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Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Still going strong at 20% THC.
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  • When choosing marijuana cultivars, it typically comes down to their exceptional traits, effects, medical benefits, and cultivation potential. The Afghan seeds that are feminized tick all those boxes.Let’s review each of the Afghan’s strengths, and you’ll see why it’s a cannabis strain you should consider cultivating and adding to your private collection.What are Afghan feminize...Show more

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    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    When choosing marijuana cultivars, it typically comes down to their exceptional traits, effects, medical benefits, and cultivation potential. The Afghan seeds that are feminized tick all those boxes.
    Let’s review each of the Afghan’s strengths, and you’ll see why it’s a cannabis strain you should consider cultivating and adding to your private collection.

    What are Afghan feminized cannabis seeds?

    Afghan feminized seeds are genetically developed seeds of the famous Afghan cultivar. When you use them, you’ll get all-female plants. It’s a time-saving process because you don’t have to look out for the males and remove them.
    Males grow pollen sacs and will pollinate the females if you don’t weed them out. You don’t want nugs with seeds in them. In cannabis plants, it’s the female that produces the fragrant buds you want. The flowering stage begins when they receive less light, for instance, in the Fall. 
    If you’re cultivating indoors, you can also manipulate the light schedule to achieve a similar result. Unless you’re a breeder, we recommend you choose Afghan feminized cannabis seeds. They’re suitable for beginner cultivators as well.

    What are the effects of Afghan feminized?

    The Afghan indica cultivar has its roots in the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Pakistan and Afghanistan border. Being a pure landrace strain, it's no surprise that this feminized marijuana seeds produce a resilient plant that offers potent effects and benefits to users and cultivators. 
    As an indica, the Afghan is in demand for its powerful relaxing effects. Experienced users recommend that you clear your day’s tasks before you settle in to enjoy the cultivar. Its high THC content and sedative properties will leave you locked on your couch for at least 2–3 hours. A higher dosage will put you in a long and deep slumber. 
    Before you get knocked out, you’ll feel a tingling sensation in your body while you experience blissful thoughts that can lead to giggles and even uncontrollable laughter. Those having difficulty sleeping will benefit from consuming this cultivar, which is why it’s best to indulge in the evening when you can unwind and rest.
    Users claim that it helps people with appetite issues because the Afghan makes you yearn for the munchies. So, be sure to have some prepared in advance and keep them within reach.
    If you’re new to indica cannabis strains, be sure to use the potent Afghan feminized with caution. Start with small doses first, and you’ll avoid having headaches or feeling dizzy. Then, you can increase the portion as you get accustomed to its potency.
    There are the typical side effects that most users experience when consuming cannabis, but they’re not severe. For instance, you may encounter cottonmouth and dry eyes, but you can easily find relief by applying eye drops and drinking plenty of water, so get them ready beforehand.

    What does the Afghan feminized smell like?

    The aroma of the Afghan feminized has been described as woody and earthy, with a hint of spice. Users say that its scent reminds them of fresh blooms in a field surrounded by pine trees. 
    These fragrances may be inherent in it because of its mountainous origins. As you smoke, you’ll fill your space with an aromatic cloud of earthy and floral scents that some tokers have compared to the best perfume.

    How to germinate Afghan feminized seeds

    Every cultivator knows that you’ve got to get the germination process done right to ensure a plant’s development success. So to help our customers, our experts have prepared a straightforward germination guide for that purpose.
    Here’s what you need to do, step-by-step, to germinate your Afghan feminized cannabis seeds. You won’t need any special equipment. These everyday items you have at home will do the job perfectly:
    - Bottled water. Purified water is an option.- A pair of tweezers. - Two sheets of paper towels and a plate for each process.- Cannabis Seeds.
    Step 1: Moist the two paper towels. Ensure they’re not soaking wet by removing the excess water.
    Step 2: Place one of the towels on the plate. Arrange your marijuana seeds, each one about an inch from the others, on the towel. 
    Step 3: Cover the cannabis seeds with the other paper towel. Keep the seeds moist. Ensure they’re not soaked.
    Step 4: Place the plate in a warm and dark spot until you notice the marijuana seeds developing taproots. It may take between 12 and 36 hours. Then you can begin planting them.
    We can't stress enough that you must keep your cannabis seeds damp and not let them dry out.

    Afghan feminized seeds grow guide

    As the Afghan originates in mountainous regions, it’s robust, resilient, and resistant to molds and pests. So, all growers, including beginners, can cultivate it and produce an abundant harvest of high-quality buds with these marijuana seeds. 
    The cultivar is also forgiving, so you can afford to make mistakes, and your plant will still grow well. Cultivating with Afghan seeds that are feminized will give you crops that produce chunky and sticky buds with high levels of THC, making it a very potent strain.
    When grown indoors, you can expect short, bushy plants that reach a height of between 60–100 centimeters. You’ll need to prune and trim them to improve their growth. Removing unwanted dead foliage and yellowing leaves is also essential.
    Feminized Afghan seeds have a short flowering time of 8–9 weeks. However, by using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup and giving your plants additional care, you’ll be rewarded with as much as 15.87 ounces per square meter.
    You can use soil if you’re more accustomed to it, but you might want to consider using hydroponics because the growth period is shorter, and you’ll get a higher yield. There’s also a lower risk of pest infestation, but it’s not a severe issue because the Afghan cultivar is resistant to such problems.
    Hydro is more suitable for indoor use than outdoors because it’s not easy to control many factors such as the temperature and the environment when you head outside.
    If you’re planning to cultivate outdoors, it’s good to know that the Afghan flourishes in warm, Mediterranean-type climates. In the northern hemisphere, you can harvest from late October to early November. 
    True to its origins, when cultivated outdoors in optimal conditions, including plenty of sunshine and organic soil, the Afghan feminized cannabis seeds will give you up to 21 ounces per plant after about 7–8 weeks of flowering.

    What are the Afghan feminized seeds genetics?

    If you’re looking for a pure cultivar, the Afghan stands out because it’s a 100% landrace strain nurtured by nature. Its traits reflect the Hindu Kush mountain range where it originates. Cannabis enthusiasts will recognize the infamous sector around the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

    Wellness and Afghan feminized seeds

    Besides the recreational effects that it offers due to its high THC levels, medical patients have also benefited from using the Afghan strain. The cultivar is reputed for its analgesic properties, bringing chronic pain relief to those with the condition after only a few tokes. 
    It’s also helped people with emotional and psychological issues because of its relaxing effects. Users report their stress and anxiety melt away when consuming the Afghan. People with depression have also found relief from using the strain. The happy thoughts that tokers report will help rid your mind of worry and other negativity. 
    If you have insomnia, you’ll find it easy to get a good night’s sleep when you smoke this indica. Loss of appetite can occur for many reasons, one being an adverse effect of cancer treatments. While it’s not medically proven yet, consuming the Afghan typically causes users to have a strong desire to eat. This factor may provide cancer patients with the help they need.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Feminized Afghan seeds: Frequently asked questions

    We’ve covered many aspects of Afghan seeds that are feminized, and now, we’ll answer the typical inquiries we get from customers and users. For authenticity's sake, we’ve reproduced the questions verbatim.
    If you have other queries that aren’t answered in this article, you can also refer to our Homegrown Forum. That’s where experienced marijuana users and cultivators share their stories and tips. Feel free to contact us through our website if you need advice from our experts.

    What are Afghan strain variants?

    If you’re new to cultivating cannabis, you’ll be happy to know that there are two other types of marijuana seeds, each being suitable for different growing needs.
    - Afghan autoflower seeds: the plants you’ll get with these seeds will flower automatically, as the name suggests. You’ll get buds when the plant matures. No manipulation is necessary.
    - Afghan regular seeds: breeders love these as they can be used to create new hybrids. 
    We’ll be adding the regular seeds to our collection soon, so stay tuned for updates.

    Where can I get free Afghan feminized cannabis seeds?

    A great way to get free seeds is to check out our website. We have cheap cannabis seeds and regular promos where we offer complimentary packs of similar value to the one you buy.
    You’ll get a fantastic deal when we have a “buy one free one” (BOGO) promotion on feminized Afghan seeds. This type of promotion applies to all our seeds, so be sure to look at our extensive collection when buying quality cultivars.

    Can a beginner grow Afghan feminized?

    Afghan feminized seeds are excellent for growers of all levels, including beginners. Here’s why:
    - The Afghan is a pure landrace cultivar from mountainous regions, making it highly resilient and adaptable to different environments. Thus, it’s easy for anyone to cultivate.
    - It’s low maintenance. You don’t have to deal with molds and pest infestations because the plant is resistant to those threats.
    - Plants from Afghan seeds that are feminized can thrive in any climate, meaning you can grow them indoors and outdoors, depending on your cultivation space.
    - Feminized seeds also require less maintenance as they only produce females that develop buds for your harvest.

    What is the Afghan feminized flower time?

    Under optimal cultivation circumstances, you can expect your feminized Afghan seeds to flower within 8–10 weeks when grown indoors and produce a high amount of buds. However, if you cultivate outdoors, you can collect a generous yield of nugs sometime in October. 

    How long do Afghan feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Seeds usually germinate within 12–36 hours if you keep them moist in a dark and warm place. Ensure that they don’t get dry. It’s essential that you germinate your feminized Afghan seeds properly to produce healthy cannabis plants that’ll give you an abundant yield on nugs.
    Beware if your process takes a long time because the longer it takes, you have a higher risk of getting a weaker plant.

    How long does it take Afghan feminized from seeds to harvest?

    When using Afghan seeds that are feminized, you can expect the flowering stage to be within 8–10 weeks. However, it’s difficult to determine precisely how long it’ll take the cannabis plant to go from seeds to harvest, but it can typically be between 10–32 weeks, according to experts.
    Here’s a brief idea of the various stages of a marijuana plant’s growth: - Germination: 3–10 days.- Seedling: 2–3 weeks.- Vegetative: 3–16 weeks.- Flowering: 8–11 weeks.
    Other factors that can affect the length of the growth period include: 
    - Seed type. We suggest using Afghan seeds that are feminized.- Quality of care given to the plant.- Climate and environment where it’s grown.

    Grow medium for Afghan feminized seeds: hydro or soil?

    Cannabis plants can be cultivated using soil or hydroponics. The same goes for crops grown with feminized Afghan seeds. Soil is preferred in outdoor cultivation because it’s similar to the cannabis plant’s natural wild environment. It’s also intuitive and straightforward for most people who’ve done any gardening.
    The hydro medium is more suited for indoor cultivation as it’s more challenging to control the outdoor environment and temperatures. However, the payoff comes in faster growth and the higher yield your crop will produce. 

    What is the average Afghan feminized height?

    The Afghan isn’t a very tall plant. However, it can reach a height of between 2–3.3 ft when grown indoors, which is perfect for cultivators who don’t have outdoor space for their plants. However, if you use your Afghan feminized cannabis seeds to grow your strain outside, you can expect the plants to reach up to 6.6 feet.

    Where can I find pictures of Afghan feminized marijuana?

    If you can’t get enough pictures of the stunning Afghan, look at the collection on our feminized Afghan seeds webpage. We also have our Homegrown Forum, where our members proudly showcase their favorite images of the cultivar.

    Where is the best place to buy Afghan feminized seeds in the USA?

    If you’re looking to buy Afghan seeds that are feminized, we suggest that you only do business with vetted online seed banks like us to avoid below par products. We’ve been providing our satisfied customers with high-quality cannabis seeds at competitive prices for more than 20 years. 
    Our fast-germinating seeds are hand-picked to ensure we only deliver special-grade products to growers. You can also rest assured that your nosy neighbors won’t have a clue about your Afghan feminized seeds purchase because we deliver your seeds to you discreetly. Our secure payment system also ensures that your money and financial information is safe.

    Are there any other names for Afghan feminized?

    The Afghan was originally known as Afghani, but the “i” has been omitted in most instances. On some websites, you might find it called Afghani #1. It’s sometimes referred to as Afghanistan as it comes from the mountain region close to that country. 
    Afghan shouldn’t be confused with Afghan Kush. It’s the parent of the latter. Keep this difference in mind when you’re buying Afghan seeds that are feminized.
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