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Snow Ripper Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Snow Ripper Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Frosty nugs and sticky buds!
  • 19% THC delivers a ripper of a high
  • Delicious herbs and spices from the Ginger Ale parent
  • Monster yields, incredible flavor, refreshing aroma, and buds blanketed in a heavy coat of trichomes. That’s what you get when you plant Snow Ripper feminized seeds. They bloom into an amazing and unique herb. Its effects transport you to a relaxing mountain range, freeing your mind and relaxing your body. Feminized Snow Ripper seeds produce plants with cannabis that’s best for...Show more

    Snow Ripper Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Snow Ripper Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Monster yields, incredible flavor, refreshing aroma, and buds blanketed in a heavy coat of trichomes. That’s what you get when you plant Snow Ripper feminized seeds. They bloom into an amazing and unique herb. Its effects transport you to a relaxing mountain range, freeing your mind and relaxing your body.


    Feminized Snow Ripper seeds produce plants with cannabis that’s best for moments when you need tranquility. This indica dominant strain knocks out veteran consumers after immediate cerebral enlightenment.

    Its effect can be overwhelming to newbie tokers. Tread lightly as you enjoy this robust evening/nighttime treat with up to 22% THC. Don't let its sweetness lull you to take too much if you hope to be active.


    Snow Ripper fem seeds are among the easiest strains to cultivate in our feminized seeds category. Their plants are highly resistant to mold, pests, and diseases, impressing novice and experienced growers with abundant yields fast. It's hard to fault this strain because it ticks all the right boxes. 


    Buy Snow Ripper feminized seeds to give their beautiful, potent, sweet-smelling, and flavorful cultivars a spot in your space—you won't regret it. Roll on as we dissect everything that this surprisingly rare strain has to offer, from its lineage, effects, cultivation, aroma, and more.


    What are Snow Ripper feminized cannabis seeds?


    Perfectly named, this frosty strain takes all your worries and tears them to shreds. It has a lineage of Ginger Ale, Afghan, and an unknown hybrid, adding to its mysterious nature. 


    Snow Ripper feminized seeds become potent cannabis plants with high THC levels ranging from 15–22%. Its effects start with a euphoric jerk that lasts for a long time, slowly transcending to a strong sedative body buzz. Light up its cannabis, and feel this top-notch indica melt all your worries.


    Cultivars grown from feminized Snow Ripper seeds develop large and dense flowers covered with a thick blanket of sticky crystal resin. As a result, this strain's great for making hash and concentrates. You can't keep this crowd favorite under wraps if your stoner buddies can detect its unique aroma on you.


    It's a breeze cultivating Snow Ripper fem seeds thanks to their plants' natural resistance to mold, pests, and diseases. This strain flowers in just 8–9 weeks yet provides massive harvests with little effort. You can get medium to high yields ranging from 12–16 ounces per plant indoors and 21 ounces per plant outdoors.


    What are the Snow Ripper feminized seeds effects?


    Weed grown from Snow Ripper feminized seeds is a great choice if you're looking to chill out at the end of a long day. A quick whiff of its sugar-coated buds brings joy to the soul. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight as this indica dominant strain starts with a euphoric buzz that puts your mind at ease. Its high THC content means its effects act fast and last long.


    The buzz from Snow Ripper starts with heightened consciousness sensations that last throughout the relaxing vacation. Slumber is soon on the cards the more you consume, making it an excellent evening to nighttime strain.


    Sour moods, stress, and tension melt into a carefree mindset. Full-body relaxation sets in after that, so clear your to-do list for some hours. Veteran cannabis consumers can revel in cannabis from Snow Ripper feminized seeds without inducing couch-lock if taken in moderation. Newbies not accustomed to high THC are guaranteed to hit the sack after a few tokes.


    What does the Snow Ripper feminized smell like?


    Cannabis plants from Snow Ripper feminized seeds emit a wonderful pine, earthy, and woody terpene profile, becoming the star of your grow room. Very few strains compare to the intense, complex fruity aroma and rich, refreshing flavor that perfectly matches the relaxing indica vibes.


    Weed from fem Snow Ripper seeds emits a sweet scent reminiscent of a tropical breeze. The aroma from the smoke lingers on for a while, creating an inviting hot box. The buds ooze fruity freshness—a precursor to taking your senses on holiday to a tropical paradise.


    Taste a combination of floral and herbal notes that sweep through your taste buds on the inhale. It's like a unique fruit smoothie sweetness that complements the relaxing body buzz. Feels good waking up to a candy-like tang that dances on the palate.


    A piney and crisp, earthy grace your mouth on the exhale, culminating in a satisfying and tasty experience. Extractions are a fantastic way to distinguish all flavors of cannabis from Snow Ripper feminized seeds.


    It's great that lit Snow Ripper weed doesn't smell gassy or piney like many other strains. Its smoke is unique—it smells like you splashed an exotic cologne in your room after ignition.

    Install sufficient carbon filters in your grow room to ward off nosey neighbors because the scent is overpowering. You wouldn't want the whole house and block to smell like Zion.


    How to germinate Snow Ripper feminized seeds


    You only need air, heat, and water to germinate Snow Ripper feminized seeds. We recommend using the paper towel technique, as explained in our germination guide—this is what it entails.


    - Gather Snow Ripper feminized cannabis seeds, two clean dinner plates, paper towels, and water.


    - Wet two paper towels, not so much that they are drenched, and lay one on the first plate.


    - Place your marijuana seeds an inch apart on the paper towel and cover them with the remaining one.


    - Set the second plate on top of the one carrying your fem Snow Ripper seeds to form a dome-like shape—this maintains a high humidity environment.


    - Keep the plates in a warm and dark place—a drawer or kitchen cabinets should do.


    - Check on the paper towels every 12 hours or sooner, ensuring they are always damp.


    - Transplant cannabis seeds to your preferred growing medium (hydro/soil) after they develop a taproot that's about an inch long in 1–5 days.


    Cannabis cultivators prefer to use the paper towel technique because it offers higher germination rates. It also takes the guesswork out of knowing whether marijuana seeds have sprouted. We also offer a germination guarantee if you use this method. In the unlikely event that any of our seeds don’t pop, we’ll replace them.


    Snow Ripper feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Snow Ripper feminized cannabis seeds blossom into an easy to cultivate strain for novices to pros. It’s great indoors or out. Its short flowering period allows growers to enjoy its savory frosty buds early. Outdoor cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere harvest in mid-October.


    Cultivators should prepare their space for monstrous yields from a bushy plant thanks to its mostly indica heritage. It still grows tall like a sativa, but its height is manageable. Use high-stress training techniques while in the vegetative stage of cultivars from Snow Ripper feminized seeds to maximize yields.


    Make sure this plant's last transplant is in a pot that can hold at least 5–7 gallons. Top it regularly to get many budding branches. Use the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique to widen the canopy for more light penetration to lower budding branches. Keep cultivars from Snow Ripper fem seeds manicured and fed with nitrogen-rich fertilizers from the start. Slowly transition to phosphorous/potassium-based nutrients two weeks into flowering.


    Indoor gardeners can provide as much as 24 hours of light before flowering to accelerate growth. They should also install sufficient carbon filters to be stealthier. Snow Ripper puts on a lot of weight thanks to her tall stature for an indica that still retains bushy attributes. Plants from Snow Ripper feminized seeds have strong branches. However, you might need stakes to support her massive buds during her quick flowering phase.


    What are the Snow Ripper feminized strain genetics?


    Snow Ripper feminized seeds are a sweet rarity with a genetic makeup that cannabis connoisseurs dream about. It's a unique blend of Ginger Ale, Afghan, and a secret hybrid. This strain takes on the best attributes of its known parent crosses. 


    Fem snow Ripper seeds are 65% indica and 35% sativa. As a result, this strain has an uncanny ability to soothe the body and soul. It’s the perfect strain to take along to a chilled get-together or some calming me-time as you’re relaxed and alert. A rich aroma and flavor, probably from Ginger Ale, wonderfully tickles your taste buds, wholesomely accompanying the effects.


    Ginger Ale is a flavorful, perfectly balanced hybrid that packs a heavy punch that leaves you glued to your couch. It's easy to grow, but you can't find its seeds stocked anywhere. Some growers search far and wide for its clones. Snow Ripper feminized seeds are an excellent alternative to the legendary Ginger Ale strain because they take on most of its attributes.


    Afghan or Afghani is a potent pure indica dominant strain that delivers a deep state of relaxation. This landrace strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range is a source of numerous popular hybrids worldwide. It's super easy to cultivate and renders similar attributes to Snow Ripper feminized cannabis seeds.


    Wellness and Snow Ripper feminized seeds


    Consumers love the deep relaxation and calm energy weed from snow ripper feminized seeds provide. Feel a sense of tranquility and clarity, like floating in the clouds though completely aware of one's surroundings. It's food for the soul.


    Experience a cerebral buzz that culminates in a strong sedative effect after taking cannabis grown from feminized Snow Ripper seeds. As a result, this strain's been suggested for anxiety relief and relaxation. Consumers eventually end up in restful slumber due to the strain's potency.


    Use weed from Snow Ripper feminized seeds and feel a deafening silence—it feels so peaceful and serene. Newbie consumers should take this strain slowly. Add more layers of its flavorful smoke and quickly sink deeper into the couch.


    Use this nighttime strain after a long and arduous day. It's the go-to strain if you’re an insomniac. Forget all your problems, courtesy of its euphoric buzz. You may get relief from body pains due to its sedative effect. Those in the medical marijuana community claim cannabis from Snow Ripper seeds helps alleviate inflammation, stress, depression, and anxiety.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Snow Ripper feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Here are some of the most common questions about the rare Snow Ripper feminized seeds. 


    Other than Snow Ripper feminized seeds, can I get them in autoflower or regular variants?


    You can only get Snow Ripper seeds in feminized versions. Here's what the different marijuana seeds types have to offer growers:


    - Feminized seeds bloom into female photoperiod cannabis plants. They start to flower after receiving less than 12 hours of light every day until harvest. Use high-stress training techniques to maximize yields while in veg. You won't have to weed out male plants in your garden since feminized seeds are female cultivars more than 99% of the time.


    - Autoflower cannabis seeds bloom regardless of the light schedule because of genetic alteration. They, however, switch to flowering after two to three weeks in veg, leading to lower yields than their counterparts. Never use high-stress training techniques on autoflowering strains because there's no time for them to recover when you do so.


    - Regular marijuana seeds can be either male or female photoperiod plants. Females are great for cloning, while males only create new hybrids.


    Where can I get free cannabis Snow Ripper feminized seeds?


    We often add complimentary seeds to your order, and Snow Ripper feminized seeds are not an exception to the rule. It’s a daunting task getting this rare sweet treat stocked by other seed banks, let alone being on offer. 


    We’re competitively priced, and all you get is value for money. We offer buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) promotions on many of our strains, and they rotate regularly. Check out our cheap weed seeds page, where you can save even more. Stay updated on our promotions by signing up for our newsletter.


    Can a beginner grow Snow Ripper feminized?


    It's a cinch cultivating Snow Ripper feminized seeds because it's highly resistant to mold, pests, and diseases. Growers of all levels are starstruck when they pop these cannabis seeds because their plants work well in versatile outdoor regions.

    The short flowering time means you're less prone to face issues when the plant's at its most vulnerable growth stage. The journey of nurturing Snow Ripper is one to remember and repeat.


    What is the Snow Ripper feminized flower time?


    Cultivars from Snow Ripper feminized seeds flower in just 8–9 weeks—a considerably short time for when cannabis plants are most vulnerable to pests and diseases. Outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere usually harvest around mid-October. 


    You could always induce flowering by covering your cultivar to receive less than 12 hours of light every day until it's ready for harvest. The best time to chop down Snow Ripper feminized plants is when 20–30% of the sparkling trichomes turn from milky white to amber. The THC is at its highest levels then.


    How long do Snow Ripper feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Snow Ripper feminized cannabis seeds can take up to 2 weeks to sprout. Those that don't are probably duds. The paper towel technique we recommend uses 1–5 days and offers higher germination rates. Our guarantee stays intact if you use this method and have pictures to prove you did.


    How long does it take Snow Ripper feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Snow Ripper feminized seeds take around 12–19 weeks from start to finish. These plants have the following life cycle: germination (1 week), seedling (2–3 weeks), vegetative (2–7 weeks), and flowering (7–8) weeks. 


    It doesn't take too long to collect the sweet fruits of labor covered in a blanket of white. Indoor cultivators choose how long to remain in the vegetative stage by giving their plant 13+ hours of light until they're satisfied with the size. Most commercial cultivators don't go beyond seven weeks in veg to avoid overgrowth issues.


    Grow medium: Snow Ripper feminized hydro or soil?


    Herbs grown from Snow Ripper feminized seeds perform well in soil or hydro. The choice is down to your preference. Hydroponic setups give you more control, further reducing the chances of pests and disease occurring. On the other hand, cultivating in organic soil is a straightforward process, and your cannabis gets a unique terpene profile.


    What is the average Snow Ripper feminized height?


    Plants from Snow Ripper feminized seeds can reach 6 feet, making them ideal for standard grow rooms. Compared to most other indica dominant strains, they're tall, shooting out massive colas that carry a lot of weight. Use a Sea of Green to control the plants' height. 


    Good air circulation is key, so prune and trim it regularly during the vegetative stage. Use big pots of at least 5 gallons when flowering to allow roots of plants grown from fem Snow Ripper seeds to thrive. A large root mass equals a plentiful harvest.


    Where can I find pictures of Snow Ripper feminized marijuana?


    You can see photos of these delectable plants and marijuana on this page or at Snow Ripper Feminized Homegrown Diary. Cultivators document their progress here; you, too, can open a journal after you buy Snow Ripper feminized seeds.

    Where is the best place to buy Snow Ripper feminized seeds in the USA?


    Shop with us at Homegrown Cannabis Co., if you want to buy Snow Ripper feminized seeds or any other strain. We offer many perks, ensuring you have a seamless journey from start to finish. Here's why you are in safe hands when you buy from us:


    - Choose a strain that fits your needs from over 400 cannabis strains, each with a detailed description and grow information.

    - Get 24/7 customer support.

    - Your cannabis seeds are shipped to you fast and discreetly.

    - Choose a suitable and secure payment option.

    - You can join our online community of cultivators to enhance your growing experience.

    - Get to learn from free educational resources with guidance from veterans in the cannabis industry.


    Are there any other names for Snow Ripper feminized?


    Snow Ripper is rare, so it's understandable why consumers haven't come up with creative tags for this strange strain. It probably got its name from its aromatic smoke that makes you feel like you’re in a frosty woodland. 


    You'll usually get the correct results when you search for Snow Ripper feminized seeds, even with a typo here and there. However, not adding the words snow or ripper can lead you astray. Also include terms like cannabis, feminized, and seeds to get relevant results. Here are some ways you can misspell this rare strain:


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