeds. Many beginners jump the gun by placing their marijuana seeds straight into the ground without the proper preparation. 
    While this technique is the more natural option, it can lead to your AK-47 fast version seeds taking longer to sprout, if at all. We recommend following our germination guide, as it gives you more control over your crops, germinating your AK-47 strain fast seeds in five days.
    The best part about our technique is that it’s cost-effective, requiring a few items that you’ll find in your home, such as:
    - Paper towel.- A bottle of purified water.- A dinner plate.- A pair of tweezers.
    Follow these steps for a hassle-free way to germinate your AK-47 fast version seeds:
    - Begin by pouring water over two pieces of paper towel and then gently twist both sheets to remove any excess moisture.
    - Place one wet sheet on your plate, and spread out the AK-47 fast version seeds using a pair of clean tweezers.
    - Resist the temptation to use your hands as the oil on your fingers can contaminate the cannabis seeds and delay the process.
    - Cover the AK-47 fast version seeds with your second paper towel sheet and allow any built-up water to run off your plate.
    - Put the plate and cannabis seeds in a dark spot, like a cupboard, for up to five days.
    - You’ll need to keep an eye on your AK-47 fast version seeds throughout this process, checking them every 24 hours to ensure they stay moist.
    - Once the taproot has reached around a quarter inch in length, you can place your healthy cannabis seeds into your chosen growing medium.

    AK-47 fast version seeds grow guide

    Growing a batch of AK-47 fast version seeds is a fantastic way for those new to cannabis cultivation to learn the ropes. You’ll need to keep a close eye on these girls throughout their growth cycle, but with some attention and care, the rewards are worth it.
    While you can raise your AK-47 fast version seeds in almost any environment, we strongly recommend growing them indoors. The reason for this is the level of control you have over the elements allowing you to prevent health issues.
    What’s more, AK-47 fast version seeds grow into miniature Christmas trees that reach a maximum of one meter in height. This feature means you don’t need to worry about vertical space while raising plants indoors.
    You’ll want to keep the temperature in your grow tent between 64 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit for the best conditions. Furthermore, you’ll need to maintain the relative humidity between 40% and 50% as the AK-47 fast strain is vulnerable to bud rot.
    As for your growing medium, you can choose either soil or hydroponics. Both techniques work well alongside the Sea of Green method to encourage the best harvest from your AK-47 fast version seeds. However, hydroponics usually offers a slightly better tasting bud.
    It’s also essential that you place a good ventilation system in your grow tent. The improved air circulation will help to keep your AK-47 fast version seeds healthy. 
    AK-47 fast seeds have a flowering time of between six and seven weeks. Provided that you expose your crops to the best conditions, you can expect a yield of 1.6 ounces per square foot indoors.
    If you’d prefer to plant your AK-47 fast version seeds outdoors, you’ll need to find a spot that experiences a Mediterranean climate. Due to this cultivar’s fast flowering time, you can raise healthy plants between April and October. It would help to ensure that your AK-47 fast version seeds receive regular nutrition, especially during the vegetating phase. 
    Outdoor crops will produce a harvest weighing around 21 ounces per plant. You’ll know the buds grown from AK-47 fast version seeds are ready when they display a dark yellow and green hue. The pistils, or hairs, will also turn a rusted red color. Plus, you’ll see a coat of white trichomes cover these succulent flowers.

    What are the genetics of the AK-47 fast version seed strain?

    You could say that the genetics of the AK-47 fast strain has taken decades to perfect. This legendary cultivar first came into existence in 1992 after breeders crossed an indica landrace with three Sativa types. Its genetics were then altered in 1999 to ensure seed production.
    To create the original feminized version of the AK-47 strain fast seeds, breeders crossed three Sativa landrace varieties. These cultivars came from Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand and are responsible for the energizing effects that made the AK-47 plant so famous.
    Breeders then took an Indica heavy Afghanistan landrace and added it to the already potent cultivar cocktail. The result saw a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a powerful Indica kick that placed it in second in the 2003 High Time Cannabis Cup.
    Although the original version of the AK-47 fast strain gained widespread popularity, breeders continued to push the envelope. They added the genetics of an unknown Ruderalis cultivar to speed up the flowering time of this cultivar.
    It wasn’t until they crossed the feminized type with the autoflower variety that gave birth to AK-47 fast version seeds. This new and improved cultivar offered the best of both worlds, giving massive yields in a fraction of the time.
    Overall, AK-47 fast version seeds contain 65% Sativa and 35% Indica genes. The THC levels average around 19% across all types of this cultivar, along with a CBD and CBN content of 2%.

    Wellness and AK-47 fast version seeds

    As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not just recreational cannabis fans that enjoy the incredible effects of the AK-47 fast strain. Medical users can also enjoy this cultivar’s plethora of wellness benefits.
    Those who find themselves trapped by mental anguish can use the flowers produced by AK-47 fast version seeds to escape their negative thoughts. This cultivar has the ability to help those with depression and bipolar disorder.
    Moreover, users report a strong case of munchies after ingesting the herb grown from AK-47 fast version seeds. This side effect makes this cultivar a brilliant addition for those with a poor appetite and even nausea. 
    The bud from AK-47 fast version seeds can help to manage physical pain and has anti-inflammatory properties when smoked or ingested. It’s a fantastic way to alleviate any migraines and muscle spasms in minutes.
    The AK-47 fast strain is famous for its calming capabilities, often resulting in a sedated sensation as it finishes off. This effect makes this cultivar a great way to beat insomnia and get that restful sleep you’ve dreamt of.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    AK-47 fast version seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s only natural to have a few questions before buying a batch of AK-47 fast version seeds. To help put your mind at ease, we answer some of the most common questions put forward by cultivators of every skill level.

    What variations of AK-47 cannabis are there?

    If the highly sought-after AK-47 fast strain has grabbed your attention, why not buy a pack of marijuana seeds for yourself? You’ll typically find four versions of this weed plant, with three of them currently available from our online store. These are:
    - Regular AK-47 seeds: This batch contains a mixture of male and female seeds and are a perfect option for those wanting to breed new cannabis. Unfortunately, we don’t have this version in stock yet.
    - Feminized AK-47 seeds: If you’re not in a hurry and seek a massive yield, then this is the pack for you. This batch of female-only seeds promises a 99% germination rate that gives you peace of mind.
    - AK-47 autoflower seeds: This pack of marijuana seeds promises the same effects and flavor you’ve come to love but with faster flowering times. While the yields are less than the feminized version, you can still expect a generous harvest.
    - AK-47 fast version seeds: One of the newer cannabis versions available, this option bridges the gap between the feminized and autoflower varieties, giving you better yields in record time.

    Where can I get free cannabis AK-47 fast version seeds?

    The only way you’ll get your hands on some free AK-47 fast version seeds is if you receive them as a gift or you have a friend cultivating them. If your budget is low, we recommend keeping an eye on our cheap cannabis seeds and BOGO (Buy One Get One) section for the latest special deals and prices.

    Can a beginner grow AK-47 fast version seeds?

    While AK-47 fast version seeds need constant care and attention, it’s requirements don’t exceed the skills of a beginner. Those new to cannabis can, without a doubt, raise this impressive cultivar whether they opt for an indoor tent or out in their garden.

    What is the flowering time of AK-47 fast version seeds?

    We’ve tested the maturing rate of AK-47 fast version seeds by using various methods to grow this legendary cultivar. As a result, we’ve found that it has a maximum flowering time of seven weeks. Cultivating these marijuana seeds in a perfect environment can shave a week off this period.

    How long do AK-47 fast version seeds take to germinate?

    AK-47 fast version seeds can take up to five days to germinate, depending on the method you use. To ensure your cannabis seeds produce a healthy taproot in record time, we suggest using our germination guide that utilizes everyday items found in your home.

    How long does it take AK-47 fast version seeds to harvest?

    Growing AK-47 fast version seeds offer quicker flowering times than the original feminized option. The additional genetics in this cultivar rapidly speeds up the maturity rate, taking a maximum of seven weeks to go from seed to a flourishing harvest.

    Should you grow AK-47 fast version seeds in hydro or soil?

    When it comes to choosing the best growing medium for your AK-47 fast version seeds, you’ll find that soil and hydroponics pair well with this cultivar. However, a soilless option will help enhance the flavor and fragrance slightly better, meaning you’ll get a tastier harvest. 

    How tall do AK-47 fast version seeds grow?

    The maximum height of the plants grown from AK-47 fast version seeds depends on the type of environment you’ve placed them in. Without any vertical restrictions, this version of the iconic cultivar will usually get to around one meter with the proper nutrients and training.

    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from AK-47 fast version seeds?

    If you’re looking for images of AK-47 fast seeds and the plants they produce, you can try a quick google search. On top of this, you’ll discover a collection of photos on our site from customers who successfully raised this incredible cultivar.

    Where is the best place to buy AK-47 fast version seeds in the USA?

    You can purchase AK-47 fast version seeds from licensed dispensaries in states that have legalized cannabis. Alternatively, you’ll find these marijuana seeds online at Homegrown Cannabis Co., where you get the option to select discreet delivery and the best prices around.

    Are there any other names for AK-47 fast version seeds?

    There are no real nicknames for the AK-47 fast strain as its title is already short and catchy. Some cannabis fans have shortened the name to AK, but it’s not always received correctly. One can mistake this shortened name for other cultivars like AK-49, so the full name is best.
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