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Skunky Afro Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Skunky Afro Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 3
  • Sensually arresting
  • Long-lasting sedation from around 17% THC
  • Skunk
  • Skunky Afro Feminized seeds allow you to grow this sensually arresting cannabis strain at home. Skunky Afro is a bold mix of Afghan Kush and Superskunk, two cultivars well known for their standout aromas.  These Skunky Afro seeds are part of our feminized seeds selection, making for a stress-free and productive growing experience. An abundance of hardy Afghan genetics in Skunky...Show more

    Skunky Afro Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    900 - 1000
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Skunky Afro Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Skunky Afro Feminized seeds allow you to grow this sensually arresting cannabis strain at home. Skunky Afro is a bold mix of Afghan Kush and Superskunk, two cultivars well known for their standout aromas. 


    These Skunky Afro seeds are part of our feminized seeds selection, making for a stress-free and productive growing experience. An abundance of hardy Afghan genetics in Skunky Afro feminized seeds makes raising a healthy crop of cannabis easy. 


    Plants are short, stout, and produce many broad-fingered leaves. Except for this keeping you busy pruning, caring for Skunky Afro seeds is low-stress and beginner-friendly.


    Cannabis grown from fem Skunky Afro seeds comes covered in resinous trichomes packed with THC. 


    Smoking delivers a short and sweet burst of optimism before the powerful indica effects take the wheel for the rest of the session. Couchlock is almost guaranteed with Skunky Afro, so take care of anything important before smoking.


    Keep reading to learn more about the effects, flavors, and genetic lineage of cannabis grown with Skunky Afro seeds. 


    You’ll also find a section on this strain’s wellness potential for medicinal users. Budding growers, there’s a germination guide, and growing tips also included to help get you started.


    What are Skunky Afro feminized cannabis seeds?


    Our Skunky Afro seeds contain a winning mix of genetics and come feminized for your growing ease. 


    Feminized marijuana seeds like these sprout into flower-producing females virtually every time. No need to worry about wasting time and money raising unproductive males.


    Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’re in for by growing feminized Skunky Afro cannabis seeds.


    - Strain Name: Skunky Afro feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid

    - Genetic Background: Afghan Kush x Super Skunk 

    - THC: 14–19%

    - CBD: 0–2%

    - Flowering Time: 60 days

    - Effects: Relaxing, sedative

    - Medical applications: Pain, tension, insomnia

    - Flavor / Aroma: Sweet, citrus, incense

    - Dominant terpenes: Alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene

    - Indoor yield: 14–17.5 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: 21 oz. per plant

    - Height: 3–5 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Beginner


    What are Skunky Afro feminized effects?


    Cannabis grown with Skunky Afro seeds delivers an indica-heavy mix of euphoric cerebral and tranquilizing physical effects. This strain’s sedative side is powerful and long-lasting, so it’s best to smoke Skunky Afro in the evenings.


    A few pulls of Skunky Afro are enough to kickstart your optimistic side and deliver a delightful dose of euphoria. It’s a light, bubbly buzz that leaves you with a clear head and a smile on your face.


    While the mental buzz here is short-lived, it creates a positive state of mind before the strain’s indica effects take over.


    The first signs of anything physical emerge within an hour. A feeling of deep relaxation gradually creeps into every inch of your body. The mellow body stone eases tension, relieves pain, and leaves you feeling supremely chilled out.


    Smoking larger amounts of cannabis grown with Skunky Afro seeds kicks off an arms race between your growing hunger and increasing sleepiness. If you have the energy to get to the fridge, those carbs only serve to hasten your fast-approaching slumber.


    Grow feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds for a stash of buds containing 14–19% THC and 0–2% CBD. These relatively high cannabinoid levels produce an intensely potent experience. 


    Less tolerant or new smokers have the most enjoyable time consuming this strain in moderation.


    Smoking too much cannabis grown with Skunky Afro seeds may produce relatively harmless side effects. If you feel a little anxious, slightly dizzy, or mildly paranoid, take a break from toking. With a little time, these minor inconveniences pass without event.


    What does Skunky Afro feminized smell like?


    Cannabis grown with Skunky Afro seeds is very aptly named. This is a pervasively fragrant cultivar with a rich, varied terpene profile, including alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, farnesene, humulene, and myrcene. 


    These fragrance-enhancing molecules come together to create an unforgettable scent. As soon as flowers appear on your plants grown from feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds, they exude their powerful aroma. 


    The smell is instantly familiar to anyone who’s encountered Super Skunk before. There’s a powerful Skunk thrust to the nugs, with deep earth notes and hints of citrus in the mix.


    Cure your bud, and the smell becomes even more intense. Dank, earthy scents seep from the crystal-covered nugs while breaking them open releases a blast of sweet and sour citrus notes.


    Spark up, and the thick smoke hangs in the air, diffusing its pervasive aroma into every corner. There’s an appreciable muskiness to the lit flower that takes some getting used to but is far from unpleasant. Alongside the heavier earthy notes are lighter hints of incense.


    Inhale and prepare for a mouthful of flavors. Sharp citrus cuts through the heavy Skunk taste creating an interesting and unique bouquet. Breathing out reveals a spiciness and an aftertaste of sandalwood.


    How to germinate Skunky Afro feminized seeds


    Germinating your Skunky Afro seeds is the first step to cultivating a stash of homegrown cannabis. 


    Our seeds are top-quality, contain strong, proven genetics, and have high viability rates. We’re so sure you’ll have no issues that we’ll replace any seeds that don’t sprout for free.


    Getting covered under our germination guarantee has two simple requirements. Follow our germination guide exactly as outlined below, and take photos or videos every step of the way.


    All you need to start popping seeds is some bottled water, two paper towels, two plates, and your Skunky Afro seeds. When you’re ready, follow these steps.


    - Moderately moisten two paper towels with water. Lay the first onto one of the plates, then place your feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds on top. Leave an inch space between the cannabis seeds, then cover them using the second towel. 


    - Take the second plate, turn it over, and use it as a lid for the first. Put your custom germination chamber in a dark, warm drawer or cupboard. Check on the seeds twice a day while ensuring the towels remain damp throughout the process.


    - Some of your Skunky Afro feminized seeds might open overnight, but others may take longer. Move any opened seeds and sow them in their starting pots. All your marijuana seeds should germinate within five days.


    If it’s your first time, take a look at our germination guide page for more help in the form of picture and video guides.


    Skunky Afro feminized seeds grow guide


    Skunky Afro seeds are loaded with powerful genetics and desirable features. Plants are resilient, resistant to mold, and manageably sized. Experienced and beginner growers alike have a stress-free growing experience with this sturdy indica-dominant cultivar.


    Our feminized Skunky Afro cannabis seeds flourish in any medium. Hydroponics requires a little technical know-how to set up but rewards you with rapid growth and increased yields. 


    Using organic soil lets you keep things simple while also boosting the flavor and fragrance of your buds.


    Feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds produce plants that don’t need too much vertical space but are exceptionally bushy. 


    Allow for plenty of lateral growth and perform regular pruning throughout the vegetative stage. Keep temperatures around 69–79°F and limit relative humidity (RH) to no more than 60%.


    Continue pruning heavily once flowering begins, and provide support to branches where necessary. A good way to take the weight off your crops while simultaneously increasing yield and promoting airflow is to use a Screen of Green setup.


    Cannabis grown from Skunky Afro seeds has a relatively short flowering time of around 60 days. Reduce RH to 40–50% at this stage and ensure the plants are well-trimmed and aerated. Expect a yield of 14–17.5 oz. /m².


    Growing Skunky Afro seeds in the right outdoor conditions produces very impressive results. Gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere can cultivate a decent harvest of buds thanks to this strain’s cool-weather tolerance.


    Plants grown with feminized Skunky Afro cannabis seeds have no special needs beyond the usual feeding and maintenance. You’ll spend most of this time pruning back the copious foliage, giving you ample opportunity to inspect your crops for potential problems.


    Keep pruning into the flowering stage and provide structural support where necessary. This is a highly mold-resistant strain, but you should still be on the lookout for any signs of infestation. 


    After 60 days of flowering, each plant provides up to 21 oz. of trichome-coated colas.


    What are Skunky Afro feminized strain genetics?


    Skunky Afro seeds result from an inspired combination of the iconic Afghan Kush and the notoriously aromatic Superskunk. With Afghani genetics present on both sides of the family tree, it’s no surprise that Skunky Afro feminized seeds produce incredibly resilient plants.


    Afghan Kush is a world-renowned pure indica landrace cultivar. The harsh conditions of its homeland molded Afghan Kush into the cannabis we know and love today. Short, squat, and stubbornly tolerant, Afghan Kush grows just about anywhere.


    Buds from this hardy indica are earthy, super dense, and practically dripping with resin. Spark up, and you’re in for an intensely relaxing and soporific full-body buzz that leaves you blissfully incapacitated.


    Superskunk is a cross of Afghani and Skunk #1. This indica-heavy hybrid is famous for its powerfully pervasive aroma and equally potent effects. 


    Landrace genetics and a manageable indica growth profile make this a beginner-friendly strain tolerant of cultivation errors.


    Chunky buds ooze a forthright scent rich with woody, earthy notes, and an astringent kick. Smoking Superskunk delivers an initial surge of euphoria before following through with a heavy, couch-locking indica buzz.


    Grow feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds, and traits from both parents are clear to see. Plants are virtually indestructible thanks to a wealth of Afghan genes, making Skunky Afro seeds ideal for beginners. Buds are expectedly resinous and satisfyingly bulky.


    Superskunk’s influence comes out primarily in the aroma but also in Skunky Afro’s uplifting cerebral side. 


    Wellness and Skunky Afro feminized seeds


    The Afghan family of cannabis has always proved popular with medicinal users thanks to its powerful relaxing and sedative properties. Skunky Afro looks set to continue the trend, with buds showing great therapeutic potential for treating multiple issues.


    Cannabis grown with Skunky Afro feminized seeds is very indica-dominant, so the main focus of its effects is physical. There’s a gentle mood-boosting shot of euphoria that, while brief, may help alleviate mild anxiety or stress.


    Skunky Afro seed-grown buds contain plenty of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene (BCP). These show promising results in preclinical trials, with myrcene providing a calming effect and BCP exhibiting anti-depressant properties.


    Even small doses of cannabis grown from fem Skunky Afro seeds provide a powerfully calming set of physical effects. The soothing qualities may help to ease low-level pain and tension or reduce inflammation.


    Higher amounts result in a more tranquilizing sensation. This has the potential to alleviate more serious pain but may impede your movement to a large degree. 


    Users having trouble sleeping could also find cannabis grown with Skunky Afro seeds helps get them a good night’s rest.


    One of the more indirect effects of cannabis grown from Skunky Afro seeds is its tendency to induce extreme hunger. If your appetite seems to have disappeared, pack a few bowls with Skunky Afro, and chances are it reappears quickly.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Skunky Afro feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Here are some more commonly asked questions and their answers about Skunky Afro feminized seeds.


    Where can I get free Skunky Afro feminized seeds?


    You won’t find too many people giving these Skunky Afro seeds away, so your best bet is right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Pop our cheap cannabis seeds page on your bookmarks list and check in regularly. 


    This page hosts our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offer and other promotional deals. We regularly switch up the cannabis seeds in our BOGO, so if you’re lucky, you’ll find Skunky Afro seeds there soon.


    Can a beginner grow Skunky Afro feminized seeds?


    These Skunky Afroseeds are a great choice for beginners. Strong indica genetics express themselves in tough, easy-to-care-for plants with high resistance to common pests and pathogens.


    Provide the basics and a touch of TLC, and harvesting a haul of powerfully relaxing buds should be no problem.


    What is the Skunky Afro feminized flower time?


    Skunky Afro feminized seeds develop into plants with a flowering period of 60 days. This short blooming time makes it important to allow your plants to fully mature if you want the best quality buds.


    How long do Skunky Afro feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Most feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds germinate in as little as 24 hours. Some may take a little longer but should open within five days. All our cannabis seeds are highly viable, so germination should be a breeze.


    Follow our germination guide above, and remember, we’ll replace any unopened marijuana seeds free of charge under our germination guarantee.


    How long does it take Skunky Afro feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Based on average conditions, growing feminized Skunky Afro cannabis seeds to harvest takes approximately 21–23 weeks.


    The germination process takes just under a week. The seedling phase lasts for about three weeks before true vegetative growth begins. Vegging usually lasts for 8–10 weeks on an 18/6 photoperiod. Flowering lasts for 60 days, just under nine weeks.


    Adding together the estimates gives you a total growing time from seed to harvest of 21–23 weeks, give or take a few days.


    Grow medium: Skunky Afro feminized hydro or soil?


    Feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds won’t have any problems growing in either soil or hydro setups.


    Organic soil contains microorganisms that enhance the terpene production of your plants. This means that growing in soil produces particularly tasty buds while being a low-cost, straightforward option.


    Hydroponic systems are a little more expensive but allow exact control over nutrient delivery. Well-fed hydro cannabis exhibits vigorous growth and improved yields but requires more experience and maintenance than traditional mediums. 


    What is the average Skunky Afro feminized height?


    Plants grown from fem Skunky Afro seeds don’t get that tall, making them a good choice for space-limited growers. Height ranges from 3 feet indoors to a little over 5 feet under optimal outdoor conditions.


    Where can I find pictures of Skunky Afro feminized marijuana?


    Take a look at our Skunky Afro Feminized Homegrown Diaries for more pictures of this strain. Along with impressive progress and harvest shots, our users share tips and advice for growing all our strains.


    Once you begin your feminized Skunky Afro cannabis seeds gardening journey, come back and start your own grow diary. It’s an easy way to log your progress while helping other cultivators get the best from their cannabis.


    Where is the best place to buy Skunky Afro feminized seeds in the USA?


    These feminized Skunky Afro marijuana seeds are exclusively available here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Get your cannabis seeds from us for high-quality, proven genetics and guaranteed germination.


    Order some Skunky Afro seeds today, and we’ll discreetly pack them and ship them straight to your door. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team with any questions you may have about our products and ordering process.


    How do Skunky Afro feminized seeds differ from other variants?


    Cannabis seed variants exist to serve the differing needs of our customers. We try to provide options for all our strains, but availability issues mean that’s not always possible. Here’s a brief rundown of what the variants provide.


    Regular marijuana seeds are entirely unaltered and may develop into either male or female plants. Male crops won’t produce any buds, but their pollen is crucial for propagating new generations of cannabis and creating hybrid strains.


    Feminized seeds like these Skunky Afro seeds form without male Y chromosomes. This means they have a 99% chance of sprouting into females. Feminized marijuana seeds are ideal for growers after maximum bud yields who don’t want the hassle of raising unproductive males.


    Autoflower cannabis seeds, as the name suggests, flower automatically, regardless of photoperiod length. Auto marijuana seeds give experienced growers a low-maintenance option with a fast turnaround from seed to harvest. Autoflower plants tend to have a faster flowering period and a more compact profile.


    Are there any other names for Skunky Afro feminized?


    Skunky Afro seeds are sometimes referred to as Super Skunky Afro Kush. Aside from this, we’re not aware of any more names for this strain.


    Spelling errors


    Most spelling errors for Skunky Afro seeds are the result of over-enthusiastic typing. We’ve seen: 


    - Sknuky Afro

    - Skukny Afro

    - Skunky Arfo


    Your search engine will catch these little mistakes.


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