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White Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Fat
  • Around 20% THC will clear the cobwebs away
  • Like walking through a pine forest and falling into a herb garden
  • Cultivate one of the most potent strains in the cannabis universe with the ultra-rare sativa-dominant White Amnesia seeds. Growing these feminized seeds rewards you with buds packed with an energizing cerebral burst that all veteran cannabis users should experience. Find everything you need to know about this award-winning strain here, including its legendary lineage and how to...Show more

    White Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    600 - 700
    Height indoor
    150 - 170
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    White Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Cultivate one of the most potent strains in the cannabis universe with the ultra-rare sativa-dominant White Amnesia seeds. Growing these feminized seeds rewards you with buds packed with an energizing cerebral burst that all veteran cannabis users should experience.


    Find everything you need to know about this award-winning strain here, including its legendary lineage and how to grow the marijuana seeds. Discover the amazing effects of consuming this weed and why it’s so popular among cannabis enthusiasts.


    The flowers are dazzling, with scents and flavors guaranteed to make your mouth water. Let’s take a hazy journey into the world of feminized White Amnesia seeds and find out why this hybrid is extraordinary.


    What are White Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds?


    White Amnesia seeds grow into stunning sativa-dominant cannabis plants and are hard to find in the marijuana community due to popular demand. Thanks to their buds’ signature psychedelic buzz, they’re a top-shelf choice for medicinal and recreational users.


    This incredible cultivar earned 2nd place in the prestigious 2010 Amsterdam Highlife Cup in the Best Bio Haze category. White Amnesia also boasts a strong heritage, with its parents being proud Cannabis Cup winners.


    Feminized White Amnesia seeds grow into female plants, so you don’t have to worry about pollination from male crops. These weed crops develop thick branches with long, bright-green leaves, supporting their herbal fragranced flowers.


    The white and emerald-colored buds produce rich, gooey resin perfect for harvesting to create cannabinoid-based products. Amber pistils emerge from the generous layer of snowy trichomes coating the flowers near the end of their life cycle.


    The weed from feminized White Amnesia cannabis seeds contains 18–22% THC, making it a good choice for veteran users. The CBD content is less than 1% but still offers an array of well-being effects because of its unique terpene profile.


    White Amnesia marijuana contains 75% sativa and 25% indica and is immensely powerful. Experiencing the hard-hitting cerebral effects is enjoyable, especially for nostalgic cannabis fans yearning for a classic Dutch hybrid.


    What are the effects of White Amnesia feminized seeds?


    The cannabis from White Amnesia seeds is highly potent, but veteran enthusiasts will be able to handle the intense psychedelic effects. Consume this marijuana during the day, when you have nothing important or formal on your schedule. 


    The first effect kicks in about five minutes after the first toke as a rush of euphoria swoops into your mind. This newfound mental clarity ushers a strong energy surge within you, eradicating daytime fatigue and pumping you up with motivation.


    Although stimulating, the weed from feminized White Amnesia marijuana seeds can make it hard to focus on tedious tasks. Take advantage of the uplifting and happy feelings by indulging in a hobby or chore that fills you with self-satisfaction and pride.


    This cannabis is great for folks needing a boost of confidence as it loosens your tongue and you become more talkative. Socializing in a group of like-minded peers is a fun way to express yourself and happily chat about all things positive in the world.


    Finally, a calm, soothing wave of relaxation washes over your body, courtesy of parent strain White Widow. Tense muscles loosen, and achy bones fade, allowing your physical being to seek and enjoy comfort, no matter where you are. 


    The hazy cannabis effects from feminized White Widow seeds last up to two hours but remember to pace your tokes. THC-sensitive users may experience temporary paranoia,  anxiety, and forgetfulness, so consume it in small doses to benefit from its energizing properties.


    Expect typical minor nuisances like irritated eyes and a parched throat when consuming White Amnesia’s delicious weed. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of juice or water, and use an optic spray to freshen your eyes.


    What does White Amnesia feminized smell like?


    The flowers from White Amnesia seeds emit intense forest pine and herbal-garden scents. Opening a bag of cured buds can fill a room with their aroma, with subtle tones of floral blossoms and haze detectable through its prominent fragrance.


    Igniting this weed and releasing a creamy cloud of smoke exposes more aromas for weed users to appreciate. Hints of exotic spice and sweet grapes emerge with the delightful familiar traces of old-school haze and skunk.


    This concoction of fragrances complements the flavor, and cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy the familiar classic Amsterdam tastes. Strong notes of fresh pine linger on the lips after exhaling and make it difficult not to reach for another smooth toke. 


    How to germinate White Amnesia feminized seeds


    The perfect time to germinate your White Amnesia seeds for outdoor cultivation is when the spring equinox passes and the threat of ground frost vanishes. During summer, the growing daylight hours are perfect for your cannabis plants’ vegetative stage.


    Germinating your cannabis seeds indoors can be done any time of the year, providing you have the necessary setup to grow them. Remember to abide by the law in your state and only germinate your cannabis seeds if it’s legal in your jurisdiction.


    Many germination techniques help your feminized White Amnesia weed seeds emerge from their shells. We recommend the damp paper towel method at Homegrown Cannabis Co. for these marijuana seeds, so ensure you have the following items:


    - A pair of tweezers

    - Purified water in a spray bottle

    - Paper towels

    - Your feminized White Amnesia seeds

    - Two dinner plates


    Document your attempts with photos or videos, as we may ask for supporting material when assessing claims for replacement cannabis seeds under our germination guarantee. Ensure you carefully follow our instructions below to achieve the best results:


    - Moisten two paper towel sheets with the spray bottle and squeeze out any excess water.


    - Flatten and place one of the paper towels on a dinner plate.


    - Transfer your White Amnesia seeds onto the towel with the tweezers, ensuring they’re an inch apart.


    - Place the other moist paper towel on top of your marijuana seeds, and get rid of any freestanding water.


    - Leave your setup in a warm, dark place like a drawer or cupboard for 24–120 hours.


    - Check on your feminized White Amnesia seeds regularly, ensuring the paper towels remain damp at all times.


    - Transplant your cannabis seeds to their new medium when healthy white taproots emerge from the shells.


    Our germination guide has everything you need for your White Amnesia seeds, including step-by-step numbered instructions and pictures to get you started. There’s even a short video with narration and visuals. 


    White Amnesia feminized seeds grow guide


    The weed plants from White Amnesia seeds are versatile and usually have no problems adapting to their surrounding environment. They are easy marijuana crops to grow, and rookie gardeners should be able to cultivate them without worrying about any major mishaps. 


    White Amnesia cannabis plants are resistant to most molds, diseases, and outdoor garden pests. These weed crops are great eaters, so be generous with nutrients as it’ll take a ridiculously large amount to overfeed them.


    Feminized White Amnesia weed seeds are best suited to arid and Mediterranean-type climates but grow well in the Northern Hemisphere with great timing. For outdoor cultivation, germinate these weed seeds at the start of April for an early October harvest. 


    The cannabis crops grow up to 6ft outside and require pruning to distribute light among the inner foliage and increase airflow. The 8–11 weeks flowering time may seem longer than other cultivars, but it’s worth waiting for those yields.


    Harvest 16–19 oz. per plant outdoors of sticky white and green buds in October before the first fall frost arrives. Dry and cure your rewards or take advantage of their high resin profile by collecting it to create hashish and cannabis-based oils or edibles.  


    White Amnesia seeds grow well indoors with a decent lighting setup and adequate temperature and humidity controls. Reduce the plants’ height using smaller soil pots and control the smell with carbon filters or odor neutralizers. 


    Use a low-stress growing technique like the Sea of Green (SOG) method to create a beautiful emerald canopy for compact indoor areas. It helps increase yields and encourages your marijuana plants to blossom early.


    Keep your lighting schedule at 18/6 during the vegetative stage and flip them to 12/12 to induce the flowering phase. In optimal conditions and with a bit of TLC, yields of 16–19 oz./m² await you at the end of a successful harvest.


    What are the White Amnesia feminized strain genetics?


    Feminized White Widow marijuana seeds are the product of a marriage between two legendary Dutch strains. Thanks to ingenious cannabis breeders, they’re a cross between the iconic White Widow variant and the distinguished Amnesia Haze cultivar.


    Amnesia Haze is an ultra-strong sativa renowned in the cannabis community because of its bursting cerebral highs. White Amnesia inherited these awesome effects but has a shorter flowering time and produces more resin-soaked buds than its hazy parent.


    White Widow is an all-time classic hybrid and a 1995 Cannabis Cup winner. This strain has passed down its heavy yields and easy-to-grow traits and contributed an impressive terpene profile to White Amnesia.  


    This rare sativa-dominant hybrid is an all-around winner, and its name is a fitting tribute to White Widow and Amnesia Haze. There’s no doubt the weed from White Amnesia seeds harnessed the best characteristics of its parent strains. 


    Wellness and White Amnesia feminized seeds


    The weed from fem White Amnesia seeds is a popular top-shelf herb in medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Some folks use the resin from the buds to create various oils and topicals to help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


    Alpha-pinene and alpha-cedrene are the dominant terpenes in White Amnesia feminized cannabis. The former contains anti-inflammatory properties, while the latter is a sesquiterpene with anti-bacterial effects.


    Alpha-terpineol is also present in White Amnesia weed, and it’s said to boost moods and reduce stress. Other strong terpenes include borneol, which may improve digestion, and camphene, which can offer pain relief and reduce inflammation.


    Many medicinal marijuana users buy White Amnesia seeds because consuming the buds can help them combat depression by boosting their happiness levels. They also purchase this cannabis if they’re struggling with fatigue, as it can help raise energy levels.


    The anti-inflammatory properties may help folks suffering from physical ailments like arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Some cannabis users report that this marijuana can help soothe achy muscles and bones, providing relief and enhancing their quality of life. 


    Medicinal cardholders suffering from fibromyalgia say the weed from White Amnesia seeds can provide relief from symptoms associated with this disease. It may also help promote a healthy appetite if you feel nauseous and have difficulty eating.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    White Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Cultivating this hybrid is a rare experience as they’re hard to source, so it’s obvious cannabis growers want to know more about them. Here are the answers to some common questions about White Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds. 


    Where can I get free cannabis White Amnesia feminized seeds?


    White Amnesia seeds are rare to find, and sourcing them for free is almost impossible as they’re highly sought after in the cannabis community. Stick to reputable weed brands, like Homegrown Cannabis Co., for the best value on high-quality weed seeds.


    Check our cheap seeds page for excellent deals on your favorite cannabis strains. You could even see offers on fem White Amnesia seeds for sale sometime soon.


    Can a beginner grow White Amnesia feminized cannabis?


    Rookie gardeners will be delighted to know that feminized White Amnesia marijuana seeds are easy to cultivate, thanks to the cannabis plant’s resilient nature. They’re resistant to most molds, diseases, and pests. Feminized White Amnesia plants adapt to their surrounding environment and grow well indoors and out.


    What is the White Amnesia feminized flower time?


    The marijuana plants from feminized White Amnesia seeds have an average flowering time of 8–11 weeks. Harvesting your sticky buds at 11 weeks produces better yields and a higher THC content. Try to avoid fall frost by ensuring you harvest your outdoor White Amnesia flowers before the end of October. 


    How long do White Amnesia feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It takes 1–5 days for White Amnesia seeds to pop their shells, depending on the method you choose. Give them a helping hand and start your growing journey by following our germination guide. Remember, your weed seeds need to remain moist, so check on them regularly until taproots emerge. 


    Keep in mind our germination guarantee in the unlikely event that any seeds don’t pop.


    How long does it take White Amnesia feminized to grow from seeds to harvest?


    Feminized White Amnesia cannabis seeds take a few weeks longer to cultivate than most other variants. The 8–11 weeks flowering time stretches the overall seed to harvest period to 27–30 weeks. Gathering generous yields of 16–19oz. of resin-soaked buds at 30 weeks is well worth the longer than usual wait.


    Grow medium for White Amnesia feminized: hydro or soil?


    The cannabis plants from White Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds have healthy appetites and absorb plenty of nutes. A hydro system is the best medium for these weed crops as it ensures a well-balanced distribution of essential nutrients. White Amnesia plants also grow well in soil pots filled with high-quality fertilizer. 


    What is the average White Amnesia feminized height?


    White Amnesia seeds produce medium-sized cannabis plants. These marijuana crops can grow up to 6ft tall outdoors in a natural, sunny environment without topping. White Amnesia feminized plants usually reach 4ft indoors; shorten their height further by using smaller soil pots.


    How do White Amnesia feminized seeds differ from other variants?


    Feminized White Amnesia seeds have a 99% chance of producing female plants, showcasing THC-rich buds during flowering. The other cannabis seeds available to buy are regular and autoflower seeds.


    Regular seeds are cheaper to buy because they have a 50/50 chance of growing into male and female plants. Male crops can impregnate the ladies, so quarantine those guys if you don’t want flowers swollen with seeds at harvest. Weed breeders love these cannabis seeds as they can experiment and crossbreed the plants to create new and exciting variants.


    Autoflower seeds are fast-growing and are more suitable for experienced cultivators. Their short life cycle can be unforgiving of rookie mistakes, and they’re ideal for indoor growth spaces. Unlike their photoperiod counterparts, these plants produce multiple but smaller yields per year.


    Where can I find pictures of White Amnesia feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find images of this rare hybrid on our White Amnesia Feminized Homegrown Diary page. If you’re lucky enough to have White Amnesia seeds, why not create your diary and share your growing experiences with other enthusiasts? Upload your pictures as they grow and show their beauty to the world.  


    Where is the best place to buy White Amnesia feminized seeds in the USA?


    Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. for the best place to buy White Amnesia fem seeds. We offer bulk buy discounts, BOGO offers, and fast shipping on our weed seeds. Our germination guide, forum, and Homegrown Diaries have everything you need to help you on your cannabis voyage.


    Are there any other names for White Amnesia feminized?


    Various marijuana websites and enthusiasts have different names for White Amnesia seeds. Some companies call this strain Ultra White Amnesia as a hat tip to the plants’ intense and hard-hitting psychedelic effects. A few sites refer to them as White Widow x Amnesia Haze to highlight their incredible lineage.


    Spelling errors

    Make sure you get the spelling correct when searching for this strain; here are some we’ve spotted:


    - White Amnezia

    - Whyte Amnesia

    - White Amnesia Hase


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