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Afghan Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Still going strong at 17% THC.
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  • Few exotic cultivars please the senses like Afghan autoflower. These buds offer a fusion of fragrances that lure you in and tempt you to take a toke. When you do, the complex flavors tickle your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.  The strain contains a blend of powerful terpenes and compounds, with THC levels that reach as high as 17%. Originating in foreign lands, this cult...Show more

    Afghan Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    200 - 300
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Afghan Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Few exotic cultivars please the senses like Afghan autoflower. These buds offer 

    a fusion of fragrances that lure you in and tempt you to take a toke. When you do, the complex flavors tickle your tastebuds and leave you wanting more. 


    The strain contains a blend of powerful terpenes and compounds, with THC levels that reach as high as 17%. Originating in foreign lands, this cultivar is hardy and straightforward to cultivate. These autoflower seeds flourish in hydroponics or soil, and the Afghan autoflower yield is excellent.


    Even though growing is a breeze, the strain is best suited for those with experience. Autoflowers mature at a predictable rate, and when subjected to stress, they don’t have enough time to heal. Both recreational and medicinal users turn to Afghan autoflower for a hard-hitting yet soothing buzz. Let’s discover more about this powerful indica-dominant hybrid.  


    What are Afghan autoflower cannabis seeds? 


    Afghan autoflower seeds sprout an all-female crop that’s light-independent. This offers growers multiple conveniences. You don't need to separate males, all plants produce buds, and you don't need to switch light cycles. 


    The crops are resilient and have a short, bushy structure. If left to grow naturally, they take the form of a miniature Christmas tree. When the flowering phase begins, alluring scents fill the grow room, and these intensify until it’s time to harvest.


    The buds are eye-catching, with a delicious coat of resin. They exhibit hues of green, with random bursts of orange. Harvests are generous, and the nugs produce a mind-blowing buzz. Afghan autoflower is slowly becoming a 420 legend that all tokers should try.


    What are Afghan autoflower effects? 


    Afghan autoflower is indica-dominant, with impressive THC levels. It only takes two puffs to induce a comforting cerebral buzz that whisks you away on a cloud of euphoria. All the heavy-hearted emotions fade away as bubbly joy takes over. The strain is suited to nighttime use as its potency leaves you feeling lazy. 


    These effects last around 45 minutes before the relaxing properties of Afghan autoflower kick in. A warm, tingling sensation creeps down the back of your neck and spreads outwards toward your shoulders and arms. You feel tranquil as the warmth trickles down your back and legs, softening each limb. 


    Grab a couple of snacks to unwind with, and pick a relaxing activity to enjoy the rest of the buzz. It’s best to enjoy Afghan autoflower in the evening, and the strain pairs well with watching movies or listening to music. The effects are hard-hitting, but you retain mobility. 


    Novice tokers that haven’t built up much tolerance to THC may experience mild discomfort. These include dry eyes and cottonmouth, which you can easily overcome by staying hydrated.  


    What does the Afghan autoflower smell like? 


    Afghan autoflower crops give off powerful fragrances during the final phase of development. The scents are mainly citrus and pine with spicy notes. When crushed, the buds have more complex aromas of wood and earth. 


    When you take a toke, a fusion of flavor hits your tastebuds. It’s a blend of sugar and spice with pine notes and floral undertones. You taste the citrus—and hints of earth, wood, and spice come to the fore when you exhale. Afghan autoflower has a subtle aftertaste of pine and wood.


    How to germinate Afghan autoflower seeds


    The first step in marijuana seed cultivation is germination. There are various ways to get them to sprout. Some techniques call for pricey equipment like humidity domes and heat mats, while others require household items. 


    The best way to germinate your Afghan autoflower seeds is by using the paper towel method. This option is so effective we back it with our Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee. To get started, you’ll need:


    - Two dinner plates

    - A bowl of water

    - Two paper towels

    - Cannabis seeds

    - Tweezers 

    - A drying cloth

    - Spray bottle (optional)




    Step 1: The dinner plates form the structure of your makeshift germination station. Set one out as the base, making sure it’s clean and dry.


    Step 2: Insert a paper towel into the bowl of water, and wring it out. It needs to be damp, not soaking wet, or you risk rotting the seeds. 


    Step 3: Lay the moist paper towel in the center of the dinner plate. Use the cloth to dry any water droplets. 


    Step 4: Use tweezers to place your Afghan auto seeds on the damp towel. Space each one an inch apart, so the roots have sufficient room to grow. 


    Step 5: Dip the second paper towel into the bowl, and repeat the process of removing excess fluid. Take care not to tear it as the material is delicate when wet. 


    Step 6: Use the second towel to cover the cannabis seeds. Use the cloth to dry any free-standing water.


    Step 7: Close the setup with the second dinner plate, and store it in a dark, warm spot. 


    The dinner plates seal in moisture, but you still need to check on your Afghan autoflower seeds daily. Gently spritz them with your spray bottle if the paper towels feel dry. They should sprout within 1–5 days. For detailed instructions, check out our detailed germination guide. 


    To qualify for our Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee, document your germination process with photographs or videos. Then, if any cannabis seeds don’t sprout, contact our helpful support team for assistance and replacement products. 


    Afghan autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Growing Afghan seeds (autoflower) is best suited to intermediate and expert-level cultivators. Once they germinate, you need to decide between soil and hydroponics. They flourish in both, but the maintenance differs for each. 


    These crops have thick, bushy foliage so keep an eye out for signs of mildew or mold if you select the hydro option. Cultivating in soil is straightforward if you choose a premium product. Select a loamy variety that allows the roots of your Afghan autoflower plants to develop optimally. 


    Decide if you’re growing indoors or outdoors and whether or not you’ll be using pots. Outdoor cultivation requires a warm, Mediterranean climate, with sunny skies and moderate humidity. If you’re planting your Afghan auto seeds directly in the ground, ensure that the pH levels are around 5.8–6.2. 


    Put up a canopy for protection against severe weather. Growing the crops in pots allows your plants to be mobile. You can transfer them to a sheltered area during storms. It’s also easier to relocate your crops in the event of insect infestations. The main drawback is restricted root growth. 


    When you choose to grow Afghan autoflower seeds indoors, you have more control. The plant needs warm conditions with temperatures that range from 68–78℉. Moderate humidity levels of around 55% are ideal in the early developmental stages, and 40% is best during flowering. 


    The foliage gets quite thick and may attract pathogens. To avoid this, ensure your grow room has adequate ventilation. Use fans to improve airflow. The light breeze also strengthens the branches as it offers resistance. 


    Some growers prune their Afghan autoflower plants, but it’s risky as you can’t extend their life cycle. The crops transition from one developmental phase to the next, regardless of the hours of light they receive. An effective option is employing a cycle of 18 hours light and six hours dark.


    The crops don’t need much supplementation, but modest feeds of macronutrients boost their health. Indoor varieties typically offer a better Afghan autoflower yield averaging around 14 oz./m2. Outdoor crops produce roughly 2–4 oz./plant. 


    What is the Afghan autoflower strain genetics?


    Afghan autoflower is the result of blending the original Afghan strain with ruderalis. The parent cultivar is a powerful indica with intense flavors and impressive THC levels. It’s well-loved by both medicinal and recreational tokers for its calming qualities. 


    The ruderalis genetics allow these cannabis seeds to mature independent of light cycles. These genes are also responsible for the crop’s compact size and ability to withstand common growing issues like mold, mildew, and pests. 


    Wellness and Afghan autoflower seeds


    Many medicinal tokers buy Afghan auto cannabis seeds for their reported health benefits. The strain contains an average of 15–17% THC. The CBD levels are low at around 0.2%. These compounds have a profound effect on the brain and body. Terpenes also have a role to play in how the buds induce relaxation. 


    Health users cultivate these cannabis seeds to help with various conditions like arthritis, migraines, nausea, and inflammation. They claim that Afghan autoflower also assists with non-physical issues like insomnia, stress, and anxiety. 


    Many also report that it helps build up your appetite if you’ve been off your food lately. The main terpenes in this cultivar include myrcene, pinene, and limonene. These aren’t unique to marijuana, and you can also find them in fruit like mangoes and oranges. 


    They don’t only affect the flavor of Afghan autoflower buds but also the type of buzz you get. Tokers report that myrcene has relaxing properties and pain-relieving qualities. Many assert that it’s also sedative. 


    Health users claim that pinene has the following properties:


    - Helps with inflammation

    - Relieves pain

    - Opens up airways

    - Assists with anxiety

    - Aids memory loss


    Tokers assert that limonene has the following qualities:


    - It boosts your mood

    - It relieves stress

    - Helps with heartburn

    - Eases reflux conditions

    - It's antibacterial and antifungal


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Afghan autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions


    You might still have a few burning questions regarding auto Afghan seeds. Below we answer a few of the most popular ones.


    Where can I get free Afghan autoflower seeds?


    Getting your hands on free marijuana seeds may sound difficult. It might seem impossible to get premium Afghan autoflower seeds for no cost, but it’s not. When you purchase products from Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can get freebies. Our buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deals include:


    - Buy 4 get 4 free

    - Buy 8 get 8 free

    - Buy 12 get 12 free


    Keep an eye on our promotions as they change frequently. Be sure to claim your complimentary marijuana seeds when you see the BOGO badge on our Afghan autoflower products.


    Can a beginner grow Afghan autoflower?


    Afghan autoflower crops grow at a predictable pace, but they’re best suited to experienced growers. This is because these plants don’t have much time to recover from beginner mistakes. When you cultivate other cannabis seed variants, you can extend the life cycle for the crops to heal. 


    Afghan autoflower plants transition automatically from one phase to the next and may not recover in time.  


    What is the Afghan autoflower flower time?


    Afghan autoflower plants flip to the flowering stage around 5–7 weeks after germination. This final development phase lasts around four weeks.


    How long do Afghan autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    The first step to getting your Afghan seeds (autoflower) to grow is deciding on a germination method. There are various options, some requiring expensive equipment, while others are simple. 


    If you use the paper towel technique, which we recommend, your cannabis seeds germinate within 1–5 days. Don’t forget about our Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee. If any of your marijuana seeds don’t pop, contact us. Our support team is happy to assist you with a replacement.


    How long does it take an Afghan autoflower from seed to harvest?


    Auto Afghan seeds are light-independent and go from one maturity phase to the next automatically after a certain period. There are four stages of growth for these crops: 


    - Germination

    - Seedling

    - Vegetative 

    - Flowering 


    It takes around 5–7 weeks from seed to flowering, with a flowering time of approximately four weeks. The average time it takes from seed to harvest is around 11 weeks.


    Grow medium: Afghan autoflower hydro or soil?


    Autoflower Afghan seeds flourish in both soil and hydroponics. Each option has pros and cons. When you select soil, you need to use a premium option and supplement the crops now and then. This substrate also enhances the terpene profile. Hydroponics encourages healthy growth, but you need to keep a keen eye out for mold and mildew.


    What is the average Afghan autoflower height?


    Afghan auto seeds grow to around 3–4 ft tall. Outdoor plants are usually taller. If you use training techniques to encourage horizontal growth, the plant size may be smaller. The crops are compact enough to fit in most cultivation spaces. 


    Where can I find pictures of Afghan autoflower marijuana? 


    If you’re looking for pictures of Afghan autoflower, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has got you covered. While the internet has hundreds of images of marijuana seeds and buds, not all give an accurate depiction. On our site, you’ll find authentic resources. You can also check our Afghan Autoflower Homegrown Diaries for more pictures from fellow growers.


    Where is the best place to buy Afghan autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co! We have a wide selection of quality marijuana seeds, backed by our germination guarantee. When you buy Afghan auto cannabis seeds from us, you get more than just a product. We also offer a plethora of strain-specific information and helpful cultivation tips in our blog. We have an online community of cannabis lovers who enjoy sharing the latest 420 trends.


    When you subscribe to our Homegrown Diaries, you get access to a handy tracking tool that helps you monitor your cultivation progress. Stick with us for the best growing experience.


    What are the differences between the three main cannabis seed variants?


    Marijuana seeds come in several varieties. The most popular are:


    - Feminized

    - Autoflower

    - Regular


    Feminized cannabis seeds sprout an all-female crop (99% of the time). They don’t need separating during the vegetative stage, and all the plants produce buds. They’re typically photoperiod plants that rely on light cycle changes to transition from one phase to the next. 


    Auto marijuana seeds like Afghan autoflower mature without light cycle changes. They transition through the different growth stages automatically. Each maturity phase has an allocated time, and there’s no way to extend it. 


    Regular cannabis seeds grow into photoperiod crops. The plants have a 50/50 chance of being male or female. When they reach the vegetative stage, pollination occurs. To harvest quality buds from regular marijuana seeds, separate the males. Only female plants produce nugs.


    Are there any other names for Afghan autoflower? 


    There aren’t currently any nicknames for Afghan autoflower seeds, but some do erroneously refer to it as Afghani auto. It’s also often misspelled. 


    Spelling errors


    Common errors for this strain include: 


    - Afgan autflower

    - Afgun autoflower

    - Afgaan autoflower

    - Afghaan autoflower

    - Afgahn autoflower


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