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Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds
04.30.2022 was planted
Updated 1 year ago
room type
FL / 60W
FL / 60W
1 Week (04.30.2022) Germination

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Impressions about plant

Growing Sour Diesel and Original Lemon Pie. 8/12 Sour Diesel sprouted and 6/8 OLP have sprouted. Still holding on for some late bloomers. Right now I'm at 70% germination rate which i think is pretty damn good for my first time. All thanks to HOMEGROWN CANNABIS CO. I soaked for 24 hours all seeds and then went straight to growing medium(miracle gro soil). While they're in this stage I picked a single bag of the most nitrogen rich soil i could find at Lowe's and used that before i transplant into the ground.

I've tilled and tested my new growing medium for my garden and it was neutral/Alkaline and the N&PH were low/medium and the K was really high unfortunately. To heighten my nitrogen and PH levels I'm going to be adding some chicken manure this week. I chose manure because i was already at a slightly Alkaline ph and didn't want to increase that with lime. The manure will help raise the nitrogen and phosphorus without raising my Ph levels anymore.

Today has been one week since initial soaking. I soaked the seeds for 24 hours and then planted straight to the medium. 7 days later I have 14/20 sprouted and all healthy.

I'm using Humboldt's secret products this year. I will be using a part a & b liquid mixture and their CalMag & Iron mixture. Eventually in the flowering stage I'll be using their sweet and sticky mixture to help with bud development. I am also using an organic spray application called SUPERthrive as as plant vitamin nutrient, spray to top and bottom of fan leaves as desired every few days. And for pests, mites, mold and mildew I bought an organic spray called Trifecta.

Very excited to see how much my gals have grown by this time next week. I'll only be growing 4, per my legal limit in my state. But the other 8 will be close by and maintained by friends.

Grow Conditions

3 inch
73 °F
Day air temperature
68 °F
Night air temperature
No smell