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Sour Skies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sour Skies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A burst of flavor and sensations
  • Be at one with the universe with around 21% THC
  • Limonene all the way with citrus and a hint of earth and diesel
  • Sour Skies seeds are known for the uplifting sensations experienced from the buds they produce. This indica-leaning cultivar bursts with a delightfully fresh flavor and potent THC levels that take you on a journey. You can expect a fruity blend of aroma-filled smoke to plunge into your body and mind, removing any negativity immediately. Its intoxicating scent will make your tas...Show more

    Sour Skies Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 700
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Sour Skies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Sour Skies seeds are known for the uplifting sensations experienced from the buds they produce. This indica-leaning cultivar bursts with a delightfully fresh flavor and potent THC levels that take you on a journey.


    You can expect a fruity blend of aroma-filled smoke to plunge into your body and mind, removing any negativity immediately. Its intoxicating scent will make your taste buds tingle for what’s to come.


    These delicious marijuana nugs from fem Sour Skies seeds are perfect a couple of hours before bed. It might start with an energetic cerebral buzz, though you'll eventually gravitate toward a restful and revitalizing sleep path.


    These feminized seeds grow easily in most environments and provide a successful yield with minimal effort. This variant of fem Sour Skies seeds is suited for experienced cultivators looking for 99% bud-bearing female plants resistant to mold and pathogens.


    Here, you’ll find all the information you need and more to cultivate Sour Skies cannabis seeds in your garden.


    What are Sour Skies feminized cannabis seeds?


    Sour Skies seeds is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid with high-THC levels that produce an incredible cultivar, giving you an other-worldly buzz. This cannabis strain comes from breeders blending Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG strains.


    The flavor profile created by the cannabis from Sour Skies feminized seeds is equally as satisfying as its appearance. These cannabis flowers develop into hues of orange and purple nugs. You'll experience an irresistible mixture of sour fruits and pine that ignites your taste buds.


    Sour skies strain is best suited to evening sessions where you can unwind and enjoy a moment of serene tranquility. This marijuana strain's high THC content shouldn’t be seen as trivial, as you'll experience an elevated state of mind.


    Once the effects of the cannabis from Sour Skies fem seeds settle, you'll glide into a cool, calm, and collected energy. Usually, after a few hours, you'll move into a comfortable spot and encounter a light couch-lock, signaling you to hit the sack.


    What are the effects of Sour Skies feminized seeds?


    Take off beyond the physical with the hard-hitting nugs from Sour Skies Seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid produces between 17–25% THC and 0.5–1% CBD, enough to induce a surge of divine sensations.


    The elated feelings offered by Sour Skies strain give way to creative inspiration by clearing the mind of worries and doubts. Expect to feel a resonance with the world as beautiful thoughts and ideas flow freely into your mind.


    A few minutes after smoking marijuana from Sour Skies fem seeds, a soothing wave of relaxation moves through your limbs. You'll feel muscle tensions at ease and a healing energy radiating around you.


    Many tokers claim to feel a rush of euphoria to the frontal lobe while noticing a positive shift in their mood and outlook. This cannabis cultivar is a fantastic option for those days you need an extra boost.


    Feminized Sour skies seeds fall in our high-THC seeds category; their potency is above-average, and newbies or casual tokers will adore this marijuana cultivar. This strain can deliver an onset of laughter and happy thoughts.


    It's best to start slow with these nugs, as taking more than you planned may cause slight feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. Adverse effects such as cottonmouth and dry eyes may occur, which can be combated by staying hydrated and using eye drops.


    What does the Sour Skies feminized seeds smell like?


    From the first few weeks of flowering, the buds from Sour Skies seeds release a refreshing earthy, citrus fragrance. This cannabis crop produces an aromatic profile, sure to surprise and delight every time you indulge.


    When you open a jar of Sour skies cannabis, an overwhelmingly fruity scent with a subtle gasoline-like hint hits your nostrils. The scintillating colors radiate as the pleasant citrus-like aromas float through the air. The diverse genetics of this cannabis strain provides a variety of fragrant terpenes. Cedrene is the most prominent of these compounds and emits a woody, sweet scent.


    Once sparking up this marijuana strain, a fragrant burst of sour citrus with a fruity tang will flow through the air. Expect this strong smell to linger in the air a few minutes after smoking.


    How to germinate Sour Skies feminized seeds?


    After your Sour Skies seeds have been delivered to you from Homegrown Cannabis Co, it’s time to germinate your cannabis seeds. There are different ways to achieve propagation, but our guarantee only covers this extremely effective technique.


    The paper towel method promises growth in 1–5 days. We suggest documenting yourself performing this germination process. If your seeds don’t sprout, we can easily assess your claim and replace them.


    You'll need a few items to sprout your fem Sour Skies seeds:


    - One ceramic bowl

    - A bottle of purified water

    - Two non-paper plates

    - Tweezers

    - A roll of paper towel


    Once you’ve collected all the items, follow these quick instructions to germinate your feminized seeds.


    - Fill your ceramic bowl with purified water. (Tip: Add a few drops of our Germ Genie to boost early growth and strengthen the roots of your cannabis seeds)


    - Soak two separate paper towels in the solution.


    - Take both pieces out and remove the excess water by gently squeezing them.


    - Lay one moist paper towel flat on a plate.


    - Use sterile tweezers to place your Sour Skies fem seeds on the sheet.


    - After evenly spacing your cannabis seeds out, cover them with the second moist paper towel.


    - Place a second plate over everything and then put it into a cool dark cupboard for up to five days.


    - Transplant them into individual pots once your marijuana seeds display white taproots around a quarter inch in length.


    If you’re not too familiar with this method, check out our germination guide to learn an in-depth approach to popping your seeds.


    Sour Skies feminized seeds grow guide


    Sour Skies seeds are an excellent option for experienced or intermediate growers, as they may require certain skills and expertise.


    Indoor and outdoor cultivation of these Sour Skies fem seeds requires a dry atmosphere, and consistent ventilation is vital to prevent pathogens. A long sunny season with dry weather helps this plant bloom into a successful yield of mighty marijuana flowers.


    These marijuana seeds thrive in soil and hydroponics; let your skills and preference decide. You can use a mixture of coco coir and soil to enrich flavor, fragrance, and overall growth. Hydro directly supplies necessary nutrients to your cannabis seeds. Plants grow faster and promise bigger yields.


    The flowering period indoors takes the Sour Skies marijuana seeds 9–11 weeks, set humidity levels at 40%. The temperatures in grow room should range between 65–78℉ and will provide a suitable climate for a healthy crop. There should be no risk of mold and mildew formation in these environment settings.


    This cultivar produces indica-dominant buds yet shares sativa strain growth characteristics. These cannabis seeds can flourish in outdoor gardens or indoor grow rooms with the necessary skills, time, and passion.


    Sour Skies fem seeds grow into long lateral branches, making them vulnerable to mildew and bud rot. Regularly prune leaves to avoid this, enhance airflow, and boost overall yield. Pruning entails removing dead leaves and cutting off certain branches that will allow the plant to redirect its energy to enhance bud quality.


    Using low-stressing training (LST) on your Sour Skies seeds cultivar will increase growth productivity by optimizing space and available light. This technique can be done during the vegging stage and Involves carefully bending and strategically tying specific branches and stems.


    Employ the Screen of Green technique to direct the branches to grow horizontally, which exposes more nodes to light. By the end of the flowering period, you can expect to harvest indoor yields between 14–18 oz/m2 and an outdoor yield of 18–25 oz/plant.


    What are the sour skies feminized seeds strain genetics?


    The iconic Sour Diesel and intergalactic Skywalker OG strains were used to birth the top-flight Sour skies seeds. These feminized seeds produce 50/50 indica and sativa genetics yet lean towards the former.


    The parent cultivars pair to create extraordinary capabilities that shine through these feminized marijuana seeds. Due to its lineage, it has extreme bag appeal, and its intense, uplifting, and relaxing effects make it a crowd favorite.


    Sour diesel comes from crossing Chemdawg #4 and Super Skunk and isn't one to be messed with as it produces mind-blowing euphoric effects. Skywalker OG is crossbred from Skywalker and OG Kush, which can leave users on blissful clouds of sedation.


    The sublime qualities of both parents are evident in feminized Sour Skies seeds, as they spread happiness wherever it flows. Our in-house lab has recorded THC levels reaching between 17 and 25% while picking up around 0.5 to 1% CBD content.


    Wellness and Sour Skies feminized seeds


    The Sour Skies seeds produce cannabis with stunning THC levels of up to 25% and a low CBD level below 2%. Within minutes of smoking these divine nugs, you’ll feel the harmonious effects of settling in. 


    Recent research suggests specific terpenes such as; b-ocimene, pinene, myrcene, limonene, and terpinolene. They’re known to help calm the body and mind, amongst other potential therapeutic benefits of consuming the buds from feminized Sour skies seeds. A suitable dose of this marijuana strain may assist with physical, mental, and emotional relief. Expect to feel highly relaxed, making social interactions easier and anxiety-free.


    Many users report Sour Skies cannabis not only provides an astounding cerebral experience but also may assist with alleviating ailments, such as:


    - arthritis

    - depression

    - migraines 

    - muscle spasms 

    - stress


    The alternative to smoking cannabis from Sour Skies fem seeds is using it to create CBD oils and edibles. These creations may help with physical pain in muscles and add mood elevation to those experiencing anxiety or depression.


    Generally, after consuming these delicious nugs, an increased desire for food is common. Those with poor appetite may use the cannabis from fem Sour Skies seeds to incite their hunger.


    Most marijuana users claim that indica strains could also assist anyone experiencing insomnia, providing an enjoyable and restful sleep without drawbacks. The type of cannabis may also be associated with intense relaxation and reducing nausea.


    Cannabis from feminized Sour Skies seeds gives you an optimistic shift of perception and calm energy that’ll put a huge smile on your face.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advised and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Sour skies feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Are you ready to cultivate this potent cannabis crop but still curious to know more?. Below we deliver answers to the most common frequently asked questions about the Sour Skies seeds.


    Where can I get free cannabis Sour Skies feminized seeds?


    Getting your hands on free prime fem sour Skies seeds might be challenging. Though at Homegrown Cannabis co., we offer a range of deals that reward you with free cannabis seeds.


    Our online store features a range of popular cultivars and new strains on the buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) promotions that double your seeds order.


    Choose from the following BOGO deals on various strains:


    - 4 pack: 8 seeds from the strain of your choice.

    - 8 pack: 16 seeds from the strain of your choice.

    - 12 mix pack: Get a total of 24 random high-quality seeds.

    - 24 mix pack: Get a total of 48 random high-quality seeds.


    We update and change marijuana strain deals often to give our customers a chance to grab their favorite cultivars at a discounted price. Keep your eyes peeled to buy Sour skies feminized seeds on a BOGO deal.


    What’s the difference between regular seeds and feminized and autoflower variants?


    There are three versions of cannabis seeds to choose from; each has different qualities and results. Below, we provide information on these variants to help you choose the best option for your garden:


    - Regular seeds: This version has a 50% chance of developing into germinating female or male crops. Males are mainly useful to breeders, so remove them from your garden if this isn’t your focus.


    - Feminized seeds: Modified genetics give these cannabis seeds the ability to germinate 99% bud-bearing female plants. They’re the best option for novice cultivators or anyone wanting to produce generous harvests.


    - Autoflower seeds: These seeds have been altered with ruderalis genetics, allowing marijuana plants to flower regardless of the light schedule. Experienced cultivators can grow multiple crops all year and generate yields in record time.


    Can a beginner grow Sour Skies feminized seeds?


    It might be quite challenging for a beginner to grow these scintillating buds. Sour Skies seeds require some experience, and first-time growers should develop some skills before raising these temperamental seedlings. It requires quite a bit of patience, as the flowering period is between 9-11 weeks.


    These marijuana seeds grow ultra-dense dense, making them vulnerable to bud rot and mildew. This cannabis cultivar needs to be kept expertly ventilated to guarantee a healthy and strong harvest.


    What is the Sour Skies feminized seeds flower time?


    After your Sour Skies marijuana seeds, complete their vegetation stage (8–9 weeks). The next stage takes this cultivar roughly 9–11 weeks (56–63 days) to produce its gorgeous flowers. Using hydroponics or a 24 hour light schedule will produce a faster and bigger harvest.


    How long do Sour Skies feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It generally takes between 1–5 days to see results. Our expert technique to germinate your feminized Sour Skies seeds makes it possible to see taproots within the first 24 hours.


    You can find a  guide to pop your seeds on this page; it's an easy process that anyone can follow. Remember to keep your marijuana seeds damp during the germination process, be careful as too much moisture may cause decay.


    How long does it take Sour Skies feminized seeds to harvest?


    Sour Skies fem seeds roughly take 20–25 weeks until their THC-rich buds are ready to harvest. From germination to the seedling phase, it generally takes 3–4 weeks; after that, 8–9 weeks of vegetation. The last stage is the flowering stage, which approximately takes 9–11 weeks before you cut and dry your cultivar.


    The exact time of harvesting your cannabis plant varies with each grower. Factors such as; quality of setup, growing techniques, and vegetative stage impact the overall life cycle.


    Grow medium: Sour Skies feminized seeds hydro or soil?


    Organic soil is the perfect medium if you desire amplified flavor and aroma of marijuana from your Sour Skies seeds. It is easier to cultivate cannabis crops, but it boosts the terpene profile, adding medicinal value. Use a coco coir mixture to improve the overall soil health and boost bud production.


    These feminized seeds can also thrive in hydroponics setups. Experienced growers opt to use hydro solutions to optimize space and nutrient efficacy to your bud.


    What is the average Sour Skies feminized seeds height?


    Sour Skies cannabis seeds flourish in outdoor gardens with access to plentiful sunlight. This cultivar can grow up to 6 feet tall outside, which can cause problems if you’re trying to be discreet.


    You can use the Screen of Green technique on outdoor and indoor plants to manipulate your cultivar to grow horizontally and utilize space. In indoor grow rooms, this crop stretches between 4–5 feet. 


    Where can I find pictures of Sour Skies feminized seeds marijuana?


    Scroll to the top of the page to view high-quality pictures of the cannabis from Sour Skies fem seeds. Alternatively, join the Sour Skies feminized cannabis Homegrown Diary.


    Our diaries provide a fun and supportive experience. You’ll be able to compare your crops with other growers, find tips and tricks, and gain information about your favorite cannabis cultivars.


    Where is the best place to buy Sour Skies feminized seeds in the USA?


    We at Homegrown Cannabis Co. provide premium quality Sour Skies seeds. We stock premium marijuana strain genetics that deliver phenomenal quality cannabis flowers. 


    When you shop at Homegrown Cannabis Co., there are added benefits such as:


    - A vast selection of over 400 cannabis seeds, in autoflower, feminized and regular versions

    - Fast, secure, and discreet delivery of packages

    - Safe, easy, and convenient payment options

    - Regular promotions and discounts on cannabis seeds

    - Access to an online community of cannabis growers, enthusiasts, and smokers

    - Free educational resources on different marijuana topics

    - Latest tips and tricks to improve your cultivation skills

    - 24/7 customer support


    Why not buy Sour Skies seeds and grow yourself a sublime indica-hybrid in your garden?


    Are there any other names for Sour Skies feminized seeds?


    Currently, there are no other official names for Sour Skies marijuana seeds. 


    Spelling errors


    When searching for Sour Skies feminized seeds, ensure you avoid common spelling errors, such as:


    - Sour Skys

    - Feminized Sour seeds

    - Sur ski seeds

    vSkies sour seeds


    Note that it's essential to specify the seed type.


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