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Steve's Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Steve's Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 2
  • The OG of OG hybrids
  • Energizing and potent with a 20% THC zing
  • Pungent pine and pepper
  • Endorsed by none other than Steve DeAngelo himself, Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds are a superior strain, widely known for its reliable, quick-acting effects. By crossing OG Kush and SFV Kush, the breeder created a potent, high-yielding, beginner-friendly strain.  In contrast to its name, Hellfire OG is pure heaven for both the body and mind, an attribute relished by recre...Show more

    Steve's Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 400
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Steve's Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Endorsed by none other than Steve DeAngelo himself, Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds are a superior strain, widely known for its reliable, quick-acting effects.


    By crossing OG Kush and SFV Kush, the breeder created a potent, high-yielding, beginner-friendly strain. 


    In contrast to its name, Hellfire OG is pure heaven for both the body and mind, an attribute relished by recreational and medicinal users alike. 


    THC levels around 20% provide the user with unmatched relaxation and happiness, delivering them onto a dream break, safely tucked away from the day's stress.


    What are Steve's Hellfire OG feminized cannabis seeds?


    Tired of cherry-picking your weed seeds. Why not settle for some professional advice when buying cannabis seeds for your next marijuana crop?


    Endorsed by the father of the legal cannabis industry himself, Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds, aka Hell's Fire, is a remarkable combination of undeniably rich flavors and potent genetics. 


    It's a hard-hitting cultivar, capable of smashing through the body and mental stresses of even the most hardened veteran tokers.


    When consumed, these highly resinous, minty green buds, with an average THC content of 20%, deliver an unparalleled sedating body-stone and euphoric bliss. 


    Weed from Hellfire OG feminized seeds produce an aromatic, sophisticated blend of spicy herbal, pine, and lemon scents.


    When smoked, it satisfies the user's cravings with a smooth smoke, leaving a lingering diesel-like aftertaste on the palate.


    Feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds' cannabis has a relaxing, mind-clearing impact, inducing creativity, focus, and motivation, allowing you to lay back and chill blissfully.


    The medicinal marijuana community holds this strain in high regard, claiming it holds an array of exceptional therapeutic benefits which help you wind down after a stressful day at work.


    Considering its OG Kush lineage, it's easy to assume that Hellfire is a challenging cultivar to grow, yet, in reality, it's considerably easy to cultivate this specimen. 


    While Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds prefer a warm, sunny climate, it's also known to thrive in controlled environments.


    Be warned, though, growing this weed may be slightly too overwhelming for newer members of the cannabis community.


    What are the effects of feminized Steve's Hellfire OG Fem weed?


    Although it's a well-balanced hybrid, newbies to high-THC cannabis should take caution when trying out weed from Steve's Hellfire feminized seeds, as it's known to be a hard-hitter. This cultivar is well-known for delivering a swift, long-lasting psychoactive impact.


    Mood upliftment kicks in almost immediately after the first toke, elevating your mind to a state of incredible euphoria.


    If you're a bit shy, it'll transform you into the social kingpin at every event and gathering.


    Marijuana-derived from Hellfire OG feminized seeds induces creativity and focus, leaving you motivated and inspired to accomplish all your tasks at hand.


    Although it's the ideal weed for tapping into your artistic side, it's not recommended for use while working, as deep relaxation is inevitable, potentially hindering your efficiency and mobility.


    As time progresses, the tranquilizing effects of cannabis produced from feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds kick in, bringing you plummeting down to earth.


    The indica spirit quickly disperses a calming sensation throughout your entire body.


    Ultimately, you have no choice but to surrender to the sandman and deep, restful sleep, revitalizing you for the following day's challenges.


    Weed from Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds is ideal for chilling with your friends or for use as a nighttime strain.


    Be warned; don't overindulge in this cannabis. Over-indulging may trigger a heightened sense of anxiety and paranoia.


    What does Steve's Hellfire feminized smell like?


    Weed from Hell's Fire OG feminized seeds boasts an exceptionally long list of terpenes, responsible for this cultivar's alluring, sensual flavor, and fragrance, including:

    - Eugenol

    - Citra

    - Alpha Terpineol 

    - Linalool 

    - D-Limonene

    - Alpha Cedrene

    - Beta-Caryophyllene

    - Farnesene 

    - Myrcene

    - Borneol

    - Camphene

    - Terpinolene

    - Phytol

    - Cadinene

    - Ocimene

    - Fenchol 

    - Orange Terpenes

    - Eugenol

    - Humulene

    - Nerolidol

    - Alpha Pinene


    As a member of the Kush family, feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds' cannabis exudes a Kush-like aroma – a sophisticated blend of herbs, pine, and citrus.


    The buds' fragrance becomes more intense when combusted, usually surprising the user with spicy, fuel-like nuances.


    The taste profile associated with weed derived from Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds is exceptionally consistent with its aroma. 


    At first, it lets you savor its pine and smooth lemon aroma. Subsequent puffs introduce spicy, earthy flavors to your palate, only to leave you with an acrid, lingering diesel aftertaste.


    How to germinate Steve's Hellfire feminized OG seeds


    Properly germinating your cannabis seeds is the first step toward growing marijuana crops successfully. 


    The optimal technique for sprouting your Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds is the paper towel method.


    This procedure is outlined below and in our germination guide.


    Step 1: Get everything you need together and keep it nearby – Paper towels, sterilized or bottled water, a dinner plate, your Hellfire OG feminized seeds, and tweezers.


    Step 2: Wet two paper towels (remember to wring out excess water.)


    Step 3: Put one wet paper towel on top of the dinner plate.


    Step 4: Carefully place your feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds roughly an inch apart on top using a tweezer.


    Step 5: Put the second wet paper towel on top of the seeds, taking care to cover them all.


    Step 6: Add additional water if necessary. Be sure to gently lift both paper towels and remove any H2O that may be pooling.


    Step 7: Place the plate in an out-of-sight warm, dark space like a cupboard or wardrobe.


    Step 8: Your Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds should germinate within one to five days. Make a point of checking up on your seeds at least once a day to ensure they remain moist.


    Step 9: As soon as your seedlings' taproot is an inch to an inch and a half long, gently lift them off of the paper towels with the tweezers and transplant them into their more permanent home. 


    Take note: Using a sprouting method other than one outlined above and in our germination guide may nullify Homegrown Cannabis Co's germination guarantee.


    Feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds grow guide? 


    Even though Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds are sensitive to the cold and prefer growing in a controlled environment, it's much easier to cultivate than either of its parental strains.


    Hellfire OG feminized seeds develop into small yet strong weed plants (usually with an indoor stretch of about 2.3 feet) with sturdy branches, eliminating the need to install extra support. 


    Using these weed seeds saves you money and time, making the entire cultivation process even more convenient.


    This hybrid is well-known for producing dense, bright green buds with a thick coat of crystal-like trichomes, turning opaque and sticky closer to harvest time. 


    Plants grown from Hellfire OG feminized seeds also have many light yellow pistils that take on a dark orange color once these weed plants reach maturity.


    While this strain is naturally resistant to windy weather, colder temperatures may become a severe issue.


    Being feminized makes this cultivar even easier to grow as the seeds develop 99% female plants, generally eliminating the need to sex your crop and avoiding accidental pollination.


    Unless you reside in a region with a consistently warm climate, it's best to grow feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds inside.


    To ensure vigorous growth and prevent mold indoors, you need to provide these plants with a warm environment, ranging between 68 to 79 °F and a steady relative humidity of 40 to 50%.


    As for nutes, only the best supplements will suffice. Using our Homegrown Plant Powerups will ensure your Hellfire OG plants get all the nutrition they need to reach their full potential.


    Being naturally bushy, growers have to trim and top these weed plants regularly, allowing adequate light penetration.


    Cultivating feminized Steve’s Hellfire OG seeds hydroponically, combined with a Sea of Green set up and 18 to 20 hours of daily light, significantly boosts your crop's growth and yield.


    Well looked after Hell’s Fire OG plants will produce about 14 oz./m2 of highly-potent dried weed after eight to ten weeks of flowering time.


    While it's not ideal, you can also plant Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds outdoors, provided you stay in an area with a warm, dry climate.  


    If your feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds are in the ground by mid-March to early April, your crop should be ready for harvest by early to mid-October.


    What is the Steve's Hellfire OG feminized strain’s genetics?


    By crossing the two legendary cannabis strains, SFV OG and OG Kush, was created Steve's Hellfire - a high-quality and potent yet beginner-friendly strain.


    Endorsed by Steve Deangelo for meeting his very high standards, Steve's Hellfire feminized seeds rightfully deserve a place in every cultivator's arsenal.


    Wellness and Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds?


    The cannabinoid and terpene profiles of cannabis-derived from feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds work in perfect harmony, delivering various potential health benefits, making this cultivar an effective natural alternative.


    Medicinal users are in awe of the therapeutic benefits of weed from Hellfire OG feminized seeds, claiming it has the potential to combat several psychological and physical ailments.


    MMJ patients worldwide are turning to this herb as a holistic treatment, believing that, when compared to synthetic meds, it poses less risk to their health, particularly when it comes to liver and kidney functions. 


    Weed from Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds displays excellent anti-anxiety and antidepressant qualities, giving it the potential to enhance a patient's overall well-being.


    It reportedly elevates the individual's mood, flooding the mind with optimism and positivity. 


    Doctors often recommend cannabis from Hellfire Og feminized seeds for patients combating the crippling effects of:


    - Bipolar disorder

    - Depression

    - Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD

    - General anxiety disorder


    Marijuana produced from feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds' anti-inflammatory properties may provide MMJ patients with immense muscle relaxation and pain relief.


    Its long-lasting impact may effectively diminish the symptoms of:


    - Muscle spasms

    - Arthritis

    - Sciatica

    - Backaches

    - Migraines

    - Headaches

    - Spasticity


    Consuming cannabis from Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds is known to induce munchies.


    This attribute can be helpful in suppressing nausea and vomiting while boosting the appetite of people with eating disorders and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. 


    MMJ patients reportedly also cherish this cultivar for its physical and cerebral relaxation, giving it the potential to efficiently alleviate insomnia. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Feminized Hellfire OG seeds: Frequently asked question


    It's often the case that consumers have several questions after reading a product review. We, therefore, take it on ourselves to answer the most frequent queries in advance. If you can't find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us via customer support online.


    Where can I get free Steve's Hellfire feminized seeds?


    If you're looking for great deals on cannabis seeds, including free offers, you've come to the right place. 


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we pride ourselves in offering consumers exceptionally competitive pricing. 


    Not just that, we also offer our clientele various periodic BOGO (buy one get one) deals on all our premium weed seeds, including Hellfire OG feminized seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Hell's Fire OG feminized seeds?


    Yes. Even though weed plants grown from feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds are sensitive to colder temperatures and prefer growing inside, this hybrid is a beginner-friendly strain.


    This flora's natural resistance to high winds also makes it easier for outdoor cultivators to grow them.


    What is Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds' flowering time?


    Indoor cultivators growing weed plants from Hellfire OG feminized seeds can expect a yield of 12 to 14 oz./m2 of high-quality bud after eight to weeks of flowering.


    Outdoor growers who planted their crop by late March to early April should harvest about 14 oz. of weed per plant by early to mid-October. 


    How long do feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds take to germinate?


    Cultivators implementing the paper towel sprouting technique, as explained on this product page and our germination guide, should have no problems germinating their weed seeds. 


    Your Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds should develop a healthy, strong taproot in one to five days, making them ready for transplanting into your growing medium of choice.


    How long does it take for Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds to develop from seed to harvest?


    The time it takes for Hellfire OG feminized seeds to develop relies on a few factors, including:


    - Whether you're growing your weed outdoors or in a controlled environment

    - Your cultivation method of choice (hydroponics, soil, coco coir, etc.)

    - The phenotype you're cultivating

    - Whether you induce forced flowering by changing your weed plants light cycle


    Depending on your choices, your Steve's Hellfire OG feminized  can take anywhere between four and seven-and-a-half months to become harvest-ready.


    Grow medium: Feminized Steve's Hellfire OG hydro or soil?


    While it's possible to grow Hellfire OG feminized seeds in an outdoor environment, the strain is sensitive to colder temperatures and prefers growing in a controlled environment.


    These seeds thrive in a hydro setup, especially when combined with the Sea of Green technique, resulting in higher yields. Just make sure there are no sudden temperature fluctuations.


    What is the average height of feminized Steve's Hellfire OG plants?


    Remaining faithful to its indica lineage, Steve's Hellfire feminized OG seeds develop into small, sturdy weed plants, with an indoor stretch of about 2.3 feet. Grown outdoors, though, these plants can easily reach a height of 4.5–5 feet.


    Where can I find pictures of feminized Steve's Hellfire OG marijuana?


    Our product page for Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds displays many high-quality seed, plant, and bud images of this cultivar. 


    You should also be able to find a decent number of Hellfire OG feminized images posted by consumers on our Homegrown Diaries webpage.


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. designed this "social platform" to link you to marijuana cultivators in America and other countries. 


    The idea is to share growing tips and tricks, images of your crop, and, in general, your cannabis passion with like-minded people worldwide.


    Where is the best place to buy Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds in the USA?


    While it's convenient to get your cannabis seeds from local dispensaries in legal states, they seldom have the strain you want on hand and are typically quite expensive.


    That said, Steve’s Hellfire OG feminized seeds are exclusive to Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    Our premium quality feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds come with a germination guarantee and, from time to time, we even throw a BOGO deal into the equation.


    You can rest assured that at Homegrown Cannabis Co. we deal with all orders discreetly and promptly, shipping them to any destination within the USA.


    Are there any other names for feminized Steve's Hellfire OG seeds?


    As a killer combo with undeniably potent genetics, it's no wonder that this hybrid quickly shot to fame and, subsequently, developed a couple of nicknames.


    Consumers often refer to Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds as Hell's Fire, Hell's Fire OG, and Hellfire OG feminized.


    Regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds - What is the primary difference?


    On first getting involved in the cannabis industry, you come across various terms that might not make a lot of sense initially.


    Three such terms are regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds. To understand these terms is to know the difference between them:


    - Naturally produced, regular seeds are untouched by chemical enhancements and grow into male and female plants. Marijuana breeders worldwide frequently use these seeds to cross-breed cannabis strains to create new cultivars.


    - Autoflower seeds typically contain ruderalis genetics, allowing them to grow much quicker and enter the flowering stage regardless if they receive a proper light schedule or not.


    - Feminized seeds require a specific light schedule to enter the flowering time, but they'll develop only female plants 99% of the time.


    The best seeds to choose for your next crop depend on your growing experience and your reason for cultivating weed.


    Spelling Errors


    Using the wrong search parameters in Google can easily lead to inappropriate results causing you to buy the wrong product, especially when ordering cannabis seeds.


    When you're searching for Hellfire OG feminized seeds online, always ensure you type in all the words correctly and avoid making the following common errors:


    - Hells Fire OG

    - Steve Hellfire OG feminized

    - Steves Hellfire OG feminized

    - Steve's Hellsfire OG

    - Steve's Hell's Fire OG

    - Steve Hells Fire OG, etc.


    To ensure you land on the right webpage, always use "Steve's Hellfire OG feminized seeds," as it'll lead you to the best possible results.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Steve's Hellfire OG feminized pics, and any Hell's Fire OG feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough feminized Steve's Hellfire OG images; those crystals drive us wild!


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    We're not just an American cannabis seed company; we are an American cannabis brand.