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Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • A great choice for your first grow.
  • 17% THC and a super-giggly high.
  • The myrcene makes it spicy
  • As a marijuana enthusiast, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about Afghan Kush. However, if you’re new to cannabis, there’s no better strain to try as your first plant.  Not only is cultivating Afghan Kush feminized seeds easy, but it’s also gratifying. What are Afghan Kush feminized cannabis seeds? Anyone familiar with Afghan Kush’s flavor and relaxing effects can’t he...Show more

    Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    As a marijuana enthusiast, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about Afghan Kush. However, if you’re new to cannabis, there’s no better strain to try as your first plant. 
    Not only is cultivating Afghan Kush feminized seeds easy, but it’s also gratifying.

    What are Afghan Kush feminized cannabis seeds?

    Anyone familiar with Afghan Kush’s flavor and relaxing effects can’t help but salivate when they smell the buds. Afghan Kush feminized seeds grow to become a cultivar with potent THC levels, fantastic flavors, and an incredible high. 
    If that’s not enough, feminized Afghan Kush buds are crispy, dense, and have insane resin production. Afghan Kush remains one of the best-tasting feminized strains on the market. Once you light up this baby, heads will turn at the irresistible aroma.
    If you’re hosting some friends, it’s best to have enough bud at hand to go around for everyone to enjoy the taste. Fortunately, feminized Afghan Kush seeds create hefty flowers and are beginner-friendly — perfect for newbies that want to share their rewards.
    Recreational consumers fall in love the second they try feminized Afghan Kush. The high THC levels (16-21%) offer fantastic relaxation after a long day. Although it has a reasonably low CBD level (0.2%), medical marijuana users often report that it helps with insomnia, stress, and even anxiety.
    The most appealing part of growing feminized Afghan Kush seeds is that they’re effortless to cultivate. Originating from the Hindu Kush mountains, these are some hardy plants with excellent pest resistance. 
    Newbies and veterans alike can generate bountiful harvests with ease, thanks to the strong indica genes in Afghan Kush. Additionally, unlike regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds boast a 99% guarantee that your plants will be female and consequently carry massive colas.
    Some growers think that easy-to-grow (kind) strains create less potent buds or offer lower yields. Unfortunately for them, feminized Afghan Kush seeds are all but “weak.” Throwing caution to the wind may land you on your back staring at the ceiling, wondering how you got there.

    What are the Afghan Kush feminized effects?

    Feminized Afghan Kush is unique, not only in the flavor but also in the effects. The enticing look and fragrance of the buds can cause some misjudgment. Don’t be too surprised if you feel it after only two or three tokes. 
    Watching a funny movie or hanging with friends takes on a new perspective with a few puffs of feminized Afghan Kush. You may find interest in seemingly mundane ideas or catch yourself giggling at a silly joke.
    Like most weed strains, you should always have some snacks available. Even unsalted pretzels — possibly the blandest food in the world — become the “food of the gods” thanks to the munchies. 
    You should also have some juice, water, or other beverage to hand to combat the cotton-mouth caused by Afghan Kush. As with all marijuana, bloodshot and dry eyes are a fairly common reaction. Luckily, using some eye drops is quick and easy. It also helps to remember to blink when you’re zoning out while watching a movie.
    Afghan Kush feminized seeds develop into cultivars with powerful couch-lock potential. With a 22% THC content, feminized Afghan Kush winds up for a heavy blow straight off the bat. But, whether you take one, two, or ten puffs, eventually, it takes the swing and smacks away all your worries, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and calm.
    You’ll feel the worries melt away as the physical relaxation kicks in and your muscles loosen up. Be careful, though, as overindulging in feminized Afghan Kush may lead to an early nights’ sleep. Hence, it’s best to try in the evening because you might fall asleep while chilling on the couch.

    What does the Afghan Kush feminized smell like?

    In many places, there’s an unspoken consensus that all marijuana types just “smell like weed.” It’s especially true for recreational consumers and people that don’t have much experience with different cannabis variants. 
    But, like any flowering plant, each strain has a unique blend of scents, and feminized Afghan Kush is no different. Afghan Kush feminized seeds become delectably fragrant flowers that induce a yearning for nature. 
    Unlike many other high THC seeds, there’s no skunky or chemical smell or taste. Instead, you’ll mostly catch the scent of pine, incense, and kush.
    Terpenes are compounds that cannabis and most plants produce. Each terpene has various smells, tastes, and even colors that can vary on the terpene level. For example, here’s a detailed terpene profile that gives feminized Afghan Kush its fantastic smell:
    - Myrcene is often associated with fruity, earthy notes. - Humulene adds spicy, herbal, and woody scents. - Terpineol provides floral and lilac flavors. - Linalool induces a sweet lavender smell with hints of citrus. - Limonene is the primary source of the citrus, lemony scent. - Pinene is the primary terpene in feminized Afghan Kush and creates a pine-tree smell.
    Most terpenes appear in all cannabis strains in different percentages. The combinations and quantities of these terpenes affect the final smell and taste of the buds. For example, the rarest terpene in Afghan Kush feminized is caryophyllene, which creates the fragrance of clove oil, hops, and rosemary.
    In Afghan Kush, the most dominant terpenes are pinene and myrcene. As mentioned above, Myrcene gives feminized Afghan Kush those famous earthy notes. Pinene adds the fragrance of walking through the woods on a sunny day.
    Afghan Kush has some floral terpenes that don’t always extend to the taste. Smokers mainly experience a spicy, earthy aftertaste when they smoke feminized Afghan Kush, which isn’t too unpleasant. The after smell is reminiscent of burnt incense and charcoal and fades quickly compared to more “skunky” strains.

    How to germinate Afghan Kush feminized seeds

    As soon as you receive your cannabis seeds, you need to get everything ready to cultivate your weed. Firstly, you’ll need some supplies for the germination process. Feminized Afghan Kush seeds usually sprout quickly and without any hassles. 
    Germinating seeds before planting them into the soil is a highly beneficial procedure. Not only does it give your marijuana seeds a better chance of sprouting, but it also boosts their initial productivity. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you pop those cannabis seeds.
    First, you’ll need paper towels, purified water, a plate, tweezers, and your Afghan Kush Feminized seeds. Once you have everything ready:
    - Moisten a paper towel with the purified water. - Place the paper towel on the plate. - Place each feminized Afghan Kush seed on the plate, keeping one inch between them. - Moisten a second paper towel and cover your seeds. - Lift the paper towel, and allow any excess water to run off. - Place the plate in a dark, warm (+-75℉) spot. - Check on your seeds daily, and ensure the paper towels stay moist. - Once you see a taproot, you can use your tweezers to transplant the seeds.
    Taproots are a thin, white protrusion and usually start at either tip of the seed. If you don’t see the root after the first day or two, don’t be alarmed. It can take up to five days to pop. You won’t need to wait for the taproot to become long before placing your feminized Afghan seeds into the growing medium. If the root pokes through the shell, your seed is ready.
    Follow the Homegrown-approved germination guide for the best results. It also provides a detailed explanation and pictures of the germination process. 

    Afghan Kush feminized seeds grow guide

    Feminized Afghan Kush seeds are an absolute breeze for experienced growers to cultivate. They’re reliable and have a proven track record. The upside of this is that newbies can follow recommended guides with a high chance of success. 
    Cultivators often find challenges with indica plants because they’re pretty bushy, making them susceptible to mold. Fortunately, Afghan Kush feminized seeds grow to become cultivars with inherent mold resistance.
    Unlike cannabis hybrids, feminized Afghan Kush seeds are from a potent singular origin. They do, however, display a combination of the best parts of both indica and sativa plants. Research indicates that, although it’s considered a “pure indica” strain, there’s between 20–25% sativa genetics in the mix.
    Cultivators can witness the effect of the sativa genes through the expansion of the limbs. The branches grow long, and the flowers are light green, covered in a glimmer of trichomes. Unlike sativa-dominant strains, feminized Afghan Kush allows you to create a dense canopy of colas. 
    The leaves follow an indica structure, which is slightly fat and dark green. Cultivators can also identify strong, thick limbs capable of carrying heavy colas. Afghan Kush feminized seeds need warm, sunny conditions to perform at their peak. Therefore, you should start germinating your weed seeds early to mid-June so that your harvest can be ready by October. 
    With the proper care, outdoor growers can gather up to 28 oz of bud per plant. If you prefer cultivating weed inside, you’re in luck because Afghan Kush seeds are feminized and ideal for indoor growers. 
    Although indoor setups can be tougher to maintain and initial costs may be higher, it’s well worth the effort. Even with a basic setup, novice and experienced gardeners can expect anything from 14–17 oz per square meter.
    Greenhouse setups are a completely next-level environment for feminized Afghan Kush seeds. Not only can you use all available sunlight, but you can also supplement additional light with High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. Yields are similar to indoor setups, ranging from 14–17 oz per square meter.
    Afghan Kush feminized seeds are pretty lenient on their requirements. But, as a cultivator, that shouldn’t affect how strict you are in the growing process. 
    So here are some top tips to help you get the most from your plants:
    - Trim carefully. Continuously remove dead or dying foliage to keep your plant healthy. You should also be cautious not to over trim your feminized Afghan Kush. 
    - Maintain the climate. The temperature range should stay between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also keep the relative humidity around 55% to 65%. During the flowering phase, humidity should be around 50% for feminized Afghan Kush. 
    - Food and pH. Never overfeed your plants, and keep the pH around 6.5–6.8. Excess nutrients or an incorrect pH can cause nutrient-block, which could kill your plants. 
    - Water moderately. Only water your Afghan Kush feminized seeds when the soil is dry. Overwatering your plants can increase humidity, and therefore the risk of mold developing.
    - Timely Harvests. It’s essential to monitor your plants’ development and harvest your feminized Afghan Kush around the 8th flowering week. Harvesting too early could result in less potent buds. Similarly, late harvests affect potency because the THC starts breaking down.

    What are the Afghan Kush feminized strain genetics?

    Feminized Afghan Kush has a reasonably uncomplicated history. It originated in the Hindu kush mountains and quickly became the most prominent Afghani landrace strain.
    Cultivators consider Afghan Kush as a “pure-breed” because it has no known parent strains. It’s as if nature knew the world looked for an indica-heavy strain with energizing indica effects before breeders.

    Wellness and Afghan Kush feminized seeds

    Plants grown from Afghan Kush feminized seeds are primarily recreational. However, there are also some medicinal benefits reported by consumers. It’s a unique strain that combines strong psychological effects but also some physical relaxation.
    Consumers report uplifting mental sensations when they smoke feminized Afghan Kush buds. Many medical patients claim the effects help them with stress and depression. It’s no surprise since the high THC level is sure to kick-start some dopamine production.
    Medical marijuana users say that the flowers they get from their Afghan Kush feminized seeds create calming effects. It’s not uncommon for people to find relief from anxiety. For many people, it also helps indirectly with their insomnia. 
    Depending on your tolerance and dosage, the sedative effects of feminized Afghan Kush can vary. Be sure to puff slowly, and give the flowers time to work their magic. Do your best to avoid overindulging, as some users report that a few tokes help with pain and headache, while others suggest that it may cause dizziness and paranoia.
    Top Tip: As with most other high THC strains, it’s better to enjoy Afghan Kush in the evening. The relaxing effects are relatively strong and may leave you napping on your couch.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Afghan Kush Feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions

    There are often many unanswered questions about feminized Afghan Kush seeds among the cannabis community. So, we’ve decided to answer the most frequently asked ones here!

    What are the Afghan Kush seed variants?

    With a massive variety of weed seeds in feminized, autoflowering, and regular variants, you’re the master of your fate. Currently, you can find Afghan Kush seeds, among a few Afghani variants such as:
    - Afghan feminized seeds are a feminized Afghan Kush variant originating from the mountains of Afghanistan.
    - Afghan autoflower seeds combine the durability of the Afghani landrace strain with the incredible power of an autoflowering ruderalis strain. 

    Where can I get free cannabis Afghan Kush feminized seeds?

    If you have a dope friend with seeds, they may be willing to share. Alternatively, you can visit the Homegrown website for the best seeds in town. You’ll often find cheap cannabis seeds and “buy one get one free” promotions that offer various seeds in a pack. Stay on the lookout for the “BOGO” badge on your favorite strains. 
    Whether you buy two-for-one deals or standard seed packs, you’re guaranteed to receive only the highest quality cannabis seeds.

    Can a beginner grow Afghan Kush feminized?

    Veterans and newbies alike can cultivate feminized Afghan Kush seeds with success. As a robust strain, it’s easy to grow and only gets easier with experience. If you want to maintain a canopy, you’ll need to do a bit of trimming. Afghan Kush feminized seeds become very bushy plants and require a human hand to thrive. 
    So although you need to give it a lot of attention, the overall experience is delightfully hassle-free.

    What is the Afghan Kush feminized flower time?

    Depending on the environment, the flowering time is anywhere between 7–9 weeks. As photoperiod plants, feminized Afghan Kush seeds depend mainly on the light cycle to flower. Cultivators can extend the growth stages, which also affects the overall lifespan.
    If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, it’s better to stick to a predetermined grow cycle for the best results.

    How long do Afghan Kush feminized seeds take to germinate?

    If you have impatient Afghan Kush feminized seeds, you could expect to see a taproot within 24 hours. By following the paper towel method and buying high-quality seeds, you increase your chances of successful germination. 
    Sometimes, feminized Afghan Kush seeds are late-bloomers. For your sanity’s sake, practice patience. It can take up to five days for the taproots to peek through the shell.

    How long does it take to grow Afghan Kush feminized from seeds to harvest?

    If you’re using an indoor setup, Afghan Kush feminized seeds need:
    - 24-120 hours for a root to develop - 1-3 weeks of seedling growth - 4-6 weeks of vegetative development - 7-9 weeks of flowering 
    Each seed has a roughly 19-week life cycle, and outdoor growers should germinate their seeds in early June, so the harvest is ready by late October.

    Grow medium: Afghan Kush feminized hydro or soil?

    Feminized Afghan Kush seeds prosper in pretty much any medium. So, you can choose whether you use soil, palm peat, or hydroponics. Beginners often prefer soil because there are pre-mixed options available. As long as your pH levels are correct and your soil has all the nutrients, your Afghan Kush feminized seeds will thrive.
    More experienced marijuana cultivators often use hydro or other neutral mediums because of their versatility. The strain is worthwhile, as it allows you to fine-tune your food supply.

    What is the average feminized Afghan Kush height?

    The indica dominance in feminized Afghan Kush seeds is visible in their height. You’ll rarely see these babies become taller than 29 inches. Their shortness is a massive draw for indoor cultivators because they use less grow space. Outdoors, you won’t draw much attention, and you can keep them private behind a wall.
    Don’t let feminized Afghan Kushs’ stature fool you. Like Napoleon, although short, it packs a punch.

    Where can I find pictures of Afghan Kush feminized marijuana?

    You could Google-search detailed images of feminized Afghan Kush, or you can find them on our webpage. You can see the most beautiful, crispy buds and pictures of the plant in full HD. Additionally, you can watch the brief explainer that gives you essential info on your favorite cultivar.

    Where is the best place to buy Afghan Kush feminized seeds in the USA?

    Why would you go anywhere other than Homegrown for your Afghan Kush feminized seeds? Not only can you find the best, quality seeds, but you’re also supporting an American seed bank.
    Choose from various seed packs, or buy strain-specific seeds. Whichever cultivar you buy, there’s no wrong answer. You can even request discreet shipping throughout the United States.

    Are there any other names for Afghan Kush feminized?

    With the fame surrounding feminized Afghan Kush, there’s no need for an alias. Although some people call it AK, breeders use it for child strains such as AK-47 as a reference to Afghan Kush genetics.
    Join Homegrown Forum, and share your stories! Post your Afghan Kush feminized pics, and any Afghan Kush feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Afghan Kush Feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!
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