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White Russian Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Russian Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Get stuff done - all day
  • Around 20% THC for a clear mind and supreme focus
  • Dank earth and sweet citrus from aroma to taste
  • Do you want to cultivate a powerful indica-dominant hybrid? Look no further than White Russian feminized seeds. They develop into medium-height crops with pale green leaves. The buds are eye-catching and exude enticing fragrances that leave you intrigued.  These feminized seeds have impressive genetics and a rich blend of terpenes. The THC levels are high, and the effects are i...Show more

    White Russian Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    600 - 800
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    White Russian Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Do you want to cultivate a powerful indica-dominant hybrid? Look no further than White Russian feminized seeds. They develop into medium-height crops with pale green leaves. The buds are eye-catching and exude enticing fragrances that leave you intrigued. 


    These feminized seeds have impressive genetics and a rich blend of terpenes. The THC levels are high, and the effects are intense. The strain is well-loved by recreational and medicinal tokers for its relaxing qualities. 


    Buds from feminized White Russian seeds have a woody flavor with fruity and spicy notes. The complex fusion is a sensory delight. The strain is popular and has its fair share of awards. Let's discover more about these amazing marijuana seeds.


    What are White Russian feminized cannabis seeds? 


    White Russian feminized seeds stem from two legendary cultivars. Like its parents, the strain has a massive 420 fan base and nabbed several awards over the years. In 1996 it took first prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup. At the time, it was the strain with the most THC. The next year it claimed the 1997 Cup for Best Biograss.


    More recent accolades include winning first prize for indoor marijuana at the El Punto Cup in 2005. White Russian feminized seeds are premium quality and also went on to win second prize in the extracts category at the 2013 Highlife Cup. 


    The cultivar has high THC levels that range from 13–18%. It has enjoyable effects that bring a burst of euphoria before relaxing you completely. The strain doesn't contain much CBD but is still a favorite among medical tokers.

    Its uplifting and relaxing qualities make it popular for treating certain ailments. The flavor profile is delectable with strong aromas. Each toke tastes of a mixture of fruit, earth, and wood that compliment each other as they fuse. 


    What are White Russian feminized seeds effects? 


    White Russian feminized seeds mature into medium crops and produce bountiful buds. Taking a toke results in near-instant results. You feel an uplifting blast of euphoria. Your mind clears, and your focus improves. 


    The cultivar is a fantastic choice for those who need a burst of creativity and pairs well with artistic tasks like music-making. Many tokers regard the cultivar as an ideal wake and bake strain. After an hour, the physical aspect occurs, relaxing your muscles without inhibiting your mobility. The effects last a couple of hours, and it's great as an afternoon pick-me-up.


    It's easy to see why many recreational users cultivate their own White Russian feminized seeds. Once you feel the positive sensations the strain induces, you'll want to have a stash handy. 


    Like most cultivars with high THC levels, you may experience mild discomfort with this strain. Common side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth. In rare cases, you might experience slight dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Avoid these by limiting your doses and staying hydrated.


    What does the White Russian feminized smell like? 


    White Russian feminized seeds mature into fragrant crops. When the buds are ready for harvesting, they have dank earthy aromas with sweet citrus notes. Once you crush these nugs, the scent intensifies, and you can detect hints of wood and spice. 


    Light the strain to reveal subtle skunk scents. On the inhale, lemon dominates, with strong earthy undertones. The flavors are intense, and the wood notes intensify as the smoke swirls near your palate. When you exhale, you mainly taste citrus fruit and earth.


    How to Germinate White Russian feminized seeds


    The first step to cultivating White Russian feminized seeds is germination. You can use many techniques, but the paper towel method offers the highest success rate. Our Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee also backs it. 


    For this germination technique, you'll need: 


    - Two dinner plates 

    - A bowl filled with water 

    - Two paper towels 

    - White Russian seeds (feminized)

    - Drying cloth 

    - Spray bottle (optional) 

    - Tweezers




    Step 1: Use the first dinner plate as the base of your makeshift germination station. 


    Step 2: Dip one of the paper towels into the water. Wring it out gently, careful not to tear it.


    Step 3: Lay the damp paper towel flat on the dinner plate, and use the cloth to wipe away any free-standing water droplets. 


    Step 4: Use tweezers to carefully place your White Russian feminized seeds on the damp paper towel. Space them appropriately an inch apart so that the roots don't tangle as they grow. 


    Step 5: Dip the second paper towel in the bowl of water. Gently squeeze out the excess fluid so that it’s not soaking wet. Take care not to rip it accidentally.


    Step 6: Cover the cannabis seeds with the second paper towel and dry any water on the plate. 


    Step 7: Close the makeshift germination station with the other dinner plate and store the whole setup in a cool, dry spot. Check on the White Russian fem seeds daily. If the paper towels feel dry, lightly spritz them with the spray bottle to moisten them. 


    The cannabis seeds should sprout tiny white taproots within 1–5 days. Once they do, gently remove them with a tweezer and transfer them to their permanent grow medium.


    Please follow our germination instructions very carefully to achieve the best results. Check out our comprehensive germination guide for more detailed instructions. On the rare occasion that any don’t pop, contact our team for a replacement. Photo or video your process to assist us.


    White Russian feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Feminized White Russian seeds thrive indoors or outdoors and are pretty straightforward to cultivate. Novices can gain experience with the hardy strain, while veteran growers can elect to implement training and other crop enhancement strategies. 


    A Sea of Green technique is the ideal low-stress training method for these plants, as it entails growing your crops close together. As they develop, the branches and other parts intertwine, and it appears like a canopy of green. This method reduces the flowering time and improves the yield. Short, robust crops work best with this training option.


    White Russian feminized seeds produce versatile plants meaning they do well in various grow mediums. Whether you select soil or hydroponics, you won't need to provide much supplementation. Offer the crops modest feeds of macronutrients and avoid the urge to overfeed.


    Indoor crops require plenty of light exposure. Powerful LED lights are great, but they get quite hot, and you'll need to use fans to regulate the temperature. Some growers opt to change the type of lights according to the growth phase. Each variety has a different shade on the spectrum and facilitates growth better at certain stages. Keep the grow space well ventilated.


    Fans serve a dual purpose by keeping the room cool and strengthening the branches of your crops. The wind acts as a resistance, forcing the crops to get strong enough to bear the weight of the buds. 


    Cultivate White Russian feminized seeds at temperatures of 68–78℉ with moderate humidity levels. When growing outdoors, these crops prefer drier climates. The number of branches increases as they grow, so be sure to prune unnecessary foliage frequently. 


    Defoliating the crops allows optimal light exposure to the lower parts of the plant and improves airflow reducing the risk of mold and mildew. One advantage of White Russian fem cannabis seeds is their natural resistance to pathogens, but you should still take precautions.


    Outdoors, White Russian fem seeds mature well in Mediterranean conditions with sunny skies. When cultivating outside, ensure that you protect your crops from severe weather. There are two main ways to do this. The first option is to use a canopy to shield them from heavy storms or wind, which could damage the plant and impact your final yield. This solution is ideal if you've planted your marijuana seeds in the ground.  


    Alternatively, plant your White Russian feminized seeds in pots so you can move the plants indoors if necessary. The plants are typically ready for harvest by the end of October as they flower for 8–10 weeks. The average indoor yield is 12–15 oz./m2 indoors and 15 oz./plant outdoors. 


    What are the White Russian feminized strain genetics? 


    White Russian feminized seeds stem from a cross between AK47 and White Widow. The former is a sativa dominant hybrid that boasts high THC levels averaging 18%. The other parent, White Widow, contains up to 23% of the compound. 


    White Russian inherits its rich terpenes and potency from both parents. Its aromas and flavors mimic those of the AK47 strain but feature unique spicy notes similar to the other parent. 


    Wellness and White Russian feminized seeds


    Fem White Russian seeds are popular among medicinal tokers. Many cultivate them for their reported benefits. The cultivar is a hybrid and offers users both indica and sativa qualities. The THC levels also play a major role in the strain's alleged therapeutic properties.


    Medical users claim that the cultivar is helpful for physical conditions like arthritis. They assert that it soothes aching muscles and reduces chronic pain. Tokers often turn to the strain for ailments like arthritis and migraines.


    Growers also cultivate feminized White Russian seeds for mental and behavioral conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression. The relaxing effects also have sedative qualities making it great for Insomnia. 


    Cannabis therapeutic benefits link to the terpenes they contain. The main ones in White Russian feminized are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Each of these contributes not only to the flavor but the effects too. 


    Myrcene is known for its relaxing and sedative impact. The terpene is present in many other natural products like lemongrass. Users also claim it helps with stress. Caryophyllene is also common. You can find it in cinnamon and cloves. It has a unique effect on the human receptors causing many to believe it assists with inflammation. 


    The terpene pinene is also helpful to medical users. Tokers claim it's a bronchodilator that also helps with anxiety and pain relief. With all these reported advantages, it's no surprise that White Russian feminized seeds are so popular.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advised and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    White Russian feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions. 


    We've covered the most important aspects of these incredible cannabis seeds, but there are a few questions that may still linger. Below we answer some of the most common ones:


    Where can I get free White Russian feminized seeds?


    It's not easy to get marijuana seeds for free, especially not premium ones. Fortunately, we offer an exception to the norm with our Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals. Popular options include:


    - Buy four get four free 

    - Buy eight get eight free 

    - Buy twelve get twelve free 


    The seeds on offer change regularly; keep watching, and fem White Russian seeds may just appear.


    Can a beginner grow White Russian feminized?


    Yes! Novice growers can easily cultivate feminized White Russian seeds. The photoperiodic crops are resilient and flourish indoors or outdoors. They don’t require much supplementation and have a natural resistance to fungus and other pathogens. The plants are easy to maintain aside from regular pruning.


    What is the White Russian feminized flowering time?


    White Russian feminized plants take 8–10 weeks to flower. If you’re counting down days after 65 days, you should be able to reap your rewards. White Russian feminized seeds develop at their own pace, and some crops may be ready for harvest sooner than others. 


    How long do White Russian feminized seeds take to germinate?


    The time it takes to get a White Russian fem cannabis seeds to sprout varies. The germination method you use plays a role, and each cannabis seed develops at its own pace. If you follow our germination advice for cannabis seeds and use the paper towel technique, it will take 1-5 days for the marijuana seeds to sprout roots.


    How long does it take White Russian feminized from seed to harvest?


    It varies from one plant to the next. All marijuana seeds go through four phases of development: 


    - Germination 

    - Seedling 

    - Vegetative 

    - Flowering  


    The germination of cannabis seeds and seedling stage progresses naturally, and intervention can't speed up or prolong the process. Germinating feminized White Russian seeds can take up to two weeks, and the seedling stage lasts up to 3 weeks. It's during the vegetative phase that things get tricky. 


    The crops are photoperiodic, so they won't transition from the third to flowering unless the light cycles change. Some growers extend the vegetative phase to optimize their yield. It can last between 3–16 weeks. The flowering stage is strain-specific, and White Russian plants spend an average of 8–10 weeks in their final phase. 


    Grow medium: White Russian feminized hydro or soil? 


    White Russian feminized seeds flourish in soil, but hydro growing is also an option. These crops are hardy and can withstand various conditions. Cultivating cannabis seeds in the soil is preferred, as the terpene profile appears richer with these buds. 


    What is the average White Russian feminized height?


    White Russian fem seeds mature into eye-catching crops that reach 1–3 ft indoors and 2–4 ft outside. These heights vary according to the growing conditions and training methods you apply to the plants. 


    Where can I find pictures of White Russian feminized marijuana? 


    Right here on our Homegrown Cannabis Co. site! The internet is flooded with images of buds and cannabis seeds, but how accurate are they? Our site provides you with valuable information and strain-specific details. We also have accurate images of marijuana. Check out our White Russian Homegrown Diaries, too, it’s a great resource for marijuana seed cultivation.


    Where is the best place to buy White Russian feminized seeds in the USA?


    You only want to get your White Russian feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. We stock a wide selection of strains in multiple variants. Our marijuana seeds are of exceptional quality, and we offer you handy cultivation tips to facilitate your growing journey. Our store is online, offering you convenience. Start cultivating with a click of a button. 


    Are there any other names for White Russian feminized? 


    Some tokers refer to White Russian fem seeds as White Widow 47. The nickname stems from the strain’s lineage and combines the names of the two-parent cultivars - White Widow and AK47. Over time, breeders developed phenotypes, and although White Widow 47 shares genetics with White Russian, it's a separate strain.

    What are the three main strain types?


    There are several variants, but the most common types of cannabis seeds are feminized, autoflower, regular, and fast versions. 


    Feminized seeds sprout an all-female crop 99% of the time, meaning you don’t need to separate males. Autoflower seeds transition from one phase of maturity to the next without needing specific light cycles.

    Regular marijuana seeds sprout both males and females and are photoperiod plants that rely on light cycles to enter the final stage of development. Fast versions are a newer creation that generate smaller yields but in less time.


    Currently, we stock these White Russian seeds:


    - White Russian feminized

    - White Russian fast version


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