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Sweet Island Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sweet Island Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 4
  • Aromatic buds that lure you in
  • Blissful feelings of elation from around 19% THC
  • Sweet and spicy aromas with the flavor of tropical fruit
  • Try Sweet Island seeds for a sugary hybrid with sativa dominant traits. The feminized seeds produce attractive, aromatic buds that lure you in and entice you to take a puff. The scents translate well into the flavors giving your senses an unforgettable experience. They contain high levels of THC and minimal CBD, inducing powerful effects that start with a cerebral buzz. This cu...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
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    Sweet Island Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Try Sweet Island seeds for a sugary hybrid with sativa dominant traits. The feminized seeds produce attractive, aromatic buds that lure you in and entice you to take a puff. The scents translate well into the flavors giving your senses an unforgettable experience.


    They contain high levels of THC and minimal CBD, inducing powerful effects that start with a cerebral buzz. This cultivar's energizing and uplifting properties make it ideal for daytime use. Some tokers claim it's one of the best wake-and-bake options available. It's also great for a pick-me-up after the midday slump. These feminized seeds are popular among both medicinal and recreational users. 


    The blissful sensations the cultivar induces make you forget all your troubles, and your mood improves. With only a few tokes, you feel relaxed, like you've landed on a tropical island of euphoria. Below we discover more about Sweet Island marijuana seeds. 


    What are Sweet Island feminized cannabis seeds? 


    These marijuana seeds mature into all-female crops with slim-fingered leaves, facilitating airflow and reducing the risk of mold. For a sativa-dominant hybrid, the plants are compact, making it convenient to cultivate in small spaces. Grow Sweet Island cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors, and reap generous harvests. 


    Buds are dense, eye-catching, and have vibrant deep green hues. They contain 18–23% THC and negligible traces of CBD that average 0.4%. The cultivar is native to Vancouver Island and gained popularity during the early '90s. 


    Sweet Island feminized seeds suit growers of all experience levels. They’re straightforward to cultivate, needing minimal maintenance and supplementation. The strain contains some indica traits responsible for its shorter structure and hardy properties. The crops can withstand training, so you can implement various techniques to enhance your yield.


    The cultivar boasts an interesting terpene fusion, contributing to its scrumptious flavor profile. The buds exude scents of sweet fruit with a subtle skunkiness. The effects are energizing, suitable for daytime use or early evening unwinding. 


    What are Sweet Island feminized seeds' effects? 


    Buds from fem Sweet Island seeds are THC-rich and offer tokers an uplifting experience. The buzz hits quickly after only two tokes, and a warm sensation makes its way to your brain. Negativity melts away, and blissful feelings of elation come to the fore. Your mood improves, and bubbly energy engulfs you, making you more sociable.


    These upbeat feelings pair well with various activities like art, music, or hanging out with friends. Due to the high THC content, your experience might be psychedelic, and images may appear distorted and more entertaining than usual. As your euphoric feelings settle, a warm sensation makes its way down your body, relaxing tense muscles while you remain mobile.


    You feel tranquil, but bouts of giggle fits may occur. Novice tokers should take it easy as overindulgence may lead to some mild discomforts. Common side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth. On rare occasions, users with low tolerance levels may experience headaches and paranoia. Overcome these by staying hydrated and keeping a bottle of water close at hand. You can also use eye drops to alleviate the discomfort. 


    What does the Sweet Island feminized smell like? 


    When your Sweet Island cannabis seeds mature, look forward to fragrant plants. When they enter the flowering phase, sweet and spicy scents fill your grow room. Once harvested, you’ll detect the fruity fragrances of grape, grapefruit, and wood. 


    Crush them to release an intense blend of aromas that translate well into the flavor. When you take a toke, you instantly taste the sweet grape, grapefruit, and hints of skunk. When the smoke hits the back of your throat, the cultivar reveals spicy notes that may induce a cough or two. On the exhale, fruity flavors dominate with undertones of wood. 


    How to germinate Sweet Island feminized seeds


    To cultivate fem Sweet Island seeds, you first need to germinate them. Ideally, they need high humidity levels, warmth, and darkness. There are several techniques to choose from, but the paper towel method has the highest success rate. It only requires a few household items, and our Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee backs it. 


    You'll need:


    - Two dinner plates

    - Two paper towels

    - Marijuana seeds

    - A bowl of water

    - A drying cloth

    - A spray bottle (optional)

    - Tweezers 




    Step 1: Place a dinner plate on a stable surface, and ensure that it’s clean.


    Step 2: Dip a paper towel into the bowl of water, and squeeze it out to get rid of any excess fluid.


    Step 3: Lay the damp towel flat on the dinner plate and dry any water droplets using the cloth.


    Step 4: Using tweezers, gently place your Sweet Island feminized seeds on the moist towel. Spread them roughly an inch apart so that the roots don’t get damaged when they sprout.


    Step 5: Dunk the second paper towel into the bowl of water and wring out the excess liquid. 


    Step 6: Cover the seeds with the second paper towel.


    Step 7: Close the setup with the second dinner plate and place it in a dry, dark spot where it won’t be disturbed. Check on them every 24 hours and add moisture with the spray bottle if needed. The fem Sweet Island seeds should pop within 1–5 days. If there are no signs of germination after the allotted time, discard the cannabis seeds.


    For detailed instructions, check out our germination guide. Document your germination process using photographs or videos. If any cannabis seeds don’t sprout, contact our helpful support team for replacement.


    Sweet Island feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Once you've germinated your marijuana seeds, decide on a grow medium and whether you want to cultivate them indoors or outdoors. These plants develop sturdy branches and stems with a compact structure. These cannabis seeds are beginner-friendly and have a natural resistance to pathogens like mold.


    Sweet Island feminized seeds flourish in warm environments with moderate humidity levels of 40–50%. If growing in soil, select a loamy option. The ideal pH level range is between 6.0–7.0. For hydroponic systems, aim for a range of 5.5–6.5.


    Indoor growers need to keep the temperature range is 68–78℉ and ensure adequate airflow and ventilation. Using fans is beneficial as it offers a dual benefit—reducing the risk of mold and strengthening the branches.


    Fem Sweet Island seeds mature into plants that are strong enough to withstand various training techniques, and using a Screen of Green (ScrOG) optimizes the yield. It entails placing netting or wire above the crops and tying them to the screen as they grow. The branches then develop horizontally rather than vertically. 


    When cultivating these marijuana seeds outside, expose them to plenty of sunshine and take preventative measures against garden pests. Ensure that you protect the crops from storms with a shelter and offer them some supplementation during the vegetative stage. 


    Cultivating Sweet Island feminized seeds doesn't produce colossal yields, but each bud is fragrant, with a delicious fusion of flavors. Indoor harvests offer 14–19 oz/m2, while outdoor varieties give roughly 14–21 oz./ plant.


    What is the Sweet Island feminized strain genetics?


    Sweet Island seeds stem from a blend of Skunk #1 and a secret hybrid that many believe is Sweet Pink Grapefruit. The cultivar’s flavor profile and sugary scents hint at its mystery lineage, while its potency and structure mimic Skunk's. 


    Skunk #1 is an indica-dominant hybrid, rich in THC and terpenes. It passes some of these properties on to Sweet Island feminized seeds, and when you take a toke, you can taste hints of skunk on the exhale.


    Wellness and Sweet Island feminized seeds


    Aside from its recreational use, many health tokers cultivate Sweet Island feminized cannabis seeds for medicinal purposes. Users report that its energizing qualities help fight off fatigue, and its uplifting properties assist with depression and anxiety. They also claim that it has pain-relieving qualities for migraines and arthritis.


    Each terpene contributes to the effects. The dominant ones in buds from Sweet island fem seeds are ocimene, caryophyllene, and nerol. Users claim that ocimene assists with inflammation, while caryophyllene has antioxidant properties. They also assert that nerol has antibacterial qualities. These combined effects make Sweet Island seeds a popular choice for medicinal users. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Sweet Island feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Below we answer some of the most common questions regarding these cannabis seeds. 


    Where can I get free Sweet Island feminized seeds?


    You might see Sweet Island seeds for sale at various vendors, but did you know you can get free ones? Thanks to our buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers, Homegrown Cannabis Co. gives you free marijuana seeds with selected purchases. Our promotions include:


    - Buy 4 get 4 free

    - Buy 8 get 8 free

    - Buy 12 get 12 free


    The deals change from time to time, so be sure to check in regularly and keep an eye out for that BOGO badge. If you see it on the Sweet Island seeds page, grab the opportunity to get free premium quality seeds. 


    Can a beginner grow Sweet Island feminized?


    Yes, feminized Sweet Island seeds are suited to growers of all experience levels. The strain is hardy, and you can decide between indoor or outdoor cultivation. The small structure makes them ideal for limited grow spaces, and they don’t need much supplementation. 


    What is the Sweet Island feminized flower time?


    When you grow Sweet Island seeds (feminized), expect a flowering time of 10 weeks. If you’re cultivating outdoors, you’ll be able to harvest by mid-October.  


    How long do Sweet Island feminized seeds take to germinate?


    There are multiple methods for germinating marijuana seeds. Each has a different timeline, and some work within 24 hours, while others can take up to two weeks. Factors like humidity, light, and temperature also play a role. 


    Your Sweet Island marijuana seeds sprout within 1-5 days if you use our recommended paper towel technique. Don’t forget about our Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee. Document your process, and if any cannabis seeds don’t sprout, contact our friendly support team for assistance. 


    How long does it take Sweet Island feminized from seed to harvest?


    The first step is germinating your Sweet Island cannabis seeds. This process takes one to two weeks, depending on environmental factors and your selected technique. In total, cannabis plants go through four stages of maturity. Once germinated, the next three are the seedling stage, vegetative, and flowering phase.


    When your cannabis seeds enter the seedling stage, they start developing leaves. Plants remain in this phase for 2–3 weeks until they produce leaves with the right amount of blades. At this point, they transition to the vegetative stage. When plants are in veg, growers can decide how long they’ll take until transitioning the crops to the flowering phase. 


    They can manipulate the light cycles to enhance further development or help the plants recover from stress and cultivation errors. The duration of vegetation lasts 3-16 weeks. The final phase is flowering. Its length depends on the strain. When you grow Sweet Island seeds, expect them to bloom for around 10 weeks.


    Grow medium: Sweet Island feminized hydro or soil? 


    Both! Grow your Sweet Island feminized seeds in hydroponics if it’s swift, healthy growth you're after. But, if you want a powerful terpene profile, stick with soil. Expect high yields with either option. The latter is simpler for beginners to implement, whereas more experienced growers may enjoy cultivating with hydro. 


    What is the average Sweet Island feminized height?


    Even though Sweet Island feminized seeds mature into sativa-dominant crops, their structure is similar to most indicas. They're compact and sturdy, but their leaves are narrower as expected. Their height is around 3 ft. Implementing training techniques also affects this average.


    Where can I find pictures of Sweet Island feminized marijuana?


    If you do a quick internet search, a flood of images shows up on your screen. But, if you want accurate pictures of Sweet Island fem seeds or buds, stick with us. The resources here in our seed store are authentic. Check out our Sweet Island feminized Homegrown Diaries for more detailed photographs and information. 


    Where is the best place to buy Sweet Island feminized seeds in the USA? 


    Right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co! Our marijuana seeds are of superior quality and even backed by a guarantee. When you buy Sweet Island feminized seeds from us, you get premium products at an affordable rate. You also gain access to a plethora of cultivation information, strain-specific growing tips, and other cannabis-related resources.


    You can join our community forum to link up with like-minded individuals and share tips and trends about this amazing herb. We also invite you to subscribe to our Homegrown Diaries, which allows you to track your growing progress. The tool is also useful for comparing strains and viewing images. Our seed store is the best place to buy Sweet island seeds.


    What's the difference between feminized autoflower and regular seeds?


    There are three main types of marijuana seeds. Regular, feminized, and autoflower. There are no visible differences with the seeds, but the latter two have genetic modifications for grower convenience. 


    Regular cannabis seeds are typically natural with no modifications. They mature into both male and female plants, and you won’t be able to tell the difference until the vegetative stage. Once you can identify the gender of each plant, you need to separate them to avoid pollination. Only female crops produce buds. These crops rely on the sun or light cycles to transition to the final stage of maturity. 


    Like Sweet Island seeds, feminized ones produce an all-female crop 99% of the time. They’re the most popular and offer multiple conveniences. You don’t have to separate males or waste resources on non-budding plants. These cannabis seeds are light-dependent (photoperiod), allowing you to extend the vegetative stage if you need to. 


    Autoflower cannabis seeds mature independent of light cycles, with a predictable lifespan. These crops have ruderalis genetics, so they’re typically compact and hardy. You can’t extend the vegetative phase, so these plants are best suited to experienced cultivators. Autos can also be feminized, offering growers a dual convenience. 


    Are there any other names for Sweet Island feminized? 


    Some tokers refer to fem Sweet Island seeds as Island Sweet Skunk, but that’s an error because it’s a different strain. The confusion comes in with Sweet Island feminized seeds’ genetics. Skunk is a parent to it, and many think they’re the same cultivar.


    Spelling errors 


    Some common ways tokers misspell it include:


    - Sweet Islan 

    - Sweet Iland 

    - Sweat Island


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