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True OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

True OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Slow down time
  • Around 22% THC - feel every muscle relax
  • Myrcene delivers old school skunk
  • If you’re a beginner looking for cannabis seeds that are easy to cultivate, give True OG seeds a shot. These feminized seeds have genetics from the popular OG Kush, giving it potent effects and medical benefits that users seek. It’s a prize-winning cultivar, coming in second in several cannabis competitions. Fem True OG seeds are beginner-friendly. They’re robust and resilient ...Show more

    True OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    True OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    If you’re a beginner looking for cannabis seeds that are easy to cultivate, give True OG seeds a shot. These feminized seeds have genetics from the popular OG Kush, giving it potent effects and medical benefits that users seek. It’s a prize-winning cultivar, coming in second in several cannabis competitions.


    Fem True OG seeds are beginner-friendly. They’re robust and resilient and only require minimal care. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, these seeds produce huge yields of tasty, high-THC buds. Below, we learn more about the cultivar and how to grow it, so you never have to rely on dispensaries for your stash again.


    What are True OG feminized cannabis seeds?


    True OG seeds come from the genetics of OG Kush, a cultivar known in the 420 community for medical reasons. The mostly indica herb originates in Topanga Canyon, Southern California. Breeders spent six years stabilizing its growth and boosting its terpenes to get this amazing strain.


    Its therapeutic properties from OG Kush turned it into an award-winning weed. In 2010 and 2011, the herb from True OG fem seeds came in second in the indica classification of the High Times Cannabis Medical Cup.


    Feminized True OG seeds are different from regular marijuana seeds because breeders modified them genetically to produce only female plants. Regular seeds give you crops of both genders, meaning you need to separate the male pollinators from the bud producers.


    According to cultivators, True OG feminized seeds are beginner-friendly. The plants are hardy and thrive in outdoor settings, although you can also grow them indoors in a controlled environment. Expect short and sturdy crops with beautiful colored nugs come harvest time. 


    Recreational and medical marijuana users seek the flowers from fem True OG seeds for their potent, long-lasting mind-body effects. They’re perfect for an unwinding session after a tiring and stressful day. Patients enjoy the strain as they find relief from several medical conditions. Clinical research findings are lacking, but many people report positive results from consuming the herb.


    Take a closer look at the True OG feminized cannabis seeds’ profile:


    - Type: Indica dominant

    - THC: 23–27%

    - CBD: 1%

    - Top reported effects: Mood boost, relaxing, euphoric 

    - Top reported flavors: Pine, lemon, citrus

    - Dominant terpene: Myrcene

    - Flowering time: 9–10 weeks

    - Difficulty: Beginner

    - Yield: Indoors 14–18 oz./m2, outdoors 21 oz. per plant


    What are the True OG feminized seeds effects?


    Plants from True OG seeds contain strong terpenes and cannabinoids that make their buds very potent. The herb’s THC level averages 23% but can hit as high as 27%, offering you a long-lasting euphoric buzz. Expect to be stuck to the couch once the relaxing body effects set in.  


    When the first buzz hits after toking buds from True OG feminized cannabis seeds, a blissful sensation fills your mind, and troubled thoughts melt away. You feel uplifted and become highly sensitive to sounds and colors. Time seems to slow down as creative ideas flow, making it the perfect moment to engage in brainstorming and artistic tasks.


    As you remain in a euphoric state, the physical buzz of True OG feminized seeds creeps in. Within 10 minutes or so, your body numbs from the forehead, relaxing every muscle as it spreads throughout your body. Before long, your eyelids feel heavy, your senses switch off, and you’re on your way to a long and deep slumber. 


    With the potential of such a pleasant experience, you may get carried away by the delicious buds, but we suggest exercising restraint and not over-indulging. The nugs from True OG feminized cannabis seeds are potent, so newbies and those sensitive to THC should use low doses when starting. Only increase your intake when accustomed to the effects. Consider switching to a milder strain if the sensations are overwhelming.


    According to many users, you might experience headaches, dizziness, heightened anxiety, and paranoia when you consume too much. Reduce or eliminate these unpleasant side effects by toking buds from fem True OG seeds moderately.


    At low doses, some symptoms you may experience are cottonmouth and red or dry eyes. There’s no reason to worry. Drinking lots of water and applying OTC eye drops will give you fast relief.


    Have a bowl of snacks ready when preparing for a toking session of nugs from True OG feminized seeds. You’ll be couch-locked when the munchies effect kicks in and won’t be able to get up to get something to eat. 


    What does the True OG feminized smell like?


    When properly cured, buds from True OG feminized cannabis seeds emit a musky, skunk-like aroma with fresh pine and citrus scents. You’ll find it hard to resist the enticing bouquet. Lighting up the nugs enhances the fragrance, giving it a more spicy smell. 


    Seasoned tokers identify the familiar Kush flavor, accompanied by a strong lemony and piney taste on their taste buds during a session. The delectable smoke leaves traces behind on your tongue as you exhale, making you want another puff.


    How to germinate True OG feminized seeds


    An abundant harvest of delicious smokable buds starts with high-quality feminized True OG seeds. We suggest buying marijuana seeds from established companies like us to ensure you get seeds that’ll pop. We offer a free replacement guarantee for any cannabis seed that doesn’t sprout when you use those from our seed bank. Ensure you document the process with photos and videos.


    Our only condition is that you use the tried and tested method in our germination guide when sprouting your fem True OG seeds. It’s straightforward, and there’s even an instructional video to help you.


    Here’s a quick run-through of the process:


    All you need, aside from quality True OG seeds, are these common household items:


    - Two plates

    - Two paper towels

    - Purified water

    - A spray bottle

    - A pair of tweezers


    To avoid contaminating your cannabis seeds, make sure you sterilize your workspace. Then, do the following:


    - Spray the towels to moisten them. Make sure not to soak them.

    - Place one of them on a plate. Use the tweezers to arrange your True OG fem seeds on the towel. Keep them about an inch apart. 

    - Cover the marijuana seeds with the other moist towel and plate. Set them aside and wait.


    It won’t take long before you see taproots. They usually sprout within 24–120 hours. It’s normal if it takes a little longer. While waiting, inspect your True OG feminized cannabis seeds daily to ensure they’re still moist. Spray some water on them if they’re dry.


    When your cannabis seeds pop taproots, transfer the seedlings into the medium you’re using. Handle them delicately as you don’t want to damage the fragile taproots. 


    True OG feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    If you’re a first-time marijuana grower, Feminized True OG seeds are ideal for kick-starting your cultivation adventure. The sturdy plants flourish in warm and sunny climates, similar to the Mediterranean. They’re also suitable for indoor cultivation under the right conditions.


    Growing feminized cannabis seeds is a breeze as you don’t need to identify the genders and separate them. There aren’t any males, so you get crops that produce the maximum yield from your garden.


    Crops from True OG feminized cannabis seeds are low maintenance and resilient. They’re resistant to molds and disease. Typical of indica strains, the crops don’t grow very tall. Although they’re easy to trim, it’s not a must as their average height is about 4 feet. 


    True OG seeds give you short and robust plants with many branches and broad fan leaves. The pine-cone-shaped buds are small and compact, covered with amber pistils and a thick layer of glistening trichomes. From a distance, they look like snow-covered nugs.


    Plants from True OG seeds that are feminized may be resistant to mold, but we advise adopting measures to keep pathogens out of your garden. The microorganisms could pose a threat to future crops. Prune the leaves to improve ventilation and minimize moisture buildup in the foliage.


    Although your climate might be ideal for growing crops from feminized True OG seeds outdoors, ensure your soil pH is within 6.0–7.0. Using an organic medium helps boost the herb’s terpenes, giving you aromatic and tasty buds. Harvest time is usually in mid-October, when you can expect to gather 21 oz. of smokable nugs per plant.


    Cultivating True OG marijuana seeds indoors is an excellent option as you can control the growing environment. The ideal temperature is 70°F–80°F. Keep the humidity level within 40%–50% in the vegetative phase, and when the plants begin to flower, reduce it by 10%. Be sure to maintain adequate airflow.


    If you have a limited indoor space, consider using a hydroponic setup. Many growers have switched to the modern medium because it allows them to produce a higher yield from small areas. Another advantage is controlling how much nutrients you feed your plants from True OG seeds. As with soil, it’s essential to maintain the right pH level, which is 5.5–6.5 for hydro. 


    Use the tried-and-tested tips, and your cannabis seeds will reward you with about 14–18 oz./m2 of potent and yummy buds from your indoor garden. We recommend you improve your knowledge of growing techniques to become a better gardener. Our website has lots of information to help beginners get the biggest yields possible.


    What are the True OG feminized strain genetics?


    True OG feminized cannabis seeds have fantastic genetics considering its parent cultivar is the ever-popular OG Kush, known among marijuana users for its medicinal benefits. Although unverified by the medical profession, claims abound about the Kush’s ability to treat various pains. 


    The herb from feminized True OG seeds inherited its parent’s therapeutic properties, earning several prizes at the High Times Cannabis Medical Cup. The terpenes also contribute to its spicy, earthy flavor, making it a toker’s delight. 


    Here’s the strain’s lineage at a glance:


    - True OG = OG Kush 

    - OG Kush = Hindu Kush x Lemon Thai x Chemdawg


    Wellness and True OG feminized seeds


    Due to its OG Kush genetics, nugs from True OG feminized seeds have a reputation for offering benefits for those with physical ailments. Although specific research on the strain’s impact on relieving medical conditions is inadequate, general studies suggest cannabis has anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.


    The effects when you smoke buds from True OG seeds that are feminized explain some benefits for patients. The euphoric buzz you get when toking can help drive away anxious thoughts, leaving you uplifted and creating a positive attitude about your day. There’s potential for people with chronic stress and depression to find relief from their ailment because of the mental boost and inspiration.


    Medical marijuana patients with pain issues favor the herb from True OG seeds because of its physical buzz. When the indica effect hits the body and moves from head to toe, your muscles relax, and you find relief. The weed’s anti-inflammatory properties minimize joint pains and other aches, giving it the reputation of treating the conditions.


    For those suffering from chronic fatigue or who have problems sleeping, using nugs from True OG feminized cannabis seeds may help. The strain is popular because it fully relaxes and knocks users out. Deep sleep comes easy during a session. 


    People with eating disorders benefit from the munchies effect. This factor could offer relief to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment as nausea and appetite loss are common side effects.


    If you’re thinking of substituting your prescription meds with the herb from feminized True OG seeds, please consult your physician. Although patients seek cannabis as a natural alternative to drugs because it has no known side effects, the medical profession doesn’t officially support it. More clinical evidence is necessary before weed is considered medicine.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    True OG feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Check out these answers to queries we often get regarding True OG seeds to learn more:  


    What are regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?


    When you browse for True OG feminized seeds, you’ll come across “regular” and “autoflower” seeds. Plants from feminized and regular marijuana seeds are photoperiods. They begin flowering when their light cycle changes. Autoflowers, on the other hand, produce buds when they reach maturity. 


    Regular cannabis seeds produce plants of both genders, which breeders want. True OG seeds that are feminized are for cultivators who want smokable nugs because they grow all-female crops. You can breed regular and feminized seeds to be autos.


    Where can I get free cannabis True OG feminized seeds?


    When you buy True OG feminized seeds from us, you can get free seeds during our “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) promo. This popular deal gives customers the chance to get two packs of the same marijuana seeds for one. Visit our Homegrown Cannabis Co. website to check for the offer on fem True OG seeds to get yours. 


    Can a beginner grow True OG feminized?


    Yes, beginners can grow feminized True OG seeds because the plants are hardy and resistant to mold and diseases. They flourish in areas with Mediterranean-type climates and thrive in indoor gardens. As the crops don’t grow very tall, there’s no need for trimming and pruning, although it helps with ventilation and reducing humidity. 


    What is the True OG feminized flower time?


    The flowering period of crops from True OG feminized cannabis seeds lasts about 9–10 weeks. The photoperiod plants naturally start blooming when summer moves into fall, and there are fewer daylight hours. 


    When growing indoors, you can mimic this phenomenon by adjusting your lighting schedule to trigger the budding process. Most gardeners use a 12/12 cycle as twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness will do the trick.


    How long do True OG feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Using our paper towel method and following our germination guide, you can expect to see your True OG seeds sprout taproots within 1–5 days. When you buy marijuana seeds from us, we guarantee a free replacement for any that don’t pop.


    How long does it take True OG feminized from seeds to harvest?


    True OG feminized seeds usually go from seeds to harvest in about 20–23 weeks. The germination process takes less than a week, leading to a seedling phase that lasts about 3–4 weeks. The plants then grow and develop in about 8–9 weeks before flowering for around 9–10 weeks and delivering an abundant yield of potent buds.


    Grow medium: True OG feminized hydro or soil?


    You can use soil and hydroponic systems to cultivate True OG feminized cannabis seeds. As both have unique benefits, it’s a matter of preference. Traditional gardeners use organic soil to enhance the terpenes that contribute to the herb’s flavor, and it’s inexpensive to set up.


    Hydroponic setups are more costly, but they allow you to control how much nutrients your crops get. They’re ideal for smaller spaces and offer maximum returns as your plants develop faster and give you bountiful yields.


    What is the average True OG feminized height?


    Plants from True OG fem seeds grow to an average of four feet tall. It’s not necessary to manage their height, but pruning can help improve airflow. Some training also helps encourage lateral growth and boost yields.


    Where can I find pictures of True OG feminized marijuana?


    If you’re looking for more herb images than those on this page, visit our True OG Feminized Homegrown Diaries site. Gardeners using True OG feminized seeds post their photos as they record the growth process from seed to harvest. You can do the same by starting your diary and sharing your adventure with everyone in the community. 


    Where is the best place to buy True OG feminized seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy True OG feminized seeds is right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We have a reputation spanning over 20 years, providing customers with high-quality cannabis seeds. Your orders from the wide range of marijuana seeds come with discreet delivery, and we guarantee the security of your personal and financial info.


    Are there any other names for True OG feminized?


    Some websites claim that True OG is also known as “Kobe OG,” while others mention its nickname “The True."


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